Android :: DDMS Not Display Program Data On Device

Jun 23, 2010

Can we view the database of Emails on Device through DDMS ? How ever i can see and access the database of SMS on Emulator through DDMS.

Android :: DDMS not display program data on Device

Android :: Can't View Device Data Using DDMS / Way To See That Like On Emulator?

Sep 23, 2010

I have just started testing my application on a real device. Why can't I see my application data on the device using DDMS like I can on the emulator?

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Android :: Display Data In Internal Storage And Device Memory

Jun 25, 2010

How to read and display the data stored in the Internal Storage-private data on the device memory.

String input=(inputBox.getText().toString());
String FILENAME = "hello_file"; //this is my file name
FileOutputStream fos; try {
fos = openFileOutput(FILENAME, Context.MODE_PRIVATE);
fos.write(input.getBytes()); //input is got from on click button
fos.close(); } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
e.printStackTrace(); } catch (IOException e) {
} try { fos1= openFileInput (FILENAME);
} catch (FileNotFoundException e) {}
outputView.setText(fos1./*I don't know what goes here*/);

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Android :: Can DDMS Show The Line The Program Failed

Dec 26, 2009

I think I must be missing something really basic here, but if my program dies, DDMS doesn't tell me which line it died on - all the stack references are inside the Android source code giving "source not found" errors.

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Android :: Can't See Device In DDMS / Way To View

Apr 15, 2010

I have Windows XP and use Eclipse v3.4.1.

Under Device Manager I see Android Phone -> Android Composite ADB Interface when my Nexus One is plugged into the computer (Disk drives - > HTC Android Phone USB Device when my myTouch is plugged in), so I

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Android :: Ddms Unable To Recognize Device

Dec 8, 2009

I have a G1 and Windows 7. I just install the new sdk-r04 windows usb driver and java SE 1.6.0_17. I tried to start ddms and nothing. When i enter "adb devices" im getting this: List of devices attached completely empty. C:UsersRoy>adb get-state unknown.

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Android :: Interpret Device State Dump From DDMS?

Sep 8, 2009

Is there any documentation describing the various sections of "dump device state" output from DDMS?

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Android :: DDMS Doesn't Show Process List On Device

Oct 15, 2009

I have two phones, one running 1.5 and the other on 1.6. When I connect the 1.6 device via usb, DDMS recognizes it and in the top-left pane shows: HT842....... | Online | 1.6, debug

It then lists the individual processes, I can select them and use various tools like allocation tracker.

But when I connect the 1.5 device, DDMS recognizes it but shows: HT95A....... | Online | 1.5

But it does not show any of the processes on the device, so I am not able to do use allocation tracker and such. The sysinfo tab works, and I can monitor logcat with filter and such in the bottom pane.

What am I missing here? Obviously the 1.5 device has USB debugging enabled. Why does it not show 'debug' in DDMS? I'm using SDK 1.5_r2 on linux (Ubuntu 9.04), if that makes a difference.

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Android :: DDMS Not Showing Threads From Device / Need To Change Particular Setting In Eclipse?

May 22, 2010

I'd like to check for memory leaks in my Android app using the DDMS feature in Eclipse. When I launch an emulated device, the threads display properly for the emulated device, starting with 8600 and up.

However, when I connect my Droid to the PC, the device shows up just fine in DDMS. The logcat is generated correctly, and I can view the file structure. However, threads do not display. I get "no client selected" in the Threads pane, and there is no drop-down icon next to the device listing.

Do I need to change some particular setting in Eclipse? Is this maybe a driver issue?

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Android :: Using DDMS To Send Mock Gps Location Data

Mar 5, 2009

I encountered with a problem when I use DDMS to send mock gps location data . I checked out the source code of Android and make the latest version.Then put my test apk file of gps to the emulator and start DDMS, but when I use Emulator Control of DDMS to manually Button to send mock location data it says no GPS emulation in this virtual device. But the same apk file works fine in the SDK 1.0

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Android :: Display The Rotating Progress Before Display The Data

Oct 30, 2010

I am dispalying some data by using sqlite .when i click on one button data come from database. It takes some time. At that time the screen is black .At that time I want to display the rotating spinner before the data dispaly.

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Android :: Droid Program To Display Rout Between Two Locations?

Aug 6, 2010

Does anyone know how to do google map program in android by inputing two location's name and now one can see the rout between them

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Android :: Approach To Program A Mobile Website For Any Device

May 6, 2010

My wish is to know how I can program a mobile website, that fit to all mobile phones.

Are there any special approaches to recognize a device and render the code according to it?

Which tools and coding languages are required?

My first thought was to hold the website in XML, which would be parsed depending on the device.

You have to consider old phones, even devices with only wap support.

For example: The mobile website has to recognize Nokia N75 and render/send the code that looks optimal for this device. Same thing with an iPhone or a Motorola Razr.

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Android :: Program Flow When Rotating Device With Two Activities

Aug 13, 2010

My first activity is creating a second activity within its onCreate:


The second activity has EditText views for the username and password along with submit and cancel buttons. When either button is pushed, the text from username and password is sent back to activity one (via onActivityResult), which connects to a server to see if the username is available. While connecting to the server showDialog is used to show a ProgressDialog. When the server responds, the ProgressDialog is dismissed and an AlertDialog is shown. This works fine as long as the device is not rotated.

Here's the problem: if the user rotates the device from within the second activity and pushes submit, the first activity re-invokes its onCreate, which ends up launching the second activity again since the username and password are still null.

Does anyone have any suggestions to get around this?

Is there a method that could be used to pass data from activity-2 to activity-1's onCreate? I wouldn't want to use a database in this case, as that seems like overkill.

I've thought about containing the server communication and dialogs to activity 2, but then I'd have duplicate server code in activity 1 and activity 2 (activity 1 connects to the server for other things too). Another issue I'd have with this approach is that the user has an option to cancel creating the password, in which case I want the app to finish. If I called finish from activity 2, activity 1 would appear and I don't want that to show unless a username and password have been created.

It just occurred to me - if I could replace activity 2 with a dialog it might make things simpler. The dialog view needs to have 2 EditTexts and 2 buttons. Can I create something like this and use the showDialog method?

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Android :: Downloadable Apks / Copy A Program From Device?

Feb 21, 2010

I have noticed that some apk's that cost money on android market are available to download from some torrent sites for free. I don't think many of the developers here enjoys that very much. So my question is if there are ways in Android to get around this so that you can't copy a program from device to device?

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Android :: Unique Device Id - How Many Digit It Has / Access That Through Program?

Aug 11, 2010

Is there any unique id on Android Mobile?? If it is then how many digit it has?
How can I access that through my program?

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General :: Program To Sync Android Device To ITunes Mac

Dec 13, 2013

I've recently been informed that I'm getting a 2013 nexus 7 for Christmas (Booya!) and I use a MacBook Pro with iTunes. What's the best way to sync my iTunes with my Nexus?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Windows Based Program Run On My Android Device

Mar 24, 2010

I run a program on my computer called HP Tuners that is used to datalog and tune gm vehicles. It has become a major pain carrying my laptop everywhere I go just to have the battery run out while im tuning. So what I am wondering is if there is any way that this software can be setup to run on my Sprint HTC Hero?

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Android :: Listing / Data / Data Device Contents

Feb 1, 2010

I'm trying to get a list of folders in /data/data that starts with "totalcross". Is this possible? All i get is "permission denied". All these folders are signed with the same key and have the same user id.

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Android :: How To Navigate To Program Data With Adb Shell?

Dec 5, 2009

My program creates a sqlite3 database. With the emulator I have been able to use adb shell and get to the file in /data/data/<package>/ databases/<database> to inspect data. But with a real phone, I just cant seem to find that file. I get some permission even doing an ls on the data directory. Any idea what I need to set up to navigate the filesystem?
$ Mac-202: adb shell $ cd data $ ls opendir failed, Permission denied $

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Android :: How To Force Data Synchronization From Own Program?

Nov 10, 2010

How to force data synchronization (calendar, contacts) from own program? The internet connectivity is not stable, so when a WiFi connection occurs, I want to force the sync. I've googled sth about synchronization manager, but there is not much info how to use it.

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Android :: How Can I Make Android Program Display Layout?

Jul 23, 2010

I just want the program to display the layout main0 and stay for a few secounds then display layout main1 like the programs we see in any phone where an image or layout show up at the start of the program and then fade.

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Android :: How To Set UI Display In Device / Emulator?

Nov 1, 2010

Am developed one application .The UI get varying differently in emulator and device.the correct ui displayed in emulator but in device the button size, spinner size,text view all changing deterrently in device.So i have to change some modification in xml file according to the device visibility. any one help me How can i fixed the same xml for device and emulator which both UI display cannot change.what are the things i have to include in my project to fix the same display for emulator and device.

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General :: Android Device As Second Display

Feb 22, 2012

I'm looking to be able to use my Galaxy Tab as a second PC display. I've been searching for hours for a way to set this up and I've found a few solutions, but so far they've all been lacking. I'm hoping others might have some experience or thoughts on the subject. Here's what I tried or looked into so far:

iDisplay - Available on the Market. So far about the only solution that works, but it's god awful slow. If you try to use a browser with a couple tabs open, it practically stands still. It also disables Aero on Windows 7.

Screenslider - Available on the Market. Disables Aero. Doesn't like web browsing, FF and IE won't redraw when clicking anything (links, Java objects, tabs, etc).

Air Display - Available on the Market. Disables Aero and DirectX. This one was extremely responsive, but you just can't do anything on it. Not compatible with FF9 or later and can't handle dynamic web content.

Remote View - Available on the Market. Disables Aero and Background. Honestly, I don't even remember why this one didn't work. Pretty sure browsers just froze. Have to jump through hoops on their website to even get the server.Splashtop XDisplay - iOS only. Looks like it would be perfect, but it's not on Android yet. They said they were working on it 6 months go, so I'm not holding my breath.

Virtual display + a VNC connection - This is the most promising, so far. The idea is to use software to create a virtual display that's normally hidden, then use a VNC server (that can deal with individual displays) to send that extra display to a VNC viewer on the Android device. It seems like this would be the most responsive, plus you shouldn't lose Aero or specific applications since you're essentially just sending out a video stream (I think). Some apps even combine the virtual display and VNC server into one. In reality, actually setting this up has been a royal PITA (due in no small part to my complete lack of experience with this sort of thing).

Other Android RDP or VNC apps that have this sort of functionality built in?

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Android :: Media Player Cant Play From Program Data Folder

Sep 22, 2010

When i record my audio from MIC and store file in /data/data/. why Media Player can't play this file ? If i change destination to / sd card/..... - all works great. I do something wrong ? I not found limitation for Media Player. Device - Samsung T959 (Galaxy S).

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HTC EVO 4G :: Program To See Data Useage

Jun 18, 2010

Is there a program so I can see what program is using data?

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Android :: Android Device Seeding Program - Differences In Phone For Developers

Mar 9, 2010

Does anyone know if the Nexus One that Google is sending developers as part of the Device Seeding Program is different from the ones people get when they order them from Google's website?

Different packaging? Different firmware? Different pattern on the case?

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Android :: Write A Front End Program To Install And Uninstall An App Over Android Device

Jul 16, 2010

By "Program", I mean a desktop front end for installing/uninstalling apps on a phone.Can u please help me out from this? I am not clear what to do ?

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Android :: Installable Froyo Image For Android Market Device Seeding Program Nexus One

May 26, 2010

I am assuming no-one is going to send me Froyo OTA so where can I get a copy of Froyo to flash onto my Nexus One? As I use it for testing my apps I want it to be as close as possible to what a user would have and definitley do not want to root the phone.

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General :: WiFi Display / Miracast Is On Any Android 4.2 Device?

May 25, 2013

I am lookung for a cheap device with WiFi display feature - maybe Miracast

I wonder if a special hardware is it necessary for it? Or maybe Android 4.2 has this feature out of the box in any device?

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