HTC Hero :: Any Hero & IPhone 3G Owners?

Nov 15, 2009

Any1 here that owns both a Hero and iPhone? What are your thoughts comparing the 2? I've had my Hero 4 less than a week, and I have to say I luv the phone. I also luv my iPhone - it's super fast and the apps u get and the integration with MobileMe are amazing.My Hero on the otherhand feels totally different - it's like u're in control of so much more. The integration with GMail has brought features to my attention that i never knew 'bout. The phone is a bit slower than the iPhone, but not to the point that it's anoying. Also the integration with Facebook makes for a very nice experience.

HTC Hero :: Any Hero & iPhone 3G owners?

HTC EVO 4G :: EVO Owners Previous Hero Owners

Jun 11, 2010

Would you say the upgrade from the Hero to the EVO is worth paying $10 extra a month? This is my big hangup, as I don't have 4g and I frankly don't want to spend $10 for nothing (who does?). Since my Hero is under warranty from Best Buy, I could hypothetically return it and get the contract price for the EVO, since I bought my Hero under contract (this would work, right?). I am coming close to a month for my Hero, so this option would only be viable for a short period; after that, it is the point of no return for me. All in all, I am wondering if YOU would say it is worth the extra $120 a year upgrading from the Hero, to the EVO? I just watched a video of the EVO last night and saw how smooth it is and how much bigger it is than the HERO and I just thought that I want it, but it is gay how sprint added the $10. Sorry if I am ranting on and on, but I am just wondering from previous HERO owners only, do you think it is really worth it? I am semi-content with my Hero (at least I was till I saw how smooth the EVO ran), but if it is hands down worth the extra $120, I just might go for it.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: All Hero Owners Regarding Notification Lights

Oct 26, 2009

Alright well I got my Hero on release date(After going through 3 Pre's! ). Well so far I love it. Battery life has been just fine(And thats with the system at 100% lol), and the apps are amazing. But I have a question. I noticed there's two LED lights at the top of the phone. Yet I've only ever seen one light up! Is this how it is for everyone else? Only my left one lights up(green for texts, and amber for charging). And my friend's G1's Scroll Wheel also lights up, and was just wondering why ours doesn't.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Former Hero Owners Read

Jun 11, 2010

If you owned a Hero before your Evo, you may not realize but you have a free battery.Second day today with my Evo and I realized my Hero battery fits the Evo. This may already be posted, but thought I would post for someone's benefit I hope.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Attn Sprint Hero Owners

Jun 12, 2010

Just went to my local sprint store to check out the EVO and feel jealous. After talking to the sales person and expressing this jealousy, she asked what phone I had and when I bought it. When I told her I've had the hero since Oct, she smiled and informed me that I most likely was a Premier Customer and that I would be able to upgrade this Oct!! I told her that I thought to be premier, you had to be a customer for ten years. She then told me that if you have a data heavy plan, like the unlimited data plan, and have made payments on time for 3, yes, 3 consecutive MONTHS, you are now a premier customer, and can upgrade your phone EVERY 12 MONTHS! that is huge news for us hero owners. though I do love my hero, just thinking about having the beautiful EVO in just 4 short months makes my day, my week, my month and my year! Ok i'm done, just thought everyone should know.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Poor Sprint Hero Owners

Aug 14, 2010

If u live in certain areas u cant upgrade to the battery sucking evo and its oversized pixelated screen give sprint a real hero 2..give us a nexus one with a front cam flash froyo a desire would work ,sprint is the only carrier without an htc 3.7 super androidphone.throw sense in too.lets make sprint have a real iphone competitor

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HTC Droid Eris :: Not Good For Eris Owners / 2.1 Coming To Hero In Early Spring

Jan 27, 2010

Just saw this article at Brighthand. HTC Hero Getting Android OS 2.1 in Early Spring.I would assume that may mean the Eris is also going to have to wait until Spring time as well?

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HTC Hero :: Does Hero Have App Limit Like IPhone Or Pre?

Oct 14, 2009

I'm considering to switch to Hero from Pre. Pre is a really nice phone with the excellent webos system. But many small bugs, lag, freezing up just ****ed me off.Before I make the switch, I want to make sure Hero is as good as what I heard:

1. Hero only has <300M ROM and RAM, how does this handle the future O/S updates and mult-running apps?

2. Does Hero have an app limit like Iphone or Pre? LIke how many apps you can get at most, or you can get apps up to ***Mb?

3. I heard Hero doesn't allow to store downloaded apps to the microSD card, which leads to another similar quesiton, with the <300M memory, there will be a small room for applications.

4. Can you use Hero as a USB drive to drag and drop files(mp3, video, pictures, documents) to Hero from the computer? When you send an email from Hero, can you attach the files that you copied to the Hero even though Hero can't read the file(say some strange format file)? I know Pre can do this.

5. Can you create as many pictures folders as you want on Hero when you copying pictures from your computer so you can see pictures in different folders on Hero to better browse? I heard you can't create different photo folders on Hero and all photo are stored in one folder which is very crowded and hard to browse. Same question for mp3 / video folders.

6. Is it true that you don't know which app is running at background or which app is closed by Hero? Is there a limit on how many apps you can open at the same time? Is it easy to switch between them, (like pre)?

7. Can the battery last more than a day with moderate to heavy use? I heard it's way better than Pre battery.

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HTC Hero :: Iphone Usb Charger Use?

Nov 11, 2009

since hero charges via usb could i also use the iphone usb charger rather than dishing from cash to pick up an australian compliant charger?

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HTC Hero :: App Like Vwallpaper On Iphone?

Nov 13, 2009

I'm new to the forum was just wondering if any one knows if there is a app that lets u uses videos as ringtones there is one for the i phone but can not seem to find one for the hero its called vwallpaper on the iphone any one no of any apps like this?

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HTC Hero :: IPhone Cant Run Simultaneous Apps

Oct 19, 2009

I just wanted to check, e.g. on my Hero I can run GPS Tracker and press home and it will run in the background, play some music and press home and it will run in the background and go and do something else.

Are you saying the iPhone would have to completely exit the GPS Tracker to use another app or leave the GPS Tracker open and not do anything else for it to work?

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HTC Hero :: How To Silence An IPhone Fanboy?

Oct 18, 2009

I saw my friend today armed with his iPhone 3GS - we were in a restaurant with our families and on seeing my Hero he became quite defensive trying to imply that Android would be no better than Betamax or HD DVD and that Apple had already won the smartphone battle. I then started showing him some of our apps like shopsavvy and google skymap along with the SenseUI. His respose was to say "I bet you cant do this" - his iPhone then made a puny fart sound. The was no choice for me at this stage - I launched "Noble Fart" and activated a long wet one - his face dropped at the superiority of the sound and the iPhone got put back in his pocket. All I had to contend with then was the look on our wive's faces along with most of the table's occupants near to us!

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Android :: List Like Iphone And HTC Hero Phone App

Jun 10, 2010

I want to create a list like iphone list and HTC hero phone app. So how can i do that because I tried it with default ListView but I can not make two list in a single layout and ScrollView does not work on it.

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HTC Hero :: Switched From Iphone To Phone With Android

Jan 20, 2010

i last week took a HTC hero out on contract and switched from my iphone 3g, which i loved dearly reason being i wanted to use spotify to its full potential without having to shutdown etc.It's definately the best decision i ever took, i absolutely love the android platform and would recomend anyone else thinking of doing the same. A few question thought i have about the Hero;

1) battery life, seems pretty short? can i buy a better battery without having ot change the back cover? I like the idea of being able to carry a spare?

2)When on the internet/browser it always opens pages zoomed in, i find it pretty hard to use compared to the iphone, can i set it so that it open the page like a normal pc/iphone?

3)And how do i know i'm getting a 3g signal ?

4)Upgrade for Android? How do i get them? I read there is a better version but how do i upgrade it?

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Android :: Application For Compass For HTC Hero - Similar To One On IPhone

Nov 11, 2009

I was just curious as to whether theres an application for a compass for the HTC Hero, similar to the one on the iPhone?

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Sprint HTC Hero : Can I Create Lockscreens (Flan , Eclair , Iphone)?

Apr 22, 2010

I am currently running Fresh 2.0d and i'm starting to love it. I was previously flashed with Fresh 1.1 and was using LockBot, but when i tried it with Fresh 2.0d i started have some issues, so.... is there any way to create lockscreens that are like the ones that are lockbot? (i.e. Flan, Eclar, Iphone)

I know in the [Guide] Creating Custom Lockscreens there's discussions about adding a tutorial for 2.1 roms, but nothing yet.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Game Like "20 Questions" For Iphone?

Dec 1, 2009

Anyone know if there is a game available like "20 questions" for the iphone? You think of an object and the game asks you a series of questions trying to guess what you are thinking. I just played 4 rounds with a fellow at work and its pretty accurate. Anything like that for the hero?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: MoDaCo Custom Hero ROM For CDMA Hero

Nov 8, 2009

[TESTING] 08/11 1.0 - CDMA HERO MoDaCo Custom ROM Core featuring WaveSecure - xda-developers.This is for testing purposes so please be careful. Yippee if anything

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HTC Hero :: US Got Sprint For Hero / What Are Chances Of Rogers Getting Hero?

Sep 10, 2009

So, I do not want to switch to sprint. I am happy with ATT. And from what i've read the sprint hero will not be compatible with att unlocked, but if there was a rogers hero att and rogers is compatible for 3g.So what is the likelyhood rogers will get the hero?

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Android :: How Many Motorola Owners Will Switch To HTC?

Jul 23, 2010

I've never really been a fan of HTC in general, nor do I like the Sense UI they plop over their Android devices. Since the original Droid came out, I've been a happy camper with Motorola's first offering in the Android ecosystem. I have to say, I was very excited to find out that both the Droid X and Droid 2 were on the horizon, until the announcement that the bootloader would be locked.I'm not going to go into every reason that this is stupid. There are plenty of articles and posts about that already. I'll just say this. If the Droid X is not compromised within a month or two, or if it is demonstrated that the encrypted bootloader will probably not be beatable, I will not buy any more Motorola products. Not that the company cares, but I'm getting it out there.

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HTC : Rallying Call To New Desire Owners

May 7, 2010

Go on, take a long hard sniff of your new HTC Desire. Smells nice doesn't. A little warm, that smell of electricity. HTC are the Willie Wonka's of the mobile world .

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Android :: Good Mileage Tracker For Business Owners?

Dec 14, 2009

I travel on the road a lot for work, and traveling expenses are probably my largest tax write-off. Yet, I've been unable to find a nice app in the marketplace that allows me to simply input my starting odometer and my ending odometer when I get home, and arrive at a simple calculation as to how many miles I traveled on that particular trip and what my approximate tax write-off would be.

On the Iphone, I used to use an app called "MileBug". It was great. Sadly I haven't been able to find anything that compares to that app in android. Do any of you know of a good app for such a purpose? I'm not interested in the plethora of apps available to monitor my gas mileage or my MPG. I just want a simple application that allows me to quickly record my miles traveled per trip.

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HTC Incredible :: Any Non-rooted Dinc Owners Receive OTA Update?

Jun 28, 2010

I don't want to start a flame war, but I've heard from two people that they've received an OTA update notification. One of them has a rooted phone, the other person is an acquaintance and I don't know if their phone is rooted or not.Personally I think it might have something to do with rooted Dinc's (I haven't gotten a notice) but just to be sure, has anyone else received an update notice?

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HTC Hero :: Sprint's HTC Hero Same As Telus HTC Hero?

Jul 30, 2010

I have Sprint's HTC Hero and I was wondering if it's still possible to root it using this guide.

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HTC Hero :: Sprint Hero 2.1 ROM On Oange HTC Hero

Jun 23, 2010

I have (UNFORTUNATELY) an Orange branded/locked HTC Hero running the oh-so-old Android 1.5 ROM....what would happen if I tried updating it with the Sprint 2.1 ROM (if this is possible).If it's not possible / will brick my phone, does anyone have any idea when Orange will release the update (not even had the fabled pre-update update which the rest of Europe seem to have had or about to).As an aside, I will NEVER buy an HTC phone again after this s*** is over with. They may wonder why people want iPhones....Apple promise the iOS4 update...they deliver, on time with no malarkey about supposed different carrier versions. Counting the months till I'm out of contract and can sack off my HTC Hero.

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HTC Hero :: Why Does Sprint Hero Have A Better Camera Than GSM Hero?

Nov 6, 2009

If you take a look at this post on gizmodo: Sprint Hero Review: Faster, Stronger, Uglier - Sprint htc hero review - claims that the sprint hero works better in low light than the GSM hero. Why is the GSM hero so much worse in low light?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Htc Hero Vs Htc Hero With Google

Dec 2, 2009

My and my wife both just got Heros and I noticed hers has with google on the back and mine does not, I just wanted to know if there is any difference between the two phone besides the battery cover. ( I did have one but returned it for the current phone that does not have the google stamp on the back due to bad battery)

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HTC Hero :: Hero Stuck At Hero Logo

Jul 25, 2010

Yesterday i found a HTC Hero lying around at the office, i asked by boss about it and he said that i could have it if i got i working.The problem is that when u turn it on, u will only see the "Hero logo" and get a small vibrator beep.This is anoying since the phone cant make a USB connection to my computer, so i cant use any official HTC flashing software, im therefore kinda limitet to placing files on the sdcard.

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Motorola Droid :: Owners Of Otter Box Commuter Series Case

May 19, 2010

I happily switched from my Seidio Innocase to the Droid Commuter Case, and I have had it for about a month now. I really enjoy the case, but I have noticed that the sides of the back part of the case tend to give and squeek alot if I put pressure on them. Not sure how to explain that better, but hope that makes sense to some of you guys. Anyone else with this case notice a similar issue?

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Android :: Motorola Droid Owners To Port 3G Watchdog Application

Nov 7, 2009

I'm the developer of 3G Watchdog, an application that monitors 3G traffic. I need help from Motorola Droid owners to port it to that phone.The app gets the network statistics data by reading pseudo-files /sys/ class/net/xxxx/statistics/rx_bytes and tx_bytes. "xxx" is the network interface name, which depends on the platform (or rather, the maker), e.g. for HTC phones it is "rmnet0", "pdp0" for Samsung..I'm looking for the name used by the Droid. If someone with a Droid could look (using adb) at / sys/ class/ net/ xxxx/ statistics/ rx_bytes and tell me what the xxxx is, it would make 3G Watchdog accessible to Motorola users.BTW, this remark is valid for any other future phone (Ericson, etc). New Android phones will appear on the market, and I need owner's contribution to port 3GW on them.

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