HTC Desire :: Can't Debrand After Vodafone Sneaky Update / WAy To Fix?

Aug 3, 2010

I've read that you can't debrand if you got the OTA update from vodafone today. I got so close to putting an official stock ROM on my Desire (so I could push for the 2.2 update) only for it to fail. The ROM was: RUU_Bravo_HTC_WWE_1.21.405.2_Radio_32.36.00.28U_4. 06.00.02_2_release_126984_signed Then I read that because my phone had already been updated to this vodafone junk that I have lost the ability to rebrand. Is this true? Can't believe I was so close to getting FroYo. I could cry to Vodafone!

HTC Desire :: Can't debrand after Vodafone sneaky update / WAy to fix?

HTC Desire :: Way To Debrand / Update Phone?

Aug 4, 2010

I have a desire from vf uk. it was one of the first ones with no real branding but does not qualify for the 2.2 update. luckily i havent updated to the new vf firmware. my question is, is there an easy way to unlock my handset so i can use htcs own 2.2 update? i no there are plenty of threads on this topic but they always assume people understand all the terms and it becomes confusing! i don't no my hboot from my bootloader or goldcard? it would be great if anyone could point me towards a guide written in plain easy to follow and explaind steps, m no novice to mobile tech but a programmer im not! i cant be the only one. so is there a way to make the phone update ota to htcs own 2.2 froyo?

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HTC Desire :: Vodafone Official 2.2 - Update

Aug 16, 2010

is there any news on the update that on the 10th of this month was stated on the voda eforum to be available in the next 7-10 days, ive got a horrible feeling that was said to shut everyone up about the firmware update fiasco.

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HTC Desire :: Vodafone OTA 2.2 Update And Rooted

Sep 1, 2010

I recently rooted my Vodafone (UK) HTC Desire after the bloated 2.1 release from Vodafone but never got around to flashing a custom rom (after problems with the clockwork recovery Amoled or SLCD). I know wish to install the clean(er) 2.2 official Vodfone OTA release but I'm having trouble. When I download OTA the phone restarts and hangs at a screen with a triangle and explanation mark. I can then get to the recovery screen where I se the error - failed, un-verified signature. what I need to do to install the Vodfone release, do I need to un-root my phone first?

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HTC Desire :: SMS Duplicates After Vodafone Bloatware Update

Aug 5, 2010

if anyone else who was unfortunate enough to install the latest vf 'update' noticed that all of their sms messages had been duplicated! which as you can image is a pain in the parts if like me you have alot of messages. I have managed to sort out a work around for this. I used 'sms backup and restore' SMS Backup & Restore - Android app on AppBrain to create an xml of all my sms messages I then wrote a quick program which checks the xml file for any messages with duplicate timestamps and message contents and removes the duplicate. Then you can just restore the edited xml file. I realise some people might be dubious about using an exe file which someone posts on a forum but i have attached it anyway if anyone wants to use it. I could post the code if anyone wants. Anyway just thought that it might help some of those unfortunate souls like myself who foolishly 'updated' their desire

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HTC Desire :: How To Debrand O2?

Sep 14, 2010

I have an HTC Desire, locked to O2. Bootloader 8.0. Amoled screen (according to the box). I have rooted it using unrevoked3. I have created a gold card. I want to debrand the phone before updating to Froyo. I am currently on 2.1 update 1. I am worried that maybe I'm mixing and matching too much, and could somebody point me in the right direction to debrand the phone and then upgrade to Froyo.

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HTC Desire :: Way To Flash / Debrand Phone?

Apr 23, 2010

I upgraded to an HTC Desire from an iPhone 3G, and was so disappointed when I switched on my Orange phone to find they had hacked around with the Firmware!

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HTC Desire :: Debrand Phone - Orange With Android 2.1

Aug 23, 2010

I have an Orange HTC desire on Orange with Android 2.1. What I would like to do is debrand this phone to the stock HTC Android 2.2 release. HTC Desire 2.2. I am not really bothered about custom ROM's or rooting. I just want to have all the features that the phone should come with, minus the Orange mods.. Is this possible firstly? If it is which guide would you recommend? Can anyone comment on the risk vs reward of doing this? I am technical enough to follow the guide but would like to make sure what I want to achieve is possible..

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HTC Desire :: Way To Debrand Phone On Orange UK Without Rooting?

Jul 8, 2010

Does anyone know how to Debrand HTC Desire on Orange UK without rooting? I want to get rid of the Orange junk without voiding my warranty.

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HTC Desire :: How To Debrand Unlocked Phone Running Froyo 2.2?

Oct 13, 2010

I'm new to HTC Desire/Android, and debranding and altering my phones setup. A complete novice! I have unlocked my HTC desire from orange using a code from cost me �22.99 I have upgraded to 2.2 fro yo and am running software number browser 3.1 I'd now like to debrand the phone but do not want to root as i am not into customising my phone that much. I do however want to rid it of the orange start up and the orange widgets and understand enough to know that i don't need/ want the orange excess stuff. I don't want to have to reboot and reflash my phone or find that wifi doesn't work with a custom Rom that might go wrong.

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HTC Desire :: Orange Applications For Contract And Phone Appears To Debrand And Unlock

Jul 27, 2010

Ive recently bought a HTC Desire on orange contract and the phone appears to be debranded and unlocked. There is no evidence of orange applications in the menu and my other vodafone sim works with it too! Is there anyway to work out whether this has the generic HTC unbranded rom or not? And does that mean i will get the Froyo update when HTC release it?

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HTC Hero :: Best Update To Use For Unlocked - Vodafone SIM?

Sep 25, 2009

My HTC hero has just arrived today and I'd like to update it straight away before using it, is there anything I need to do before doing this other than syncing the phone to my laptop? What is the best update to use for unlocked, vodafone SIM HTC heroes? Also as mentioned earlier I have a vodafone SIM and my last phone was a nokia navigator, I've copied all my contacts to my SIM, should this be enough for me to get my contacts up and running when I use my hero?

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HTC Legend :: Vodafone UK 2.2 Update - Msg Force Close?

Nov 16, 2010

Just had the 2.2 upgrade via Vodafone & can`t compose a message. Comes up with "The application HTC_IME mod (process jonasl.ime) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again". Anyone had the same problem or know a cure??

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HTC Legend :: Apps Cant Connect Since Update - Vodafone UK

Aug 20, 2010

None of my apps can updates or use my network. With or without 3g enabled. Also when gsm/ wcdma auto is used, I get just texts through, but when I use only one of those at a time. My signal dissappears completely.

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Android :: HTC Desire Vodafone User

Sep 29, 2010

New to the fourms, just got myself a HTC Desire, and well impressed with it. wot i am looking for as an app that o2 have for the iphon2 (boo) weehre iut shows you your txtx and mins and data allowance, but for vodafone instead?

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HTC Desire HD :: Vodafone MMS Settings - Can't Receive MMS

Oct 29, 2010

I can't receive MMS messages from friends. Vodafone UK have sent me three seperate PDF files by emails, giving me instructions how to set up MMS, WAP and WEB. They are suggesting that I set up 3 seperate APN profiles - is this right? I already have an APN profile called "Vodafone PAYMONTHLY" where I have data set up. Can I just add MMS settings in that one? Can someone also confirm their MMS settings on Vodafone UK?

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HTC Desire :: Not Able To Connect To Vodafone Live Tv

Aug 9, 2010

I have rooted my HTC Desire and updated to 2.2 software. Prior to doing this i had Vodafone 360 installed via the 1.24 update that came out recently. I am now not able to connect to vodafone live tv to watch sky sports!

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HTC Desire :: Get 2.2 Quicker For Debranded Vodafone

Aug 3, 2010

So as expected I got too impatient to wait for Vodafone to officially launch 2.2 so I bit the bullet, debranded the handset and got the update. Im glad I did as I understand that Vodafone have just rolled out a sneaky update loading the handset with rubbish. Thought I would share the experience with my fellow Vodafone users including the guide that I used in order to complete the installation. This turned out to be a very easy process which took around an hour from start to finish inc the 2.2 update and restoring apps etc.


Worked a treat on my handset but as with all these things I can't accept any responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur if you decide to go down the same route that I did. Also please be aware that debranding your handset may invalidate the warranty should anything go wrong. Im not sure whether its possible once 2.2 has been installed to revert back to the old Vodafone Rom (should the phone need to go back to Vodafone for example) so please bear that in mind.........

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HTC Desire :: Unbranded Branding On Vodafone

Aug 8, 2010

i have what i thought was an unbranded phone on voda but after some looking it seems it is as it has the .161. in the software number which means it is branded just without the branding now i would like to run 2.2 much like everybody else with a desire but i am unsure of what i need to do it, do i need to root it first or can i just use a gold card or what?

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HTC Desire HD :: How To Unlock Phone From Vodafone UK?

Nov 21, 2010

This is probably a stupid question but is there an issue with unlocking a Desire HD from Vodafone UK? I was looking for code websites and one for instance said they couldn't supply codes for Desire HDs and Desire Zs etc...

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HTC Desire :: Vodafone UK Contact Details

Aug 4, 2010

For those of you that are thrilled at Vodafones new firmware (or their policy towards streaming), maybe you want to e-mail one of the following:

Guy Laurence (CEO) - guy.laurence (at)
Directorsoffice: - VodafoneDirectorsOffice (at)

The only thing I ask is that we don't spam the e-mail accounts - let's keep the e-mails constructive (but numerous).

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HTC Desire HD : Vodafone DHD Branded Unlocked

Oct 24, 2010

Has anyone got a Vodafone DHD yet? I am picking mine up tomorrow but would like to know if it's unlocked and unbranded. Also does it come with a micro sd in the box??

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HTC : Desire On Vodafone - Cant Get Any Websites Through Browser

Jul 3, 2010

anyone else on Vodafone and having problems?

My market isnt working - always returning errors and my network signal is very poor only getting gprs no 3g/edge or H

cant get any websites through the browser! whats going on! is this a fault on the phone?

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HTC Desire :: Vodafone Rom - Not Receiving Texts From Abroad

Jul 21, 2010

i've flashed my device with a modaco rom with froyo to try it out. I've found a few bugs and found my last rom a lot better + i'm not receiving texts from abroad so i'm starting to think i may have to send the phone back to vodafone. Now i dont think vodafone have released there ROM - does any body have any idea where i can get hold of the next best thing?

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HTC Desire :: Vodafone Froyo Upadate Announced

Aug 20, 2010

Well according to a post on vf eforum by a mod its coming on monday woo

HTC Desire firmware update 20/08/10 - Vodafone eForum

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HTC Desire :: Vodafone Live - Messed Up Default Software

Apr 12, 2010

Anyone got a desire from vodafone (as opposed to on vodafone from the like of carphonewarehouse)? Would be keen to know to what extent they have buggered up the software. 18months down the line im still irritated by the "vodafone live" they put on c905. Happy enough with the voda network but might just ship if they have messed up the default software and "over branded" it...

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HTC Hero :: How Do I Unlock And Debrand?

Jul 29, 2009

guys can you give me some advise on unlocking and debranding my htc hero on t mobile.

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HTC Legend :: How To Debrand Phone

Nov 5, 2010

So, with the news today that froyo is coming withing the next few weeks to unbranded phones I'm wondering what it takes to debrand my legend.

I have a Virgin(Bell) legend and I'm concerned that they won't update the phone since Bell has already dropped it and Virgin my follow suit!

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HTC Hero :: How To Debrand Orange UK Phone To Original?

Aug 21, 2009

I want to replace all these Orange logos and stuff from my HTC HERO Orange UK phone and anybody know how and what can i do. I have already root my HTC hero and dont know where to go from here? also how can install apps on SD card instead of having on my internal memory?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Want To Debrand Rogers Phone

May 21, 2010

I want to debrand my Rogers X10a, I'm just kinda scared something will go wrong, is it an easy process and has anyone here De branded their X10a?

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