General :: Restricted Access Changed - Voice Call Service Blocked

Jan 8, 2012

I purchased a Chinese Android mobile which has the MTK6573 chipset. It is called a Star A3.

Love the phone however I regularly see the alert/error "Restricted access changed" in the status bar and the signal drops off both SIMS. If I pull down the status bar and check details it says "Voice call service blocked".

What is interesting is that it is always the Vodafone NZ SIM card even if I swap cards between SIM slots. Other SIM is 2Degrees.

I've searched the internet but there seems very little info on this subject other than to say that some HD9 users have had the same issue and have Spice Mi 350n users.

It could be a IMEI issue but I'm not so sure.

I've turned off my SIM data connection which was linked to my 2Degrees SIM and now both SIMS manifest the same error. If I re-enable data on the 2Degrees SIM only the Vodafone SIM gives the error ***

General :: Restricted access changed - Voice call service blocked

General :: Restricted Access Changed In Nexus 5?

Dec 31, 2013

I got this notification today " restricted access changed. Data services blocked" After this I don't have access to data in mobile.

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General :: Is ADB Blocked - Can't Access It

Mar 11, 2014

I am trying to fix a faulty device, which bootloop very frequently, due to a faulty kernel / audio driver. I've found the problem checking logcats, as well as logcats during the boot sequence.

How to fix the audio driver, here's the thread: [URL] ......

I would like to access ADB from this device, but I cannot get the device detected at all.

USB debugging is definitely enabled, and the device driver is also installed (Not even sure if I had to install a driver for this 2011 device in first place. Device is detected by computer without a problem).

If I type:

adb devices
The output is just: "List of devices attached" with a blank line.

If I try:

adb shell
This show up:

error: device not found

I can tell that ADB is working for another device - I had a LG-P500, and ADB is succesfully working for this phone.

The faulty device is a Creative ZEN Touch 2, but the name won't be of any support. Let's just pretend it's a generic Android device (Even thought no such Android exists) and forget about the name. The ROM installed on it (Froyo, 2.2.1) was customized by Creative, the manufacturer, since it's not a phone, just a multimedia device.

I was wondering if Creative "blocked" any access to ADB, if that's possible. I do know that Creative "does not encourage self-repair", according to the forums.

I also tried ADB wireless, I pressed the grey button that turned green, and then typed adb connect (IP). On the shell, I got the error:

unable to connect to

Altought I wasn't able to connect wirelessly to ADB using my LG phone, neither.

On the ZEN Touch 2, I found the file default.prop, which contain this:


What the default.prop file is about, but I was wondering if the line "persist.service.adb.enable" being equal to 0 / false, could block the access to ADB shell, in some way (if that's possible). I've read that this file is hard to modify, other than flash a new boot image.

What could I do to access ADB on this device ? Yes, the device is rooted.

I have access to a Linux operating system, if that can make the detection easier. Although I do not have ADB installed on this OS, yet.

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General :: Blocked Access To Reddit And Buzzfeed

Feb 12, 2014

My Galaxy S3 suddenly blocked my access to reddit. I originally thought this was down to AdFree (for some reason) blocking it, so I have uninstalled that but it made no difference. I also noticed today that when I tried to follow someones link to a buzzfeed page that it was also blocked. Now these are some oddly specific blocks so I have a feeling that my phone may be hacked or downloaded something it shouldn't.

the culprit that is blocking my access? Will I have to format my device and start fresh?I used to browse reddit daily but its been a few weeks now....

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General :: Account Gets Blocked For Public Access

Feb 1, 2013

i port/cook roms and i have a restricted access to my pc due to which i sometimes have to use my phone to upload files to dropbox but due to multiple downloads my account gets blocked for public access. I wanted to ask that if I put all my roms in a folder and share a link to that folder to my rom users,then will my account still get blocked for heavy traffic?

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General :: P875H - External SD Access Is Blocked?

May 14, 2014

I have a LG OPTIMUS F5 p875 and i succeful instaled 2nd init recovery and CM fo lg fs260s booted when i tried to install it, but the phone become unuseful because it have no, signal, 4g, bluetooth, usb conection, camera, root (tried use app to root) and external sd acces are blocked.. the only thing that works is the adb all the cm functions (android configs etc...)

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General :: App Which Can Allow Call Forwarding Feature Restricted To Single Number

Jan 4, 2013

I am searching for an application that can forward calls from a single number to another number, usually the feature is enabled on all incoming calls but I want to forward call from a single incoming user.

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General :: How To Access Data Mobile Network While Other Ones Remain Blocked

Jun 13, 2012

Briefly, I need ONLY ONE of my apps to access the data mobile network while the other ones remain blocked but when I connect to a Wi-Fi I need them all to be connected, how can I do this?

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Android :: How Access Restricted Contacts In Third Party App

Mar 26, 2010

I am developing a sync application which can sync multiple sync account contacts in server. To take a backup of all contacts I am reading raw_contacts from Raw_contacts table but problem is I am not getting restricted contacts of facebook and others in query for Raw_Contacts.ContentUri. Is there any way to read restricted contacts.

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Android :: How To Access / Edit Call Phone Voice Stream?

Jul 20, 2010

I need to encrypt the outgoing voice stream and decrypt the incoming phone voice stream in real time. Please guide me if this project is possible with the android sdk

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General :: Google Voice App Icon Changed To Android Character

Nov 17, 2012

Why the google voice app icon changed to the android character. I liked it better with the phone in a talk bubble. Is there a way to change it back. The android character is too common, doesn't really say texting or voice mail. hope they change it back or give an option to have the older one.



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HTC EVO 4G :: Blocked Google Navigation Service At All?

Jun 2, 2010

I know the EVO is coming with sprint navigation. Have they blocked Google navigation service at all? Im doing research on this phone for a friend needing an upgrade.

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Android :: Properly Destroy A Thread With Blocked Call?

Aug 6, 2010

Here is a thread example in Android SDK sample (BluetoothChat).code...

In order to destroy this thread, first to close the socket. But this thread is still running at the blocked call even mSocket.close is successfully run.

Question: How to properly destroy a thread stuck in blocked call?

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Android :: Google Voice Call Quality -- How A Call Routed If Have GV Make The Call

Feb 11, 2010

I use Google Voice (love it) primarily because of it's visual voicemail on my Droid. I do have a Google Voice number, and I'm trying to decide whether to set the Droid app to "make calls using Google Voice" or not.

I have no problem with giving out a different number, and my placed calls seeing the GV number in caller ID.

My question is, does this affect how the call is actually connected, from a quality standpoint? I tired a call both ways, and the sound quality seemed a little bit different. But then, I am an obsessive compulsive weirdo.

Is there any difference in call quality or routing between making a native Verizon call and a Google Voice call on Droid? (Like, does Google voice actual use 3G to connect to Google server over the internetz, then place the phone call?)

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General :: Voice Recording Service Not Working?

Oct 2, 2012

i just observed that all the apps that require voice input are not working anymore properly on my samsung note gingerbread mobile. skype - during echo test, i can't hear my voice back. voice recorder - when i click on record button, recording starts n stops immediately video camera - pops up recording failed message n closes other sip app - i am able to hear the called peron's voice but he is not able to hear mine

The only place where it works as of now is the normal calls through mobile where i am able to have normal calls, rest all apps i tried involving voice services doesn't seem to work. i did not do any recent firmware upgrade or anything.

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General :: Can't Access Voice Mail After Update

Nov 16, 2012

I just updated to jb 4.2 ota on my gsm nexus and now I can't check my voice mail it says voice mail number unknown any word on how to fix this?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Any Way To Access Phone - Unlock Pattern Changed

Sep 18, 2010

Can anyone tell me how to access x10 when I have accidentally changed unlock pattern?

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General :: Access Log Of Fused Location Service Of Android

Sep 16, 2013

Log file that show you the name of the app and time when they accessed a location service ? Or maybe there is already an app who are up to date on this thing.

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General :: Moto Razr - Access Google IM Service Associated With Gmail

Jan 30, 2012

I've been using Google's IM service associated with my gmail and I'm a little confused how to access this on my new moto razr. A notification pops up with the message and I can click on it and read it and respond....but then I cannot find where it went! I've tried opening up all the messanging apps I have (IM, Messaging, Messenger) and I don't see my conversations there from my gmail.

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General :: Uninstalled Google Service Framework - No Access To Play Store

May 1, 2014

While installiing "google play services" I got some error 919 "Incompatible with other applications(s) using the same shared user ID", for which i googled for solutions which said to uninstall Google service framework(GSF) then, install play services and then again install GSF.

when i tried to uninstall the GSF via "titanium backup" i was unable to do so. Hence i thought of converting it to an user app ,then take a backup of apk file and then uninstall it. While doing so, it was taking very much time, so i rebooted my phone, after which i did not found GSF in my apps list.

Now i'm not able to have an access to play store.

My GSF version was 4.0.1- 212031

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Android :: Any Lag Between Call And Voice Mail Notification When Using Google Voice?

May 27, 2010

Compared to say Verizon's voice mail is there any lag between the call and voice mail notification when using Google Voice?

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Android : App To Record Calls (my Voice Only) / Take Voice Notes During Call?

Jul 8, 2010

I'm looking for an app. that will allow me to record calls(my voice only) or take voice notes during a call. I've tried a few but it seems neither of them works on android 2.2.

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Motorola Droid :: Vocode Changed Since The Update - Bad Signal - Call Quality

Dec 16, 2009

Has anyone checked the vocode setting following the update? I'm sure it would have addressed call quality, but I was wondering if signal reception has improved (if an issue for you previously) based on that change, or any others.

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General :: Background Data Restricted

May 6, 2012

i seem to be having battery life problems because of mobile data, it sis constantly on because of the apps that use the internet while in the background. Therefore my phone is constantly using 3G and wastes heaps of battery. how to restrict background data so no apps will be using the mobile data? don't tell me to use task killer because task killers constantly use data as well and if u kill an app, it just comes back.

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General :: What Is Restricted With Locked Bootloader

Apr 7, 2013

What exactly am I blocked from doing with a locked boot loader? There aren't too many roms out there for my Stellar... I figure I'd try to port one from an SIII... but with the seller's locked boot loader could I even get that far? Or is it stock Verizon roms or nothing? SCH-I200

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General :: Answer Call With Voice Without Using Car App And Without Connecting To Internet?

May 24, 2013

I just got the HTC One and was wondering if it is possible to answer a call with voice without using the car app and without connecting to the internet?

Is this function built in to the phone or is an 3rd party app required?

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General :: Any Way To Find Out If Call Is From Google Voice Number

May 14, 2012

I have a problem. It turns out that my personal cell phone number accidentally got listed as a business number because of one digit.

I been using my Google Voice number lately and it is set up so it will forward all my calls to my personal cell phone number.

So is there a way to tell if they calling me from my personal cell phone number or my Google Voice number?

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General :: App That Will Reduce Sound Of Voice Call Quality?

Feb 16, 2013

I'm looking for an app that will reduce the sound of my voice call quality (either just outbound or both). Preferably something I can turn on when a phone call gets too long and I need an excuse to hang up, but something that I can just have on and will make every phone call sound bad would work,

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General :: Play Audio File On Voice Call

Dec 17, 2011

I want to play an audio file on a voice call as following the application initiates a call from device X to device Y. When Y replies application on device X should inject an audio file in the stream of the call so device Y hears this audio file

Is possible to inject an audio file in the stream of the call/the output of microphone?

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General :: Huawei Ascend P1 - No Outgoing Voice During Call

Sep 23, 2012

I got a Ascend P1 U9200 in China and rooted it in order to install Google Play. It worked well a few days by using the chinese SIM card in China.

Back in Germany I have a problem with the outgoing sound during a phone call. For some numbers I dial, the other person doesn't hear my voice at all. For other destinations my sound works for about 10 seconds and afterwards the outgoing sound is missing as well.

My current version is U9200-1V100R001CHNC00B109, My provider is congstar (D1).

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