Android :: Market 2.12 - Download But Not Install Anything - Can't Update - Installation Failed Notification

Nov 22, 2010

Is anyone else experiencing problems? I'm on a HTC Desire running 2.2 stock Froyo. The only modification I've made is to manually force apps to the SD card. Since Market 2.12 was released I can download but not install anything. I can't update either, it'll download but then immediately bring up an Installation Failed notification.

I have been advised to clear the Market cache and to uninstall the new update but by the time I reload the Market after uninstalling the update, I'm back on 2.12 as it updates automatically.

Has anyone else experiencing similar problems?

Any idea if there's a fix or do I have to wait for Google to sort it out?

Is there anywhere I can report this to Google?

Android :: Market 2.12 - download but not install anything - can't update - Installation Failed notification

Android :: Getting Installation Error - Install Failed Missing Shared Library

Sep 29, 2010

I'm getting an error when trying to use an external jar file to access Forward facing camera in Android. But when we try to load, i get error ""Installation error: INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY" on my console window of myeclipse.
when i saw a log file, the error was "unavailable shared library com.sprint.hardware.twinCamDevice"

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HTC EVO 4G :: Trying To Update - Installation Failed

Oct 20, 2010

I am sitting here trying to get my phone back to the way it came out of the box. Now I rooted it a month or so back and cant remember how I did it. So I am reading along and doing all these methods and not one of them seemed to work for me. I think I am making some progress though. Before I used to have an app called super user. In the midst of all these things I was doing it is now gone. I formatted the sd card and put the factory original backup back on there.

But now I go to update (to 3.29.651.5) and it wont let me. When I click on the update it says it going to restart and then it takes me to the recovery screen saying that It has been aborted. It says.....
Build : RA-evo-v1.7.0.2
Finding update package...
Opening update package...
Verifying update package...
E: No signature (206 files)
E: Verification failed
Installation aborted

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Android :: Market - Apps Dont Even Start To Download - Installation Unsuccessful

Aug 25, 2010

So over the past few days the apps ive tried to download dont even start to download, I then turn my phone off and back on again and they start to download, then start to install, but just as i think its done i get a notification saying ''Installation unsuccessful''.

I have 14MB of phone memory left so ive constantly got the low on space icon in the notification bar but i have ample space for the certain apps i wish to download. Have i without realising fiddled with a certain setting or something?

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Android :: How To Fix Market Download Failed?

Mar 10, 2010

Since a couple of days I get the error "download has failed" when I download an app from the market. Doesn't matter using 2g, 3G or wifi. I've searched this forum and found some similar threads with possible solutions, but nothing seems to work.

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HTC Desire : Download From App Market Failed

Aug 15, 2010

Up Until two days ago the market app worked fine then for no apparent reason now only goes as far as starting download and goes no further. I have enen tried a factory reset losing everything but it still wont download anything. This is the same over wifi or 3g. Any one got any ideas? Does yours still work?

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HTC Hero : CoPilot Download Failed / Way To Install?

Apr 13, 2010

I tried to download CoPilot to my hero, I got as far as adding all my details and the credit card details. After I clicked the buy now button it greyed out and nothing happened. What now?? And will I be charged? I checked my bank to see if there was a payment taken but nothing so far.

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Android :: Failed To Install SDK Update

Jul 30, 2010

I'm trying to update my SDK but every time I get this same warning dialog:
-= Waning! =- A folder failed to be renamed or moved.
The folder is <ANDROID_SDK>/tools. I searched for help in this group about this error and found some answers. But none of them worked for me. Looking at Process Explorer tool I found that the problem is the "java.exe" that is keeping several JAR file handles opened in that directory. Closing the handles hangs the "java.exe". What can I do? I am stuck in this step.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Failed To Download And Install Applications

Oct 12, 2010

it keep failed to download and install apps on my phone.?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Download Failed In Andriod Market

Nov 9, 2010

The last couple of days I have been unable to download anything from the marketplace. It is also impossible to update the apps I already downloaded.I can open and start the download, but after a few minutes the phone reports that the download failed.Any suggestions for solving this problem?

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General :: Ideos S7 Slim - Download Failed From Play Market

Jul 10, 2012

Having trouble with the Ideos S7. It is not downloading any apps from the play market. Keep giving me an error "download failed". Also not downloading email attachments.

I've tried a factory reset, but no luck.

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Android :: Market - One Application - Titanium Backup - Has Appearantly Failed An Update

Oct 17, 2010

Hi. My Android market does the following strange thing. One application (Titanium backup) has appearantly failed an update, because when I open market, this application is always on top under downloads saying "Installing". I've powered down the phone, but to no avail, no matter what, this application is "locked" in a state of Installing - which means I can't uninstall and re-install, and I can't update, because Market will not let me do anything else with this application than displaying "Installing" and nothing else happens.

Can I get out this application lock on Market, or do I have to wait for the next firmware update? I Use SE X10.

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Android :: App Download / Install Count - Market Glitch?

Jun 12, 2010

I have couple of apps (billboard100 and xmplayer) that had been reaching download/installs of 10k/9k+ and 9k/6k respectively. This morning the counts dropped to 1k/1k and 5k/3k. How is that possible?

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HTC Tattoo :: Can Download App From Android Market / Install It On Phone

Oct 23, 2010

Hello i am new owner of htc tatto, i want to download some apps and games for my phone but i didnt know does i can that without google account,Does I can to download same apps (apps from android market) on the internet and install it on my phone with htc syns or i must to download it from android market on my phone.. ???

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Android :: App Run Automatically After Completion Of Download / Install From Droid Market?

Apr 20, 2010

Is it possible for an application to run automatically after completion of download/install from android market (Similar to First Run Run after installation in Symbian OS).

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HTC EVO 4G :: Not Been Able To Download Or Install Items From Market

Sep 20, 2010

Has anyone (besides myself) not been able to download or install items from the Market lately? I'm using Fresh 3.2 w/ the stock kernel

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HTC Tattoo :: Download And Install Of Apps From Market

Nov 17, 2009

been trying to download and install a couple of apps last night and this afternoon but they are getting stuck on the "starting download screen"? Is this an issue with my device or an android market issue - ive rebooted my phone, cancelled the downloads then restarted but they always get stuck on the "starting download" screen?

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Android :: Installation Of Updates Failed

Aug 22, 2010

lately i've been receiving reports of failed updates (e.g. myTouch 3G, HTC Incredible) for my app. After the 'failed' update, they're saying they're able to launch the app only from the Open button in the Market, but not from the app icon. Is this happening to other devs too?

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Android :: Re-installation Failed Due To Different App Signatures / How To Fix?

Apr 14, 2009

Out put by eclipse: CODE:.. adb uninstall say Failure.

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Android :: Install And Update - App From My Own Website And Not Market

Oct 1, 2010

Is is possible for me to publish an android app on my own website and not use android market. The app is for use with our internet software services and is therefor only in the interest of our existing clients.

The second questions is, can I install updates to my app after it is installed or would I have to use the market to accomplish that task?

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Android :: Re-installation Failed Due To Different Application Signatures

May 22, 2010

I moved my Android project to a laptop and now I get this when I hit Debug. Sounds like this is a bug? This shouldn't happen via Eclipse as far as I know. Re-installation failed due to different application signatures. The weirdest thing is this happened after I upgraded sdk/adt and Eclipse to support SDK 2.2 It was working fine earlier, and now it doesn't, so it might be a bug.

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General :: Android 2.3.5 - It Always Shows Installation Failed?

Mar 11, 2014

My phone (Cherry Mobile Bubble Android 2.3.5) was rooted before through Mobogenie's One Click Root. I don't have any problem my apps gaining root access. But i can't do software update, so i thought that's because of being rooted. So I did permanent root at SuperSU settings, and I have successfully updated my phone. But when I rooted my phone again, I can't gain root access through SuperSu. It always shows "Installation failed". I do have an update zip file on my sd cards root. But to no avail.

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HTC Incredible :: Handcent Update Always Trying To Download In Market

Sep 1, 2010

Market always tells me there's a handcent update. I think I may have shut my rooted 2.2 Incredible down during an update or something.

Now it is always showing "Downloading"

If I hit cancel download I get a Market FC. I uninstalled handcent, went to reinstall it, and the only button Ii have is still "Cancel Download" even though I uninstalled Handcent.

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Samsung EPIC 4G :: Installation Of The OTA Failed?

Sep 17, 2010

I just received the OTA and selecteded the install now option. Immediately the phone went into recovery mode and tried to install it but it failed. I retried while still in recovery and it failed again. Is this happening because I'm rooted?

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HTC Incredible :: Gmail 2.3 In Market - Cannot Install Or Update

Sep 21, 2010

So I randomly noticed today that Gmail 2.3 is available in the market, which is the highest version I've seen anywhere. It shows up in my list of downloads, but doesn't show as 'Installed.' I'm currently running 2.2.1 on rooted Inc.

When I click install, it says that it is unsuccessful. Do I need to remove 2.2.1 first, and then try to install? It doesn't give the "update" option. Just want to make sure uninstalling 2.2.1 won't cause any issues.

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Samsung Moment :: Unable To Download From Market After 2.1 Update

May 15, 2010

After upgrading my Moment to 2.1, I can no longer download apps from Android Market. I can select to download an app, it says starting download, then quickly indicates "download unsuccessful." Prior to my upgrade it was working fine. All my account info is as it was before and has properly synced etc.

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General :: Google Play Market - Can't Download Or Update

Aug 3, 2013

I have a problem with my Google play market...I can't download or update saying error occurred.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Unable To Download And Update Free Apps From Android Market

Nov 1, 2010

I am unable to download and update free apps from the Android Market on my Xperia X10 since the last 15-20 days. Can anyone help me with this problem? I am facing a lot of issues due to non-availability of many already installed apps and also I am unable to download and use new apps.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Unable To Download Or Update Any Apps From Android Market

Oct 29, 2010

Updated software today on x10 mini pro now unable to download or update any apps from android market any one had similar problems?

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HTC Hero :: Google Maps 4.6 Installation Failed

Oct 28, 2010

Just found Google Maps 4.6 on Market. But tried several times and all failed on installation with just the notification "Installation unsuccessful". Download seems completed and the message was prompted a while after installation started. I'm using VR12.

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