Android :: Support For Viewing SVG Files

Dec 23, 2009

Does android have any support for viewing SVG files or are there any 3rd party SVG viewers for the Android platform?

Android :: support for viewing SVG files

Android :: Want Best App For Viewing Adobe Pdf Files

Jan 12, 2010

What is the best app for viewing Adobe pdf files on an Android smallscreen smartphone?

I searched the forums and other suggested threads and could not find that this has been directly addressed.

Two subquestions:

1) Has Adobe, the actual Adobe company, put out a "free reader" application for Android? (like they seem to do for every other computing platform I can think of)

2) Whether Adobe has or not, what is the best app for viewing Adobe pdf files on an Android smallscreen smartphone? I need to quickly and efficiently be able to view pdf files, and importantly, certain parts of those files. For example, a couple of paragraphs or a graphic that, say, takes up half a "printed" page in a standard Adobe pdf file.

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Android :: Viewing RTF Files In Browser

Nov 15, 2010

I am working on a private website that will serve all kinds of documents: especially RTF, TIFF, JPG & PDF.This site is for mobile devices, on the iPhone it just works, serves all of those file types right out of the browser. It strips the formatting out of the RTF files but that is ok.

In android I can open an RTF file from Gmail and it opens correctly (again stripped formatting) it even says "Opening as HTML" But in the browser it serves it as plain text with all of the formatting characters.I have had to download a 3rd party tif viewer.And when I click the document button it downloads the tif file and the user has to then click to open it.This is at least semi-workable. The same goes for .pdf files, they have to be downloaded and then opened.I was there a way to tell the OS to go ahead and open file type from the browser using a set app? I have a 3rd party RTF viewer installed now but unlike the TIF and PDF, the RTF file tries to open in the browser, it just fails at decoding it.

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Android :: Viewing Files Within Package Data

May 2, 2010

Basically I want to know how to get a list or array or any type of data about the files that have been stored in an package specific data section. By this I mean that after using something like:

FileOutputStream fOut = c.openFileOutput(fileName, 0); OutputStreamWriter osw = new OutputStreamWriter(fOut);

How can I get a list of the files saved to the data location of my application where this file and other files or saved so that I can choose which file I wish to read or edit. I've searched and searched for this but have not found anything of use any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Android :: Viewing Files On A Remote Server

Jul 28, 2009

Is anyone aware of a way to view the directory structure and files on a remote server or PC? Is there an existing app for this?

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Android :: Alternative To Viewing Word Andor Other MS Files

Aug 6, 2009

Ive just got the G2 on a tmobile contract and am looking for applications to allow me to view word documents on my device. Ive seen DataViz's Documents to Go which Dataviz say are in the android market but on searching the android market im coming up with a blank i.e. its saying no app by that name can be found. Can anyone help or suggest an alternative to viewing word andor other MS files.

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Android :: Program For Reading / Viewing Written Files

Nov 3, 2010

I have HTC Desire, and I know that I have QuickOffice. The problem is when I put a word or excel file on the .quickoffice folder on my phone, nothing comes up on the mobile when I disconnect. Therefore I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a program where I can either write, or read written files like Word and excel files?

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How To Create Android App (eclipse) That Opens For Viewing PDF Files

Dec 8, 2012

how to create an android app (eclipse) that opens for viewing a couple of PDFs files that are already embedded in the app.

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HTC Hero :: Viewing Wmv Files Sent As Email Attachments?

Oct 19, 2009

Is anyone else having problems watching / viewing wmv files sent as email attachments? On the rare occasions that I can it usually only plays the sound with no video. Tried both HTC mail and Gmail app.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Viewing Files On SD Card

Feb 18, 2010

This is probably something really simple but I'm curious how to view the files on your SD card from the phone.I had a PDF file on mine that I wanted to delete but I didn't want to format the entire card.I know I'm probably being a knuckle head but I just can't figure it out.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Viewing .zip Files Flashed To Phone

Sep 21, 2010

I've flashed different .zip files to my hero, gaps, froyo mms fix, market fix etc. You get the point But I'm wondering how i can view a list of all the things iv flashed. Iv made many changes to my phone and would like to see what is currently flashed to my device.And also i was wondering if there's a way to unflash this stuff and if not what will get rid of it? Because i have no backups. They were all messed up and got deleted

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HTC Droid Eris :: Viewing Temporary Internet Files

Jul 5, 2010

I know that on computers you can view temporary internet files and pictures that get saved into a folder to later view or delete but is there also a way to view those files on the droid eris phone? any help is appreciated,

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Android :: Does Web Browser That Came With Support Svg Files?

Mar 4, 2009

I have an svg file created in Inkscape app. I am wondering whether the Android web browser can render svg file or not. If not, is there a plugin that I can install to make it work?

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Android :: Support Receiver Mode For Playing Audio Files?

Nov 16, 2010

I have a requirement where I need to play an audio file in receiver mode(earpiece).I am not sure whether higher versions of Android SDK supports this receiver mode.I went through some links which said about 1.5/1.6 having changes in these Audio APIs and hence not sure.

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HTC Hero : What Files Does Quickoffice Support Exactly?

Sep 19, 2009

I would like to know what files does Quickoffice support exactly? I tried to open a word and excel document and none of them opened for me?

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Phone Support For Srt / Sub Files?

Jul 15, 2010

Does the integrated video player support the srt/sub files. I don't see it working with my phone.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Won't Support Music Files

Sep 29, 2010

can some1 any1 pls help me with my x10 it wont support any music files i upload be it thru bluetooth or laptop really drivin me mental!

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HTC Desire :: Video Players For Phone That Support MKV Playback For AVI / MP4 Files?

Jul 22, 2010

Are there any video players for the HTC Desire that support MKV playback? this would be VERY advantageous for me as most of my movies/music videos/videos are in MKV format

If not, what are the best players for AVI/MP4 files?

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General :: Jelly Bean (4.1.2) Support For Proxy Auto-Configuration PAC Files

Oct 22, 2013

Managing Galaxy Note I & IIs running Android 4.1.2 and would like to direct network/browser traffic to a URL filtering service through a proxy server. Can confirm or deny (with supporting reference material) that Jelly Bean (specifically Android v4.1.2) has support for PAC files to configure proxy settings? The browsers I want to redirect to the proxy are Internet V4.1.2 (default with version 4.1.2 Android OS) and Chrome V 25.0.1364.169. Pointers to how to set proxies for those specific browser releases is also welcome.

If PAC file support does exist where does the PAC file need to be installed? How is it typically installed? Any documentation that reviews the PAC file support.

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Android :: Need App For Viewing MS Office

Mar 23, 2010

Do you guys know the best apps to view MS office other than Office Suite?

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Android :: Viewing Contacts By Last Name?

Sep 10, 2010

I jsut recently noticed that Google upgraded the web based contact list with the ability to view by the last name.Is there a way to do this with my Android phone?

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Android :: Remote Viewing Of Web Cam

Oct 1, 2010

I have a web cam hooked up to my PC at home.Looking for an app where I can monitor it from my phone when I am away.

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Android :: Viewing My Contacts

Aug 24, 2010

I just got an HTC desire and so far its much better than my iphone. I'm just stuck on one think, how do I view my contacts? I've gone through all of my apps and it appears that the only way is to create a new message and then add a contact to there.

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Android :: Teathering My Htc To Pc And Viewing Net

Sep 6, 2010

to try to cut a long story short got a bit mifffed at using the hero to view the net and bought a broken laptop (now fixed with new operating system installed and new ram) to use at work so i can use the net in large screen after using for a few days i note the its using up a lot of mb of my data to use the net with the laptop is there a way to setup a firefox just to view the text with out the ads and pics and still have full function of the net

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Android :: Need App For Viewing Webcam

Jul 3, 2010

Im looking for an app that will allow me to view my webcam at work for security purposes. Once I close up the office I would like to be able to view my webcam on my phone. Would also be nice if it could be activated by motion.

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Android :: Viewing Set Of Images

Sep 26, 2010

My app downloads a set of images from a website but I need to figure out the how to display them to the user. How can I display these to the user if they are coming from a ListView?Also, they'll need to be able to get back to the ListView.

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Android :: Viewing Attachments In Gmail

Nov 27, 2009

its possible to view attachments in gmail popmail? it says theres an attachment but wont let me view it unless i use the browser..

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Android :: Want App For Viewing Hulu Videos

May 22, 2010

New to the Droid Eris. Looking for an app so that I may view movies and videos from sites like Hulu and such.

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Android :: Viewing Requests Made By Another App

Sep 16, 2009

Is it possible to view what requests are made to external sites/ servers by an app? Basically I'd kind of like to throw an application (I did not make) into a debugging type thing to see what requests (to where and what data) it makes. This is to kind of ensure a third party app does what it is saying, and isn't sending data elsewhere.

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Android :: Alternative App For Viewing Photos

Dec 20, 2009

Any recommendations for an alternative app to the stock Gallery application for photo viewing?

Gallery does not allow the user to choose folder (s) to add to gallery which puts lots of un-needed pictures (mainly from downloaded HTML email/email signatures) in the gallery.

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