Android : Seeking A Better PDF Reader / BeamReader Looses Its Mind When Switch

Aug 26, 2010

I've tried BeamReader Pro/paid, QuickOffice free and Adobe's Android Acrobat Reader. All have problems.

Acrobat Reader and QuickOffice free do not have the ability to search a PDF.

BeamReader Pro can search a document, but won't make use of an embedded index, so searches are slow, even on pre-indexed PDFs.

BeamReader looses its mind when you switch from portrait to landscape.

Acrobat Reader and QuickOffice recognize phone numbers in PDFs, so you can tap to dial them on Android, but BeamReader Pro does not.

I am very disappointed with all of the above. Is there anything better? I see that there is a US$9.99 paid version of QuickOffice, but the description does not mention capabilities pertaining to PDFs.

Android : Seeking A Better PDF Reader / BeamReader looses its mind when switch

HTC Eris : Newbie Seeking Post-root / How Do I Switch To A Different ROM

Aug 2, 2010

I'm sorry for being a newbie with all this root stuff, but I've been searching and haven't been able to find a "set" guideline on what to do with my just-rooted Eris. So I've gotten my phone rooted with the DUMMIES phone-only guide and rom'ed with Evil Eris 4.0, but I don't know what exact measures to take from there to install Engtools, OC, flash new roms, etc. I just want to be careful with everything in order to have the best possible root experience D: Basically, I don't know what "pushing" is and how it's done. I think the first thing I want to do is install Engtools, following this:

But, is amon's recovery already installed from the dummies phone-only root? Do I just vol-up+power-on when the phone is off to start it up? After that, what do I do with the codes? How do I push?

Also, after pushing all these files and getting Engtools installed, do I start OC'ing and whatnot? What do people normally do after rooting for performance improvements and other handy-dandy things?

Finally, how do I switch to a different ROM? Do I have to undo one ROM first?

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Android :: Mind Map Deleted From HTC Desire

Nov 23, 2010

I fell in love with the Thinking Space mind map app. Over the past few weeks I have added everything to my mind map and it has changed my life. Today I opened the app and I cant find my map. I don't know where it has gone. I would dearly like to recover it. Is there deleted box on the phone? I have a HTC Desire with Android OS.

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Android :: News Reader Independant Of Google Reader

Nov 3, 2010

I am trying to find a News Reader and find that most of them seem to rely on feeds from Google Reader and seem not to recognise UK based feeds (or at least I cannot find the same feeds that I used on my iPhone).

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Android :: RSS Reader With Google Reader Sync

Jun 20, 2010

A one stop RSS reader. Preferably with Google reader sync.

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General :: Android People App Looses Context

Apr 27, 2014

when you are viewing a contact in People app and you switch away, if you go back to People it will loose context and show you the main list again. this is definitely an intended behavior and one of the worst usability flaws of the Android OS. maybe replacing the People icon with a shortcut to a special activity? do i need to patch the source for this?

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Android :: Best RSS Reader - Except Google Reader

Jun 26, 2010

What would be the best RSS reader if one excludes greader?

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Android : Seeking Information To Get SDK - JDK

Aug 23, 2010

I am very new to androids n want to know more abt t. pls give me informations abt SDK ,JDK,, eclipse etc n why they r used? how do i install n use tat pls posts links to videos.

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Android : Seeking Programmer Who Can Create App

Sep 29, 2010

create or has in the past created an app for android. I have a very good idea, that ide like to put to work, and cannot do it because I dont know how. Also dont know if this is the right section really. If this works, or can work, it might revolutionize, lets say, Blackberry to Android and vice versa, messaging.

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Android : MediaPlayer Seeking Back To Stream From An Http Url

Jan 29, 2009

I've been using androids MediaPlayer to stream from an http url and have a question about seeking. Currently, our urls expire after they have been used once or a certain time out has expired to dissuade scraping content. Now, this obviously makes progressive streaming past the buffer impossible with the exact same url as you need to open a new http connection with the same mangled key, which we intentionally don't allow.

However, MediaPlayer seems to do this when seeking before the current position (i.e. seeking from 1:00 in the audio to 0:30). As the file has already been downloaded up to the current position I'm confused as to why MediaPlayer is still trying to initate a new http connection in this case? The only thing I can think of is that MediaPlayer is getting rid of audio its already played up to the current position, and hence needs to restart the connection if you try to seek back on the stream. Is this correct, or is there something else going on?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Ccamera Looses Focus Easily

Dec 2, 2009

I just have to say that the camera quality seems to be really lacking on the eris

-first complain is that the eris camera looses focus easily of not perfectly still,ok granted it might just be me holding it wrong

-second and worse of all is when trying to take a night shot I know its not going to be great.

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Samsung Galaxy S : My SGS Loosed Time / Looses 7-8 Minutes Every Day

Aug 2, 2010

My SGS looses time. Everyday it looses approximately 7-8 minutes. So when the alarm starts at 7:30 am, the time actually is 7:37. I've tried manually to change the time, but the next morning I have the same problem. I've tried both Automatic ("use network-provided values") and manually settings, but it does'nt work. My firmware is the Froyo JP3 version.

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General :: Google Talk Looses Connection To Server?

Jul 10, 2012

I have a Motorola Atrix2, running Android 2.3.6 on AT&T. I have used Google Talk since getting the phone last December, but for the past week have had trouble.

When I wake the phone I find that I am no longer signed into Talk. My contact list is subdued in grey, a notice appears at the bottom of my chat window saying that the connection with the server has been lost, and my 4G icon has gone from blue to white indicating that I no longer am connected to Google.

I haven't done anything to the phone / settings to cause this. I've tried many things to fix this including: rebooting, hard booting, force stop the application and clearing it's data (cache is always empty), and replacing the SIM. Needless to say none of these steps have worked. I have not tried a factory reset as I have read elsewhere of people trying this with no luck.

As far as I have been able to tell, this problem only happens when connected to my service plan, I have never noticed this happening when hooked onto WI-FI

Having searched online all I can find that might be at fault is the version of Android (the phone originally had 2.3.4 but was upgraded several months ago), and the fact that AT&T has recently upgraded to "true 4G LTE" in my area. I have no idea if either of these are actually the cause of my problem.

Google Talk is one of my two main means of communication and I really need this resolved.

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Android :: Mystery Null Pointer Error Seeking Opinions

Oct 31, 2009

An error that appeared in my Flurry logs but seemed impossible to reproduce otherwise just occured That's the good news.The bad news is that the LogCat info is not telling me enough.I would appreciate a second set of eyes taking a look and offering wisdom.The lead up is that I was playing with my app, and put it away for a while. I did a lot of other things with my phone since, like making phone calls, etc I hooked up my phone to the computer to make another attempt to find the mystery bug, and decided to see if anything weird appeared in the logs from earlier.I then brought my app to the foreground using the Home/Hold technique and whamo the bug appeared before my eyes in LogCat.

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Samsung Behold 2 :: Stock Camera Looses Zoom Function

Apr 3, 2010

I upgraded to r7 and its amazing fast.Only problem i have w it is the stock camera looses the zoom function.Is there an ap out that might fix this.

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Android : Major Media Company Seeking Vendor For Phone App Development

Feb 3, 2009

I'm a mobile media product developer at a major media company in New York City, and we are looking for a vendor with experience in Android, web apps, and mobile in general. I understand Android is new, but if you've got something out there to see already, that would really help. Please reply with a brief description of your Android experience and a link or a word about yourself and your company.

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Android : Re-Teaching Myself To Program - Seeking Object Oriented Design Books

Oct 13, 2010

Five years ago I used to program in SAS. Since then I've been doing software QA of various types. Mostly manual (video games + web apps) testing with a tiny bit of automation.

I'd really like to shift careers back into programming. Specifically the Android platform has caught my attention. These are the books I've been reading and working through.

Learning Java, Third Edition - O'Reilly
Beginning Android 2 - Mark Murphy
Hello, Android - Ed Burnette

However, I think I need something that looks at programming from a less language dependent standpoint. Something that takes a bird's eye view if that makes sense.

It's very easy to see how particular functions work, but I'm looking to get a better sense of how all the pieces fit together. How does one split up an app into individual classes and packages? Do I have a method in main that shuffles my deck of cards (object) or does the class deck of cards have a method I can call to shuffle itself?

I think I'm looking for a book on object oriented design? I've also been working through the tutorials and examples at and also in the three books I've been reading so far. Maybe I just need to spend more time coding though?

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HTC Desire :: Battery Looses Charge In Half An Hour Early Morning

Jun 16, 2010

Had the phone for around 10 days now and thankfully I am starting to get more and more use out of it, especially after tweaking some settings and what not, and over the past 2 days I am closing in on getting 24 hours from one charge with what I consider fairly heavy use (well heavier than what I used my old Pixon and that needed charged daily). The one thing that is bugging me though is this, I put the phone on charge before I go to bed, I wake up and it is around 90% (give or take a few %). Now I realize that the phones doesn't trickle charge but when I check the drain on juiceplotter, at the same time every morning, it drains.

5am-5:30am it goes down 10% or so, with out fail. It loses the charge in around about half an hour, meaning when I get up in the morning I need to pop it back on charge for a bit to get it back up to 100%. Not a huge hassle but it is irking me somewhat now. When I check programs running etc, there is nothing untoward on the go that isn't on during the day. I half though the phone was not sleeping during this time but after 5:30 the drain stops and it goes back to normal.

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Games :: Seeking Testers For IA Soccer / Football Game

Sep 12, 2010

I'm looking for constructive feedback about a game I developed, iA Soccer/Football. I've only been able to test on a Nexus 1, and would really like feedback from people who can test the game on other models. If you reply to this thread, please let me know which phone model you're using. Thanks! NOTE: THIS GAME IS ONLY FOR ANDROID 2.1 OR HIGHER.

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HTC Droid Eris : Seeking Clarification - Set Of Instructions For Updradation

Jun 6, 2010

Alright I sifted though all the root/upgrade threads only to find myself confused so I apologize for the possibly common question but I seek clarification.

Some months back when I got my HTC Eris I installed a 2.1 leak and rooted it. Not 100% sure but I believe it was Version 2. I used these instructions:

Now that the official 2.1 is out I want to switch to it and root it again. I started looking at the pinned threads only to realize that depending on how and what one installed on ones phone it may or may not be possible and instruction vary.

Can someone point me to the set of instructions that apply to my case or confirm that I am out of luck. If you need some firmware build code etc from my phone to make an accurate recommendation I would be happy to provide the information.

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Games : Seeking Game "Brickbreaker Wipeout"

Nov 30, 2009

When I had my Crackberry, I used to love a game called 'Brickbreaker' which was based on the classic 'Wipeout', I think. Anyway, I was absolutely addicted to this thing and it saw me through many a boring journey.

I can't find anything in the android market that looks like it might be the same game. Can anyone help me out here? I'm sure it's in there somewhere as it's such a classic. Perhaps it goes under even more names? Oh, I own a HTC Hero, (T-Mobile G2 touch) btw!

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HTC EVO 4G :: RSS Reader For Android

May 23, 2010

looking for recommendations for a good RSS reader.

I have Newsroom on my Palm Pre, but was told I would need to purchase it again for Android.

Any good ones out there? No preference free/pay, my main preference is that it is a good program.

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Android :: Way To Get RSS Reader?

Mar 26, 2010

I use Newsroom but would be interested in one that directly sinks with Google Reader. What do you guys use?

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Android :: QR Reader - Available For Phone

Nov 29, 2008

Anyone know if a QR reader will be?

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Android :: Good Pdf Reader

Jul 2, 2010

Are there any good pdf readers that save where you are up to in a pdf document so that you don't have to try and find the page you are up to every time you open the document. That is the one feature that the standard one is missing (unless I am just not seeing it)

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Android :: Pdf Reader To Fit Screen

Nov 24, 2010

If there is a useful pdf reader. i've tried one - it's great - it opens pdf's but is useless for reading as u have to scroll right and left. I would imagine that 99% of the time the pdf reader is useless! is there a pdf reader that forces all of the content to fit your screen width - similar to how they do on browsers.

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Android :: Speaking Sms Reader

Jun 13, 2010

I intend to develop an app which would speak to the user the message he desires in the inbox. I have successfully created an app where there is a text box and when the user finishes typing in it and presses a speak button, he can hear what he has written, now how do i extend this to the desired app?

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Android :: Best Google Reader App

Feb 11, 2010

What is the best RSS reader app (free or paid, doesn't matter to me), preferably the best RSS reader that directly syncs two-way with Google Reader without too much trouble?

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Android :: RSS Reader Like Viigo

Jan 23, 2010

I'm looking forf a good RSS reader for my droid. I use to use Viigo when I had my many assortment of Blackberry's. Anyone know of a good one like Viigo?

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Android :: Ebook Reader

Jun 17, 2010

Anything on evo and good ebook reader.

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