Android :: Can't See Device In DDMS / Way To View

Apr 15, 2010

I have Windows XP and use Eclipse v3.4.1.

Under Device Manager I see Android Phone -> Android Composite ADB Interface when my Nexus One is plugged into the computer (Disk drives - > HTC Android Phone USB Device when my myTouch is plugged in), so I

Android :: Can't see device in DDMS / Way to view

Android :: Can't View Device Data Using DDMS / Way To See That Like On Emulator?

Sep 23, 2010

I have just started testing my application on a real device. Why can't I see my application data on the device using DDMS like I can on the emulator?

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Android :: Ddms Unable To Recognize Device

Dec 8, 2009

I have a G1 and Windows 7. I just install the new sdk-r04 windows usb driver and java SE 1.6.0_17. I tried to start ddms and nothing. When i enter "adb devices" im getting this: List of devices attached completely empty. C:UsersRoy>adb get-state unknown.

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Android :: DDMS Not Display Program Data On Device

Jun 23, 2010

Can we view the database of Emails on Device through DDMS ? How ever i can see and access the database of SMS on Emulator through DDMS.

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Android :: Interpret Device State Dump From DDMS?

Sep 8, 2009

Is there any documentation describing the various sections of "dump device state" output from DDMS?

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Android :: How To Clean DDMS View Of The Logs Though Ant Script

Jun 24, 2010

Is it possible to clean DDMS logs clean up though ant script pl.

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Android :: DDMS Doesn't Show Process List On Device

Oct 15, 2009

I have two phones, one running 1.5 and the other on 1.6. When I connect the 1.6 device via usb, DDMS recognizes it and in the top-left pane shows: HT842....... | Online | 1.6, debug

It then lists the individual processes, I can select them and use various tools like allocation tracker.

But when I connect the 1.5 device, DDMS recognizes it but shows: HT95A....... | Online | 1.5

But it does not show any of the processes on the device, so I am not able to do use allocation tracker and such. The sysinfo tab works, and I can monitor logcat with filter and such in the bottom pane.

What am I missing here? Obviously the 1.5 device has USB debugging enabled. Why does it not show 'debug' in DDMS? I'm using SDK 1.5_r2 on linux (Ubuntu 9.04), if that makes a difference.

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Android :: DDMS Not Showing Threads From Device / Need To Change Particular Setting In Eclipse?

May 22, 2010

I'd like to check for memory leaks in my Android app using the DDMS feature in Eclipse. When I launch an emulated device, the threads display properly for the emulated device, starting with 8600 and up.

However, when I connect my Droid to the PC, the device shows up just fine in DDMS. The logcat is generated correctly, and I can view the file structure. However, threads do not display. I get "no client selected" in the Threads pane, and there is no drop-down icon next to the device listing.

Do I need to change some particular setting in Eclipse? Is this maybe a driver issue?

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Android :: Opaque View Like Web Or Map Or Opaque View In Defined Portion Of Device Screen?

Apr 21, 2010

I wanted to know if there is any way possible that I could use an opaque view like webView or mapView or such opaque view in some defined portion of my device screen like I want to use webView alongwith some another layout having another views. Is that possible? If yes, how? If no, where can I look to find some solution or workaround?

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Android :: View Log On Device?

May 28, 2009

I want to view the Log on device i.e the System.out.println(); I am able to view on DDMS but how to view on device screen while running an apk file

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Android : View SQLite Databases On Device?

May 20, 2010

Is there any tool that will allow me to browse databases on my Android device? Something like Sql Management Studio - you know GUI tool that displays databases, tables, row in tables, etc.

I'm using Eclipse for development (if it is important for plug-in suggestions).

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General :: Remote View One Android Device From Another

Aug 10, 2011

I am looking for a way to remote desktop my android phone (atrix) from my honeycomb tablet. Preferably over LAN, as I only really do it at home but not really close enough for bluetooth, however with bluetooth I could make do. Something like what the atrix can do with the dock.

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Android : How To App Knows That View Of Device Changed From Portrait To Landscape?

Feb 28, 2009

how the application knows that the view of device has changed from portrait to there any way to know the application about view change.

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General :: View / Control Android Device From PC (without ROOT)

May 9, 2014

What I need is a way to control Android device (s) from PC via Wi-Fi. I found a lot of apps (and Desktop programs) to do it, but I didn't found a way to View OR control the Android device WITHOUT ROOT. I work on the company which asked me to find a way to do this without root with their Android devices. After googling a lot I started to think that where is no way to do this, because either way I need to root them . Is it true or maybe there is somewhere an app which could do this? It doesn't care if it's paid or not.

I have downloaded and tester these apps:
MyMobiler - Doesn't work because when I restart Android device, app doesn't start WiFi, just keyboard mode only. I need that when the app starts it should run itself and start WiFi automatically.
VMLite VNC Server - Don't know why but it didn't worked for me. Just cannot start server from the browser.

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General :: App / Site To Remotely View Device External IP

Sep 6, 2012

I was planning to make my phone (a rooted SGSII Skyrocket on AT&T running GB) accessible over SSH so I could remote-control it in the event thieves (or my parents) took it. how would I know what my phone's external IP is? Any app that can read the phone's external IP and respond with it via, say, text message?

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Android :: Sdk - Jdk And Jre - Ddms

Dec 16, 2009

I am trying to debug my device from a windows system with no IDE, just the android sdk, jdk and jre. I am using the ddms to do so. I works fine. I can see the entries in the logcat in the ddms. Among others I can see 'Wrote stack trace to /data/anr/traces.txt". But when I select the Device->File Explorer... and try to open the data folder, there is nothing there. It looks like an empty data folder.

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Android :: Populate View Flipper Child View With List View?

Aug 2, 2010

I am trying to set up a ViewFlipper that changes a SlidingDrawers content each time a button is pressed. So far every view I set up worked fine, but now I am trying to create a ListView (including single_choice_mode) within a child view of the ViewFlipper, but my attempt only let to a NullPointerException. As I only discovered ViewFlipper today, I am not yet familiar with it and may not have understood it completely. if someone could give me a hand and help me find out what I have done wrong, that would be great. Here is what I have done:

The code for the onClick event of the ImageButtons:
public void onClick(View v){
if (v == btnExposure){
mFlipper.setDisplayedChild(0); }
else if (v == btnProperties){
else if (v == btnSpecialEffects){

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Android :: SDK 2.0 Traceview In DDMS

Nov 20, 2009

I'm running the basic HelloActivity from the SDK 2. samples. When I try Trace view in the DDMS prespective its generate the trace file but can not opened. "'/sdcard/': Permission denied". Do I need a permission to write in the SD card? 4:38.380: INFO/dalvikvm(10434): Debugger has detached; object registry had 1 entries 11-20 21:34:38.380: DEBUG/dalvikvm(10434): VM cleaning up 11-20 21:34:38.411: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(10434): ERROR: thread attach failed 11-20 21:34:38.466: DEBUG/VoiceDialerReceiver(1225): onReceive Intent { act=android.intent.action.PACKAGE_ADDED flg=0x20000000 (has extras) } 11-20 21:34:38.466: DEBUG/dalvikvm(10434): LinearAlloc 0x0 used 636716 of 5242880 (12%) 11-20 21:34:38.490: WARN/ResourceType(1015): Resources don't contain package for resource number 0x7f080000 11-20 21:34:38.490: WARN/ResourceType(1015): Resources don't contain package for resource number.....

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Android :: Ddms And Emulator?

Oct 9, 2009

I'm new to eclipse and android, so I have not the correct experience, by now. I'd like to know which are the tipical debugging methods.

emulator ddms junits

I'd like to do step-by-step using eclipse-rcp, emulator and ddms.

I can see in DDMS perspective the thread of Helloworld example running.

I change perspective to debug and I set breakpoint, but the application doesn't stop.

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Android :: DDMS Won't Start?

Jul 12, 2010

Probably a stupid question with an obvious answer, but I can't figure it out by myself. Tutorial ( says to go to the root of the downloaded platform, and first start emulator (it starts successfully), and then run $ddms.

But when I'm trying to do so, it fails: ~/mydroid$ ddms No command 'ddms' found, did you mean: Command 'dkms' from package 'dkms' (main) Command 'xdms' from package 'xdms' (universe) Command 'dds' from package 'dds' (universe) ddms: command not found

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Android :: DDMS GPS Triggers Exactly Once

Sep 16, 2009

I'm having a problem where I am able to update the location in the Android Emulator from the Eclipse DDMS exactly once per time an activity is loaded, but no more.

I discovered the problem in my application where Activity2 (which accesses the GPS) is started by Activity1 (which doesn't do anything particularly interesting); when Activity2 is started, I can update the GPS position using the Manual input in Location Controls in the DDMS and everything works fine. However, then I get a LogCat message "TTFF: XXXX" where XXXX is an apparently random number, and then the GPS will no longer update. However, if I click the Back button in the emulator to return to Activity1, and then use Activity1 to restart Activity2, I can enter a new GPS location. But, I can't enter a second one; tries to do so result in no apparent action. My application works perfectly well on a real device with a real GPS signal.

To test things further, I closed and reopened the emulator, immediately closed my application (from Activity1, which doesn't do anything besides load an XML layout and attach an onClick listener to a button), and loaded Google Maps. I observed the same behavior here; I could send one position that Google Maps would respond to, but any subsequent attempts to update position fail. When I close Google Maps and reopen it, I am able to send exactly one more location update from DDMS.

The distance between my subsequent location updates is usually 0.02 degrees, but I have tried it with up to 5 degrees also. My application does not use ACCESS_MOCK_LOCATION because I want to switch back and forth between testing on a physical device and testing on the emulator without having to update the manifest for each build, plus it seems like setting a permission for my application shouldn't have anything to do with Google Maps on the emulator.

I would try loading up a GPX path, but the DDMS seems broken there too:

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HTC Eris :: What Exactly Is The Ddms In Android SDK

Jun 24, 2010

What does the ddms do? I see it is the Dalvik Debug Monitor, but what does it do? I have my phone plugged in and it is just zooming along. I am not touching any buttons on the phone, and it appears the phone is asleep.

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Android :: KLM File That Works In DDMS

Oct 19, 2009

Could anyone upload a small example file that will work? Every file I've tried fails. Is this function completely broken? All attempts result in no points being listed. No errors reported.

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Android :: DDMS - File Explorer

May 26, 2009

In the DDMS, I had used FileExplorer and visited /data/app folder to see the .apk files installed in the emulator. After that I had minimized the data folder and thus stopped that process.

But I am observing that this /data/app folder is opening again and again automatically. I dont know what is the reason and how to stop it.

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Android :: Where Is DDMS Allocation Tracker?

Nov 13, 2009

I can't find the DDms allocation tracker in the DDMS perspective in eclipse. I search the view doing Window > show view I look to the android view but i have no allocation tracker view there. I use search view tool and I can't find any Where is this View ? (If it's obvious, i am sorry because i reallu can't find it)

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Android :: Using Allocation Tracker In DDMS

Oct 4, 2010

I have an Activity that is running out of memory in CreateSurface. The logcat looks like this: 10-04 17:55:52. 574 : ERROR/SurfaceFlinger(1086): createSurface() failed, generateId = -12 10-04 17:55:52.574: WARN/ Window Manager (1086): OutOfResourcesException creating surface 10-04 17:55:52.574: INFO/WindowManager (1086): Out of memory for surface! Looking for leaks. 10-04 17:55:52.574: WARN/WindowManager (1086): No leaked surfaces; killing applicatons! 10-04 17:55:52.574: WARN/ActivityManager (1086): Killing processes Free memory at adjustment 0 I'm trying to use DDMS to figure out what's going on but when the application gets killed DDMS aborts the Allocation Tracker. Is there a way to cause the application to do a core dump and is there a tool for analyzing dumps? I have SDK version 8, which does not allow simultaneous use of DDMS and the Eclipse debugger so I need to get creative.

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Android :: Bug In Eclipse Emulator DDMS?

Sep 30, 2010

I accepted that it was bug in Helios but I now find that I'm now getting the same error under Eclipse 3.5
When I send a location from the DDMS perspective using the emulator control tab. I have a standard listener:

onLocationChanged(Location location){...}

If I break on the first line of this, having sent the lat/lon pair of 53.5/-3.0 from the DDMS tab, then the mLatitude/mLongitude in the location argument have changed to 53.508833/-3.005000 (6 dec places only shown).
The Android SDK is 2.2 in both and the target is Google APIs level 7. Does anybody else experience this or could offer a possible explanation? (It amounts to quite a big error in terms of metres on the map.)

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Android :: Make Second DDMS Work On PC

May 16, 2009

When one person debugging android application on a PC, emulator-5554 <===> DDMS A <===> Eclipse A can communicate well. When the second person want to debug application on another emulator on the same PC emulator-5556 <===> DDMS B <====> Eclipse B. The DDMS B can't communicate to emulator-5556 rightly. Seems emulator-5554 and emulator-5556 both controlled by DDMS A. How to resolve this problem?

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Android :: Getting All Of Long String In DDMS?

Mar 29, 2010

I'm getting a server response back in ddms,But I'm finding that ddms logs only show about the first 50 lines of the response,then cuts everything else off, which isn't very helpful,since it means I can't see any of the useful info. I don't have much control over the content of the response it's a standard Django debug page, i.e. quite long. Does anyone know how I can get ddms to show the whole thing?

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Android :: Nexus One DDMS Only Two Processes

May 1, 2010

I'm having trouble using the nexus one in DDMS on Fedora 12. It is detected fine and I can see two processes, cooliris and uploader.These are the only two that show up. The emulator shows up just fine and i can debug from there. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get the nexus to connect properly?

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