Android : How Can Create Dynamic Views?

May 19, 2009

I am creating one quiz application, for question page i have created one view by using Linear layout in that i have added four TextAreas, first TextArea for question and reaming three are for answer cell. so now, when user select the answer cell i want to show next question screen for that i am thinking of creating new view. means some questions may have two answers so i want to create that at run time. how to create new view at run time ? and how to switch for new view.

Android : How can create dynamic views?

Android :: How To Make Use Of Views Defined In Layout XML File As Template To Create Views Programmatic Way

Feb 28, 2010

I want to populate a table, defined in layout xml file through the programmatic way. I have define Table with a single row defining its header, with all the attributes set. Now i want to know a way so that i can just replicate that header row in the table with new content.

I tried using inflator inflate(int,view) method, but at runtime it showed up with error.

Here is the XML code for the layout file defining the table


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Android :: Keep Dynamic Views Focused Through An Orientation Change?

Nov 9, 2010

If I have a layout with lots of EditText views in a LinearLayout and the user focuses the third one down and flips out the keyboard to start typing, the entire layout is destroyed and recreated through the activity lifecycle. When everything is done, however, the third EditText is given focus again and the user never knows that anything happened and types away.

I am creating a similar layout, but due to the nature of my data, I have to dynamically create the list of EditTexts, mixed with some other views. The default layout has one EditText at the top, a ScrollView with a LinearLayout child (which will be filled with EditTexts later), and some action buttons at the bottom. I fill the LinearLayout with all the EditText fields I need (based on extras passed via intent).

This part works quite well, but the way the activty handles Runtime Configuration changes is broken now (from a UI perspective). Now if the user focuses the third EditText (which was dynamically created via new EditText()) and flips out the keyboard, the layout is destroyed and recreated, but focus is always given to the permanent EditText at the top of the screen.

Is there something I need to do when adding my dynamic views to make sure they can keep focus through orientation changes? is there a way I can work around the issue and force focus to be given to the last view that had it before the change?

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Android :: Dynamic Views Focused Through Orientation Change In Android?

Nov 9, 2010

I have an activity with an EditText on top and a ScrollView with a LinearLayout inside it. The LinearLayout is populated in the onCreate method with a set of dynamic views based on an object passed with the initiating Intent. This is typically a set of EditTexts. The result is a list of EditTexts each corresponding to a different piece of data (and the dataset being edited is quite variable, so the list needs to be created dynamically like this).

The problem is, when one of these views has focus, and the orientation changes (say the user flips out the keyboard to type), the focus snaps to the EditText at the very top of the Activity. This is certainly undesired behavior as the user didn't intend to type in the top EditText when he/she flipped out the keyboard.
How can I dynamically create my list of views like this and not have this undesirable focus changing behavior?

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Android :: Create Dynamic Graph

Jul 21, 2010

i have to create a dynamic graph in android.

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Android : How To Create Dynamic Tables?

Sep 4, 2010

Does anyone of you know how to create dynamic Tablelayouts? On my Emulator Android just shows nothing.

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Android : How Can Create Dynamic Controls?

Jan 23, 2010

I am trying to create a screen with some dynamic controls, well radio buttons to be precise purely for learning purposes. I have managed to add the radio button by referencing the radio group in the main.xml file.

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Android :: Create Dynamic View With Droid?

Apr 25, 2010

I'm stuck on a problem and if possible I will need help from the community. I'm not looking for a ready-made solution, but something which would help me to produce the result.

I'm looking for a way to produce a dynamic activity based on a JSONArray object.
Here an example of a JSONArray object:

[ { "name": "my checkbox name",
"type": "checkbox",
"value": "one,two,three"
{ "name": "my edit text",
"type": "text",
"value": ""}...]

This JSONArray could be totally random. It could have 2 text views, 3 select menus, 1 text view and so on.

The goal is to iterate over this JSONArray and create the appropriate elements within my android code.

To produce the result I've thought of a simple switch which would render one by one my different JSONArray to an android widget.

But after that how could I have access of every property of every widget rendered?

Edit: I need as well to assign an event listener on some widget as taking the GPS coordinated...

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Android : Need To Create Dynamic ArrayAdapter / Spinner

Sep 14, 2010

I need to create an ArrayAdapter and a Spinner that are totally dynamic and have nothing to do with the layout file.

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Android :: Create Dynamic Context Menu Options

Jun 17, 2010

Is it possible to create a dynamic context menu in android? What I mean is, for example, if I have a list of items, that can be in two states: "read" and "unread". I want to be able to bring up a context menu with an option of "Mark as Read" for the unread items, and "Mark as Unread" for the read items.....

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Android :: Way To Create Dynamic Preferences For A Variable Number Of Profiles In App

Aug 22, 2010

I am looking for a way to create dynamic preferences where I don't need to hard code the preference key and I could have a variable number of preferences. Basically, my application will let the user create a multiple number of profiles and each of these profiles will save custom values for a fixed number of preferences. So this way, the user does not have to change the preferences every time he wants this app to run differently, he can just switch the profile. One way I think will work is by subclassing all the standard Preference classes and calling their setKey method with my custom preference key, containing the profile name, but this is ugly. So is there a cleaner and more standards compliant way to do this?

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Android :: Way To Create Proportional Views?

Jun 29, 2010

I want to create a full-screen page that looks like this:

| -------- --------------------------- |
|| || TextView ||
|| | --------------------------- |
|| Image | ----------------- -------- |
|| View || || ||
|| || TextView || ||
|| || || Image ||
|| || || View ||
| -------- ----------------- | ||
| --------------------------- | ||
|| TextView || ||
| --------------------------- -------- |

where each ImageView takes up at most 20% of the parent layout's width.

Primary question: Really...what is the best way to do this? After hours of searching, the best idea I can come up with is to get the screen's width and simply set the views' widths to be a max of 20% of that. However, this intuitively does not seem like a best-practice solution. (Eg. if the application wasn't running in full screen, this solution wouldn't work.) A LinearLayout won't work with the way the page is laid out (appears I have to use a RelativeLayout). And I think it would be preferable to set the views' widths based on the parent view's width (as opposed to the screen's width), but I'm not clear on how to do that either, because at the time that I'm trying to set up the widths of my children views, parentView.getWidth() returns 0. Does anyone have any good, clean solutions for how to create a page as shown above?

Secondary question: Does anyone know how to wrap text around images as shown above? After still more hours of searching, I couldn't find a solution for this; seems like you need to stitch together a couple of TextViews. Is there a better way that I'm missing?

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Android :: Create Customized Views For AppWidgets?

Jan 22, 2010

There is a given set of predefinied Views that can be used in layouts for AppWidgets. How can a customized View added to this list?

The minimum requirement is that the class is annotated with RemoteView. What else is necessary to be acceptable as view in the layout.xml?

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Android :: Create Views At Run Time And Efficiently?

Mar 18, 2010

I have a case where I have add to listview textview based on no of messages.

1) I am doing like this for.


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Android :: Create Multiply Views Screen?

May 23, 2010

I want to create an activity, which shows a question with 4 answers, and at the bottom of the screen i want to place a timer. i have already found timer example, and i created a question with the answers. the problem that they are 2 different projects and activities, and i am looking for the best way to implement it. i think i can't show 2 activities on one screen, but i can show 2 views or shell i use the ViewGroup, or maybe to copy-paste one of the activities code to another ( its the easiest way but probably the most ugliest way to implement it).

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Android :: Create Custom Text Views?

Oct 2, 2010

I am parsing the url to display the contents in it, my requirement i have to display the each content in separate textviews.

For Instance: Let us assume the contents in that url are FootBall, Carom , chess, VolleyBall and so on . I want to display FootBall as a individual textview similarly others. so i cannot declare the textviews in xml what i usually do.


So i planned to create textview via java code

This is my parsing code which parse the url contents and store the result in a string array namely san_tagname; depending upon the length of this variable i want to create number of textviews.


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Android :: Generate / Create Ids For Views That Are Created Dynamically?

Oct 15, 2010

I am trying to dynamically create a interface using a relative layout. I would like to align different views with each other and am finding the need to know the id of a previously created view so that I can use them in subsequent layout params.

Is there a preferred or best way to generate or create ids for views that are created dynamically?

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Android :: Views And Their Child Views - How To Avoid The Ugly - Boxes - When Child Views In A View Has Another Color Than Background

Jan 6, 2010

I have a simple ListView and on that ListView I have placed a number of custom defined Views. The CustomView has ImageView and two TextViews.

The CustomView also has a "stateful drawable" as background, so that the background image (a 9-patch) changes if you press the Row in the ListView. When pressing the Row, the background image changes to a Red-ish thing.

The problem is that when the background changes from the default greyish, all the Views in the CustomView (ImageView and TextViews) still have their greyish background and thus creates very ugly greay boxes on top of the now redish background.

What is the best way to solve that problem? I hoped that such things were handled automatically (as it is done in for example .NET), but I was wrong it seems.

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Android :: How Can Update The All The Views Inside A TabHost When Pressing On A ContextMenu Item From Within One Of The Views

Nov 16, 2010

I am implementing a music player application in Android. My play list selection screen is implemented as a tab selector widget which contains a ListActivity inside each of the tabs: Artist, Albums, Songs.
I want to update the ListView in each of the ListActivity when I delete an item from any of the lists.

i.e. When I long press an item in the Artists list a context menu is drawn with "Delete Artist"
And it should delete all the songs from this artist in the Songs ListView, delete all the albums by this artist in the Albums ListView, and finally delete the entry for the artist in the Artist ListView.

Each of the ListActivity has its own fillData() method, which updates the ListView when the button in the context menu is pressed.

How can I call the fillData() method of the Albums ListActivity after I update the ListView inside of the Artists ListActivity?

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Android :: Switching Views With RadioButton And Saving Views In Bundle

Mar 6, 2010

I have the following XML code:.................

The idea is to change the views, whenever I press one of the radio buttons. When I press a button the first time everything works out fine, but the second time I press a button, I get an IllegalStateException, and I can't quite see why I'm getting this.

Also, the Activity seems to set all my global variables to null, which is why I have to create them every time I switch from portrait to landscape or vice versa. So I would like to know if there is a way I can save my views in the Bundle, or any other way in which I can permanently save my views, so I don't have to add or create them every time, I flip the phone. And whenever I flip the phone, it seems that it rereads the main XML file, causing the RadioGroup to be set to 2D even if the 3D button is checked. This is because I've said the 2D button to be checked from when the app is first created, but I would like to also save the state of that RadioGroup.

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Android :: How To Align Views In The Middle Of Another Views Baseline

Jun 16, 2010

How do you align views relative to the "middle" part of another view? I think it is best explained with a pic of the UI I'm trying to create in android.

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Android :: Do Root Views Of An Activity In Android Have Any Prior Knowledge Of The Child Views That Will Be Loaded Into Them

Jan 25, 2010

Is there any way to query a root view of an activity for all of its child views even before the root view or its children have been inflated? I guess what I'm looking for is whether a view knows ahead of time what children it will have before it gets inflated, and can I get that list in some way. Bizarre I realize, but I think it will help me with some unconventional automation testing I'm working on. I haven't found anything in the API like this.

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Android :: Programmatically Add Views To Views

Mar 7, 2010

Let's say I have a LinearLayout, and I want to add a View to it, in my program from the Java code. What method is used for this? I'm not asking how it's done in XML, which I do know, but rather, how can I do something along the lines of (One View).add(Another View) Like one can do in Swing.

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Android : Need Dynamic Classes App

May 18, 2009

I am writing a app, which has sort of plugin framework. public abstract class AbstractService {public abstract AbstractService getInstance(String name)..

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Android :: Persistance Of Dynamic Objects

Aug 7, 2009

I am new to this android stuff and SQLlite etc.I am going to log some numbers at a certain interval, and will put them into a dynamic histogram, by dynamic i mean that there will be a maximum number of samples in the histogram, the histogram and age stuff should be persisted either in db or plain file.For simplicity, I would like the samples to be stored in a blob type datafield, but i cannot se if this is possible. Alternative i could have another table with the samples Or I could simply have files with filename = name and content = concern might be unclear by now, but put simply, what is most effecient regarding power usage?

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Android :: Dynamic Widget Size

May 18, 2009

I define once in my /xml/widget.xml the minwidth. but what can i do when I need to inflate different sizes from my widget layouts for 1 one my 3 widgets thats fine, but the last 2 widgets would just need one icon size, so they always need the width of 2 icons. also when I make minwidth smaller.. it fits with the other 2 widgets but the large widget come cutted.How to solve that. I cant believe to create a total new receiver and a new /xml/widget2.xml just for another size?!

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Android :: TextView Dynamic Size

Jan 22, 2010

I want to create a TextView that will stretch the width of the screen and use a textsize that will keep the text on one line and fill the width. So bigger words would be smaller fontsize and smaller words would be bigger font size. I tried digging around in the docs under TextView but could not find what I needed.

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Android :: ArrayAdapter Of Dynamic Size

Oct 19, 2010

I need a gallery to be able to hold up to thirty custom views. These views need to added or removed whenever, they also need to be able to be display in a display bow beneath the gallery. How do I do this?I looked at the doc file for arrayadapter but it requires me to use a reference Id for each view I add, but each view is all java coded. Should I just use setId upon creation of the view and just throw that id into the array adapter, or is there a way to create one without using resource id's?

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Android :: Dynamic View High

Oct 27, 2010

I'm trying make a View that divide the screen in three sections. The first section should be 200dip high, the third section should be 50 dip high and the middle section should take the remaining place in the middle. Is there any way to implement it? I tried some ways but either it doesn't work or the app crashed.

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Android :: Dynamic Pin Overlays In MapView

Oct 29, 2009

I've been reading the (shoddy) documentation for the Google Maps API (MapActivity et al), and I think I have roughly worked out how it works. It seems that if you want to add a marker overlay you can use ItemizedOverlay easily, but you have to add all your markers at once. There doesn't seem to be any way to remove them.

What I want to do is query markers from an online database as the user pans around (in the same way the actual map tiles are fetched). Is there a simple way to do this?

As far as I can tell I need to subclass Overlay and implement the draw method, but where is the best place to put the code that fetches new markers when the map is panned? There doesn't seem to be an onMapChanged() method anywhere. My best guess is MapController.onKey() but that seems wrong.

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