Games :: Flick Defense Difficulty Balancing

Jul 28, 2010

Balancing our newest game, Flick Defense. Many people have been giving us mixed reports on the difficulty, specifically the arrow angles. We would love to get some feedback! The Demo version is free to download!

Games :: Flick Defense difficulty balancing

Games :: Retro Defense - Android Games

Sep 19, 2009

Retro Defense is a tower defense game with a killer retro theme. Read full the article: Retro Defense Just review this game | Android Phone

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Games :: Need Best Tower Defense Games For Android

Nov 14, 2010

I've tried them all, and for me the best is the newcomer Armored Defense. Has never seen things like huge maps with zoom, the towers on rail, the realism of the towers and tanks ... And the game is very addictive and rewarding. One of the best games for Android.

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Games :: Way To Get Tower Defense On Android?

Jun 9, 2010

Now before everyone recommends robo defense, I already have it and use it alot it has got to be my best app. However my all time favorite tower defense game has to be Warzone Tower defense. Warzone Tower Defense if you like robo defense have a go at it, its just as addictive Has anyone seen this on the app market or would it be able to be implemented into a game for the android? Anyones thoughts on the game or having it on android?

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Games :: What Object Is Towers In Robo Defense?

Oct 30, 2010

What is a tower in Robo defense, I try to play "finish a map utan upgrading eventuelle towers" but doing something wrong.

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Games :: Dead End - Zombie Defense Shooter

Jul 21, 2010

Infectious Entertainment just released it's first Android game, Dead End.

Zombies have killed your family, eaten your neighbors and destroyed your city. Blinded by rage and seeking revenge, you go to the one place you know you'll be able to find the undead......the graveyard. Armed with only a pistol and several grenades, you quickly get yourself lost. Now you must fight your way out of the graveyard or risk meeting the same fate as everyone else.

Dead End is a top-down defense shooter. Defend your position against the oncoming hordes of undead.

The full game is $2.99 and features:
- 20 Different Levels
- 20+ Upgradable Weapons and Grenades
- 9 Zombie Types
- 90 Achievements and 20 Rewards
- Endless Mode
- No Ads

There's also a lite version with 3 levels to try out.

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Games :: Zombie Defense / Blood / Fire / Shotguns

Oct 10, 2010

Here's a survival-tower defense type game called Zombie Defense. It's in the Android Market for 99 cents Gameplay video:

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Android :: Checkbook Balancing App That Can Be Linked Between 2 Phones?

Aug 31, 2010

I was wondering if there are any checkbook apps out there that can be linked between 2 phones? I just need to be able to balance a single account and would like to have the same numbers and entries on both my wife's and my phone. Anything like that?

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Android :: Handcent - Stop The Flick

Dec 7, 2009

I can flick the history of messages but I seem unable to stop the scrolling once it starts and end up just waiting for it to come to a stop. Is there no way to just point and have it stop instantly? I thought this was working so did I inadvertently turn something off?

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Android :: Flick-scrolling Contacts Widget

Jan 10, 2010

I'm new to Android, and have the Nexus One. Before getting it, I was planning on getting the Nokia X6, which has a very cool widget that shows pics of your contacts in a row on your home screen, and allows you to scroll through them.

I assumed there would be a widget like this for Android, but can't find one. All I've found are ways to put a single contact as a shortcut on the desktop, or a few contacts together. I really want it to be compact and scrolling though. Any ideas?

Here's a pic of the X6-- you can see the scrolling contacts widget at the top.

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HTC Incredible :: Slow To Load / View / Flick Gallery

Sep 15, 2010

Got the OTA like everyone else and everything works great. The ONLY thing I have realized is that my photo Gallery (the stock one) is running SOOO slow. I used to be able to flick through the photos without ever coming upon a grey square (with no pic). Now, after a strong flick, I get nothing but grey squares. They eventually load into pictures, but it takes about 3 - 4 seconds before they load. Any ideas? Could it be there are too many pics in the phone / card or is this as a result of the update?

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Android :: Tab Pages Switch When User Flick Left - Right

Nov 2, 2009

When User flick left/right (at tab page area), Tab page will switch to next tab page. I want to disable this feature in my case. But I searched the source code of TabHost, TabWidget, ViewGroup, View.... I haven't figured out which part of code respond this feature...

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Android :: Difficulty Resuming SurfaceView

Apr 24, 2009

I am stuck.My main activity creates and starts a SurfaceView.My app needs to access a listview via the options menu to change properties of the items shown in the view.Two strange things occur:

1.) When I scroll the listview quickly, the list sometimes gets farklempt.Words overlap each other.

2.) When I select the item and the app returns to the main activity, the thread is no longer alive.

If someone out there can offer help I will post the code.This will take a little effort.My code is loosely based upon LunarLander and the GLSurfaceView examples.If there is a good example (more recent example) someone can point me to, that would be boss.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Anyone Else Having Difficulty With Certain Keys

Oct 14, 2009

For some reason my hero has some difficulty with certain areas of the screen when pressing on those areas in keyboard mode. When in vertical keyboard mode the l, p and backspace keys take multiple presses to get the letter to enter. I do not know if this is something to do with the capacitative touch screen or is perhaps a defect in the device. Has anyone else had this issue?

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HTC Incredible :: Rooted - Difficulty Flashing Radio

Aug 20, 2010

Question, obviously asked in several previous threads, but I'm unable to resolve the next issue at hand with that data. When I power on, and hit hboot, I'm still seeing S-On, yet if I log into abb shell, su, I get "#", as well as now having the icon for "Superuser Permissions". Used both unrEVOked3 and forever in this process.

I've attempted to install the radio update "" via root of SD card. I'm able to see / install it, yet baseband is still showing I have W7, and have the option to "Hide extensions for known file types" off (Can't stand not seeing exactly what files are what). What am I missing? I've seen that others have had to do the "*22899 then *228 option 2", yet If it doesn't show it as being a valid install, I'm hesitant to try and reinstall it.

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Samsung Moment :: Scroll To Bottom Of Page With Single Flick Of Finger?

Dec 22, 2009

Sometimes when scrolling down on a page (using my finger to scroll) the page will scroll all the way to the bottom of the page with a single flick of the finger. Am I unintentionally doing a specific gesture with my finger that causes this to happen? Or is this just a bug at this point?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Swype / Difficulty In Loop On A Letter?

Jun 18, 2010

I upgraded to the new beta of swype and since then have found one minor issue. when i try to loop on a letter to do a double letter like the t in the word letter, i have difficulty doing so. I have to make a very large loop that only crosses over the letter, rather than looping on top of it like i used to be able to do. i'm not sure if this is just something to do with a setting that got changed or if it is a bigger issue.

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Motorola Droid :: Use GV Exclusively - Difficulty Integrating SMS - Incoming Calls

Dec 9, 2009

Like to utilize my new GV number, but the difficulty integrating SMS and incoming calls with the built-in contacts program has me reluctant.

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Android :: Difficulty Of Making Low Latency Audio Apps In Phone?

Apr 12, 2010

Despite everything I have read about the difficulty of making low latency audio apps in Android, I am giving it a shot. To start, I loaded each note in an octave into a SoundPool, and then looped through each note that was to be played on that beat and called play(). This didn't even come close to being accurate enough for me, and got especially bad if a lot of notes were being played at once.

From what I read, the only way to do something like this is to mix the audio yourself, though I am not entirely sure how to go about this. My initial thought is that for each beat, I could precompute the sound the sound that is to be played (i.e., combine the wav's), and then pass that stream to an AudioTrack when it is time to be played.

Are there any good examples out there for how to mix audio like this, or libraries I could use to do this for me? How have coders of other music apps dealt with this?

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Android :: Difficulty Displaying Alert Dialog - Why Does This Code Force Close App?

Jul 18, 2010

I'm very new to Android so I've been working primarily with information from the android developer's page. Everything was going great until I added the code from the alert dialog section. The code they give alone gives me an error when I try to run it on the last line, saying I must initialize dialog, but I feel like I'm getting the NullPointerException no matter what the case is.If I don't instantiate "dialog" to "null" at the beginning, I cannot run the program. I'm not even trying to do anything crazy yet, any help would be great because I'm having alot of trouble trying to figure out what exactly this code is trying to do.

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HTC Incredible :: Need Mobile Defense

Jun 16, 2010

I used to have mobile defense on my eris, I can't find it in the market anywhere? anybody know why?

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Android :: How To Get Mobile Defense In Market?

Nov 12, 2009

I saw a review for an app called mobile defense which uses gps to locate your lost phone but I can't find it in the market...

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Android :: Robo Defense Error / Way To Fix?

Nov 3, 2009

On my htc hero, this error message randomly appeared whenever I try to save a game, or access the options.Save State: Could not open fileQuick Save Failed Anyone know a fix? Or can I re-install this without having to pay for it again?

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Android :: Wave Secure Vs Mobile Defense?

Dec 22, 2009

I was wondering what people thought about each one or which one is better and accurate? I currently have the sprint HTC Hero and running Mobile defense (MD) but not sure if i want to try Wave secure or stay with mobile defense.

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Android :: Mobile Defense Not Found In Market?

Oct 16, 2009

Is there a reason I can't find Mobile Defense in the market? Is there a direct download out there?

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Android :: App Better Than Lookout / Wave Secure / Mobile Defense?

Aug 25, 2010

Iv had lookout for a while now but it makes my phone very slow (moto cliq) i thought i found a better app called wave secure finds my location and can erase restore info too if stolen but its a 20 dollar monthly subscription. so i thought hmm maybe mobile defense is better but found out its in closed beta damnn so close. soo any other app i missed that can find my location,back up erase and restore my data from my phone or pc if stolen,lock down my phone, and sim card tracking would be a plus too but doesn't matter.

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HTC Incredible :: Mobile Defense Stopping Phone From Sleeping / Need App

May 27, 2010

Is this an app that will stop phone from sleeping ?

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Motorola Droid :: Phone Overheats When Playing Robo Defense / Fix It?

Jun 1, 2010

I have a droid running BB 1.1 with Bekit's 1ghz kernel and Set CPU.

The problem I am having is that when I play Robo Defense my CPU Temp goes over 50 degrees Celsius and goes to my failsafe speed of 600 MHZ. Is this normal or is my failsafe temp just too conservative? Should I just clock it down a little for gaming? That would seem kinda counter-productive, to clock down for the most demanding thing I do but I guess it might be worth it VS overheating.

Also, which should I worry about more, the CPU or battery temp? I've seen posts saying that the battery actually has a much lower safe temp range, but I'm a little worried about the keyboard soaking heat from the CPU and coming unglued. I saw a picture of that and I'm not sure if overclocking was the cause but it seems possible, my keyboard is HOT when the CPU hits 50c

Sorry if this has been asked a lot before, I did try a search but didn't come up with anything regarding overheats during games.

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Android :: Mobile Defense Tracking - Protect Your Phone From Theft And Loss

Jan 25, 2010

Mobile Defense Real-Time Tracking for Android Phones

Looking for that added security to protect your Android phone investment? This is the app you have been looking for and a must have for Android phone users. Mobile Defense hides itself once you install the app and activate it via SMS confirmation. There are no screenshots of the actual application except for the install screen above. Below is a screenshot of the tracking dashboard which uses Google Maps. I tried it and it tracked my phone right down to my exact address. Imagine having your phone stolen and showing up at the thief door? I would rather notify the local authorities and let them do the recovery work.

If your phone gets stolen all you have to do is log into the Mobile Defense website. The GPS on your phone lets you track its location. You can also send a message and loud audible tone(like a loud car alarm) to the phone. It works even if the ringer volume is off. The same process also works if you lose your phone. I know several friends that could use something like this. The beauty of Android is there an app out there for almost anything and more added every day.

This is a must have for all you new Android Phone users and those who haven not found this free jewel. Do you have Mobile Defense installed? Have you used it to find or retrieve your Android phone? If so please feel free to comment below. You can download this app direct to your android phone. Just scan the QR code below with Barcode Scanner application from Android Market:
Read other Android App Reviews at

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Android :: Scrollable Area Like In Robo Defense Game (both Horizontal And Vertical)

Aug 13, 2009

I'm trying to implement something very similar in my application, but looks like it's impossible to do this with standard components. I read several topics about such scrolling feature in the group, but all the topics ends with suggestion to write your own scroll view. I wonder did somebody implement such scroll view already? Or can somebody provide a brief how-to on this particular feature. I think any information on this would be very appreciated by many members of the group.

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