HTC Desire :: Phone Dosn't Connect To PC But It Does Charge

Sep 16, 2010

My phone is charging when i connect it with USB to my PC but i can't connect it any other way, even going in settings changing that it ask me every time i connect and setting up default connection as sync or data but still nothing. I did restart it.

HTC Desire :: Phone dosn't connect to PC but it does charge

HTC Desire :: Phone Sometimes Not Ready To Charge In Car

Jun 18, 2010

Bought one of those 1A car chargers from Ebay that have been much talked about on the forums. Very happy with it, until today. Tootling along with sat nav on, and Google girl robotically jibberjabbering at me, when I noticed the phone had stopped charging. Charge was about 60% so it wasn't full. Looked at the charger socket and the charging light had gone out then looked at phone and it no longer had the charging indicator on the battery.

I unplugged the charger from the phone and lo and behold the light on the socket charger came back on indicating it was ready to charge. So I plugged it back into the phone and the light went out again! Seems as if sometimes the phone wont let itself be charged? I don't the thing the charger is at fault as it has been working fine, and looks ok when I disconnect the phone from it.

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HTC Desire :: Phone Won't Charge When Moved

Jul 27, 2010

I got my HTC Desire on Contract from o2 on the 24th June.ive now found today that the charger wire cant be in certain angles in order for the phone to charge. For example the phone would charge when faced down, but not charge when faced up.Im assuming its the charging socket in the phone thats going wrong.Went to o2 store, who say i need to send it off to repair because im outside of the 28 days. this could take anything up to three weeks.

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HTC Desire :: How Long Charge Phone On Very First Usage?

Oct 7, 2010

I just bought an HTC Desire a few hours ago after having been tempted to get it having seen a colleague's Legend. Anyway, the manual that comes with it doesn't really cover that much, and the only information about that battery I can find is on the beginning where it says that it takes about 3 hours to fully charge it. However, it doesn't mention how long you should charge it on your very first usage: until the LED-light turns green, or more (like when I had to charge my old Nokia for 8 hours the first time)? If anyone would lend a helping hand, I'd really appreciate it.

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HTC Desire :: Phone Not Charging Past 25% Charge

Nov 1, 2010

I seem to have a charging problem with my new HTC desire - I only got it today. Basically when i opened the box and set up the phone the battery charge level was at around 25% full. Im in the UK but i got the phone from the US over ebay, so it didnt come with a UK mains adapter however i have an ipod mains-USB charger (that the USB cable plugs into) which i thought would charge it up by using the USB cable that came with the phone and plugging it into the ipod charger.So i plugged it in and the LED light lit up orange on the phone and the animation came on showing that it was charging so i turned the phone off, but when i checked and turned it back on after a few hours of the phone being plugged in it was still at 25% battery when i unplugged it.I assumed it didnt work because i used the ipod charger so I tried charging with just the USB cable plugged into my computer with the phone turned off, a few hours later its still at 25% charge. It hasnt gained any battery charge past 25% (it did loose battery when i had it unplugged but only charged back up to 25%)Does anybody have any ideas on what the problem is, is it because of the charger im using with it being US? I just bought a UK HTC official charger from the internet so I hope that will work.

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HTC Desire ::Phone Overheats While Plugged Into Laptop To Charge

Apr 9, 2010

When at work I usually have mine plugged into my laptop to charge it up and today I notice that it's getting warm at the back. It's not even been used at all for the last 2 or 3 hours, it's just been sitting there on charge.

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Motorola Droid :: Charge Phone On Laptop / Won't Charge Now?

Sep 3, 2010

I've been charging my phone on my laptop and it won't charge past 40%. Can someone please help me?

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General :: Connect To PC Mounts As Disk Drive Even Though Charge Only

Aug 14, 2012

Under the settings for Connect to PC, the phone mounts as disk drive even though the radio button for 'charge only' is selected.

What else should i try?

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HTC Desire :: How To Connect Phone To Macbook?

May 31, 2010

I've just set up Ical to sync with Google calendar so I can sync that with my Desire but when I plug in my phone, it starts looking for HTC sync and obviously can't find it as it's windows only. I've set debugging to come on as I read somewhere that would enable the phone to connect to my mac but it's not working. The computer can see the phone when I plug it in as a disk drive though.

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HTC Desire :How To Connect Phone To PC With Usb Cable?

Apr 16, 2010

Ok, this is probably a silly question but please be gentle with me as i am new to the world of Android and the Desire... How do i connect the phone to my PC with the usb cable?

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HTC Desire : Connect Phone To PC Via Wifi?

Jul 3, 2010

Can anybody tell me how to connect my Desire to my PC using wifi. I am sorry if this is a simple question but I am new to smartphones in general and Htc Android Desire in particular.

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HTC Desire : How To Connect BT Headphones To Phone Source?

Jun 7, 2010

I've got a set of Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 bluetooth headphones. I can pair the headphones fine, but for some reason only the Media source on the Desire pairs with the headphones - the Phone part doesn't. Is there something I haven't done? Has anyone had any similar problems with other BT headphones?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Connect Cable Charge Battery - Software Loops All Time

Nov 26, 2010

since I upgraded to android 2.1 ... when I connect the cable to charge the battery of my phone .. the phone software goes crazy .. it loops all the time .. does anybody have the same problem???

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HTC Desire :: How Often Charge?

May 8, 2010

i'm having to charge it almost everyday! is this normal? how is yours?

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HTC Desire :: Best Way To Charge Battery?

May 19, 2010

Which one the best way to charge battery?Wait Until Battery below 10% or less Charge battery ever time we want (example battery still on 50%, because we need to carry on travel we charge it until it 100%)Charge Battery each morning/day whatever battery status is (below 10% or not).

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HTC Desire :: Battery Charge Not At 100%

Nov 28, 2010

My question is now my phones rooted is there any way to change the charging thresholds i.e.Rather than getting to 100% and stopping charging till it drops below 90% can it be changed to say 95%.Just curious really, or do any of the custom roms change how the phone charges.

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HTC Desire :: Battery When To Charge?

May 11, 2010

I know there's been quite alot of talk on battery life etc and this is not really about tips for extending battery life or such, but what I wish to know is when is best to charge the battery on the Desire?Sometimes I hear that discharging the battery completely before you charge it is bad for it, and other times I hear its the best thing to do.I've had my phone a couple of weeks now, and after doing this a few times already (I now charge it every two days) I wanna know whether its better to just charge when it gets low on charge rather than keeping on discharging it before I begin to recharge.I know the iPhones and iPods benefit from doing half-charges rather than full charges all the time, but what would you say is best in the case of a HTC?

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HTC Desire :: USB Charge Only Keeps Mounting SD

Nov 27, 2010

contrary to what the title says , every time I plug my phone into USB it keeps UNmounting the SD card. Despite me having it set to charge only. Is there anyway to stop this?

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HTC Desire :: Charge Costs

Aug 9, 2010

Does anyone have an idea what it costs in terms of juice/s to charge a Desire overnight for say 7 hours, as I'm sure many of us do?

Also, does the mains charger still continue to use some power when attached to the mains even when the device isn't attached, as dumb phone chargers apparently do?

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HTC :: How Long To Charge Desire ?

Mar 30, 2010

Is it long ?

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HTC Desire HD :: Up - Awake And Time Since Last Charge

Nov 17, 2010

I discovered the battery status information from the settings menu yesterday and was wondering if someone could clarify Up Time and Awake Time for me? Currently my uptime is 131 hours, and awake time something like 29. Am I right in thinking that these are the numbers since I got the phone (or put the battery in, I guess). This would seem to indicate that when I turn the phone off at night I'm not really turning it off - is that the case? I'd like to know the time that the phone has been on since last charge as then I'd get a good idea of how long I'm getting from a charge - I can't see this anywhere, can anyone recommend and app/widget for it?

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HTC Desire :: Battery After Full Charge

Aug 21, 2010

I usually charge my phone overnight, so plug it in and let it charge until i get up on a morning.However I'm noticing when I unplug it, the battery drops almost instantly to between 96 and 91%. I'm thinking this is a case of overcharging? Its just happened to me now, so I've turned the phone off, let it charge and as soon as the orange light turns green I'll unplug it and turn it on and see what happens.Anyone else any experience of this? I want to charge overnight, but if its going to give me a worse battery life by doing so.

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HTC Desire :: How To Bump Charge Your Battery?

Aug 18, 2010

I am not 100% sure if it will improve battery life either but it wont hurt to try.

1. Power on your Desire then connect to your Charger and Fully charge until the LED changes Green.

2. Disconnect your phone from the charger and then power off.

3. Reconnect your phone to your charger with the power off and wait for the green LED.

4. Disconnect the phone from the charger and power it on.

5. Once the phone has fully booted / ready to use power off again.

6. With the power off connect the phone to the charger and wait for the green LED.

7. Disconnect from the Charger then power on and use normally.

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HTC Desire :: Charge With Non Micro USB Cable

Jun 15, 2010

When I charge with a non HTC USB cable the phone wont charge. I've had it on for the last 16 hours and although the light goes orange and the little battery animates as though it's charging it hasn't budged since I put it on... I haven't tried it with the official cable yet but does anyone know of any reason why a non-HTC USB cable wouldn't do the same as a HTC branded one?

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HTC Desire :: On Charge Screen Brighness

Aug 2, 2010

Can the "On Charge" screen brightness be changed/set?

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HTC Desire : Battery Does Not Charge Completely

Sep 14, 2010

I'm sure there are over a thousand topics on this....but when I first got my Desire (3-4 weeks ago), despite poor battery life, it would alway at least receive full charge by indication of the green LED, via the wall charger.

I've noticed in the last week or so, that even after 8-10 hours on the wall charger, the LED stays amber never goes green, and never receives a full charge (settings, about phone, battery).

Also, while on the wall charger, it would suddenly stop charging and "USB Debugging" would start flashing at the top. I disabled that in the mean time.Anyone have any suggestions?

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General :: HTC Desire X Won't Turn On But Will Charge?

Jun 4, 2013

Last night (03/06/2013) my HTC Desire X was connected to my laptop (Lenovo Ideapad Z570) and was connected to HTC Sync Manager, and I was trying to sync my contacts, because I didn't want to loose them. I had previously backed up my photos and music, and just before I went to the Contacts tab, the phone screen and touch buttons went off, but the little red LED at the top stayed on, and didn't flash, and I think the phone turned off, but it showed no screen with HTC on it, it just went straight off. It wasn't the battery loosing charge because it was plugged in, was charging at the time and was over 50% charged before I plugged it in. When I plug it into either AC power or USB charger, the little red LED comes on, but nothing else happens.

So I tried to take out the battery for around 5 mins and then put it back in and leave it for about 5 mins, but still nothing. I then tried to hold down the Power button for around 30 secs and it didn't work. Then I tried to hold down Vol- and Power for around 6-10 secs, and still nothing. I then tried to leave it on charge over night and see what that would do, but it did nothing. When I leave it on charge over night it charges fully, and the red LED turns green, but when I plugged it in, it just went red and stayed red. The phone was new when I got it. I haven't rooted it at all, haven't loaded any ROMs onto it or anything. I haven't tried rooting it or anything, and haven't tried any ADB stuff.I haven't downloaded anything from a website I can't trust.

I was going to root my device, and that's why I was backing up, but I had already backed up my music and photos from before, but I wanted to make sure so I did it again. I don't know if it's bricked or not, but I've a feeling it is, and I don't know what it is that I did to brick it. I really need the contacts off it though, and I have ADB set up from before when I was just about to root it after I backed everything up. I now have the SIM and SD out of the phone in case it damages them, and I have the phone connected to the laptop with the battery out. I heard that you can take data from a phone using ADB, so when I set up everything, everything was ready and the red light was on on the phone, but the ADB couldn't find any devices. I am running ADB from cmd, and run cmd in administrator mode. I want to try to take all the data from my phone, and then hard reset it using ADB, because the hardware buttons won't come on on the phone.

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HTC Desire :: Couldnt Connect HTC Desire To HTC Sync - Android SDK

Aug 4, 2010

I installed HTC Sync 2.0.28 on Win XP machine and Have HTC desire connected to it. Desire is able to connect to HTC Sync and works fine.

I have setup eclipse with Android SDK on the same Win XP machine.

Problem comes here ..
HTC sync works fine as long as i don't launch any Android SDK sample applications through eclipse on to virtual device. From that point phone no longer able connect to HTC Sync . Only Solution is i have to restart my workstation then only Desire is able to connect to Synch again. Restarting phone is not working.

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HTC Desire :: Since Updating Battery Doesn't Charge To 100%

Jun 6, 2010

Software number 1.21.405.2, For some reason I don't get the green fully charged led since updating the phone's software, is this just coincidence? This is while charging from my PC's USB.

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HTC Desire :: Battery Not Charging Fully Only Charge To Between 90-95%

Apr 19, 2010

Has anyone had a problem with there battery not fully charging? mine will only charge to between 90-95%

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