General :: All Xperia Walkman Ported Don't Work In Device

Apr 13, 2013

I tested ACID Sound Mod v7, Xperia Z or V Walkman and another walkam port in my device but All of them dont work on my Device and all another player no longer play any song .

My device : Motorola Razr Maxx AOKP 4.2.2

in topics was told that tested on AOKP and work but dont work for me.

now I Want to know that any app in my device cause this ?

General :: All Xperia Walkman Ported Don't Work in Device

General :: Ported ROM And Now Mic And Sound In Call Doesn't Work

Nov 22, 2012

I ported paranoid android from the desire HD to the thunderbolt and almost everything works fine except for the mic and speaker during calls. I have tried everything I can think of with my limited knowledge and was putting this here to see if some more seasoned devs may provide some insight. I'm hoping like hell this isn't kernel related but I seriously doubt it is. Data works fine and so does mms/SMS. I did have to port the ril from our limited ics roms we have to get data.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Need Walkman App

Jun 24, 2010

I think I read that that there will be a Walkman app available to download to the SE non-walkman phones. Is this right and if so when is it available to download?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Way To Get Walkman App For Phone?

Aug 19, 2010

I found the music player on my x10 mini a bit dull, so if there is an app could someone let me know.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Need Walkman Player In Phone / How To Install Songbird?

Aug 12, 2010

1. Why isn't there a Walkman player in X10i? It's supposed to be a Walkman-Cybershot combo, no? 2. Can anyone tell me if Songbird can be installed and used on the X10i?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Trying To Get AC-SWM To Work / Won't Recognize Device

Sep 18, 2010

I've been trying to get AC-SWM to work with the Xperia x10 (ATT) but for some reason it won't recognize the device. I've got it mounted and in debugging mode. Is there anyone who has had a successful attempt at doing this?

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General :: Sony (Honami) Camera App Ported To Sony Xperia Z / ZL And Tablet Z

Jul 2, 2013

Sony "Honami" camera app has been ported to Sony Xperia Z, ZL, and Tablet Z any chance that we can get this for all 4.2.2 devices?

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General :: How To Root Sony Walkman Z With 4.0.4

Apr 12, 2013

With gingerbread the player has root/can get root, but with android 4.0.4 (the newest update for the walkman) there is no root. How i can get root on the device?

With gingerbread + S.onyTablet.S v5.3 [ALLinONE] i can get root (because tablet s/walkman z = same rom, i assume), but with ice cream sandwich 4.0.4 the tool is not working/can't get root. The DooMLoRD's Easy Rooting Toolkit and Bin4ry-toolkit is also not working.

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General :: SE W8 Walkman Phone Rooting?

Nov 13, 2012

I was trying to root my android phone(Eclair version-SE W8 walkman phone) and followed the following steps:

I stuck at STEP 5 in the second thread (above)

when i trying open root explorer i got this message

"restart app"

"Root explorer has not yet managed to obtain root accsess because of issuses with superuser,this often happensthe first time the app is run but usually fine from the on Click ok and restart the app to try again make sure you respoding superuser promt"

i have superuser app on my phone which means it is rooted....But when i open has No apps in the list and there is no log information also...My phone is working fine as of now..

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General :: CM9 Walkman Button Minimize Function

Jan 21, 2013

I am Using Sony Wt19i flashed with CynogenMod 9.

I have noticed that i could start a music app in cm9 using the walkman key, but was not able to minimize it.

I want to know if it is possible to minimize the app using the walkman key on my phone as in the Stock ROM.

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General :: How To Flash MIUI ROM On SE Live With Walkman

Jul 10, 2012

Flashing MIUI ROM on my SE Live With Walkman. I have Cyanogenmod 7 installed curently on my phone! But now i want to try MIUI!

I need the downloadable links and guide. And I dont want the ICS version, I want GB.

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General :: How To Root Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman

Mar 11, 2012

how to root sonyericsson live with walkman?

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General :: Walkman Stops Playing When Cleared From Recent Apps

Apr 6, 2014

i'm using a xperia l. I use walkman for music(best looking and best sound), but since the last firmware update(new walkman version),music stops playing whenever I swipe away the walkman from recent apps! Is there any way to prevent it... maybe prevent walkman from showing in recent apps or any other method....

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General :: Can Update Rooted Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman (WT19i) To .62 By OTA

Feb 25, 2013

Can i update my rooted Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman (WT19i) To .62 by OTA.

More: My phone doesn't have other mods like CWM and other, its just rooted

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General :: How To Install CWM Recovery On Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman (LwW / WT19i)

Oct 20, 2012

I am not able to boot my phone into recovery, nor i am able to install clockworkmod recovery on my device. I have recently rooted my device by using the instructions by - nabeel (on the sony ericsson forum).

I am currently on android 4.0.4 build number--4.1.B.0.587 bootloader--unlocked kernel version-- builduser@buildhost # 1

Is it even possible to install cwm recovery on my phone? If not then how am i supposed to install a custom ROM?

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General :: Note 2 - TV App Won't Work On Rooted Device

Feb 11, 2014

There is a TV channel which have just released an android app to watch shows.


The sad thing is an error pops up when I try to stream videos saying it won't work on a rooted device(which my Note 2 is). I tried following the guide for HBO nordic [URL] but I couldn't find the function that would be similar to checkRoot() . how to find it?

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General :: Sony Walkman Z Series NWZ-Z1050 / Clean Flash System Files?

May 13, 2014

Sony Walkman Z series NWZ-Z1060 (Z1000, Z1050, Z1060, Z1070) want to flash my firmware seems after I used a update my player keeps turning itself off with a full battery charged, works plugged in so was wanting to see if a clean install will fix this problem. Was on android 4.0.4 sony update i installed the latest 2.3 update and is not working properly.

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General :: Physical Remote Control To Work With Android Device

Nov 11, 2012

how to setup a infrared remote control to use with android instead of keyboard or mouse.I thought in lirc but the several ports that I found for android are working to send infrared signals, not to receive them.I was wondering if there is some project or program to allow infrared remote controller manage the android device.

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General :: Flashed Wrong ROM Now Device Doesn't Work Anymore

Feb 17, 2013

I flashed wrong ROM with my device with odin, and my device doesn't work any more.

It looks like a real brick. It just stay in black screen. No vibration, No sound and No animation!! What can I do for my device?

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General :: POV Protab 25 - Device Become Very Slow And Auto Rotate Won't Work?

Sep 8, 2012

today i bought Point of View ProTab 25 Tablet. last night i read this thread "[ROM] Point Of View Protab 25 with root" and today i brought it home and every thing were working just fine. so i decided to root it by following the steps in the previous thread, so i flash it with the uploaded firmware, and after it finished, the device become very slow and the "auto rotate" didn't work.. so i flash it back with a firmware that i installed from: Point of View official website and now camera stop working..

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General :: New ROM - HDMI Never Seems To Be Ported

May 27, 2012

Why is it that when a new rom is ported/made usually HDMI never seems to be ported. they always write not working or just write dont ask.

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General :: How To Fix Bluetooth In Ported Rom

Nov 29, 2012

The rom ported from desire c (bt 4.0)And ported to htc explorer(bt 3.0)

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General :: PC Games Ported To Android?

Feb 25, 2012

I have an HP Touchpad and a Galaxy Nexus, both devices with ICS and good quality screens - but I am looking for games and stuff I can play on them.

I am looking for high quality games, that has both good content and good graphics.

I have games such as Anomaly HD, World Of Goo, Edge, Dungeon Defenders, Osmos HD, Backstab HD. I also heard that portal, counter strike and GTA 3 was ported.

Is there any other good ports? Or high quality games.

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General :: Why Can't HTC Sense Launcher Be Ported

Apr 9, 2013

I've always wondered, why hasn't the HTC sense Launcher (Rosie) ever been ported to other devices, from other companies, without means of a ROM port? After all, a vast majority of other launchers have been ported - Touchwiz, Xperia eDream, LG UI, Pantech UI... The list goes on really.

So why no love for Sense? I've never heard of any version of Sense ever being ported. Is the underlying framework stuff too complicated or something?

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General :: Get CDMA Service On Ported GSM ROM?

Jan 22, 2013

I've been trying to port a rom ovef to my cdma Xperia play from a gsm Xperia play I cannot find what files need replaced to get service for my cdma port attempt I've swapped out my baseband files the rild file I've switched out the (here's the weird part) baseband files and both framework-res.apk and framework. Jar I get the full working service but I have to litereally tear apart the port rom and basically make it a stock rom so its not really a port rom if I have nothing from the port rom. I'm confused and cant seem to get service or any answer on the files needed to swap I knobthe build.prop is built correctly

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General :: How To Test Cooked / Ported ROM

Mar 3, 2012

i am looking to step into the developing ROMs for android

Developing as in porting it to my device from other devices or modifying stock ROMs

after doing all porting or modding stuff in Android Kitchen

How to check whether the ROM is perfectly working or not

i dont want to use it on my cell and brick my cell , want to confirm its working before flashing

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General :: Ported ROM But Settings Not Working

Nov 26, 2013

I ported a rom sucessfully with the only downside that settings doesnt work as I get Unfortunately, Settings Has Stopped.

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General :: Ported CWM Not Working Correctly?

Feb 19, 2013

I have been trying to port cwm5 to my low-end samsung phone.

After a few days of effort, I managed to compile a half-working cwm:Can be flashed by odin1.85
Boots successfully

All keys work, including volume up/down and power

Adb works, I can now mount /system and root my device

Something wrong with display, screen blurred and messed when boot into cwm

Partitions not correctly auto-mounted,

adb shell mount -a
said: [code]....

3. Can't reboot to android system

I guess it has something to do with MSC partition not mounted, but not sure.

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General :: Porting ROM From One Device - HTC To Another Xperia?

Jun 3, 2012

Its just something Ive wondered for a while since Android has a lot of similarities across different devices

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General :: SE Xperia Pro - Finding Device ID

Apr 11, 2013

Device i use: SE Xperia pro ; gingerbread 2.3 ; nonrooted

The code to know the device id (*#*#8255#*#*)is not showing jid or the details that are required for apk downloader.
I have searched most of the places but couldn't find a solution, the problem is that the GTalk service monitor screen shows 'aid' and a couple of other texts but no device id or the registered email is shown.

In the past the code has worked for me but this time only developers know whats happening. I am very eagerly waiting to download new apps from the store but this hurdle has got me for now.

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