Android :: RSS Reader Like Viigo

Jan 23, 2010

I'm looking forf a good RSS reader for my droid. I use to use Viigo when I had my many assortment of Blackberry's. Anyone know of a good one like Viigo?

Android :: RSS Reader like viigo

Android :: News Reader Independant Of Google Reader

Nov 3, 2010

I am trying to find a News Reader and find that most of them seem to rely on feeds from Google Reader and seem not to recognise UK based feeds (or at least I cannot find the same feeds that I used on my iPhone).

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Android :: RSS Reader With Google Reader Sync

Jun 20, 2010

A one stop RSS reader. Preferably with Google reader sync.

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Android :: Best RSS Reader - Except Google Reader

Jun 26, 2010

What would be the best RSS reader if one excludes greader?

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HTC EVO 4G :: RSS Reader For Android

May 23, 2010

looking for recommendations for a good RSS reader.

I have Newsroom on my Palm Pre, but was told I would need to purchase it again for Android.

Any good ones out there? No preference free/pay, my main preference is that it is a good program.

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Android :: Way To Get RSS Reader?

Mar 26, 2010

I use Newsroom but would be interested in one that directly sinks with Google Reader. What do you guys use?

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Android :: QR Reader - Available For Phone

Nov 29, 2008

Anyone know if a QR reader will be?

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Android :: Good Pdf Reader

Jul 2, 2010

Are there any good pdf readers that save where you are up to in a pdf document so that you don't have to try and find the page you are up to every time you open the document. That is the one feature that the standard one is missing (unless I am just not seeing it)

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Android :: Pdf Reader To Fit Screen

Nov 24, 2010

If there is a useful pdf reader. i've tried one - it's great - it opens pdf's but is useless for reading as u have to scroll right and left. I would imagine that 99% of the time the pdf reader is useless! is there a pdf reader that forces all of the content to fit your screen width - similar to how they do on browsers.

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Android :: Speaking Sms Reader

Jun 13, 2010

I intend to develop an app which would speak to the user the message he desires in the inbox. I have successfully created an app where there is a text box and when the user finishes typing in it and presses a speak button, he can hear what he has written, now how do i extend this to the desired app?

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Android :: Best Google Reader App

Feb 11, 2010

What is the best RSS reader app (free or paid, doesn't matter to me), preferably the best RSS reader that directly syncs two-way with Google Reader without too much trouble?

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Android :: Ebook Reader

Jun 17, 2010

Anything on evo and good ebook reader.

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Android :: Google Reader Api

Jun 23, 2010

I would like to sync some content in my application with google reader. I know that there are apps on the market that access google reader so I know that it can be done.

Are there any built in java apis in android to access google reader, if not, what do you think is the best approach to implementing this.

I've googled a bit on this and I have some ideas on how to implement this, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if there already is a working solution available.

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Android :: Best E-book Reader?

Jun 19, 2010

Two simple questions

1. What is your favorite E-Book reading app

2. Why is it your favorite?

I am going on vacation in a couple weeks and would love to take some books with me, with out having to carry books with me lol.A good library of free books is appreciated, but I am not opposed to paying a reasonable price for good books.

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Android :: BN Reader - Search Comes Up Blank

Aug 11, 2010

I have a Telus HTC Desire and I'm trying to put Barnes Noble's ereader on it. When I go to the market and search either BN reader or Nook it comes up's supposed to be there. Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone have the installer file?

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Android :: Supports Format - LRF Reader

Jun 13, 2010

Been looking through all the readers & have yet to find one that supports this format.

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Android :: Make Epub Reader

Dec 7, 2009

Has anyone tried to make a epub reader software?

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Android :: Open EBook Reader

Jul 1, 2010

My mother recently indicated that she's considering being in the market for an ebook reader. However she is, bless her soul, firmly insistent on open format, DRM-free, and the ability to "really own" a book she's downloaded. She doesn't even want the potential for a Kindle-1984-type remote-wipe or an inability to move a book to another device later. (Yes, my mother has grown up to be a Free Software evangelist. I'm so proud of her. *sniff*)

Of course, she doesn't know the ebook market all that well, and frankly neither do I. She's considering the B&N Nook, but from what little I know it has the same lock-in problems as the Kindle.

So my question is, I suppose, two-fold:

1) Are there any ebook stores or services available for any device that don't treat customers are criminals waiting to happen, and use a DRM-free format without revocation ability? Are they bound to a given device, or are there any that work on an arbitrary Android device? A good ebook reader app or use of the open ePub format (for which I understand there are several readers available) is a plus here.

2) Of the various devices out there (both phone and non-phone), which make particularly good ebook readers? She has a decently large purse but it still wouldn't hold an iPad-sized device comfortably, but at the same time a 3-inch screen is not going to work for her eyes. (It barely works for mine.) What's a good device if that's your main interest? Any good/bad experiences here, or at least things to look for?

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Android :: Ebook Reader With Dictionary

Nov 23, 2010

An ebook reader app that has an integrated (or anyway a very handy) dictionary or translation feature.
I'm tired of switching app and type the word when i should just hold on a word to directly access its meaning.

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Android :: RSS News Reader Recommendation

Jun 29, 2010

Does anyone have a recommendation for a RSS Feed reader similar to the Google Reader for the Android that they like?

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Android :: Is Adobe Reader Preinstalled On Evo?

Nov 18, 2010

I know I can view PDFs, but what am I using to do it? I don't seem to have Reader listed in my installed apps list.I'm asking because I was going to update to the latest version, but now I'm not sure if I'll be updating or installing it for the first time. Does Froyo natively open PDFs or something? (On a related Adobe note, should I go ahead and install AIR now, in case I need it after Gingerbread comes out? I don't even know what it does, really, but apparently installing it *after* an OS update causes problems. Why Adobe can't just fix that issue, I have no idea.)

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Android :: Robust RSS/Atom Reader

Oct 13, 2010

I am trying to implement a robust RSS/Atom reader for android, and since Xerces won't compile I am struggling to find an alternative. I am using org.xmlpull.v1.sax2.Driver(), however this just wraps a DOM parser with SAX callbacks. Is there anything comparable to Xerces on Android?

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Android :: Good App For Google Reader?

Sep 25, 2010

Is there an app that lets you access your Google Reader feeds, rather than going to the mobile website?

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Android :: RSS Reader With Built-in Reading

Jul 18, 2010

I'm coming from BlackBerry to Android and two favorite apps were Viigo and FreeRange with their built-in full article reading support. Is anything available for Android with similar functionality. Opening up a browser to read full articles is so clunky. I'd be willing to pay for one. I've tried some of the existing free Android offerings, but they all open full versions in a browser.

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Android :: Need Text Message Reader App

Jun 10, 2010

Looking for an app that will read your incoming text messages out loud while you are driving. Tried searching on Market but didn't know what to search for, I guess.

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Android :: Best Newspaper Reader / Widget?

May 5, 2010

I have a Droid Incredible and I'm looking for a good newspaper reader/widget. I've downloaded a couple (AG Newspapers US is one) but when the pages load they're too large to read. In addition, the zoom-out button and pinch zoom-out don't work.

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Android :: Digital Magazine Reader?

Jan 30, 2010

Because of where I live (South Africa) I don't always have access to quality magazines, we can get some locally but they are at least a month out of date and expensive, there is a company called Zinio Zinio Digital Magazines and Books that supply digital magazines who have just released an app for the iPhone but nothing for Android unfortunately, It is rather annoying when apps for the iPhone get all the glory but nothing for Android, sometimes it feels like we are the forgotten cousin of the app world

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Android : Need Good RSS Reader App Also Be Used As A Widget

Apr 19, 2010

Anyone know of a good rss reader app thatcan also be used as a widget?

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General :: Best And Fastest PDF Reader For Android?

Jul 15, 2012

I have tried them all, from EZ pdf reader to mantano and no one is working fine. I have an pdf file which is 48 pages and it takes more than 30 minutes for it to load complety. Isn't there any decent pdf readethat is decent and can render and open big pdf files fast?

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Android :: Tag Reader - Not Scan The Bar Code On An LCD Screen

Nov 3, 2010

My Tag Reader App scans bar code on printed material just fine. My Tag Reader will not scan the bar code on an LCD screen, laptop screen.

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