Android :: Easy Tether Lite VS Easy Tether

Aug 20, 2010

Looking for reasons to purchase the full version. Just drove from SE VA to DC, and had the tether all the way up I95, without any problems.
Any reasons anyone can give me for purchasing the full $10 version?

Android :: Easy Tether Lite VS Easy Tether

HTC EVO 4G :: Xbox Live Using Easy Tether Lite

Jun 24, 2010

So currently I am addicted to COD MW2.I am using the ethernet cable and my connection is from router to the system. I am wanting to cancel my my question is how do I set it up using my evo and a usb connection.i can root just no real desire to do so and I am not against paying for the app if it will work for me. do I just plug in my evo via usb and work with the internet settings on the system...has any one done this with real success?

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Android :: Easy Tether Set Up On Samsung Moment

Apr 8, 2010

I got it to work on my htc hero without a problem but I'm trying to get it on my girls samsung moment and its giving me hell.Does any one have some simple steps for installation? I know it has something to do with samsung PC studio but she is currently out of town and I'm trying to help her over the phone. Any help will be appreciated as well as suggestions on another app that works better than Easy tether.Is the paid version worth it?

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HTC Hero :: Easy Tether Work On Mac OS?

Jul 7, 2010

Does anyone know if the Easy Tether works on a Mac?:

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Samsung Fascinate :: How To Gey Easy Tether To Work?

Oct 7, 2010

I have downloaded easy tether on my phone and my computer and I can't seem to get it to work. i have also downloaded the samsung drivers. It keeps saying that it is not connected.

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Samsung Moment :: Easy Tether Not Functioning

May 27, 2010

I have 4 phones for my company. 2 HTC Heroes and 2 Samsung Moments.I setup both phones on my 2 pc's and laptops.Both phones worked great.Now only the Heroes are working with Easy Tether.I have loaded and reloaded the Samsung drivers. This problem occurred in the last few days.Sometimes the Samsung are recognized as "Legacy USB's".The Moments are supposed to be backup phones.I have not upgraded to the Full Easy Tether until I can get the problems 100% resolved.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Easy Tether Not Working On 2.1

May 22, 2010

I just installed the official 2.1 version from Sprint. For some reason Easy Tether is no longer working on 2.1, but PDANet works. Anyone else having the same problem?

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Easy Tether And Windows 7

Oct 26, 2010

I have 2 galaxy S phones from T-Mobile, and have Easy Tether installed on both.My wife's Dell Inspriron laptop uses Windows XP, and she has no problems on the tethering.internet access is great.My Dell XPS laptop has Windows 7, and when I open Easy Tether my display goes all funky and loses definition.colors get screwed up, and everything gets very tough to read etc.If I use my phone with my wife's lap problem, so I assume that my laptop has something that's fighting with Easy tether.Can anyone tell me what I can do to fix this?I need help!

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Motorola Droid :: Cant Install Pdanet Or Easy Tether On Laptop

Jun 6, 2010

have xp on laptop, but cant get either program to successfully install.

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Motorola Droid :: Easy Tether Slapped With Unauthorized Usage Charges?

Sep 15, 2010

For those that use the Easy Tether apps w/Verizon, has anyone been slapped with unauthorized usage charges? I hate seeing these disclaimers.

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Samsung Behold 2 :: Easy Tether / Unable To Connect To Gmail And Facebook

Jul 28, 2010

I'm using Easy Tether right now to post this, yet it will not connect to Facebook, or Gmail and Google Voice, PicasaWeb, or other Google products, aside from Gqueues.If I connect this laptop through any wireless connection (my home network or multiple public wifi hotspots) it has no problems seeing those sites.Ideas?

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Samsung Moment :: How To Run Tether Lite On Phone?

Jul 20, 2010

I'm trying to run the tether lite on my girl's samsung moment and can't get it to work but my htc hero was a piece of pie to work and i hate reading directions?

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HTC EVO 4G :: EasyTether Lite Downloaded - Make It Tether To Galaxy Tab?

Nov 24, 2010

Ok its downloaded and works between my EVO and my Mac but how can I make it tether to my Galaxy Tab ? I thought I had read some where that I would be able to and yes I have been searching.

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Android :: Barnicle Wifi Tether And Wireless Tether

Sep 26, 2010

I am having issues getting the 2 wifi tethering programs to work correctly. I just rooted for the firstt time today. Both programs start up correctly and allow me to enable to wifi tethering but I can't get any device to see the wifi connection they are creating. I have tried both scanning for the network and trying to manually connect to it by typing in the SSID but I can't get any device to see the network. I am using a Droid X with the official 2.2 update rooted.

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Motorola Droid X :: Wireless Tether And Barnacle Wifi Tether Doesnt Work After 2.2 Leak

Aug 23, 2010

wireless tether and barnacle wifi tether doesnt work after 2.2 leak.

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Samsung Fascinate :: Wifi Tether Or PDAnet USB Tether - Which Is Faster

Sep 12, 2010

Why does it seem to me that using my 54mbps wireless adapter with WIFI tether on my fascinate seems faster (and gets better speed tests) over connecting to USB2.0 over PDAnet? shouldn't USB connection be faster?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Phone As Modem Tether Vs Wifi Tether

Jul 28, 2010

When connecting my Evo to a computer, there is an "Internet Sharing" option. I am curious to know, does this cost extra monthly? I know the wifi tether is the extra $30 a month, but will this charge me the same?

I only have interest in rooting my phone if it's the only way to share internet with my Netbook. Wifi isn't all that important to me, and seeing as I've completely and utterly failed at doing the Unrevoked method for rooting... I'm hoping I won't actually have to root my phone after all.

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Android :: Easy Way Of Getting Source Code?

Dec 16, 2009

Is there an easy way of getting the Android source code? More than anything else, I just want to be able to look at the source for some of the standard apps, such as the Android Market, Contacts, etc. I took a look at, but I don't see an easy way of getting the source I'm looking for.

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Android :: Easy Way To Switch Between Tasks?

Aug 19, 2010

New to Motorola droid. I was wondering if there is a shortcut to show you what apps/tasks you have running, and allows you to easily switch between them? Currently, I just hit the home button to get out of one app/task and then switch to the screen with the app I want, and click on the app/task. I imagine there is an easier way via a key or shortcut that will pop up my open apps and allow me to choose which one to go to. I figure with all the talk of the droid being a multitasker, I figure there would be an easy way to switch between tasks.

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Android :: Testing Using Easy Mock

Mar 26, 2009

Can EasyMock be used with Android SDK to test my code? I integrated EasyMock Class Extension to one of my test case to mock an object operates on SQLite db. When executing my test case I got the following exception when setUp() is called: Code...

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Android :: Easy And Fast XML Parser

Jul 12, 2010

Can anyone tell me the easy and fastest XML Parser?

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Android :: Easy Call Forwarding App

Aug 4, 2009

Is anybody aware of an "Easy Call Forwarding" type app that allows you to setup call forwarding with one click or something similar? I have a PAYG SIM Card in my car which I use for handsfree and travelling a lot, get really frustrated with having to go through the phone menus to set up call forwarding to the PAYG number everytime I get in my car. Some kind of Call Forwarding Profile or toggle app would be really useful....

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Android :: Easy One Inverse Preference Dependency?

May 22, 2009

I have a preference where I'd like to toggle the state of a preference depending on the state of a checkbox. This works wonderfully if I want something visible when it's checked.However I want another preference to be visible when it's NOT checked.Is there a way to specify "android:dependency= !"pref_server_active" or android:dependency= NOT("pref_server_active") ?

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Android :: Easy Way To Link Facebook Contacts To EVO?

Aug 3, 2010

Is there a easy to link all my facebook contacts to evo then doing one at a time?

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General :: Easy Way To Convert MS Word Doc To Android App?

Aug 21, 2012

I have just made 2 books, I have them in PDF and MS Word.

I am looking for some type of converter so I can add them to the Google Play Store, is there such a thing for that?

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General :: Android 4.2 - Easy Way To Answer Call

Nov 5, 2013

Is there any easy way to answer a call? I just got my first android (4.2) phone and find it a complicated procedure to answer calls.

When I get an incoming call I get a white phone symbol which I have to press and hold to get the red and green phone symbols to appear and to answer a call the timing has to be exact as if I release the white phone symbol before I have started the slide to answer it fails and I find it about impossible to reject a call with this method.

I thought there might be some setting to alter this like the lock screen but can't find anything.

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Easy Menu For App

Feb 11, 2012

I'm new to android development and I want to create a menu for my app. The problem is that when I search for instructions, they all want to talk about what to do when the user presses the menu button which is not what I'm looking for.

The user would load my app and be presented with something pretty much identical to this.I have one of the three parts coded and working just fine, but in the end I want the user to choose between the three options instead of stacking the three parts vertically on one screen.

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Android :: App (easy.go) Doesn't Show Up On Phone Market

Nov 11, 2010

We've upgraded yesterday our App (easy.go) on the Android Market and after that we have got several messages from HTC Tattoo and Sony Ericsson XPeria mini users, that they can't see application on Android Market. We are not you using Copy Protection when uploading to the market, so I guess, it couldn't be a problem. The first assumption is that the problem was because of small screens. I took a look in manifest.xml. There is written: Code...

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Android :: Easy Switch Color Scheme Application

Aug 3, 2010

How would you implement different color themes in your app?All I can see now is plain set color onCreate every activity and control.Also, how would you store different color schemes in xml? Just an entries of with different names?

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Android :: SDK 1.1 Support An Easy Way To Know What Network Data Is Sent / Received?

Feb 12, 2009

Does SDK 1.1 support an easy way for me to know what network data is sent/received?

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