Android :: AppWidget Updating ImageView With Drawables?

Nov 7, 2010

I'm trying to create an appwidget with a customizable background. I use a NinePatchDrawable and I would like to change it's color (using the setColorFilter method). This is no problem in an Activity, but it does dot seem possible with the RemoteView object used for appwidgets.Is there some way to get an ImageView in an appwidget to be updated with a new Drawable, not a Bitmap?Or if not, perhaps it's possible to get the actual size of the appwidget and convert / save the colored NinePatchDrawable to a Bitmap and then update the ImageView with that?I already searched quite a bit for a solution, but haven't found anything so far. I hope it's not impossible.

Android :: AppWidget Updating ImageView with drawables?

Android :: Attach Drawables Into Different ImageView With OnClickListener?

May 4, 2010

I am working with a library of maps which paints the icons on the map using drawables and canvas. Now, i'm trying to modify it in order to the user can click on icons. So i want to attach drawables into different ImageView with a onClickListener. However, i don't know how i can paint the ImageView using canvas from method onDraw.

I've tried with:
ImageView iv = new ImageView(context);

But it doesn't appears in screen.

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Android :: AppWidget Is Not Updating

Jan 3, 2010

I am attempting to query a database and update information in the appwidget screen based on changes to the database done while in an activity so that when the user exits, the changes are reflected in the widget on the screen.The appwidget is being updated with a broadcast from OnPause() and OnStop() in my primary Activity.Relevant pieces of the code are below.The Toast shows me that the data is correctly being pulled when OnUpdate() is called.But the widget refused to change

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Android :: AppWidget On Homescreen : Focus ImageView / TextView With Trackball?

Feb 6, 2010

I coded an AppWidget the user can add to his homescreen. There are a bunch of images (ImageView) in it that perform different actions like starting Activities on click (realised with PendingIntents). To make it easier to navigate through the AppWidget I'd like to use the trackball (as it works with the SearchWidget or FacebookWidget) but I just can't make it work. Here's my layout code for the AppWidget...

So I want to be able to navigate through a bunch of these "Spots" that are all relativeLayouts. How can I make that work out? I'd be really happy about every hint or idea!

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Android :: Appwidget With Fast Updating Needed

Feb 15, 2010

I would need a fast updating (minimum 5 frames/second) appwidget which can be on the desktop all the time (like the cpu usage or other things mostly measurement gauges).The appwidget is not a "must" but I've found it easy to configure for any customer so the management is easy and I need those gauges to be shown like an appwidget on the desktop.The only problem is the update speed - I've seen that appwidget is not really thought for my needs. In my case it's not about phones, the small unit will always have power supply so draining the battery is not an issue. I could tweak the 30 minute update time but it doesn't helps too much - the appwidget framework is simply too slow with all that serialization and would eat too much CPU. What other solutions can be used? I've seen that a system service (LoadAverageService for example) would do the job but that one is not really configurable, has to be compiled into Android so I kinda don't like it. The same is valid with custom app screens or any other solution which needs an custom Android build. So this is a last solution if nothing else works.

A good solution could be if the Appwidget framework would accept other views than the enlisted ones (AnalogClock, Button, Imageview, etc.) and the update would be done internally in the widget, not through the appwidget serialization chanels.

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Android :: Imageview Ontop Of Another Imageview

Jun 15, 2010

I have a listlayout with items in it that looks like this:

There is first an ImageView (the light) and then two textViews. All of this inside a TableLayout. (source here:

I want to have a rotating animation of a loading indicator Ontop of this light when this particular device (light) performs an action or an action is performed on it.

How do I put an animation ontop of this light imageview?

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Android :: Inflating Drawables From XML

Aug 23, 2010

Is there a way to extend a drawable (just like how shapes work, create your own tag) and allow it to be inflated from XML? Or is drawable only for the allowed 9 types?

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Android :: Dynamically Get Drawables By ID

Mar 10, 2010

I want to take a byte and append it to a resource ID to be able to get the image that corresponds to that numbered deck in the game. It was easy to with paths on other devices, but with the Resource ID's I am unsure how I could go about do this.

Here's what I have now:


In my Blackberry version of this, I simply had:


Is there a way to accomplish something similar using Resource IDs on Android?

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Remote Drawables In Android 4.0.3?

Sep 23, 2012

Im developing an app which is a product catalogue. Users can search for and view products (books). It's all read only and just so allow user's to view products. When the user clicks on a product, the next screen displays

- book title
- book author
- picture of front cover.

It's the picture part that I've a question about. I know one way to present drawables is to have them in the "drawable" direction in my android project and access them (in my xml file) as android:src="@drawable/name".

Only problem is that new products will be added so I can't store drawables in the APK file when I release it. I'll need to read them at runtime. I'm wondering what the best way to approach this is.

I'm thinking of upon app launch executing an AsyncTask which would call

openConnection of HttpURLConnection and would grab down all drawable(from a particular remote directory on a website) and would then store them in the sqllite db (as a blob). Each product in the db could easily be associated with it's specific drawable.

Not sure if there's a better approach to this ? or should I save them to the internal storage of the device (I know the size is an issue with this option). Or I could, when I show the product, call the Async task to present the image - i.e.get the image when the user requests it. This sounds good.

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Android :: Animating Drawables From Within SurfaceView

May 19, 2009

I am using a SurfaceView, and wish to animate Drawables. All the animation tutorials I have seen concern using an ImageView, which as I understand is not a sensible approach from within a SurfaceView. Does anyone have any suggestions for doing frame-by-frame animation within a SurfaceView? Can it be done with openGL?

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Android :: AnimationDrawable With Custom Drawables

Jul 25, 2009

I'm trying to draw a "gauge" on the screen with information from various sensors. I have a class that extends Drawable and a custom view that during construction creates a new AnimationDrawable and sets the only frame to my custom Drawable. I then start the AnimationDrawable from my Activity onWindowFocusChanged method. My custom Drawable onDraw method is only called once though. Is that by design (as in onDraw is called for each frame once and it's cached and shown over and over) or am I doing something wrong?


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Android :: Saving Drawables To Sd Card?

Sep 12, 2010

My application has alot of pictures in it and I was wondering if its possible if one of my users click a button to send that picture to the sd card?

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Android :: Multiple Drawables From One Xml File

Aug 15, 2010

I want to use a number of ShapeDrawables in my application, which are all similar, but with different colours etc. Obviously I could just define them all in separate xml files, but is there a more efficient way to have one xml definition, instantiate various objects and change the colour either in code or xml? You could perhaps do this by calling mutate() on one ShapeDrawable defined in xml, but this returns a Drawable, rather than a shape drawable.

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Android :: Using Custom Drawables In Notification

Jan 24, 2010

Is there any way to use an image that I'm generating on the fly as a Notification icon?

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Android :: Access Drawables Outside An Activity

Jun 1, 2010

How do access a drawable which resides in my project's res/drawable folder from outside an activity? The component which handles the loading of images is generic and is not inside any activity. I would like to display an image from res/drawable in case it can't be fetched from the web.

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Android :: Getting Wrong Sizes With Drawables Objects

Sep 17, 2010

I am using some drawable objects, when I instance them and paint in my canvas they doesn't get the original PNG image file size, instead they get a bigger size, so they does't paint in my canvas as I expected since I wanted them in their original sizes, why this happens?
(original file is 96x96 pixels)

mSprite = mRes.getDrawable(R.drawable.my_sprite);
mSpriteWidth = mSprite.getIntrinsicWidth();
// It returns 114, not 96 mSpriteHeight = mSprite.getIntrinsicHeight();
// It returns 114, not 96
mSprite.setBounds(coordX, coordY, coordX + mSpriteWidth, coordY + mSpriteHeight); mSprite_PipeRect.draw(canvas); //It paints at 114x114 size, it shows bigger in the screen then original size.

Something similar happens with the background but it is fixed in the "setSurfaceSize" event this way:
public void setSurfaceSize(int width, int height) {
mBackgroundImage = Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(mBackgroundImage, width, height, true);

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Android :: Textview With Multiple Drawables At Bottom?

Sep 4, 2009

I need a textview with multiple drawables at bottom. In android, I know that there is a possibility of giving one image drawable for bottom. But i need multiple to be drawable at bottom.

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Android :: Stateful Drawable Not Finding Other Drawables

Jan 5, 2010

When creating a stateful drawable, I cannot find the other drawables (9-patch images) that are there - i get no "suggestions" ("intelliSense").

But if I try to find drawables in another XML-file there is no problem.

This is my stateful drawable


The "view_background_pressed" etc are all there, and they can be found in other XML-files but not in the statefule drawable.

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Android :: Refresh List Of Drawables In Eclipse?

Mar 7, 2010

When I add drawable resources to my project they do not show up in the list of drawables in the Reference Chooser. I checked the R file and there are references for the files.

I have tried refreshing the project, cleaning the project, and fixing project properties and nothing seems to help. Sometimes a couple will randomly show up in there, but not all of them.

The only consistent way I can get them to show up is to restart Eclipse.

Further findings:

After some trials, I found an other inconvenient work around to he issue. Turns out when importing multiple files into the project at once, Eclipse will only add the last one imported into the reference chooser. So when I imported my images one at a time, they all show up properly!

Like I said, inconvenient considering the amount of images I have left to import, but maybe with this new information it may help nail down where the issue may be and a possible fix.

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Android :: Display List Of Resource Drawables?

Mar 29, 2010

I would like to display all resource drawables in a list so that the user can select one. Is there any way to loop through all R.drawable items so I don't have to hard code them into my program?

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Android :: Use Default Droid Drawables / Risk To Remove Or Resize It?

Jul 8, 2010

What is the best approach when using default Android drawables? Should I use android.R.drawable or should I copy the drawables in my project and use R.drawable?

Is there any risk, that in a newer version of Android, some of the default drawables are removed or resized? Or, affect in some negative way, the look of my app? Also, which of the drawables in the Android source code are considered "stable" and should be relied on?

I'd rather not copy the drawables because I think that the look of the app should be consistent with the Android version used. So, for example, for version 1.6 it should use the default Android bitmaps for version 1.6.

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Android :: Display Gallery Of Images Stored As Drawables In A List?

May 9, 2010

I am trying to modify this example:

But instead of displaying images that are resources, I want to display Drawables that I currently am storing in a List.

Can anyone instruct me on how I would modify


To display my drawable items instead?

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Android :: Lines And Drawables Draw Order In Google Maps

Nov 11, 2010

I'm writing an app that shows in google maps pipes and valves(lines and points). For that i've two classes.

One extends from ItemizedOverlay, and i add to map overlay one for each category of valve, and each one can have more than one item.

The second extends from Overlay, and in the draw method y draw the line with the method drawline of the canvas.

The problem i've is that the lines are drawn over the ItemizedOverlay items, no matter the order i add them to the mapView.getOverlays().

I want the lines on the bottom of all overlays. is there a way to do that.

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Android :: Add Drawables To Positive , Negative And Neutral Buttons Of An AlertDialog?

Sep 9, 2010

Is it possible to add drawables to the positive, negative and neutral buttons of an AlertDialog? If yes, then how?

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Android :: How Can One Get Appwidget's Own ID?

Jul 31, 2010

I am trying to debug a problem where my widget becomes invalid and a new one fills in.This only happens once at the beginning of time and then it remains the second widget forever.So, I want to put code in to narrow down the point in time when it happens.Then I would get a list of all the enabled IDs and see if I am in the list. I cannot find a method, member, attribute, etc. that would give me my id?

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Android :: How To Set Listview Into Appwidget?

Aug 9, 2009

I have a problem, I want a appwidget with a listview, but it seems that appwidget does not support this is there any way to reslove it?

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Android :: What UI Elements In AppWidget?

Apr 25, 2009

Just wonder what limitations there are for UI elements in AppWidgets? I tried a ListView and was met with an error. I saw the other post that EditText isn't available.Just wondering if there was a full list somewhere?

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Android :: AppWidget Changes Id After Reboot

Dec 31, 2009

I have a strange problem, on a few devices. I have developed an AppWidget, and it uses a database to store the configuration for each instance of the widget. The widget id is the key in the database.Everything works on most devices, but I got a bug report a couple of days ago. A user said that the widget never worked after reboot. The user who was very helpful sent me a log from his phone, and I could then see that the widget got a new id each time he did a reboot.

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Android :: What Views Can Use In An AppWidget

Jan 10, 2010

Can anyone tell me what views can I use in an appWidget?

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Android : Get TableLayout In An AppWidget?

Jul 31, 2010

LinearLayout just works fine in an AppWidget. However, when I change the layout's xml to a TableLayout, I am unable to get the widget working :(.

Can anyone point me to a sample? [could not find anything on the web]

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