HTC EVO 4G : Comparison As A Former IPhone User

Jun 6, 2010

I did a video comparison between my Evo and my first gen iPhone. These are my impressions from being a former iPhone user. Enjoy, and please leave comments as you see necessary.g (My SD card filled up while recording this so it's in two videos)

Let me clarify. This is not meant to be a definitive review or comparison. I am not a professional product reviewer. I'm just a tech enthusiast give you guys my impressions of my Evo versus my iPhone. I'm sure people will notice things that I let out of this, and I've already noticed quite a few things I meant to say but forgot. Please take my videos for what they are, first impressions.

Here's a link to photos I took: Dropbox - Photos - Online backup, file sync and sharing made easy.

YouTube - HTC Evo 4g iPhone comparison part 1

HTC EVO 4G : Comparison as a former iPhone user


HTC EVO 4G : IPhone/Evo Comparison Pic

Jun 5, 2010

I did the same thing with the incredible and i basically got the same result; The iPhone picture, at least to me, seems to accurately represent colors while the Evo picture seems to be washed out.

I took the Evo picture with a 1 m resolution (1280 x 768)

I uploaded the iPhone pic first so it should be on the left.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Evo And IPhone Comparison Videos

Jun 13, 2010

Here's the last of my video comparisons between my iPhone and my new Evo. Please leave good comments if you like these. Also, youtube search reiththestud if you want to see parts 1-4.

YouTube - HTC Evo 4g iPhone comparison part 5

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Android : SDKs And Comparison With The IPhone

Apr 11, 2009

Now before I start on the iPhone comparison I'm going to pre-empt the normal "But Android is open source....." response by saying lets be honest and admit it as it stands Android is not an open source project because the public "open source" repository is pretty worthless in its' current state.

The last time I tried to build the master branch it failed missing some Google internal API classes. The SDKs I've produce from the cupcake branch seem to be considered by Google employees as pretty useless with comments like "This is why we want to be clear it is "unofficial," because it is not actually a working SDK" being thrown around and networking in the emulator still being broken a week after users started reporting the showstopper problem (And Romain did hint that Google have a fix, I read as "there is a version where this is fixed"). And as we all know you can't use it to build the exact versions of the open source parts of either of the two firmware versions that have shipped on the G1.

To me it seems little more than code dump which is aimed at ensuring Google can keep saying "But it is open source and not just a Google project"

Now, in the last week I had few conversations with iPhone developers so I could compare the Android developer experience to that of what is perceived as our nearest competitor and they are laughing at us (seriously, when I mentioned the G1 most of them responded by initially chuckling). The general consensus among them was;

- Yes, you pay $99 for the iPhone dev kit, but you get "free" external testing (i.e. at apple) and commercial quality support with many queries being turned around in hours or a couple of days at worst. Compare that to some of the support queries on for basic problems things like a Android failing to connect to wireless lans with hidden SSID ( which, after *five and a half months* is still marked as "New" and doesn't have a single response from a Google employee.

- The most common cause of App Store listing rejections are things that users would complain about anyway. This includes things like performance characteristics, UI anomalies, and inconsistent behaviour. This is the type of stuff that is left for users to find out on Android and only comes to light when 1* or 2* comments are posted and even then you don't know if it's a one off on the users device or possibly something specific to their region (

- The normal amount of time from submission to app store listing is around 7 days. Some apps take months to go through the approval process, but that is because of intellectual property concerns, concerns over offensive content, or is because the app has to be re-reviewed a few times to meet the apples performance and behaviour guidelines. Yes it's not as fast as Android, but you know that once it's on the market it's of a quality where you're not going to get bombarded with user queries about problems straight off.

- Most of the developers actually feel valued by Apple and feel that Apple does what it can to make sure they get the tools they need to do their job and ensure they're apps. This has been re-enforced by allowing the developers to beta test the new firmware and develop against it.

Personally, it's made me shell out $99 for an iPhone SDK, dust off my Nokia N81, and spend $75 on eBay on a Blackberry so I can explore the alternatives.

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Android : Evo 4G Vs IPhone 4 Video Comparison

Jul 3, 2010

Link below, I own neither phone but find it hard to beleive the Evo 4's video quality is this bad so want to hear from users of this phone. Is this comparision accurate?

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Android : Nexus One Vs IPhone 3gs Comparison

Jan 26, 2010

A real Nexus One VS iPhone3gs comparison.

YouTube - Google Nexus One Vs. iPhone 3GS

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Motorola Droid :: Need Iphone / Android Comparison Chart

Oct 30, 2009


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HTC Incredible : Browser Speed Comparison Vs Iphone 3gs Or Nexus One

Apr 22, 2010

Has anyone found a browser speed test of the HTC Incredible vs the IPhone 3Gs or the Nexus One? I would love to see how the Incredible does vs one of them. If anyone wants to make a video and post it if they have access to those devices, please feel free and do so too.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 : VS IPhone 3G - Simple Reviews And Comparison

Apr 2, 2010

Sony X10 V.S iPhone 3G: simple reviews and comparison

After countless fans waiting for a long time, Sony Ericsson finally introduced its first android smartphone Sony Xperia X10. It is said that the Xperia X10 is perhaps the most promising of Sony Ericsson's confusing crop of modern smartphones, combining attractive hardware with killer specs, Android, and an intriguing custom skin. Does it hold its own against modern competitors like apple IPhone which most people like? And more importantly, can it keep Sony Ericsson from going over the brink? Read on to find out.


The XPERIA X10 measures 119*63*13 mm and weight 135 gm and capable of displaying movies and photos in 262k colors on its high 854*480 resolution 4-inch screen.
the next update at the second part of this year will upgread colors depth to 256 ( rael colors .. like normal pc color depth )

While iPhone measures 115.5*62.1*12.3 mm and weight 135gm in16 million colors on 480*320 pixel resolution and 3.5-inch screen.

Conclusion: There is not much difference between the form factor of the two smartphones except for the fact that Xperia X10 is slightly, but unnoticeably, bigger.


Xperia X10 runs on Google Android 1.6 OS , will be upgreaded to 2.1 this year

while iPhone runs on the proprietary iPhone OS 3.1x.

Connectivity and wireless

Both the phones are quadband and GSM-based. Both the phones boast of 3G, WiFi, EDGE, GPRS and Bluetooth (with A2DP) and both lack infrared port.


Both have ability to optimize web pages to fit the screen and zooming in and out of web pages is a breeze. Both are also slick in checking for or doing stuff. However, unlike Xperia X10 has a Webkit web browser, iPhone comes with Safari browser which doesn't support Flash.

Storage and Memory:

Xperia X10 has 1GB onboard flash memory and microSD card slot (capable of holding up to 16GB, Xperia X10 also ships with 8GB miroSD card).
On the other hand, iPhone comes with 256MB onboard flash memory and a choice of 16GB or 32GB internal storage.

Camera and video recording:

Xperia X10 boasts of a whopping 8.1-megapixel camera with up to 16x digital zoom, image and video stabiliser, auto-focus, touch to focus, face and smile detection, geo-tagging, LED flash and WVGA video recording (@30fps).
On the other hand, iPhone has a 3.15-megapixel camera with auto-focus, tap to focus, VGA video recording (@30fps) and geo-tagging.

Music and Video Player:

Both the smartphones support multiple audio and video playback formats.

The Experia X10's audio player offers a great number of options for filtering content and accessing additional information (via the Infinity button), but lacks equalizer. And it only supports MP3 and AAC formats. While its' video player recognizes MPEG4 videos coded in H.264 only and does not support DivX and Xvid, which is a shame really, since the huge screen is extremely suitable for watching videosAnother, iPhone supports audio formats: AAC, MP3, WAV and video formats: MP4, H.264 and MPEG-4.

Both don't support all of video formats.

Power and Battery:

Xperia X10 is equipped with a Li-Po 1500mAh battery that should be able to provide 8 hours of continuous talk time and keep the handset operational for 425 hours in stand-by on 3G networks.
While iPhone has a built-in Li-Ion battery that ups to 10hours for talk time and 6 hours on Internet use.


Xperia X10 and iPhone have some common features such as

*Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync,
*3.5mm audio jack,
*Digital Compass,
*Google Maps and 3D games.

With Xperia X10, you have access to Android Market and PlayNow arena from where you can download apps, movies, video podcasts, TV shows, music tracks, games etc. It also promises an intuitive UI by introducing signature social media applications like Mediascape and Timescape and also has web feeds, speakerphone, gesture control, flight mode, world clock, and pre-installed useful apps.

On the other hand, iPhone has many cool features including a landscape keyboard for all core apps; an innovative and useful implementation of cut, copy, and paste; push notifications, an improved call log that shows details like the time and length of a call; a spotlight search for searching apps, e-mail, music, and more. It also offers a very useful service called MobileMe, a feature that allows you to remotely track the location of the phone when it goes missing, backup data, wipe data from a lost or stolen phone and restore it in a new one.

As you can clearly see from the comparison chart above, it really drills down to what the end-user wants from his or her phone. If you want a phone with high quality camera, then Xperia X10 is the answer since it boasts of 8.1 megapixels autofocus camera. On the other hand, one clear thing that iPhone has over Xperia X10 is its huge number of apps offering which is a big attraction for most us,BUT we cann't say that iphone has the advantage here because google android is a new os compare with apple ers. But when it comes to sheer hardware power, Xperia X10 comes out as a clear winner. So it really comes down to what you want from your phone and which platform are you more comfortable with.

i didnt talk about multi-toutching because its not confirmed yet in X10

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HTC Incredible : IPhone/Android Comparison - Switch Between 4 Very Small Apps

May 23, 2010

Seven ways PC World is wrong about the iPhone-Android matchup

This is very pathetic, obviously written by an iPhone fanboi. When you get to the multitasking part watch how he can only switch between 4 very small apps and that's all he does.

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Motorola Droid X :: Droid X Vs IPhone 4 Video Recording Comparison

Jun 25, 2010

BGR has a video comparison up. The Droid X has much better contrast both indoor and outdoor. The iphone has horrible bloom in highlights outdoors Which crushes all detail. I would even go as far to say that the iPhone video is really bad. Not surpisingly, he declares iPhone the winner because it is 30fps and not 24fps. Personally I couldn't see the difference between the two speeds.

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Android :: How To Receive Pictures From An Iphone Mms User

Sep 27, 2010

Ok, I hate iphones, and apple products. But a few of my friends have iphones. One friend in particular has an iphone, and we send pictures sometimes.

The problems is, every time he does, it comes in a slide show. One picture gets sent, and it takes about 5 seconds before I can see it, as it's showing a black slide, and then the picture shows.

It's a real small slideshow picture, and I've got no way to download it even. It's real annoying! He kinda laughs and sometimes will just email it to me, like the way that iphone users had to send pictures before they got the ability to send mms messages.

How hard can this be? Is it something he is not doing right, or is it just some stupid way that iphones send mms messages to where only iphone users can properly use the photos?

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Motorola Droid X :: Former IPhone User Switching To Verizon

Jul 20, 2010

The wife and I have both been on AT&T for 12 years. I've had the 3G and 3GS and she has a P.O.S. Samsung Epix WinMo phone. She actually ordered an iPhone 4 but we were both unhappy with the Apple press conference and said screw it and returned it. The people at AT&T couldn't believe we were returning it. They asked why and my wife pretty much told them it's because Steve Jobs is a douche. She wouldn't even look at the Samsung Captivate on AT&T because she loathes Samsung phones now.So we went to Verizon and both fell in love with the Droid X. We went in to sign up tonight and ran into a little issue. Apparently some putz named Ernesto had used my wife's social security number some years ago to sign up for Verizon and then didn't pay his bill. So we had to go through this drawn out process dealing with Verizon's fraud department and prove that my wife is who she says she is. We're pretty laid back so we weren't stressing. The Verizon store rep was so apologetic and cool. We eventually got it straightened out.We got the phones for $199.99 each with no mail in rebate, no activation fees, free overnight shipping (when they are in stock ), and they paid the $120 ETF for my 3GS (coming to Craigslist soon). Pretty happy so far and looking forward to my Droid X!I just got bored with the iPhone. Not much of a difference to me between the 3GS and the 4. Good phone, just not for me anymore. Can't wait to dive into Android!

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Motorola Droid X :: Iphone 3gs User Moving To Droid X

Jul 15, 2010

I have been an Iphone user since Gen1, and have just come out of contract under AT&T.While I like the Iphone 4, with the unfortunate AT&T service (or lack thereof) that comes with the phone, it's just not an option anymore. In my area edge is the only available service, and even that has drop outs frequently. Then about 4 months ago, the WIFI quit on my phone, which made the AT&T service problems MUCH worse, or apparently so than they were before.I have had more bad calls, and dropped calls and lack of data availability than I can shake a stick at.I mostly use the phone for browsing and video/Podcast playback, but I use it A LOT.I love Itunes, and have a bunch of podcasts, including video ones that I listen to quite a bit.So I hope I can sync them still.

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Android :: Android Similar NS User Defaults From IPhone

Aug 27, 2010

Hi, I like to save very simple a few like in iPhone I can do with NSUserDefaults.What is the similar command here in Android?(just saving a few Variables, to be reused as long the application is installed)I dont like to use a complicated Database just to do that.

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General :: Group Texts With IPhone And Non-iPhone Users?

Oct 30, 2013

When a group message is sent between my co-workers, who are all iphone users, and myself (Note 3), one person in the exchange does not receive the text. This is not the common iMessage issue that was plaguing me when I made the switch from Apple to Android. This is specifically affecting one iphone user. When I send her a text individually it is not a problem. The other iPhone users don't have a problem receiving or sending to me.

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Android :: Comparison Of Top Four

Aug 12, 2010

Here is a CNN article with a good "quick" comparison of the four top Android phones. It says 2.2 will be out for the Incredible by "September".

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Android : Take Input From User In Droid / Make User To Enter Text?

Sep 22, 2010

I have a EditText in android in which i want the user to enter the text and checks for the condition "BYE"

Code sample..

How can i make user to enter the text?The UI should wait for the text to be entered(something like we have InputStreamReader in java applications).

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Android :: Comparison Between Droid X And HTC Evo

Sep 29, 2010

Which phone do y'all think is better? the Droid X or the HTC evo?

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Android :: Phone Comparison To HTC Evo

Aug 2, 2010

My friend has the HTC Evo and I recently got the Galaxy S Captivate. As soon as I got it, he proceeded to tell me (rather show off) how he THINKS his phone is better than mine. I know there are draw backs to the Captivate but I don't think the Evo is better than it. I say it's more of a draw once you tie everything in.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Kernels / Set CPU Battery Comparison?

Sep 18, 2010

So I have been playing around with different kernels and settings and logging them in System Panel. I will explain details below each pic. Usage was the similar each day with a little bit of tethering, alot of web surfing, imobsters texting and email with kids playing some games here and there as well. Running Fresh 3.2 with different kernels on different days. Monday night I installed Fresh 3.2 and ran the Fresh kernel with SetCPU ondemand and screen off profile and ran it the same way through Thursday. Late Thursday evening I installed Kings #9 bfs kernel and uninstalled SetCPU and ran it all day Friday Late Friday I reinstalled SetCPU and set it to conservative and ran it that way all day Saturday. As you can see, Tues, Wed, and Thurs were all very consistent. Tues I got appx 15-16 hours, Wed I got 14-15 hours and Thurs appx 12-13 hours. Friday was by far the best just letting the kernel do its thing with no SetCPU. Saturday sucked! Battery was dead by 6 pm with appx 9 hours use. I just flashed the Fresh stock kernel back on and uninstalled SetCPU and will see how that compares tomorrow. Sure would like to see the 1.5 days flipz is getting! I have read several places now that SetCPU may be counter productive since the newer kernels are managing things better lately. Does anybody know if the Fresh 3.2 stock kernel is using HAVS?

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Android :: In Depth Comparison Of UI's

Sep 22, 2010

I run a small blogging site named Hot Off The Tech, You can check out the blog in my signature.

I recently wrote up a comparison on the various Android UI's. What Is The Best Android UI?

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Size Comparison

Apr 19, 2010

is the screen size of incredible same long/narrow screen as droid (moto)

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HTC EVO 4G :: Froyo Browsing / Flash Load Comparison

May 24, 2010

No other video for you all to drool over! Flash kills browsing in Android 2.2 Froyo. (Doesn't use evo, uses nexus one running 2.2)

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Samsung Captivate :: Video Camera Comparison

Jul 14, 2010

Between the droid X and captivate...and can play both of them at the same time and they scroll pretty well together.Motorola's Droid X vs. Samsung Captivate In Video Test:AndroidSPIN | Your No.1 source for Everything Android.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Where To Find Kernel Comparison List For Rooted 4GS?

Sep 6, 2010

I just want to make an informed decision after rooting. Sure I may try more than one but I don't know where to start. I'm open to recommendations preferably backed up with reasons. I'm an ubuntu user but I prefer GUI over the terminal. My terminal literacy is almost nonexistent.

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Samsung EPIC 4G :: Mini Review - Comparison To Evo

Sep 1, 2010

First let me disclaim: I am not a phone expert, reviewer expert, or anything. I work in the IT industry so I have a natural built-in ability to "deal" with buggy stuff more than a typical end-user. Some folks have posted their experiences here, I thought I would too. Let's roll.

First things first, the shipping/packaging. The warehouse had tons of Epics in stock on day 1 and there was 0 problem getting it shipped to me (I use a corporate account). So we can put to rest the concerns of a shortage like the Evo, at least for now. The packaging is slightly more wasteful (full rectangle vs the Evo's sardine-tin look) but is very nice and pretty typical of a cell phone from Sprint. The phone comes with a charging cable (micro-usb), a plug adapter for the cable, earbuds, and manuals. There is a ton of safety-tape all over the phone. I actually like this, it ensures you have a crystal clear exterior out of the box.

Putting it up to the Evo, I noticed a few things. It looks a LOT nicer when turned off. The phone is just sexy. It's very sleek and full black, rather than the Gray-ish Evo. At first I loved the lack of buttons, just makes it much more sleek, but this came back to bite me later. I saw a reviewer say that taking away the Sprint and Samsung labels would make the sex appeal of the turned-off Epic go through the roof and I couldn't agree more. It is lighter in the hands than the Evo, and the shape feels more comfortable in my hand. When using the Evo, I found myself constantly setting off the soft buttons on the front. On the Epic, I find myself constantly setting off the hard buttons, mostly the camera button on the lower right side. Not a major issue.

The other hardware items are a nice upgrade: the charger being on top presents a much more preferable configuration, when holding/using the device plugged in, but also when using it in the car or at a desk; there is less cord bending needed. The volume rocker on the left isnt as nice as the Evo�s in my opinion, but that�s such a minor issue for me I didnt even care. Some folks complained about the battery cover; it is seriously no more hassle than the Evos and it feels identical in the pressure needed to pry it off.

Turning on the phone is BLAZING fast. I always hated how cellphones took longer than PCs to boot, but the Epic squashes this -- it's unbelievable. So nice to boot in under 20 seconds...

The camera�holy cow. I never thought I�d care but the back facing still and video camera is amazing compared to the Evo in quality. Now, the Evo has a slight advantage (at least mine) in color quality, but in sharpness, field of view, and options, the Epic blows it away. This was suspected, since Samsung makes camera products. The earbuds are nicer than some that come with the Blackberries my office uses, but to be honest I hardly ever use stock accessories, so I dont think Ill use them. Having a few sizes of rubber covers is nice.

Lets turn it on. Right away a former Sense UI user might be bummed. Touchwiz 2.5 is nothing close to Sense. Yes, I do realize apps can fake the clock and other widgets. But this review is about the PHONE not what apps can make modifications to it. The UI is a major disappointment and the Evo blows it away. That being said, USING the UI well that checkered flag goes to the Epic. Despite the lack of useful bits and pieces in TW 2.5 moving to the desired location is easy and fast on the Epic, more so than the Evo. With the screens, I compare the Epic and the Evo to butter and ice, respectively. The Epic screen is smooth, always, even after 100 swipes. The Evo is smooth at first, but if you repeatedly swipe back and forth, you get more friction as time goes on. I really think the Epic glass is superior in that regard. I have not been able to test strength of glass, because this is not a free phone. =P

I went to lunch today with both phones, and while the Epic is miles past the Evo indoors, the outdoors is a different story. The Evo seemed to alter its brightness to counteract the glare. The Epic did not change at all. It was near impossible to make out emails and video on the Epic. I have not played with or tweaked settings, so this chapter isnt finished by any means, we may be able to adjust this.

The GPS�.hoo boy. This has been a long contended item in this community. Obviously the previous Galaxy S phones reported a lot of issues, and I think the Epic is just another in the line of problem children in this arena. My GPS did not work out of the box with any apps. Only after downloading a free app called GPS Status did it actually connect to satellites. Then, the other apps like Maps worked. The Evo, on the other hand, simply worked. Out of the box, with no nudging or coercing. The epic was a huge disappointment for me in this realm because a big portion of the usefulness and fun of the phone for me deals with GPS, and to have it be so buggy.yuck. Ill hold up a glass and toast the Samsung guys the minute this is fixed, and I have every hope that it can be, with software.

Another thing that bugged me was the paltry selection of apps. Oh dont worry, we got Sprint Zone, Sprint TV, Sprint Football, Sprint Curling, Sprint Foxhunting, and Sprint Midget Wrestling, but painfully absent are App Sharing, separate apps for Camera and Camcorder, Navigation (I cant find this on the market either so any help getting this on my Epic would be appreciated), Google Search (duh, shouldnt this be mandatory? Sometimes I dont want to use the widget!), and many others. It REALLY felt like HTC went the extra mile to give us tons of stuff we can use out of the box, and Samsung left it to us to go get. To me, no problem, but to an end-user that can be a real pain. Especially my problem children. =)

For settings, it felt like the Evo just kinda worked like Id expect. The fact that the screen stays on longer before it shuts off is nice. The Epic is literally something like 10 seconds which is horrible. Yes, you can change it. Yes, I like the fact that HTC seemed to take more time thinking about how a normal user would use their phone.

Now, the keyboard. I love the keyboard, Ive been using it for e-mails over 2 sentences long, but to be honest, 95% of my time I use the Swype keyboard. Before Swype was out, I would have loved having a hardware keyboard but now I am thinking that it is less of a need and more of a want. The buttons are a nice size, and I disagree with complaints Ive seen in the past regarding the space button its juuust fine.

The last major nitpick I have is the soft buttons. They suck. They have bizarre timing for being lit or off, and even if you know the order of the buttons: menu, home, back, search, tapping near them doesn�t work, you have to remember EXACTLY where they are. So muscle memory from using the phone for a few weeks will help with this but I hope this is another software fix that we might see, or a settings adjustment somewhere.

All in all I LOVE the phone. Its sexy, it fits into my pants so much nicer than the Evo, and I haven�t even dipped into the real advantage: the graphics processor. Maybe Ill do a follow up review on that side of things. I will be sending my Evo back and keeping the Epic. It has some great potential and I like the improvements over the Evo.

I know this review has seemed a bit like Im a bit of a downer, but I thought it was important to go through each component and I tend to be a bit harder on gadgets, since I work with them daily and need them to be top notch.

Overall, Epic gets 4 out of 5 Squiggs.

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Samsung EPIC 4G :: 4G Vs HTC Evo 4G Comparison - Youtube Video

Aug 21, 2010

YouTube - Samsung Epic 4G Vs. HTC Evo 4G Comparison

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HTC Desire :: Froyo ROM Comparison Guide For Phone?

Sep 10, 2010

Can anyone link me up with a good comparison of the many many Froyo ROMs available for the desire? Or at least a comparison of the main players.

This might be a good sticky if people can review what ROM they have so we can see the popular choices and why they're popular.

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Motorola Droid : Exchange Sync Comparison

Nov 27, 2009

Anyone have any experience with the various exchange sync solutions, and able to offer a comparison? I'm particularly interested in: * Nitro& DataViz. But if you have experience with other solutions, I'd like to hear that as well.

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