Android :: Crashed Service Restarted By System Doesn't Call OnStart

Mar 31, 2009

I have noticed that if my background service crashes the system will automatically restart the service after 5 seconds. This is great, but I have noticed that only the onCreate method gets called and not the onStart method. Does this mean the service is properly restarted or do I need to do something special in the onCreate method to make sure it is? I did have my initialisation logic in the onCreate method and my starting service logic in the onStart method but it looks like it will all have to be in the onCreate method.

Android :: Crashed service restarted by system doesn't call onStart

Android :: Scheduling Restart Of Crashed Service - But No Call To OnStart

Mar 7, 2010

In the 1.6 API, is there a way to ensure that the onStart() method of a Service is called after the service is killed due to memory pressure?

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Android :: Scheduling Restart Of Crashed Service - Need Call To OnStart?

Mar 7, 2010

In the 1.6 API, is there a way to ensure that the onStart() method of a Service is called after the service is killed due to memory pressure? From the logs, it seems that the "process" that the service belongs to is restarted, but the service itself is not. I have placed a Log.d() call in the onStart() method, and this is not reached.

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Android :: OnStart() Not Called When Service Restarted After Being Killed?

Jul 25, 2009

I have a service that needs to hold a persistent TCP connection, think IM. I'm reluctant to use setForeground() - the service being down temporarily isn't that big a deal, and I am assume I can trust that I'll be run again once memory is available, correct? The problem here is this. The service was started via startService() before being killed. However, when it is restarted, only onCreate() is executed. This makes it hard to continue, because starting work onCreate() means I can't even bind to the service (to say query it's status) without it doing so. Is this a bug or per design? What is the status of the service after it is being restarted? Is it consider "started" by the system, i.e. waiting for a call to stopService()?

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Android :: Prevent Service From Being Restarted By System?

Sep 10, 2010

From what I can tell -- if you return START_NOT_STICKY from Service.onStartCommand(...), the system should not restart a service if it crashes. However, I'm not seeing that behavior -- any ideas on what could be restarting the service?

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Android :: Can't Call Service Function In Activity's OnStart / OnCreate?

Sep 28, 2009

My activity bind a service. I want to call the service's function in activity's onStart/onCreate function, but it doesn't work. The service started sunless but the connection is null. When I just call the service's function in other function (onClick for example),

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Android :: Android Remote Service Doesn't Call Service Methods

May 28, 2010

I'm developing a GPS tracking software on android. I need IPC to control the service from different activities. So I decide to develop a remote service with AIDL.This wasn't a big problem but now it's always running into the methods of the interface and not into those of my service class. Maybe someone could help me?If i now try to call a method from an activity for example start(trackId) nothing happens. The binding is OK. When debugging it always runs into the startTracking() in the generated file and not into my TrackingService class. Where is the problem? I can't find anything wrong.

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Android :: Make Sure Service Is Restarted?

Aug 31, 2010

I have an Android application with a background running Service. When the Service crashes or gets killed by Android I can see that Android tries to restart it again. However the Service never actually restarts, I can see Android scheduling the restart but it new actually happens.

My code is as follows:.................

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HTC Incredible :: No Service And CityID Restarted?

Jun 25, 2010

This is where it gets weird. When I tried to call out from my DINC, it would start dialing, then simply stop and say "call ended". During this apparent outage, CityID (worst crapware ever!) reactivated itself after a month and a half of being done with my trial (got the DINC on 4/29). Even though my calls weren't going through, CityID was identifying the location of the numbers I was trying to call.

After a couple hours, service resumed, everything was fine and CityID stopped working again (thankfully). When I go to my call history, all the numbers that I tried to call during that time have the city and state information from CityID. All the numbers before and after do not? Weird! I thought after the two week trial it was supposed to go dormant? I hope it never reactivates again as it has never, not once, been correct regarding the location of the number calling.

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Android :: Service (Run Forever) Crashed - No Longer Want

Jul 21, 2010

We have a Service that continuously collects sensor data on the phone. This service should run "forever", e.g. as long as the user wants, and not be killed by the system. For clarification, this service is not intended for an app to be released in the market to the general public, it is written for a scientific study. So the people running the app are fully aware that their battery will sucked empty faster than usual, this is no problem. Anyways, my problem is that the service gets killed after a while of running. Sometimes after an hour, sometimes only after like 7 oder 10 hours. The Log-Entries when the service gets killed look like this. It just says "no longer want", sometimes without even calling onDestroy(), as far as I can tell.
07-20 17:07:11.593 I/ActivityManager(85): No longer want my.project.datalogging (pid 23918): hidden #16
07-20 17:07:11.593 I/WindowManager(85): WIN DEATH: Window{44c61570 my.project.datalogging/my.project.datalogging.DataLoggingApp paused=false}
07-20 17:07:11.603 I/BackgroundService(23925): onDestroy()

Or later (after I manually restarted it):
07-20 19:00:49.677 I/ActivityManager(85): No longer want my.project.datalogging:BackgroundService (pid 24421): hidden #17
07-20 19:00:49.677 I/ActivityManager(85): No longer want my.project.datalogging (pid 24415): hidden #18
07-20 19:00:49.807 85 10707 I WindowManager: WIN DEATH: Window{44f1ea58 my.project.datalogging/my.project.datalogging.DataLoggingApp paused=false}

I often see other services being killed with "no longer want" and then immediately restarted with "Scheduling restart of crashed service". For example here with runkeeper:
07-20 17:30:45.503 I/ActivityManager(85): No longer want com.fitnesskeeper.runkeeper (pid 24090): hidden #16
07-20 17:30:45.603 W/ActivityManager(85): Scheduling restart of crashed service com.fitnesskeeper.runkeeper/.services.RunKeeperService in 5000ms
07-20 17:33:52.989 I/ActivityManager(85): Start proc com.fitnesskeeper.runkeeper for service com.fitnesskeeper.runkeeper/.services.RunKeeperService: pid=24292 uid=10099 gids={3003, 1015}

The logs show no record of low memory. Testing is done on (several) Nexus One with 2.2 (Froyo FRF91). Is there any way I can achieve this behaviour with my app? Automatic restarting after being killed? Or this this something totally different that just looks similar in logcat?

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Android : Is There A Way To Prevent Crashed Service From Restarting

Nov 12, 2009

Is there a way to prevent your service from restarting if it crashed?

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Android :: Service Restarted With All Unfinished Intents That Returned Start Status START_REDELIVER_INTENT?

Nov 1, 2010

Suppose you have a download service that downloads files asynchronously. For each download intent received it will put the URL of the file to download and the start ID into a job queue and return START_REDELIVER_INTENT. A worker thread then processes that list and calls stopSelf with the start ID it just processed. My question is: If the service's process gets killed and the service restarted, will the service receive all the intents (with the URLs) it hasn't called stopSelf on before it was killed or does the service receive the last intent only? It seems the API docs are ambiguous on this.

The docs say

"if this service's process is killed while it is started [...], then it will be scheduled for a restart and the last delivered Intent re- delivered to it again [...]", indicating that only the last intent gets redelivered (which would be terrible in this use case), but they also say "The service will [...] be re-started if it is not finished processing all Intents sent to it (and any such pending events will be delivered at the point of restart)."

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Android :: Application Crashed After Either Receive Phone Call

Oct 30, 2010

After I either receive a phone call or make one, (and other undocumented interruptions) my application gets a NullPointerException when resuming my activity. Can any explain to me where it is and/or how to fix it?now, pls help me to fix this problem, how do i handle phone call or SMS received or such kind of interruptions?

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Android :: Get System Service In Personal Service?

Nov 30, 2009

I got an problem on getting the TelephonyManager in my personal service. The code as below: public class MyService extends Service {@Override public IBinder onBind(Intent intent) { return mBinder;}

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HTC Hero :: Incoming Call Whilst On A Call - Doesn't Ring

Aug 2, 2010

When I'm on a call and a 2nd call comes in, my phone doesn't ring or anything. Is there anyway to change this so that I know when I have a call waiting without having to look at the screen (which is usually pressed up against my ear)?

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Android :: Bind To System Service

Mar 11, 2010

is it possible somehow to bind to private system services? What I want to do is listen to the activitymanagerservice and be notified when other activites are started. I tried implementing the IActivityController.aidl from the Sourcecode. It has methods like activityStarting and activityResuming but this didn't really work. (I used the idea from here: , problem is there is no proper private field one could use at least c.getDeclaredFields() doesn't return anything useful from the activity manager)

Any ideas how I can get notified of things going on in the Activity Manager without having to do a getRunningTasks all the time? Because this is the only workaround I came up with but it slows down the phone.


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Samsung Galaxy I7500 : Galaxo 1.6.3 Bugs - Speaker Doesn't Work In Call - Scrolling Contacts By Letter Doesn't Work

May 2, 2010

I have so far found two bugs in Galaxo 1.6.3:

a) Speaker doesn't work in call (very weak). works well in ringtones etc.

b) Scrolling contacts by letter doesn't work.

Other than that this is a leap forward, especially with the overclock options!

Both bugs, as well as others, fixed in update!

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General :: Power Off Menu In Android System Doesn't Come Up?

Apr 21, 2013

The power off menu doesn't come up when I hold down the power button, because the power button is broken. where the power off menu in android system ? and I am currently using the application reboot menu to turn off the phone.

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Android :: Want To Call Web Service Call

May 11, 2009

i want to call a web service call, for that i used ksoap(j2me).when i do a service call i am getting the following exception java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/microedition/io/Connector.

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Android :: Call A Service Hosted In A Windows Service From Android

Jun 3, 2010

I hosted my service WCF (.net) using a windows service,i can access to the service from any browser but when i tried to call it from android it doesn't respond. it works fine before the hosting procedure (i used host client by default on Visual Studio).The url that i try to attempt is from android emulator, and installed my webservice in the same local machine(endpoints address http://localhost.).

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General :: Deleted System File On Android And Phone Doesn't Turn On

Aug 20, 2013

I deleted (accidentally) some system files, and then nothing happened, but i hit the restore or backup from setting and it went fine untill the loading screen, i mean it shut down then the first loading image fine and the next one doesn't load my system.. What can i do? (I think i know what software i shouldn't have deleted).

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Android :: Start Service Automatically On System Startup And On Installation?

Apr 9, 2009

how to define a service that launch automatically at startup and / or when installation without having to go through "activity". I look beautiful everywhere, I do found that the functions and BindService but StartService which requires action outside.

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Android :: Display AlertDialog As System Overlay Window From Service

Sep 28, 2010

I have issue with displaying AlertDialog from Service. I am able to display custom layout window using Toast or using WindowManager(TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT or TYPE_SYSTEM_OVERLAY). But, I do not want to use custom layout, I prefer to use nice AlertDialog GUI directly.


Running Service. No active Activity present. On some external event, Service sends Notification
When user press Notification, Service is informed via PendingIntent and AlertDialog should be displayed (created with AlertDialog.Builder(this))

Error: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(1063): Caused by: android.view.WindowManager$BadTokenException: Unable to add window -- token null is not for an application. Searching for the answer lead me to impression that I am trying something that is currently not possible (Android 2.2). Or maybe it is.

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Android :: Starting An Activity In OnStart

Apr 14, 2010

I'm trying to start a floating activity from onStart to retrieve some info from the user right when the initial activity begins.

I have the following:


And callProfileDialog() is just:


ProfileDialog.class returns a String from an input box. If the result returned is RESULT_CANCELED then I restart the activity.

The problem I'm having is that when the program starts, the screen is just black. If I hit the Back button a RESULT_CANCELED is returned then the initial activity shows as well as the floating activity (since it recalled itself when it got a RESULT_CANCELED). Why can't I get the activities show by calling ProfileDialog.class from onStart()? I got the same result when I called it at the end of onCreate() which is way I switch over to use onStart().

I have also tried the following:


But this doesn't work either. It all works fine once I hit the back button but without doing that, it's all black.

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General :: Moved APK To System / App Doesn't Appear

Aug 6, 2013

I want to install a Widget (that can only be installed moving to system/app). The problem is when i move the .apk to system/app and fix permisson to rw-r--r-- (all using Root Explorer) then reboot but the widget doesnt appear in the widget selector. Same happens installing any apks (not widgets).

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Android :: Do We Need To Call System.gc()?

Aug 10, 2010

Do we need to call System.gc() to indicate that system should do a garbage collection or just let system to choose when to collect garbage and free it? Because my app will random FCs on certain phones, but if I add some calls to System.gc(), then there were no FCs.

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Android :: System Kills Service / No Other Resource Consuming Application Is Running

Mar 9, 2010

I just would like to ask if anyone have encountered this strange behavior with other phone models or specifically HTC Tattoo wherein I have this service running for almost 5 hrs then after sometime the system kills the service. The phone does not restart actually nor any other 3rd party applicaton running in the background. Its only the service I have is running. I was wondering what were the causes that would force to close my service. Another strange thing is that before the service was closed I still can see all the logs in the logcat but after I saw that the service was closed I don't see any log information already seems like the phone was totally disconnected from my eclipse.

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Android :: Activity Lifecycle OnStart OnStop Possible?

Oct 5, 2010

In the Android Application Fundamentals it says that after the call to the onStart()-method of the activity lifecycle either the callback method Resume() or onStop() is called. In case of an "normal" Start of an activity the system calls onCreate(), onStart(), onResume().But does somebody know an example where onStart() - onStop() are executed one after another?

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Android :: ListView SetAdapter In OnCreate - GetChildCount Is Zero In OnStart?

Oct 7, 2009

I want to display a ListView with checkboxes, and I want some of the checkboxes pre-selected. The ListView has setAdapter called during onCreate, and the list information appears when the screen is drawn. However, when I attempt to set certain list items as checked, my ListView reports getChildCount() = 0.

My SharedPreferences contains a list of sounds that have been previously selected, as a comma delimited string of list indices. Because the list appears to have no children in onStart, my attempts to set items as checked fails.

On the good side, once the list is rendered, I can select entries and hit Back, and my selection is stored to SharedPreferences correctly.

How can I load my previous selection into the list? Should I be using something else here?

In the spirit of open source. here's my code:


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Android :: Unable To Understand System() Call

Nov 18, 2010

I am using a system() call in a program , that is in c library. For 1st 9 calls it returns '0'(zero) after 10th call it returns 256. I do not know what does it mean. Please anybody help me. Following is the line of code int returnValue= system("/system/bin/cat /dev/graphics/fb0 > /tmpdata/Screenshot/screenshot.bin");

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