Android :: Upgrading Apk File In Market

Apr 28, 2010

I sell the application into android market with the version 1. i upgrade the application with version that version 2 i found one bug after i resolved that bug is it possible to upgrade application ith version2.

Android :: upgrading apk file in market

HTC Desire :: Android Market Not Found After Upgrading To 2.2

Oct 12, 2010

I bought a new HTC desire last week with Android 2.1 version, after upgrading to android 2.2 version there is no "Android Market" available in my phone.

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Android :: Users Have Trouble Upgrading My App In Market

Oct 12, 2009

I've had more than one user say they have trouble when they "upgrade" new versions of my app in Android Market. One woman says it takes her several "days" to successfully do it (I presume that means multiple attempts spread out over time).Can this be on my end? I upgrade my database on each rev - basically I retreive the user data and stick it in the new database that ships with my app. But I think the complaint is about something different. Has anyone else received comments about anything similar? I am concerned people uninstall my app just because of this issue,

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HTC Desire : Upgrading Market Apps After Root

Nov 23, 2010

Recently rooted, and Market says there is updates, but it can't update them. The apps were included as part of leedroid 2.2f. I've read that I can use Titanium to uninstall the app (e.g. maps) then install again from the market. Is this correct, don't want to upset anything.

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Android :: Upgrading Apps Causing Market Ranking Drop Due To Uninstall And Prompt Reinstall Not Getting Logged

Dec 22, 2009

Has anyone else experienced an issue I've complained numerous times about yet can't get resolution: When users upgrade our My Coupons app, apparently there is a service left unclosed. Fine. The issue being, the old service code interferes with the new code and users uninstall then reinstall immediately in attempt to resolve. Google registers the uninstalls, but not the reinstalls.

I repeat, the market registers the uninstalls, but prompt reinstallations DO NOT get registered!

I can verify this occurs as each time the app is first run it notifies our servers, and we've got record of each install. This record vastly differs from the statistics google is reporting. These records are verifiably unique users.

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Samsung Fascinate : Upgrading From Droid - Does Market Populate All Apps?

Sep 9, 2010

For those of you who have now gotten your phones and upgraded from another android phone - did you sign in to the market/configure the phone with same Gmail account? And what I really want to know - did your previously installed apps (both free and paid) automatically download?

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Android :: Getting An Error While Upgrading My Application In Android Market

Oct 9, 2009

Whenever I try to upgrade my application in android market I am getting this error:"The apk must be signed with at least one certificate in common with the previous version"and I have lost my previous keystore.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Way To Save All Data Before Upgrading And Restore After Upgrading

Jun 20, 2010

I have installed PC Companion but every 2-3 days it announce me a new update for my phone X10mini.Is it possible to know which bugs are fixed in each update before proceeding ?Is there a way to save all data before upgrading and restore after upgrading ? (sms, sounds, accounts, software, note, alert, phonebook etc)

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Android :: Market - Error While Uploading APK File

Oct 4, 2010

Just now i have developed an application and now i am ready to upload it on Android market,
but when i am trying to upload, it showing the following error messages:

Market does not accept apk signed with the debug certificate. Create a new certificate that is valid for atleast 50 years. Market requires that the certificated used to sign the apk be Valid until at least October 22, 2033. Create a new Certificate. how do able to upload the APK file on Android market successfully.

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Android :: Market Upload APK File Hangs

Sep 8, 2010

I've been trying to upload an APK file to the Android Market for a few days, and the upload process hangs with the spinning icon just rotating. I've let the upload run overnight and it still hangs.

1) The APK file is 28 MB

2) I've uploaded an APK file to the Android market before and it is now for sale.

Is there a way to find out what the error is?

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Android :: Reduce File Size Of Application In Market

Jan 16, 2010

I want to reduce the file size of my application in the market. The strange thing is that my application "LeonardFrog.apk" just uses 4mb but the Google-Market shows me that it uses 8mb. You can search for it (Leonard Frog Beta) in the market. How can this be???

In my application, there are many images and long sounds. My folder "res" just uses 3,7mb and there is nothing else in my game beside the quellcode. So WHY is the size of my game in the market 8mb?

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Android :: Installing Astro File Manager Without Market

Sep 16, 2010

Is there a way to install apps without service to my Motorola Droid. See I have currently suspended my contract due to a deployment overseas. Obviously my Droid only works in the states, but I was wondering is there a way to install apps on my phone via usb and the inet connection on my laptop?

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General :: APK Installs As Zip File When Downloaded From Android Market

Mar 7, 2012

I have created a Black and Pink Glass theme for Go launcher that installs and loads fine. When I upload the theme to the android market and then its downloaded from the market and installed it installs as a .zip file instead of an .apk file. I have several other themes that are working fine. I have tried rebuilding it from scratch and the issue is still there. I have attached the android manifest.xml for reference.

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General :: How To Download APK File On PC From Market

Aug 11, 2011

I can't download apps from market on my Android device(maybe due to a network issue), so I'm wondering how could I download the apk file of an app on my PC from [URL]...?

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HTC Incredible :: Save A Market Install File

Oct 7, 2010

I have a rooted Incredible and I was about to purchase an app from the market. Is there a way to save the install that I'm downloading?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: No Market - Another File Manager On Device / Get These?

Jul 22, 2010

I can't find market or another file manager on the device.

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Android :: Uploading File To Android Market Error

Jan 25, 2010

When i am uploading my application in android market it showing below error

The file is invalid:ERROR:dump failed because no AndroidManifest.xml found.

When i am unzip apk file there i found AndoridManifest.xml file.

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Motorola Droid :: Dolphin Browser 1.2.99 APK File Needed (Market Place Broken)

Dec 6, 2009

Marketplace thinks I have this application installed, but won't let me uninstall it. Rumor is that re-installing the APK file will fix it, but there is none to be had on the web. Anyone have the APK file for dolphin? It needs to be 1.2.99 (or later) because the package name was changed in that version.

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Android :: Upgrading To Sdk 1.5

Jun 13, 2009

I run into problems when creating the AVD. It says do this: Open a command-line (e.g.,"Command Prompt" application on Windows, or "Terminal" on Mac/Linux) and navigate to your SDK package's tools/ directory. First, you need to select a Deployment Target. To view available targets, execute: android list targets

From the terminal, I navigate into the directory of the SDK on a Mac and I call the command listed above: myMac:Mobile jaredfurgal$ cd android-sdk-mac_x86-1.5_r2 myMac:android-sdk-mac_x86-1.5_r2 jaredfurgal$ cd tools myMac:tools jaredfurgal$ android list targets -bash: android: command not found..........

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Android :: Upgrading SDK From 1.0 R1 To R2

Feb 4, 2009

could not find any specific upgrade info for upgrading from version 1.0 r1 to 1.0 r2.

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Android :: Adding To A ROM And Upgrading?

May 6, 2010

I have a couple of questions for any Rom developers/experts on here regarding things that can be done with Android ROM's.

1) Is a parser Rom upgrade possible? So is it possible to change a small part of a ROM and then allow users to upgrade their ROM easily?

So can I change a part of a ROM and then a customer can upgrade to the newer ROM without having to be technically savvy and needing to root and flash their devices?

2) Can a change be burnt into a ROM so that when a user selects "Restore Factory Settings" that it doesn't remove the upgrade to the ROM?

3) So essentially I want to know if its possible (with a device manufacturers permission) to add to a ROM some small additional parts and then give this new ROM version as a firmware upgrade to the device so that a user only has to "upgrade" and not go through the process of rooting and flashing there device?

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HTC Magic :: Upgrading To Android 2.0

Oct 28, 2009

I currently have android 1.5 installed on my HTC magic and I would like to upgrade to either 1.6 or 2.0 but I am unable to find any instructions on how I am supposed to be upgrading. Are there any specific steps that need to be taken?

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Android : Backup Before Upgrading To 2.2

Nov 22, 2010

A few weeks ago, I received a notification saying I could upgrade to 2.2 but that I should backup my phone first. I did not upgrade at that time because I didn't know (and still don't know) how to backup my stuff. I cleared the notification and have not seen it since. 1. Ideally, I would like to backup my applications, music, and mail accounts so that I can easily reinstall them after upgrading to 2.2. What is the best way to do that, keeping in mind that I am a relative beginner at this stuff? 2. Since I cleared the notification, I do not see a way to upgrade to 2.2. I looked through "Settings" and a few other places, but haven't had any luck. What would I have to do to upgrade to 2.2? To be clear, what I'm trying to do is upgrade to 2.2 and not have to rebuild my list of applications, mail setup, etc.

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HTC Desire :: Upgrading To Android 2.2 Error

Oct 25, 2010

I was trying to upgrade from Android 2.1 to 2.2 with the following guide
Droid Den - Phone Guide: How To Install Rooted Android 2.2 On Your HTC Desire - Droid Den

Once the phone was done flashing DeFrost, with ROM manager, I restarted it. However, the phone will not boot. When powered on, all I can see if the green HTC logo against a white background.

What do i do now?


I managed to got past the HTC Logo screen where it would show a Red/Green/Yellow/Blue X and then boot into Android 2.2. I did this by clearing the storage data in the bootloader and restarting.

I would have no phone reception and is unable to get wifi connection. and would get an error message saying Process system is not responding at start up. Further, the phone keeps restarting by itself.

Also, SD card not detected and i would get horizontal line noise on the screen.

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2.1 Update :: Problem After Upgrading To Android 2.1

Nov 19, 2010

After upgraded my X10 Mini Pro to Android 2.1, when I tried to connect my phone to PC Companion 2.0, after selecting USB connection on my phone, my phone automatically re-started! After restarted, my phone was locked (i.e. no response whatever I touched the screen or pushed the keyboard), there was an error message on my phone that there was no SIM card in my phone (in fact, I had not taken out the SIM card). The phone resumed to work only after I disconnect the USB cable from my phone.

I tried to switch off the phone (even took off the battery) several time and tried again, the same occured. Before upgrading, everything worked fine. What should I do? I can't downgrade it back to Android 1.6.

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Android : Paid Apps For Upgrading?

Nov 11, 2009

So I recently bought a Droid, and I haven't bought any apps yet, but I've been using the free trail of Eray, and I really like the functionality of it so I'm thinking of purchasing it. My question is, what happens when there is eventually an upgrade for an app you have paid for? Are those upgrades free, or do have to pay for the upgrades?

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Android :: Possible To Preserve Data When Upgrading App?

Sep 9, 2010

Is it possible to preserve file-persisted data when upgrading an app? For example my app stores data under /data/data/mypkg/store. I would like the store directory to be preserved when user upgrades my app.

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General :: Micromax A50 - Upgrading Android OS

Feb 5, 2013

I have Micromax A50 and I want to upgrade to OS from current 2.3.6 to ICS. Looking for detailed run down for the complete procedure?

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General :: Upgrading (Custom) ROM To Android 4.3 / 4.4

Mar 30, 2014

I have a rom that is currently running Android 4.2.1 on a mediatek device. I was wondering what files/what needs to be edited to upgrade my rom to Android 4.3 or 4.4.

I know I should modify the build.prop. But thats kinda it for the upgrade. -E13

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Android :: Upgrading To 1.5 - Radio's Signature Error

Jun 6, 2009

My phone was updated to 1.5 this week. I have been waiting to update my development environment, until the phone was upgraded. The ide started out smoothly, I even updated my new Colorthon program library and posted the compiled version on the marketplace.

Next I decided to upgrade Radio's Exercise Buddy. Got a signature error. I worked around it by giving it a new namespace, but this is far from ideal, because now my users will have to use a migration tool, to bring their data over. Is there a better way to do this? Also, If I change the namespace, can I still have my paid users get a free upgrade? Also, I know that many developer's have upgraded earlier, but I wanted to wait until I had the updated phone. If this is a common problem, please refer me to the thread to read.

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