Android :: Original Firmware Identification Strings For Different Models

Mar 29, 2010

Is there anywhere a summary of Build.MODEL strings for different Android handset models? Something like:"Hero" - HTC Hero "ERA G2 Touch" - branded HTC Hero "T-Mobile myTouch 3G" - branded HTC Magic "GT-I5700" - Samsung Galaxy I'm curious what is the percent of rooted devices among my app users, but sometimes is hard to tell which device is which (and yes, I know rooted firmware can mimic vanilla one, it just usually doesn't).

Android :: Original firmware identification strings for different models

Samsung Galaxy S :: Original 2.1 Firmware

Sep 12, 2010

where can i find the original 2.1 eclair firmware for galaxy s cant find it anywhere accidently overwritten when i flashed it with 2.2 jp2 firmware...

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Android :: Strings Generated By Substring Not Treated As Hard Coded Strings

Nov 21, 2010

Dear all, I'm making a simple file decoder for Android 2.2 that needs to find the filename of the encoded file from a header. This filename should then be used as the filename for the decoded file (as you would expect).The filename is identified by the substring name=, so the actual name starts 5 places after that. The line is read by a BufferedReader and temporarily stored in currLine.For some reason I can't understand nor find on the web, Strings do not always seem to be Strings.Gives no output file, nor an IO exception. The string is parsed properly though: from the System.out debugging lines.

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General :: How To Unbrick Old Cliq By Flashing Original Firmware

Sep 3, 2012

i was trying to unbrick my old cliq by flashing the original firmware and it failed idk why and it wont dectect it any more and the phone has a black screen and only the keys light up any way to save my old cliq??

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Android :: Most Speed-efficient Way To Hard Code Map Of Strings To Strings?

Aug 19, 2010

I've got a map of about 500 entries. Strings are all very short (less than 5 chars).Its read-only data I want to read once at app-startup. What's the best way to store this so that loading this data is fast?I've tried storing the data in a CSV in res/raw but this takes about 700ms to parse on my N1, so I'm hoping there's a faster way.

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Android :: Externalize Strings In Source Files To Strings.xml Automatically?

Sep 20, 2009

Is there a way to externalize all the strings in the source files to strings.xml automatically?

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Samsung I7500 :: Where To Find Original Optus Firmware / No Backup

Oct 4, 2010

I am trying to get my hands on the Original Optus Firmware for Australia - my phone has stopped reading SIM cards (it is definitely hardware as I have flashed multiple different ROMS) and I need to get back to stock for warranty's sake. I have done some research but have been unable to find it. I believe that the number for it should be i7500DTII5 (according to this site).

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General :: Flash Original MK806 (RK3066 / Headphone Jack) Firmware / Rom?

Dec 6, 2012

how to flash the original mk806 (rk3066, headphone jack) firmware/rom.

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General :: After Flashing Original Stock Firmware - Unable To Root Phone LG L3 E400

Sep 1, 2013

i'm using lg l3 e400 ! actually my went in boot loop ,so it ws unable to start then i flashed kdz V10L(as i'm from india ). then my phone sarted normally!but the main problem is that now i tired to root my phone so many times but always and error comes link failed permission denied !!so i think that after flashing orginal kdz flash (stock rom )kdz V10L we are unable to root !!

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Android :: References To Other Strings In Strings.xml?

May 3, 2010

Is it possible to reference other strings inside of strings.xml ?

Something of the form...

(If it did exist, there would of course be problems of circular, infinite definitions, etc. to beware of).

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Android :: Can One Combine Android Resource Strings Into New Strings?

Aug 31, 2010

by which the resource "bar" becomes an alias for the resource named "foo".What I would for my app is a possibility to combine an existing resource prefix with different suffixes,where the resource "bar" would yield the string "foobar". Its clear that '+' doesn't work here but is there some other option to achieve such a string concatenation, so that one could define a bunch of string resources that have a common prefix?I realize of course that I could do such resource string concatenation at runtime but defining them statically in the resources would seem so much more elegant and simpler.

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General :: Android Version Identification

Sep 15, 2012

Which Android version runs on my device, if I don't trust the information provided in "build.prop" file. Specifically, how can I be sure I have an ICS and not GB ?

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Android :: Get System Identification Code Of (SID) A Phone In Droid?

Mar 4, 2010

I'd be much obliged for information regarding how can I get the System Identification code of (SID) a phone in android ?

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Android :: 3d Models And Open GL

May 9, 2009

I've managed to get some basic 3d stuff working quite nicely on my Android device. My question is how do you define/create more complicated 3d models? Obivously using int[] arrays of vertices hand written is quite time consuming and error prone. Are there any modelling tools that can be used?

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Android :: Predefined Licensing Models

Oct 25, 2010

As I understand, currently there exist two of them, to relieve devs from implementing their own ones, which are -strict -servermanagedpolicy However, I'm missing a predefined policy that actually is the counterpart to the soon deprecated "copy protection mode", ie one that will check once, and then keeps silent for weeks or even months, instead of harassing users to make an online connection. So, I'd like to request to please add a third predefined policy to cater to our laziness. A policy that is the counterpart to the actual old 'copy protection' thingy. Apart from this I don't really see why an app that has been correctly installed by the market with device-based signature checks and all really needs to be checked every 5 days? Wouldn't that only make sense if the app is sort of subscription-based?

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Android :: Database And Web Service Models

Aug 20, 2010

I'm watching the 2010 Google I/O video on this topic and I have a few questions to make sure I understand properly. Google I/O 2010 - Android REST client applications Please note I also have a very limited understanding of CursorAdapters Right now my application just has a UI layer. I've created an object called DbAdapter using some Google tutorials to create a small database and a table in that database. I've created a class I'm calling DataBroker (extending ContentProvider) to manage retrieving data from the database and calling web services to update data. Scenarios:

1) Suppose I want to display a list of items in my ListActivity. Am I correct in assuming I will write a function in my DataBroker that creates a Cursor to the table in my database that holds those items, fire up a service which launches a thread which calls a web service to get additional items, then return the Cursor to my UI thread? Doing this would likely return the Cursor to my UI thread before the web service finished, but, I'm assuming, once the CursorAdapter has a Cursor, it will automatically show any changes made to that database table, yes?

2) Now I have a list of items in my ListView. Suppose I give the user some functionality to delete an item. The user executes this functionality. It should call a function in my DataBroker which updates the row in my database corresponding to that item, setting the status column to STATE_DELETING (which will remove the row from the ListView because the Cursor has a clause excluding this state), then fire off a service that fires a thread that hits my web service, then deletes the row in the database when finished? Also, suppose I have multiple Activities, am I looking at having a static Cursor for each Activity with a list, grabbing that Cursor in the Activity's onCreate, and if that Cursor is null, hitting my DataBroker?

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Media :: Application For Song Identification After Listening?

Nov 8, 2009

My old verizon phone had such a program from verizon. Does anybody know a app that will ID a song after listening to it for a few seconds?

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General :: Galaxy S4 Notification Bar Icon Identification?

Aug 15, 2013

identify this icon that is constantly on the notification bar of a Galaxy S4?

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Android :: Portrait QWERTY Models Coming Down

Oct 31, 2010

Is there any portrait QWERTY models coming down the stretch besides the already announced...?

I know Motorola have several models (CHARM, DROID PRO, SPICE) but I want an open phone (custom ROMs).

The other current/announced models are basically non-existent.

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Android :: Where To Get AVD Files To Match Various Models Of Phone?

Sep 3, 2010

Is there any place where I can get AVD files to match various models of phone?

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Android : What Is Context For / Save Models In Database?

May 17, 2009

I have just started on a new application that will use SQLite for persistance and Im a bit confused over the usage of a context when utilizing the SQLiteOpenHelper.

I have a base class called Storable, which my models extend if they need to be persisted. i had intended to use a synchronized singleton database adapter, but I can't for the life of me understand how to utilize the SQLiteOpenHelper as it requires a context, which my models don't appear to possess.

I'm aware that I can get around this by not using the SQLOpenHelper - but if this restriction is in place, I would assume its to prevent people creating apps "the wrong way" for android.

What is the best practice way for saving models in the database?

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Motorola Droid :: Any Good Song Identification Program?

Dec 15, 2009

I frequently used Verizons free Song ID app on my old phone and can't find the app for Droid. Does anyone know a good song identification program??

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Motorola Droid X :: VCast - Video And Song Identification

Aug 2, 2010

Is Vcast still available? I wanted to use vcast videos and song id. I'm not sure if its still available on the X.

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Android :: Loading 3D Models - OBJ File Into My Own Model Class

Mar 11, 2009

How are people here loading in their models? I'm just manually parsing a OBJ file into my own model class and drawing that.

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Android :: Same Code & Phone Models - Inconsistent Results

Dec 14, 2009

I recently added a feature to my app that allows the user to send a report via a message chooser (all have chosen gmail) that helps mitigate the fact that I don't have all the physical phones to test on. Execution worked as expected on my G1 and the emulator, however, to my horror as users began sending them in most of them were incomplete! Pseudo-code of what I am doing is as follows: On my phone and the emulator, all of the packages are inserted into the email. However, most of the emails I get, even from the same exact phone model/carrier/OS version, only contain "Text1". Users that have automatic signature insertions even have that at the bottom, so it's not that the email is being cut off somehow, it's that size is apparently 0. That is the only thing I can think of. Every once and a while I will get a full email though. This frightens me because what other APIs run fine in my testing but not user phones? What's going on here?

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General :: What Folder / File Controls Device Identification To Google

Aug 13, 2013

Every time I flash a new ROM on my phone, whether it was my old Galaxy S2 or my current Galaxy S4, Google Play recognizes that it is the same device as before and installs all the apps I previously installed on the phone.

My android stick computer (Minix Neo X5) does not behave this way. Every time I flash a new ROM, regardless of whether it is an official ROM from the developer (Minix) or a custom ROM with CWM, Google Play does not recognize that it is the same device as before and I have to go through the arduous process of installing all previous apps.

Is there a file or folder that I could backup on my stick computer and restore after flashing that will let Google Play recognize it properly? build.prop?

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Android :: Level Of Detail For 3D Terrains / Models In Mobile Devices

Jun 6, 2010

I am planning to develop for WP7 and Android.What is the better way to display (and traverse) 3D scene/models in term of LoD? The data is planned to be island-wide (Singapore).
1) Real-Time Dynamic Level of Detail Terrain Rendering
2) Discrete LoD
3) Others?
And please advice some considerations/algorithms/resources/source codes. something like LoD book also Okay. Side note: I am a beginner in this area but pretty well-versed in C/C++. And I haven't read the LoD book.
Related posts:
- Distant 3D object rendering [games]
- Chris Pruett's 3D benchmark for Android

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Samsung I7500 :: Battery Used In Any Other Models?

Sep 26, 2010

Anyone know if that battery used in the i7500 is the same/interchangeable with batteries used in any other Samsung phone?

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Samsung Moment :: Replacement Phones With Different Models

Sep 13, 2010

I am on my 4th moment in 3 months. At what point do I push them to replace it with a different model? Do I have any basis for asking for a different phone? On the plus side, I might get one that has properly functioning WIFI.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Firmware Recommendation - Best Unofficial Firmware Update To Download

Oct 3, 2010

Pls advise me the best unofficial firmware update to download. Froyo based.

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