Android :: Use Recycled Bitmap - Error?

Jun 13, 2010

I am running into a problem with bitmaps on an Android application I am working on. What is suppose to happen is that the application downloads images from a website, saves them to the device, loads them into memory as bitmaps into an arraylist, and displays them to the user. This all works fine when the application is first started. However, I have added a refresh option for the user where the images are deleted, and the process outlined above starts all over.

My problem: By using the refresh option the old images were still in memory and I would quickly get OutOfMemoryErrors. Thus, if the images are being refreshed, I had it run through the arraylist and recycle the old images. However, when the application goes to load the new images into the arraylist, it crashes with a "Trying to use recycled bitmap" error.

As far as I understand it, recycling a bitmap destroys the bitmap and frees up its memory for other objects. If I want to use the bitmap again, it has to be reinitialized. I believe that I am doing this when the new files are loaded into the arraylist, but something is still wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated as this is very frustrating.

The problem code is below.


Android :: use recycled bitmap - error?

Android :: RuntimeException: Canvas: Trying To Use A Recycled Bitmap ..

Aug 22, 2009

I am getting the following logs when i am changing the wallpaper for Homescreen. Even i am recycling the bitmap is done when the wallpaper changes in OnWallpaperChanged(). Still i m getting the bellow error.


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Android :: Store.Images.Media.get Bitmap Returns Error

Aug 31, 2010

ContentResolver cr = getContentResolver(); Uri pic = Uri.parse("content://media/external/images/media/3");
Bitmap bm = Media.getBitmap(cr,pic); The above code is written in onCreate method of my Activity class. It throws the following error:
08-30 12:27:22.352: WARN/System.err(245): No content provider: [content://media/external/images/media/3]
What could be wrong? The file in question is there because I launched Intent(Intent.ACTION_PICK, android.provider.MediaStore.Images.Media.INTERNAL_CONTENT_URI) in another method and got back the Uri of the picked image from the returned intent.

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Android : Error Inflating Class - Bitmap Size Exceeds VM Budget

Nov 3, 2010

Posted my problem here too HERE: A beginner..Im doing a school map app.

First of all I have background with 4 buttons ( level3, level4, level5, level6) I try and click all the buttons, normally after clicking 3 of it, the next one will crash.(each level button goes into a level map, whereby clicking the room image buttons, I will enter into the gallery-imageswitcher)

I have at least 5 imageswitchers in each level maps,so that about over 20 imageswitcher galleries overall.

I did all my stuffs using DRAWABLES instead of BITMAPS.. I have tons and tons of images (because its a school map, show all the photos in my school, and all those backgrounds and imagebuttons)

I did some research, and those who have problems are those using bitmap. Some of the ways that can be solved is system.gc();, and bitmap.recycle...(not so sure how to use it though)

In my main background - Code...

PS: I have tons of images in the app; I have at least 5 imageswitcher gallerys in each level, so that kinda adds up to over 20 imageswitchers in my app.

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Android : Java.lang.out Of Memory Error - Bitmap Size Exceeds VM Budget

Aug 19, 2010

In my application am displaying a list of names and respective pictures ? I am picking picture from gallery through Durable.getFromPath(). ? am displaying list , some i encountered with out of memory error ? please help me to sort out this error?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Gallery Application - Recycled Folder?

Jul 2, 2010

How can I delete this folder and why is it displaying in my HTC Gallery? Im a new Android user, made the switch from an iphone 3g and I am NOT looking back!

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Android :: Android Out Of Memory Error / Bitmap Size Exceeds VM Budget

Jul 24, 2010

I am facing a problem of Out Of Memory Error that is bitmap size exceeds vm budget while changing the orientation of the Droid mobile (but not in any of other mobiles like Android normal and Android small).I am displaying 10 images in grid view, each one size is less than 20kb. If i insert 6 images then it doesn't arise that error.

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Android : Crop Bitmap Without Reading Entire Bitmap / Cannot Read Image Into Memory

Jul 21, 2010

I have a very large image and I only want to display a section the size of the display (no scaling), and the section should just be the center of the image. Because the image is very large I cannot read the entire image into memory and then crop it. This is what I have so far but it will give OutOfMemory for large images. Also I don't think inSampleSize applies because I want to crop the image, not lower the resolution.

Uri data = getIntent().getData();
Input Stream is = getContentResolver().openInputStream(data);
Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeStream(is, null, null);

Any help would be great?

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Android :: Create Mutable Bitmap From Camera - Draw Another Bitmap On Top - And Save It

Apr 2, 2009

I am 1) taking a picture and 2) then draw another Bitmap on top of it 3) then I store it

I am doing it as follows and it works on the emulator.

On the device I get a OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget Method) in the line copy the Bitmap to get a mutable Bitmap.


What I am asking:

a) Is there a better way to do what I am doing? 1) take a picture 2) draw another Bitmap on top of it 3) then I store it

b) What is the best way to create a mutable Bitmap from the picture I just took with the camera?

In my app, resolution is not an issue. If it works better for small photos that would be fine.

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Android :: Overlay Bitmap - Draw Over A Bitmap

Oct 8, 2009

I have two questions actually:

Is it better to draw an image on a bitmap or create a bitmap as resource and then draw it over a bitmap? Performance wise... which one is better?

If I want to draw something transparent over a bitmap, how would I go about doing it?

If I want to overlay one transparent bitmap over another, how would I do it?

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Android :: Draw A Bitmap Rotated Onto Another Bitmap

Mar 22, 2009

My goal is the draw a bitmap onto another bitmap but rotated 90 degress. whats the most efficient way to do that. My current method is as follows which is horribly bad because it creates a new bitmap every time.


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Android :: Draw Shape Or Bitmap Into Another Bitmap - Java - Android

Jun 22, 2010

I want to draw a shape(many circles particularly) into a Specific Bitmap. I have never used canvas / 2D graphs etc. As i see it i create a Drawable put the bitmap in it then "canvas-it" to the shapes i want etc.

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Android :: Appbrain 500 - Error Server Error The Server Encountered An Error And Could Not Complete Your Request

May 5, 2010

Using appbrain on my PC seems to work fine when I'm not logged in. When I do log in and try to click on an app I get this error message:

"Error: Server Error The server encountered an error and could not complete your request. If the problem persists, please report your problem and mention this error message and the query that caused it."

Anyone else have this issue when using Appbrain on their pc?

Well, It looks like I solved the problem. I just deleted my account and created it again and it's fixed (for now).

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Android :: Phantom Error - Error Parsing XML - Unbound Prefix

May 26, 2010

The error "error parsing XML: unbound prefix" shows up on my main layout: main.xml when I first open Eclipse. To make the error go away, all I have to do is make a modification to the file, then undo it, then hit save (have to make a change in order to be able to save file and thus trigger the new syntax check).

My environment is:

Fedora Eclipse Platform
Version: 3.4.2
Based on build id: 20090211-1700

My target is Android API level 5.

The first time I saw the error I spent a long time trying to track down "the problem" but later realized there isn't really a problem, it's just a phantom error.


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Android :: Draw On Bitmap

Nov 11, 2010

I'm trying to figure out how to draw on a bitmap in android, and keep a copy of these changed bitmaps for an undo function.

Bitmap b = ...
Paint p = new Paint();
canvas.drawBitmap(b, new Matrix(), null);
//does Bitmap b have the circle drawn on it next time?

Or how do I get the bitmap after its been drawn on with the canvas(I want to preserve a stack of bitmaps with the changes applied by canvas drawing)? Maybe I'm going about this entirely wrong.

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Android :: Trying To Grayscale Bitmap?

Apr 20, 2009

I am trying to grayscale bitmap as follows, But it is crashing as soon as I run this method.

The problem is in last line. How can I assign "int" to "Color"? Or are there any better ways?


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Android :: Getting Bitmap From TextView

Jun 13, 2010

I want to get the bitmap that is drawn when a textview is displayed but without displaying the textview in the activity. something like this:

TextView t = new TextView(this);
Bitmap b=t.getViewBitmap();

how is this possible?

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Android : How To Put Bitmap On Top Of A Button?

Apr 21, 2009

Does anybody knows how can I put a Bitmap on top of a button, but without taking the whole surface?

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Android : Best Way To Resize Bitmap

Sep 10, 2009

I want to resize a bitmap and write to a file. what's the best way to do that?

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Android : How To Merge Two Bitmap Into One

Mar 15, 2010

I have two different bitmap. Can I merge these two bitmap into one?

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Android :: Eclipse Shows Error But No Error Found

May 21, 2010

Eclipse is showing an error (little red "x" next to my project name), but there is no error shown in any files meaning there is no corresponding "x" next to any file...nothing. When I try to run it, it says, "Your project contains error(s), please fix them before running your application."You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Android Developers" group.

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Android :: YUV Decode Function Error Or Hardware Error?

Oct 27, 2010

I get the YUV to RGB function 1&2 (from stack overflow)but the result is wrong like this /device.jpg I dont understand what's wrong in the step my device is Moto Milestone with 2.1 update 1 function 1 public int[] decodeYUV420SP( byte[] yuv420sp, int width, int height) function 2 int[] rgbBuf = new int[height width];decodeYUV(rgbBuf,_height ,.width);than convert to Bitmap and show on Bitmap bm = Bitmap.createBitmap (rgbBuf,width, height) ;View01.setImageBitmap(bm);

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Android :: Passing Bitmap To Another Activity

Jun 7, 2010

I have a Bitmap image and i want to forward the bitmap to another activity. I have two activities Activity A and Activity B. This is how I started the Activity B
startActivityForResult(new Intent(Activity A.this, Activity B.class), 120);
in activity B
private void forwardImage(Bitmap bit) {
Intent i = new Intent(MMS.this, Compose.class);
i.putExtra("MMS", bit);
setResult(RESULT_OK, i);
finish(); }

This is not forwarding to Activity A but if I put a String to the intent it'll forward. This is how I listen to result in Activity A

protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
// super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data);
switch (resultCode)
case RESULT_OK: Intent intent = getIntent();
Bitmap bitmap = (Bitmap) intent.getParcelableExtra("MMS");
default: break;
} }

How can I pass a bitmap.

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Android :: Write Comment On Bitmap

Nov 22, 2010

I have a bitmap displayed on ImageView now i want to give a facility to write comment typed by the user on that bitmap.i tried using Canvas canvas = new Canvas(srcBitmap); canvas.drawText("Hello", 100,100,null);but this is giving me following error java.lang.IllegalStateException: Immutable bitmap passed to Canvas constructor later on i want to save this whole image a bitmap.

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Android :: Replace Any Colour In Bitmap Possible?

Oct 28, 2010

Is there an easy way to replace a colour in a bitmap?

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Android :: Converting Bitmap To Grayscale

May 20, 2009

I would like to convert a Bitmap to a grayscale array of bytes (one byte per pixel). At the same time I want to just crop at section from the middle. Having looked though the various api's it is not clear to me what the best way would be.

1) What is ALPHA_8? is that grayscale? I have a feeling that the grayscale effect should be done via some "saturation" on the paint object, right?

2) once I have the Bitmap in grayscale and the right size, what is the best way to get that to a byte[] of pixels (one byte per pixel)?

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Android :: Converting Bitmap To ASCII

Sep 17, 2010

I have a picture taken using the phone's camera and in bitmap format. I want to send it over HTTP usinf Http post in ASCII.Any idea how to do it?

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Android :: Why Bitmap Is Placed On An An Imageview Incorrectly?

Nov 24, 2010

this problem has been bothering me for days and I cannot figure out why on earth it is happening. I have a method that detects for a face, if a face is detected, the method will draw a rectangle on a canvas along the face.That part works fine.The problem is, when it displays to the image_view in my xml file, it will display on the far left middle of the image view, in a box, rather than in the center with the width as fill_parent.I thought of a possible workaround : to set the bitmap as a bitmapdrawable, but canvas only draws to bitmaps, so I can get the bitmapdrawable in the middle, but with no red box around it.I commented out my testing of bitmap drawable, and left it as what I have only displays to my xml in the far left of the image_view.

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Android :: RuntimeException On Widget That Has A Bitmap

Aug 23, 2010

my app has widgets that have an ImageView and a TextView. On the onUpdate() method of the WidgetProvider, I put a Bitmap inside the ImageView this way:


setColor() method is this:


The problem is that sometimes the widget throws a RuntimeException because somebody has recycled the Bitmap, and I don't know what to do.

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Android :: Batch Getting Many Bitmap Resources?

Jan 24, 2010

I have a long series of graphics -- icon1_0.png, icon1_1.png, icon1_2.png..., icon12_0.png, icon12_1.png, icon12_2.png -- and I'd like to package them with my android application. Ideally I think I should be able to load them as resources but the resource id's are set up as java identifiers. Of course, java identifiers can't be assembled at runtime. I have to ask for R.drawable.icon12_00 so I cannot set up a loop

for(int icon=0;icon<12;icon++)
for(int frame=0;frame<3;frame++)
//syntax error obviously
BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable."icon" + icon + "_" + frame + ".png");

So is there any way to get resources by their names? Better yet, is there a canonical way outside the resource system to pack data files into an android application package so that I can get at them? I'm thinking about reflection but that doesn't seem like the right solution to me.

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