General :: Any App For Logging All Macro Actions Done By System?

Feb 6, 2012

My question is this: is there any app that can log all the (macro) actions that have been done by the system? I'm referring to something which can produce logs for "<time> <app> started", "<time> <app> closed", "<time> <alert> presented", "<time> call from <contact> received/ended", "<time> data packet sent/received <size>", and other similar system related messages, the more, the better.

General :: Any app for logging all Macro actions done by system?

Android :: Spinner - How To Do Distinguish User's Actions From Computer's Actions In OnItemSelectedListener

Nov 17, 2010

I'm in a trouble managing a spinner. I have a spinner with its adapter. I initialize the spinner with a list of values when starting my activity. Then I force the selected value to be the one used in the object that I manage.

Once the screen is initialized :
When the user selects a value in the spinner, according to the selected value, I may continue (or not) to another activity for let the user choose a complementary and necessary value.

If the user "cancels" this second activity, I want to rollback the spinner to its previous selected value, and cancel some actions made in the meantime.

If the user goes to the end of the second activity, everything is fine and I want juste to refresh the spinner display with the datas selected in the second activity (I overload the getView method in the adapter to do this).

Overall, I can easily do all of this, however, when I force the selected value in the spinner at the begining of my activity, or whene returning back from the second activity by "Cancel", the change value event is catched and the second activity is triggered (the user did not click anything at all).

How would you allow the second activity to be lauched only if the change of the selected value in the spinner is due to a manual action from the user, and prevent that same second activity to be launched when the value of spinner is changed "in the code "?

I tried many solutions, as setting a boolean into the adapter that tells if the next event will be raised because of an "in the code" action.

Or also putting a boolean in the adapter that tells if the adapter has initialised itself, and I force that boolean to true on the forst change catched event.

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General :: Any Way To Run Excel With VBA Macro In Android Mobile / Tablet?

Mar 10, 2014

Is it possible to run Excel with VBA macro in Android Mobile or tablet?

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General :: App For Logging CPU Frequency?

Oct 5, 2012

Is there some app that would show me cpu frequency being used over a period of time in, say, a graph view? I want to see what freq is my phone is using while the screen is off.

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General :: Broadcast Actions On ICS?

Apr 12, 2012

As my application is running as a service, it uses the BOOT_COMPLETED and USER_PRESENT events to start.

I tested it on different devices running Android 2.x but today I realised it doesn't work on a Google Nexus 3 which runs Icecream Sandwich.

Both booting and unlocking events does not start the application.

I use the following code :


<actionandroid:name = "android.intent.action.BOOT_COMPLETED"/>
<actionandroid:name = "android.intent.action.USER_PRESENT"/>


So I wonder if it is related to the Android version. Why it does not work on this specific phone ?

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General :: Hacking Voice Actions

Mar 1, 2012

I remember sometime in 2009, when google navigation was restrict to US, some people used to Hack it to make it work outside the US..Voice Action is restrict in english. The app is there.. if I change my locale settings to English US, it works... But when I set it back to portuguese, it only works in search mode...I was then wondering if it was possible to hack it to make it work in other languages, since it can already recognize speech pretty well in portuguese...

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General :: Add Some Custom Actions To ICS Softkey Bar

Mar 18, 2012

I'm wondering if it's possible to add some custom actions to ICS softkey bar... On my tablet would be nice to have next/prev/pause music always visible even in navigation mode with sigic or igo at full screen.

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General :: Different Default Actions For A Contact?

Jan 30, 2012

Is it possible to set for a contact with 2 number 2 different default action? A i have a contact with 2 numbers and when I call him I want use a number while I want to text to the other number. Is there any app I could use? I have the stock rom on my S2.

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General :: Email Conversation View And Actions?

Dec 2, 2011

So I just got my first Android device today (switched from a BlackBerry Bold 9700). I love everything about this device so far and I hoping to keep that streak going.

I get a LOT of emails and most are simply replies to the same thread. I love the conversation view (same as I had on my BB), but unlike the BB, I can take actions on the thread as a whole (e.g. Mark as Read and Move to Folder).

How do I do this on the Android?

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General :: Adding Task With Voice Actions?

Jun 1, 2012

I would like to use Google voice actions to add a task to my Google tasks list. And no, using voice actions to text twitter to direct message Remember the Milk is not good enough. That's just silly. I want to hit the microphone button, say, "new task buy more bacon" and have it show up in my pure calendar widget.

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General :: Changing Soft Key Actions In DEFY

Apr 23, 2012

Is there any way to change soft key actions like MENU key to open app drawer.No launcher provide the feature to change menu key action. Is there any way to do it?

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General :: Writing Tags That Would Have Menu And Perform Several Different Actions?

Jan 19, 2013

Any good source for writing NFC Tags. I am looking for information on writing tags that would have a menu and preform several different actions.

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General :: Custom Bluetooth Headset Button Actions?

Jan 10, 2012

Is there any application or way to customize the actions performed when the headset button is pressed?

I use Tasker for various automated things, but looks like there's nothing there (did I miss something?).

Specifically, this is the button on a bluetooth headset that would normally start the voice dialer -- I'd like it to do something different, perhaps. I know that the button's "command" can be intercepted by some applications, because I know that Vlingo, when installed, becomes an option of an application that would "handle" the bluetooth button press (i.e. when I press it, it pops up a window for "which application do you want to use for this").

Unfortunately, Vlingo just uses this to launch its own voice dialer... If it matters, I'm using the Galaxy Nexus on ICS.

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General :: Voice Actions On Jelly Bean Not Functioning Properly

Jul 9, 2012

I flashed jelly bean onto my galaxy nexus over the past weekend.Playing around with it, I've noticed that voice actions just don't work.Every time I say 'Call Contact', it searches for the phrase instead of performing the action. I've tried other voice actions too like setting alarms, writing emails but nothing works. My phone just performs a web query each time.

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General :: Do Custom Actions When Too Many Pattern Incorrect Unlocking Attempts

May 1, 2011

I'm searching for an app (or hack, or whatever) which allows me to do custom actions when there are too many incorrect unlocking attempts. For example, when 5 incorrect patterns are entered, get the location and send it to a remote web server. In my case, I would like to start Cerberus tracking, but that's not the main point.

Is there an app, or custom lock screen, or any security app that allows me to do this?

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General :: Google Music API - Voice Actions To Launch Songs?

Jul 1, 2012

I was looking at all the nice music apps available with nice UIs and noticed that however good they may be, none allow connectivity to Google Music to access songs from the cloud.

I had read that someone released an unofficial Google Music API, however I haven't seen any apps take advantage of this. Also, not many apps seem to take advantage of Google Voice Actions to launch songs.

Any apps that have taken advantage of the API? What happened to the project?

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General :: Some Click Actions Disappeared After Changed Global Density Value

Jan 21, 2014

I made a home screen just with Zooper and Tasker. Yesterday I changed the density to get everything smaller. Afterwards I changed the density back to original for my Launcher and for Zooper (With AppSettings).

Original Density: 320
Changed to: 270

Now I have the Problem that I can't click many of the created Widgets. I have multiple Text Elemts and Icons which dosnt react when i click them.

Now I tested a bit and found out that if the Text/Icons are much bigger I can click them (i.e. Textsize 40).

So i think i have to change the density for something else, but what? GT-N7100

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General :: Bytecode - Running Script From Global Actions Menu

Mar 3, 2013

This is the code I am using with reboot mod, replacing hotboot "pkill" command.

invoke-static {}, Ljava/lang/Runtime;->getRuntime()Ljava/lang/Runtime;

move-result-object v0
const/4 v3, 0x2
new-array v4, v3, [Ljava/lang/String;
const/4 v5, 0x0

[Code] .....

It seems to be fine, as it doesn't break anything, but the script won't start.

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General :: Android Devices - Getting Message That Says Unauthorized Actions Have Been Detected?

Apr 13, 2014

ok so me and my mom traded phones i had a iphone 5 and her the samsung galaxy s4 active so when i got the phone it worked great had it for about 2-3 weeks then all of a sudden when i try to enable wifi it wont let me it stays green and i keep getting a message that says Unauthorized actions have been detected. Restart your phone to undo any unauthorized changes my device is active 1537 version 4.3 ML2 build

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General :: Adding Voice Actions Via Lock Screen To Galaxy Nexus

Jan 23, 2012

Either by ROM, App, or Rooting/Otherwise, is there a way to make the lock button have multiple functions on my Galaxy Nexus? My goal is to be able to use Voice Actions from a locked phone (like in the car, for example).I noticed some posts on editing hardware buttons, but that was neither for the Galaxy Nexus nor for a lock button.

Ideally, 2 quick clicks would pull up Voice Actions from a locked phone.I guess if I could permanently have Voice Actions in the notifications section, I could drag down from a locked phone and accomplish the same thing. I use slide to unlock, so dragging down on notifications bar is still available.

I have not rooted yet but would do so just for this functionality (I'm now a corporate tool so I try to hack as little as possible these days)...

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General :: Restore System From Unlocked Bootloader System?

Jul 11, 2012

What will the cwm backup?

if I backup a system with locked bootloader,will the bootloader relock after I restore the system from an unlocked bootloader system?

Which content will cwm backup?(include kernel?)

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Android :: Why There Is No Macro Program?

Apr 18, 2010

There seem to be 74 different apps that switch sound profiles or dim the screen and turn stuff on and off. But why is there no consolidated macro program? Not just for profiles, but to control other things as well. Like being able to place a shortcut on your home screen labeled "Go Home", and when it's pressed, it turns on GPS, turn off screen timeout, opens Google Maps Navigation, and sets the destination to whatever your own address is.

Or instead of using the YouTube app by itself, make a shortcut that turns off screen timeout, sets brightness to 100%, maybe turns on wifi,and opens the YouTube app. An app that allows you to write a series of actions, including switching profiles, turning things on and off, opening or closing programs, even changing settings inside a program, like the aforementioned setting a predetermined address as the destination inside Navigation, would be awesome. It would be nice to save a little time by having the same 4 or 5 different actions you do to do the same thing each time all consolidated into a shortcut or something, especially when driving. Is there any program like this, and if not, how come?

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Nexus :: Camera Macro Mode

Jan 9, 2010

Did anyone figure out how to turn it on or is it not included.also how can haptic feedback be incorporated into the whole UI, it seems to be only in the keypad.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Couple Of Macro Shots Taken In Dim Room

Jun 15, 2010

Took these last night in a dim room. The illumination was from the phone's flash. It took a few attempts to get them in focus, but the results are pretty good for a camera on a phone.

Here are direct links for better views 1 2:

Given a choice, I would still prefer my regular shooter, but I am quite satisfied with what the EVO camera can do in a pinch. Video is still a bit disappointing, but again, good for a phone.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Any Way For Macro Video Recording?

Sep 9, 2010

When I take pictures I can do macro right so I can up close, is there a way to video record in macro? Cause when I record and get close to things its too blurry.

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Desire :: How To Enter Date / Time With A Macro On HTC?

Jun 28, 2010

On my Palm Treo 680, I was able to type a keyboard shortcut or macro to put in the current date and time in a string of text.On the Palm, I typed ".dts" and it returned a macro of "@@ds @@ts", which then returned the current date and time, using ShortCut5 in Prefs. Even on the PC, I use "zds" to return a similar date and time stream - this is using "autoworkers" - 28/6/2010 2:21 PM.Is there some sort of keyboard macro or auto text or shortcut method to do this with the HTC Desire ?(I will probably be asking a lot of "on the Palm Treo 680 I could, how do I on HTC Desire" questions, as I migrate to my new device. Please bear with me)

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HTC EVO 4G :: Anyone Buying Magnetic Macro Lens For Handset?

Jun 9, 2010

Review: Magnetic macro lens for HTC EVO 4G

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HTC EVO 4G :: Some Macro / Wide Angle Lens Shots

Jun 23, 2010

I just got the Macro/Wide Angle lens I ordered online for my Evo last night, so here are some shots from today.

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HTC Incredible :: Macro Mode To Focus Anything Closer?

Jul 19, 2010

I can't seem to focus on anything closer than 4 inches, even if there's nothing behind it. Touch-focus isn't helping either. Is there a macro mode?

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Android :: Macro Application That Will Start At Certain Time?

Oct 1, 2010

I am searching for a macro for Android. For example, some application will start at certain time, then click (or touch) the menu itself as I've previously saved in the macro. Similar app for Windows Mobile is "Vito Buttonmapper" I think. Does the application "Tasker" do the same thing that I described? Or is there any other application?

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