HTC EVO 4G :: Stolen From Sprint Stores

Jul 14, 2010

The EVO is in such high demand and low supply that thieves are walking out with fully-functioning display models during business hours!Yesterday, I went to my local Sprint store to purchase accessories for my EVO when I noticed that the two display models were missing. The CSR told me that a guy had snipped the cables during peak hours when the store was very busy and walked out with both phones.That same day, I went to another Sprint store and one of the display units was missing as well. Again, the Rep said it was due to a recent theft. In both locations, the EVO was the only phone stolen.Apparently the thieves are still at large. I am surprised that Sprint isn't able to locate the phones using GPS or even their own "Family locater" technology.What also perplexes me is what the thieves plan to do with these phones once they steal them. The service will eventually be deactivated. And if they try and sell them, wont they be discovered as stolen when they attempt to reactivate? I guess by then, the thieves have taken the money and run.Anyway, the EVO is such a hot and scarce commodity, that people are resorting to desperate measures!Has anyone else seen this happening in their local stores or do I just live in a high crime area?

HTC EVO 4G :: Stolen from Sprint Stores

HTC EVO 4G :: Which Cases Will Best Buy And Sprint Stores Offer On Launch Day?

May 30, 2010

Which cases will Best Buy and Sprint stores offer on launch day? Any photos of them?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Sprint Corporate Stores Lying To Existing Customers - No Evos

Jun 8, 2010

So I starting calling the corporate sprint stores in my area and I noticed they were all asking if I was an existing (EC) or new customer (NC) before telling me if evo's were available. Turns out they are lying about their evo stock to EC. They will sell you one only if you're a NC. So I called a store, and told them I was a tmobile customer. "We have 5 in stock so if you come in the next 30 minutes you can get one". Then, I told them I wanted to buy the phone outright, full retail, no line activation sprint rep told me they don't have phones in stock for me.

Immediately I called sprint customer service; they called the store. (10 min after original call). Store now says none are available, and there is a waitlist. I'm not the only one. Sprint HTC EVO 4G supplies running low, but could be higher than we think - Android and Me

Try it yourself:
Around Sunnyvale, Ca 5 of 6 stores I called asked if i was an existing customer before answering if they had it in stock. 6 store said none. 2 of 2 stores, told me they had stock, then changed tune when they found out i was an existing customer. I should have just gone to the store, waited for them to present the phone. then reveal I'm an existing customer. If they try to pull it back, then call sprint customer service.

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HTC 4G :: Evo Test Units In Stores

May 15, 2010

I just played with a test unit in Atlanta at the South Cobb Radio Shack store. It was a sprint employee who is making the rounds to different stores and talk to customers. Freakin' sweet. I have to run to a b'day party, but it is beyond amazing. Not too heavy, fits in your pant pockets very well. Meow!

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Android :: Need An App That Stores Web Pages

Aug 27, 2010

I own a G2 Touch (i.e. Hero) with 2.1 installed. I have spent ages trying to find an app that lets me upload selected web pages in advance, so that I can read them at my leisure without needing an Internet connection. This is mainly because I spend a lot of time using my phone on the underground when commuting to work, but would also be useful when I am flying. I can't seem to find such a thing, is anyone aware of a such a thing. Ideally I want one which knows my page preferences in advance and synchronizes without the need for manual input. There used to be a website called avantgo which did this (in a more cursory form) for pdas, but they disappeared a few years ago and I haven't tracked down an android equivalent.

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HTC Incredible : When Inc Will Be In VZW Stores - Just Available On Website

Apr 14, 2010

I have read conflicting things and frankly there are way too many threads here - does anyone know if the 4/29 date is when the Inc will be in VZW stores or just available on their website?

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HTC Desire HD :: No Stock In Online Stores

Nov 10, 2010

I was looking on web in the last few days and all of the online stores had no stock of this phone currently. I heard new stock is coming in this week and does anyone know which online shops have this in stock NOW and ships outside of UK?

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Android :: Shopping App That Can Locate Stores

Sep 12, 2010

I tried searching for this but haven't been successful. I'm looking for a basic app that will tell me what stores are in my immediate location/area if I type in the name. For example, if I'm dying for a cup of coffee and search for Starbucks, it would map out the nearest starbucks stores and I could pick one and maybe head for it with navigation. I have been using Maps but think it's too nonspecific -- if I type Starbucks it will list all stores in the country; if I type in the nearest city it will give me a list of stores but not do it visually on a map. Apologies if this is too basic a question. Today I was driving around in a county not too close to home, and needed a party supply store, but couldn't find one using my phone. I searched "party store" after mapping my location, and it came up with a list of motels/Comfort Inns about 20 miles away.

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Samsung Moment :: Where Phone Stores Media?

Jul 11, 2010

On my Gallery, where my phone stores media ( pictures, videos etc ), there are a lot of albums, like " Camera pictures" "Camera media " all pictures" and when I take a picture, it puts the picture into ALL 3 albums, this is annoying, is there a way I can make it to where I just have like one picture and one video folder? Seems like a waste of space to have the same things in 3 different albums.

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HTC Hero :: App For Gps Navigation That Stores Maps On Sd Card?

Jan 28, 2010

Is there an app for gps navigation that stores the maps on the sd card like a tom tom would instead of using data plan?

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General :: Audible App Stores Notes And Bookmarks?

Oct 18, 2012

Where the notes & bookmarks are stored (within the android file system) Customer service has been 0 support. They just keep saying that there's no cloud based backup system so I can't back it up.... The files are stored on my device SOMEWHERE so there has to be a way to back them up. It kills me to think that I could lose all the notes I took through the 10+ books I've bought.

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Android :: Stolen App On Market

Oct 4, 2010

Recently I've discovered that our app Little Python is distributed by developer who call himself Adam Gates. He renamed our app to snake, replaced icon and changed AdMob id. He has 55 published apps. Please take a look may be you'll find yours. Is there any way to shut him down? Please advise.

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Android :: Storing A User Selection That Stores Itself For Use On Reload In App

Aug 2, 2010

I've built a dialog that asks the user to pick a city from the list provided when the application first opens. The dialog works perfectly, however I want to store the user's choice so that when the app is opened a second time, it checks to see if the user has already made a selection previously. If they have, it doesn't display the dialog and defines the city variable as their previously chosen preference. And obviously, if they haven't made a selection previously (because its their first time opening the app or for some reason the app couldn't read the stored preference), it displays the dialog.

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Android :: Need Notes App That Stores Locally & Syncs With Cloud

Jun 5, 2010

I'm looking for a notes app that stores notes on the device and syncs with cloud

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Phone Stolen

Sep 3, 2010

My phone was stolen today, long story short, it's gone for good. I've deactivated it but I don't want them able to use my google account if they swap to another sim or use it on wifi, is there anyway I can stop this? Is changing my password gonna stop the phone? Please help!

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Android :: Best App For Tracking Stolen Phone

Apr 9, 2010

I'm looking for the best app that can be used to track a phone after it has been stolen (or lost).It needs to be able to be Started remotely.Able to send location updates on the web or by email or text Invisible Password-protected (preferably)I've found a bunch of apps by searching, but most of them have terrible reviews about force-closing and what-not.Any good ideas?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Stolen From Verizon

May 5, 2010

So i received my replacement eris in the mail today from verizon and did the OTA activation..stopped in the middle and took me to verizon rep, who immediately demanded my name, phone number and password. I give her all the information and she asks where i got the phone, i tell her that verizon sent it to me and that i am trying to activate it on my line. She informs me that there is no way they sent me the phone im trying to activate as its a STOLEN PHONE!After having me read the ESN off of the phone, and the testers box they sent me, i proved them wrong. They are going to overnight me a eris replacement again and now i have to send back a phone that was reported stolen.

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HTC Incredible :: Recovering Stolen Phone

May 22, 2010

I'm new with VW and i need to figure out if i can recover my cell phone.Are they able to locate it with the GPS function? I didn't download any software or apps specifically for locating cell phone.My cell died the night it was stolen and i called it today and it rang so the person had to of charged it and is most likely using it.I'm thinking about seeing what numbers the person has called and try to use them to recover the phone. Either having the police contact them and ask who is their friend that called them from my number or me calling and pretending to be the police officer investigating the stolen phone.Any suggestions?

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Samsung I7500 :: Stolen Phone

Feb 9, 2010

Well my phone was stolen today, which sucks. But it brings me to a question I always wanted to know - if my provider blocks the phone completely (sim&phone block), is there a way to hack it/make it work again?

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Android :: How To Check If Phone Is Stolen?

Jul 22, 2010

I found a good deal online for an android phone but the seller says it doesn't come with the battery or back cover.The ad also says the phone is brand new condition.Sound weird to anyone else?How can I make sure a phone like this is not stolen?

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Android :: Cannot Find File After Decompressing From Archive / App Directory That Stores It?

Jun 3, 2010

I am using ZipInputStream and BufferedOutputStream to decompress a file from a zip archive in Android 1.6. The code runs without exceptions, but when I check the existance of the file, I can't find it. I am just looking for the filename. Is there an application directory that stores this file? Do I need to specify a directory?

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Android : Are 3rd Party App Stores A Good Idea For Free Apps?

Nov 2, 2010

After publishing a free app to Android Market I have received numerous solicitations from 3rd party app stores to publish my app such as and To date, I have not pursued that and my app is only available on Android Market.

I would love to hear some developer opinions about this: Is it better to stick to Android Market only, or does it make sense to publish your free apps in as many stores as you can? What do you think are the pros and cons to each approach?

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HTC Incredible : Stores (besides Verizon) Are Carrying Screen Protectors Today?

Apr 30, 2010

What stores(besides verizon) are carrying screen protectors today?

I'm going to order the Steinheil protector but don't want to risk scratching in the mean time.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Stolen Phone

Oct 10, 2010

Some douche has stolen my phone anyway of tracking it?

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Android :: Stolen Phone Tracking System

Sep 26, 2008

This shouldn't be that hard to make.( I don't think ) But how about an app sort of like a stolen phone tracking system? It would be hidden inside the phone so you couldn't see it but if anyone ever steals your phone, you can call the phone tracking systems company and find out where it is/who stole it? I think this would be useful because everyone wants this phone and after 90 days of this phone, you can unlock it so I'm pretty sure everyone wants to keep their phone safe.

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General :: Best App For Locating Stolen Android Phone?

Mar 12, 2012

What's the best app on the android market for locating a stolen phone?.

I'm looking for something which can relay the approximate phone location (based on gps/wifi) and lock the phone. Also, being operate with a different sim card would be a plus.

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General :: How To Retrieve Passdroid App After Phone Stolen

Nov 28, 2011

Is there a way to retrieve the passdroid app after phone is stolen and then applied to the replacement phone installing all the old passwords associated with the passdroid app.

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General :: Device Stolen Still Appears With Name Of New Carrier

Jul 12, 2012

I noticed that my Nexus One (stolen the 8th of July) still appears on my devices lists on Google Play, with some interesting information I want to clarify that this happens with the Google Account password changed (because I did it after the theft)!

My carrier wasn't Wind but H3G.

I assume there is nothing I can do, because I've changed the password of the Google Account (for security reasons), but I'm curious if there is some different way to find the new SIM number.

The IMEI would be blocked on the entire territory from tomorrow, so this thief will be able to use it with no phone functions.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Tracing Stolen Phone

Jul 19, 2010

Today my Sony ericsson xperia has been stolen.Now my question is, can they trace my phone with a special chip or with the simcard?

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General :: Nexus 5 - IMEI Blacklisted As Lost Or Stolen

Feb 26, 2014

I purchased a nexus5 off of some guy that was selling one in my local area. The phone was in the original box and I was pumped at getting one for a bit cheaper than they are on the play store. Although this last week it randomly could not connect to the network, so I called Telus (my Canadian provider) and after a half hour of troubleshooting they told me that the IMEI is blacklisted as a lost or stolen device? Is there anyway I can change the IMIE address?

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