Android :: Animation Transition Between Activities Using FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP

Aug 17, 2010

In my android app, I'm making a method that pop all activities and bring up the first activity.

Intent intent = new Intent(this, MMConnection.class);

As I noticed that the transition was still a left to right animation, does someone know if there is a way to change system animation when starting an activity? Actually, I'd ideally like to have a right to left transition (like when the return button is tapped)

Android :: Animation transition between activities using FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP

Android :: Apply View Transition Animation

Jun 23, 2009

Can you advise me how to apply view transition animation. ex: when i click on an list item my contentview changers. I want to apply a transition animation in that.

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Android :: Simulating The Left / Right Sliding Animation Transition

Nov 2, 2010

I want to port my application on all android devices, and I want to have the right/left animation on the activities transition on all android platform versions. I know that this feature is implemented in the 2.0 version. How can I implement this feature for the lower versions?

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General :: Transition Animation As Flashable Zip?

Nov 12, 2013

Is there a way i can get the transition animation as a flashable zip or something easy as seen in the attached video? [URL]...

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General :: How To Use Default Open-transition Animation With All Launcher

May 23, 2012

i want to use the default open-transition animation (with adw ex i can) because i want to use the new cm7.2 transition animation (ics style), with launcher pro and go launcher for example didn't work, the system use the launcher animation

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Android :: Can Change Android StartActivity() Transition Animation?

Aug 18, 2010

I am starting an activity and would rather have a alpha fade-in for startActivity(), and a fade-out for the finish(). How can I go about this in the Android SDK?

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Android :: Animation Between Two Activities

Dec 2, 2009

I design a rotate animation when activity 1 ends, and then start activity 2.but this code will not saw the animation totally, that's means, the animation will pop up a second then soon activity2 start! but I need the animation play over, then the activity 2 how I do for that requestion? I almost use the thread&handler to do, but it wasn't work.

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Android :: AllowTaskReparenting And FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP Conflict

Dec 14, 2009

I am using Android 2.0 and have the following situation:


This activity belongs to a task that has a service running and is usually not killed, so even when I am in the home screen I see the task running on DDMS (I will call it Task A).

It is possible to start Activity A from another application (running on Task B). When it is launched, I assume Activity A is "reparented" to the Task A. I assume that, because the debugger stops on the breakpoint I have set on onCreate and I am debugging Task A only. Please, advise if this is not correct.

So at this point, as far as I can tell, Task A has only Activity A. When in this situation, the service running on Task A receives some event and puts a notification on the Notification bar. This notification, if clicked, will send an Intent that also starts Activity A (this Intent has flags FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK and FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP).

Now to the problem, what I expected is that, because of the CLEAR_TOP flag, Activity A would be destroyed and recreated, as it has standard launch mode. But what I observe is that another Activity A launches on top of the previous one. When I click BACK on the new instance of Activity A, the old instance is redisplayed, what for my use case is wrong. Note that this only happens when launching Activity A from another application. If I launch it from my application and click on the event on the notification bar, it is destroyed and relaunched.

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Android :: Using FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP - But Don't Restart Target Activity?

Nov 21, 2009

I'd like to use FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP to launch an activity in my app. It has one feature I don't want though - it restarts the target intent, instead of just resuming it. Example history stack, with activity D making the call to B with that flag:


new stack


But 'B' gets relaunched, its onCreate() method is called. Since B is already in the history stack, is there a way I can use this flag, but have it *not* recreate B, just onResume() it again? The reordering flags are kind of what I need too, but they won't pop C and D, just reshuffle the stack so B comes to the top, but I want C and D to go away.

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Android :: Alpha Animation - Staying In Last Animation Frame When Animation Is Completed

Nov 17, 2010

I'm fading out an imageview with alpha animation. I'd like the image to stay transparent after the animation. Tried with different combinations of fillAfter and fillEnabled, no luck. How can this be achieved?

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Android :: Switching Activities / Passing Data Between Activities

Jun 30, 2010

how to call BarCodeScanner, and return the value to a now, i have a toast that says "successful scan" and then i want to pass the result to a new activity. when i comment out my intent, everything works (minus the passing of data/switching of screen, obviously) but when i run my project as is, it FC's no errors reported by eclipse in code or xml. any insights?

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Android :: Animation.start - Or Animation.startNow - Does Not Start The Animation Immediately

Aug 30, 2010

I have a strange issue - from time to time the animation that should fade out my control (ImageButton) does not kick in immediately. I am using the fadeout animation to hide it and then in myListener on its end (onAnimationEnd) I put new resource as the image on the button.

Somewhere in my app code:

Animation a = AnimationUtils.loadAnimation(this,R.anim.fadeout); a.setAnimationListener(new myListener(location)); buttons[location].setAnimation(a); a.startNow(); // regardless if its start() or startnNow() it will work in most of the cases but not 100% reliable I actually can see in debug Log when its late, happens after few more clicks

Then in myListener.onAnimationEnd(Animation a):buttons[location].setImageResource(R.drawable.standard_button);

Seems there is a rule that the every 4th or 5th animation does not start ...

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Android :: Frame Animation Callback When Animation Is Complete

Jul 29, 2010

Is it possible in Android to get a callback when a Frame Animation (AnimationDrawable) has completed playing its frame sequence? I know when a Tween Animation has completed, it calls onAnimationEnd(), but is there something similar for frame by frame animations?

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Android :: Transition Between Many Views In ViewFlipper?

Apr 5, 2010

I am using "ViewFlipper" for my application. This ViewFlipper includes 5 layouts. I am trying make it that can be changed from current layout to any layout. In other words, it can be changed Layout#1 -> Layout#5 or Layout#4 -> Layout#1 ..etc. How to make it? I used showNext() and showPrevious(). It is not better idea for my case. Can I use ViewSwither instead of this case?

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Android :: Smooth Transition Of Images From One Position To Other

Apr 16, 2009

I am using opengl es for images to translate from one position to other. But, the transition is not going in a smoother manner they are just jumping from one position to other. How can I get smooth transition of images? Rightnow I am using glRotatef() and gltranslatef(). Do I need to add anything extra? Please do respond.

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Android :: ViewFlipper Seamless Transition (like Activity Fly In / Out)

Nov 17, 2010

I would like the ViewFlipper animation to look (almost) the same as the native Activity show/disappear. I currently have fly-out-to-left and fly-in-from-right animations when user clicks Next, but the animation is not smooth..........

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Android :: Book Page Flip Transition

Aug 11, 2009

i am trying to have a nextpage transition like book page. at the moment i just change the image on imageview and move from left to right but this doesn't look good. i believe book page transition is available in iphone but i doesn't seem to have any single example for android.

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Android :: Easier Transition BlackBerry To Droid?

Dec 21, 2009

I'm sure a lot of us using the Droid are coming from a BlackBerry. Well here is what I miss: Being able to skip tracks by just holding down the +/- Volume for 2 Seconds. (Instead you have unlock the screen and hope you're still in the app for your media player.) Flip to your next picture with a flick. This was fixed with "Multi-Touch Gallery for Droid" A facebook app that lets you check Live Feed and your Inbox.
^Same thing for MySpace Custom LED color for different Alerts.

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Android :: How To Do Smooth Transition Between Video Segments

Oct 27, 2010

I am working on an porting an application supporting segmented video streaming to Android. For those who are not familiar with segmented streaming, it is when a complete video is divided into multiple segments. Each segment can then, for example, be encoded at different qualities to support different clients.

Anyway, my problem is that I am not able to get a smooth transition between segments. Currently, the only way I have gotten segmented streaming working, is to write the segments into independent, temporary files, and then load each file into the MediaPlayer once the previous has finished. This causes an interruption in playback between each segment, probably due to the I/O involved.

I have looked around for different solutions, among others, playlists and storing the videos directly in memory. However, none seem to work or be supported by Android. Also, I tried creating two MediaPlayer- objects and do something similar to double-buffering by preparing the next segment well ahead of the previous, but it only made the application unstable.

My question is therefore: Does anyone have any hints, tips or examples for how to do smooth transition between video segments? The segments I am working with are independent, so there is no dependency and they can be viewed as X number of independent video files.

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Android :: Use Window Transition Effects - No ROOT Needed

Dec 3, 2008

If you guys want your phone to be able to use transition effects, just like the ones on the Android SDK.
First go to the Android Market and search for "AppsInstaller". One whole word. Install, then proceed to download the APK files i have uploaded for you, APK Tools. Make sure you UNZIP them!

Copy the files you just downloaded to the root of your microSD Card. Run App installer and Look for Development tools. Install that. Click on allow then finish install. Then run the program Dev Tools.
Click on Development Settings and Change the following.

Windows animation scale to 1x
Transition animation scare to 1x
Light hinting

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General :: Android M8 - Possibly Lost Texts During Transition?

Apr 24, 2014

I switched from an ATT ip5 to a tmobile one m8 last thursday and have noticed a lack of texts. at first i thought i was unpopular suddenly but now i know at least one of my contacts texted me without it reaching me. on their end it still said i was on iMessage. im curious if this means i may have lost a number of texts during the transition.

So far the only people to text me are ones i texted first. Are there undelivered texts floating in the aether? can i retrieve them?

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Android :: Start Activity In Adapter - Transition Animiation Direction

Nov 18, 2010

I was having the problem in here : How to start Activity in adapter? . however, i would like to modify the transition animation direction. since, inside an adapter, you cannot call overridePendingTransition(). So do you guys know how to do it by using context and intent? also, i have an activity using my customized adapter, and do you guys know how to call my own function in activity from the adapter?

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Android :: Make Transition From Portrait To Landscape Animate Smoothly?

Sep 7, 2010

I have an app that has a portrait layout. When I rotate my phone into landscape, it loads another layout that is strictly landscape (it is displaying an ImageView). How can I make the transition from portrait to landscape animate smoothly?

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Motorola Droid X :: Best Backup / Transition

Jun 22, 2010

So as many of us are probably coming from either the droid, incredible, or some other android device I was wondering what apps you plan on using to make the transition easy. Personally I'll be switching from an Incredible and I've started the search for good free or paid backup apps. So far I've found Lookout which is a security and backup app but I'm not convinced.

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HTC Eris :: Transition Speed And Fluidity

Jun 4, 2010

One thing that has kind of always urked me about this phone when comparing it to the evil iPhone is the transitions between pages. Why is it that there is always a little jerk here and there on transitioning from one page to the next? I noticed that lists are often even worse! I mean, how hard is it to render some scrolling text? At the moment, I am running IC3, and it seems to have sped things up quite a bit, but I think the transition issue is an issue with the core O.S. itself? I am just thinking that a nice, smooth transition would give me warm fuzzies (which is kind of what I was expecting when going root). I know it's minor, but I've always been curious.

Also, I bought SetCPU, and I haven't been able to quite figure out how to overclock this phone yet... I tried raising the min speed, and it locked up the phone. The top speed is set at 880k by default, but it always reads "526" for the current frequency. I was kind of expecting it to have two simple sliders One for low frequency (idle) and one for high that were self explanatory, but that does not appear to be the case. I've been thinking about throwing JIT on it as well since everyone has been talking about it, but I just haven't had the time to really dig into the reading yet.

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HTC Incredible :: Portrait To Landscape Transition?

Apr 30, 2010

Other apps and such that use the accelerometer (eg. leveler) seem to be working fine.

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General :: How To Change Transition Animations On 4.2

Mar 6, 2013

Is there a way to change the transition animations in 4.2? Like fly in, flip, bounce, etc.

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General :: Transition Animations Set As Default In ROM

Jul 9, 2013

I want to set

Window animation scale 1x (default) to Window animation scale .5x

Transition animation scale 1x (default) to Transition animation scale .5x

Animator duration scale 1x (default) to Animator duration scale .5x

As default in my ROM. So users have 0.5 x in settings but can change it if they wish to.

ROM is 4.1.1 sammy base.

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General :: Launcher Pro With ICS Transition Animations?

Jul 22, 2012

I'm using Launcher Pro Plus since I got my phone. Now I have ICS animations on my device, but they don't work on LP. How to port them to LP app?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Transition Streaming Not Smooth From 4G To 3G - Breaks Feed

Sep 15, 2010

I've been plugging my phone into my car audio and running my slingplayer while on my long morning commute, in which i travel through a few areas that are out of 4G coverage. When this happens, the feed fails and doesnt start back up till i reconnect the slingplayer. What I've had to do basically is turn off 4G completely so I stay on 3G all the way. Anyone notice this on other applications on EVO (or the Epic, I guess)? Anyone having issues with pandora, hulu, subsonic, youtube, etc? I remember back before the release of evo at the big new york event they said transition between 4G and 3G would be smooth but my personal experience has shown it not to be while streaming.

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