Android :: App For Permanently Switches Off 3G And Data?

Jan 19, 2010

Is there one which by default keeps them switched off when that option is selected? Currently the Milestone reactivates them when the phone is switched back on. I'd find this useful so that when roaming internationally I can control when I download ie on Wifi only, and not rack on huge data bills!

Android :: app for permanently switches off 3G and data?

Android :: Preserve Data In Views When Switches Between Landscape And Portrait?

Feb 9, 2009

1) Does Google think there will only be one screen size on Android phones? The reason I ask is because I haven't been able to find anything on "variable" layouts in Android? I would like to create a layout with 2 webviews, one 80% of screen height and the other 20%. Is this even possible, or do I need to assign the height of each as a static "px" value?

2) How do I preserve the data in my views when someone switches between landscape and portrait? I doubt it's hard, but I've not been able to find it. Can someone post an example?

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Samsung Vibrant :: Losing Data Connection Permanently After Being In No-service Zone.

Aug 4, 2010

Most of the time the data connection works fine. But if I go into an area with no cell phone reception for a little while, once I come out into a full-bars area where data normally works, my data connection never resumes. Once that happens, I can make calls just fine, but can't use the internet/market/etc. The only thing that solves this problem is to go to network settings, enable 2G networks only, then turn that setting off. That is a huge pain, obviously. Has anyone else had this problem? This was happening with my old SIM, so I had T-mobile give me a brand new one, but it is still happening.

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General :: Permanently Disable Cellular Data / Voice Modem As Well Leaving WiFi Enabled

Feb 12, 2014

Radio Shack had this phone on sale for $14 cash this weekend, I picked up a couple of them to setup to use for WiFi text/music/YouTube phones for my kids.

I have rooted them and now just want to get rid of the Virgin Mobile automatic profile update that attempts to happen when I power on the phone. If possible, I would like to permanently disable the cellular data/voice modem as well leaving WiFi enabled. What app I should disable/ remove through titanium backup to do this?

I have absolutely no intention of ever activating these phones for traditional cell service. They will strictly be used as WiFi android devices. Basically a cheapo alternative to an iPod.

I have set the phone for airplane mode and then enabled WiFi to prevent them from making calls, this is a reasonable solution but they could turn on the cell radio and start trying to activate, although they wouldn't get far as they don't have a way to provide payment anyway.

Problem is their mother isn't the brightest and when they are away at mom's, I would like to be able to text them and not be on the phone with her troubleshooting them constantly.

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Android :: Need 3g Off / On Switches For 2.1?

May 8, 2010

I use a Samsung i5700 (Spica/Galaxy Portal/whatever it's called this week) and ideally I want to be able to toggle 3g off and on (for the sake of battery). Problem is that every solution (Juice Defender, APNDroid etc) work perfectly for maybe an hour, but then 3g stops being able to connect, forcing me to reboot (at which point everything is fine until I toggle 3g off again as above). Having read about this stuff, it seems to be a problem for many people, not just users of this particular phone.

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Android :: An App That Switches Keyboards

Nov 23, 2010

Is there an App that switches keyboards depending on the program in use? I know i can just long press and change it, but i was wondering if there was something out there, that could do this automatically. For some reason with swype when i send emails they either wont send or take hours to send. But swype works fine for text and other functions.

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Android :: Want App That Switches Silent Mode On

Oct 1, 2010

There was a app that turns silent mode on on preset times, anyone know the app ?

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Android : App That Switches Network From 3G To 2G At A Pre-specified Time?

Dec 30, 2009

Does anybody know if there's an app that, when you go to sleep at night, switches your network from 3G to 2G at a pre-specified time then back to 3G at a certain time? I know it's simple to manually turn it to 2G and back myself, but I just thought it'd be nice to be lazy and have an app do it for me.

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Android :: How To Detect When User Switches Tasks?

Aug 5, 2010

Say that TaskA is currently in the foreground and my ActivityA is somewhere within its stack. Is there a way for ActivityA to get notified or detect when the user switches from TaskA to TaskB? As a use scenario, when the user launches my app, my ActivityA will always be the root Activity of the newly created Task. ActivityA will make use of Activities from other Apps, which will be pushed on the same Task. I would like to get notified when the user has switched to another application. In this case, onStop() in MyActivityA does not suffice as that will also get invoked if the user navigates to another screen within my app.

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Android : App That Switches To Phone's Maps With Directions?

Sep 7, 2010

Is it possibly to have a button in my app that switches to the phone's Maps application while passing in a destination for directions? And how would I do that? Haven't been able to find anything about it.

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Android :: Custom Animation Class Switches To Different View

Oct 4, 2010

I have a imageView, editText and textView within a LinearLayout. I would like to animate the EditText onTouch, to make it twice as taller and display a softkeyboard so that users can type into it. I cannot figure out if I should write some custom logic in applyTransformation of animation class which extends android.view.animation.Animation class OR go with a viewSwitcher which switches to a different view with bigger EditText. I would like to have a smoother transition if possible.

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Android :: Widget Update When User Switches Homescreen

Jun 24, 2010

Is there an Event that is fired when an widget becomes visible on to the homescreen. I didn't mean at install time, I mean if the user changes his homescreen by wiping the surface of the phone. The background of this question is that I setup a timer in a service inside the widget that gets updates from a url but that should stop if the widget is not on the current homescreen.

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Android :: Need Live Wallpaper That Switches Regular Wallpapers?

Oct 14, 2010

Anyone with launcher pro knows that regular wallpapers create a bad gradient with widgets and wallpapers themselves as it allows the launcher to work faster(?). Live wallpapers eliminate this. However I am unable to find a live wallpaper that just uses a regular image. Is there an app for that already or can someone make one? I don't imagine it would be very hard.

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HTC Desire :: How To Off Roaming Switches?

Nov 15, 2010

Yep. So. It appears that roaming becomes activated from time to time on my phone. For no discernable reason. Anyone else had this issue? Or can anyone suggest a remedy.

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HTC Desire :: Powers Off And Switches On Itself - Hang

Jun 21, 2010

My phone suddenly powers off itself, then again switches on itself and gets hanged ( all of these times phone was connected to power cable for charging). I tried taking battery out twice and inserted it thinking that this may solve the problem but unfortunately it didn't help.

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HTC Desire :: WiFi Randomly Switches On

Jul 15, 2010

I keep the WiFi on my desire disabled when I'm at work. However it keeps on turning on. My guess is that an app turns it on to try to access the net. Is there a way for me to view what is trying to use the WiFi? Or does anyone know what apps do this?

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HTC Hero :: Phone Switches Itself On And Off Continuously

Apr 4, 2010

I bought a HTC hero (white, in UK) a few days ago - It worked totally fine until today! Now it switches itself on & off continuously! Unless I take battery off! The only way I can rectify the problem is if I take the SIM card out altogether, then it seems to stay switched on without a problem! I have also tried another SIM card just incase I had a fault with my SIM but it does just the same.

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General :: Video Switches To SW Mode

May 13, 2014

I have a Le Pan S tablet (URL....) that works great for the first little while (20-40 minutes) when I play local video files. Then the player (both BS and MX with correct codecs) switches to software decoding from hardware, and the lag begins. I am trying to find out why it switches. Is it overheating?

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General :: Tablet WiFi Switches Off?

Mar 17, 2013

There have been loads of Posts about Android WiFi switching itself off, affecting various devices. The scenario is that the WiFi switches off spontaneously after previously working OK. Try to switch it back on, and it will switch off again after about 10 seconds.

This has happened to me twice now, so I'm trying to find a solution before it happens again which does not involve a Firmware reinstall, with the associated aggro of reinstalling Apps and setting everything up again.

SURELY there must be a method of re-initialising the WiFi via ADB or the Terminal Emulator, or something similar !

The machine in question is a Dropad A8 tablet, originally running Android 2.3 and now Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Like I said before, this has happened with both Firmwares, now on two (total) occasions.

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Android :: Application Running Permanently

Feb 28, 2009

I was wondering if its possible to have an application run on startup of the phone and then run permanently in the background. Also I would then like it to monitor the call log, and detect any changes and run about 15, 20 lines of code each time there is a change.

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Android :: Rotate View Permanently

Jul 27, 2009

It's actually really easy, and you don't need to use animations. I did something like this recently by using a wrapper layout that adjusts the Canvas and any MotionEvents. (You could also use this approach rotate the entire layout to any arbitrary angle.) I think romainguy told me to use Canvas.concat(mForward) instead of setMatrix(), but I haven't updated the code in awhile...................

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HTC Incredible :: Toggle Switches For WiFi / GPS And Bluetooth

May 1, 2010

I'm trying to customize my home screen. Where can I find the toggle switches for WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS? Are these separate apps I need to download or are they included already? I can't seem to find them.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Wifi Randomly Switches On / Way To Fix?

Sep 7, 2010

i know this has been asked but so far i haven't found any satisfactory answer or solution. i have been having a battery drain simply because my wifi would just turn on by itself for no apparent reason. There is definitely something causing this but it seems nobody has any good explanation.

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Android :: Permanently Disable Email App Notifications?

Dec 15, 2009

I use Gmail and use the Gmail app as my mail app. Gmail notifies me when I have new mail. My Droid also came with the Email app, which is also hooked into my gmail account. By default, it also checks for new messages and notifies me about them. Naturally, I don't want the double-notifications, and the Email app is also crap at marking emails off as read if I've read them in Gmail. So I went into the Email app settings and unchecked "Send notification." That worked great. BUT... it keeps turning itself back on. If I ever restart my phone, it comes back again with the same stupid notifications. I think sometime it resets itself if it restarts itself after I kill it. how to turn off notifications PERMANENTLY?

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Android :: How To Delete Downloaded Applications Permanently?

Dec 18, 2009

My first smart phone! A Samsung Moment Amazing little device. I have loaded a couple of Apps I no longer want. How do I permanently delete them?

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Android :: How To Permanently Delete Emails From Inbox?

Jun 3, 2010

Have a moto droid on verizon and question about email. I'd like to be able to delete from inbox and have it deleted, not go to trash. Or at the very minimum, be able to empty the trash folder in one step without having to individually select each email to be deleted. Is either of these possible and I'm just missing something?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Phone Switches Off At 20% Battery

Jul 27, 2010

My phone automatically switches off when the battery level is about 20%. Is this normal?

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HTC Desire :: Lock Phone Screen When MP3 Player Switches Off?

Oct 17, 2010

I have a problem my mp3 player switches off when I lock the screen of the desire. I want a program that allows the player to keep on operating when I switch the screen off?

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General :: Tabtech M7 Tablet Wireless Switches Itself Off After Few Seconds

Jan 6, 2014

I purchased a 2nd hand 16gb Tabtech M7 Tablet off ebay. Its running Android 3.0.

Its in great condition but it has 1 problem. When I turn on wireless it turns itself off after a few seconds. It doesn't even turn on long enough to make a list of nearby wireless networks. I've tried a full factory reset several times and this hasn't worked. The factory reset only takes about 2 seconds which doesn't seem very long so I'm not 100% sure that the factory reset is working properly.

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Android :: Turn Off Permanently Handcent SMS And Skype Mobile?

May 5, 2010

I have a question, I've been adjusting my droid eris settings to save battery time. I installed the Handcent SMS to replace the SMS default application so that it does not stay on all time, but every time I check my phone with Advanced Task Manager Killer the Handcent SMS and Skype Mobile are ALWAYS ON. What can I do to turn them off permanently and thus save battery time?

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