HTC Incredible : IPhone/Android Comparison - Switch Between 4 Very Small Apps

May 23, 2010

Seven ways PC World is wrong about the iPhone-Android matchup

This is very pathetic, obviously written by an iPhone fanboi. When you get to the multitasking part watch how he can only switch between 4 very small apps and that's all he does.

HTC Incredible : iPhone/Android comparison - switch between 4 very small apps

HTC Incredible : Browser Speed Comparison Vs Iphone 3gs Or Nexus One

Apr 22, 2010

Has anyone found a browser speed test of the HTC Incredible vs the IPhone 3Gs or the Nexus One? I would love to see how the Incredible does vs one of them. If anyone wants to make a video and post it if they have access to those devices, please feel free and do so too.

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Android : SDKs And Comparison With The IPhone

Apr 11, 2009

Now before I start on the iPhone comparison I'm going to pre-empt the normal "But Android is open source....." response by saying lets be honest and admit it as it stands Android is not an open source project because the public "open source" repository is pretty worthless in its' current state.

The last time I tried to build the master branch it failed missing some Google internal API classes. The SDKs I've produce from the cupcake branch seem to be considered by Google employees as pretty useless with comments like "This is why we want to be clear it is "unofficial," because it is not actually a working SDK" being thrown around and networking in the emulator still being broken a week after users started reporting the showstopper problem (And Romain did hint that Google have a fix, I read as "there is a version where this is fixed"). And as we all know you can't use it to build the exact versions of the open source parts of either of the two firmware versions that have shipped on the G1.

To me it seems little more than code dump which is aimed at ensuring Google can keep saying "But it is open source and not just a Google project"

Now, in the last week I had few conversations with iPhone developers so I could compare the Android developer experience to that of what is perceived as our nearest competitor and they are laughing at us (seriously, when I mentioned the G1 most of them responded by initially chuckling). The general consensus among them was;

- Yes, you pay $99 for the iPhone dev kit, but you get "free" external testing (i.e. at apple) and commercial quality support with many queries being turned around in hours or a couple of days at worst. Compare that to some of the support queries on for basic problems things like a Android failing to connect to wireless lans with hidden SSID ( which, after *five and a half months* is still marked as "New" and doesn't have a single response from a Google employee.

- The most common cause of App Store listing rejections are things that users would complain about anyway. This includes things like performance characteristics, UI anomalies, and inconsistent behaviour. This is the type of stuff that is left for users to find out on Android and only comes to light when 1* or 2* comments are posted and even then you don't know if it's a one off on the users device or possibly something specific to their region (

- The normal amount of time from submission to app store listing is around 7 days. Some apps take months to go through the approval process, but that is because of intellectual property concerns, concerns over offensive content, or is because the app has to be re-reviewed a few times to meet the apples performance and behaviour guidelines. Yes it's not as fast as Android, but you know that once it's on the market it's of a quality where you're not going to get bombarded with user queries about problems straight off.

- Most of the developers actually feel valued by Apple and feel that Apple does what it can to make sure they get the tools they need to do their job and ensure they're apps. This has been re-enforced by allowing the developers to beta test the new firmware and develop against it.

Personally, it's made me shell out $99 for an iPhone SDK, dust off my Nokia N81, and spend $75 on eBay on a Blackberry so I can explore the alternatives.

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Android : Evo 4G Vs IPhone 4 Video Comparison

Jul 3, 2010

Link below, I own neither phone but find it hard to beleive the Evo 4's video quality is this bad so want to hear from users of this phone. Is this comparision accurate?

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Android : Nexus One Vs IPhone 3gs Comparison

Jan 26, 2010

A real Nexus One VS iPhone3gs comparison.

YouTube - Google Nexus One Vs. iPhone 3GS

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HTC EVO 4G : IPhone/Evo Comparison Pic

Jun 5, 2010

I did the same thing with the incredible and i basically got the same result; The iPhone picture, at least to me, seems to accurately represent colors while the Evo picture seems to be washed out.

I took the Evo picture with a 1 m resolution (1280 x 768)

I uploaded the iPhone pic first so it should be on the left.

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Motorola Droid :: Need Iphone / Android Comparison Chart

Oct 30, 2009


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HTC EVO 4G :: Evo And IPhone Comparison Videos

Jun 13, 2010

Here's the last of my video comparisons between my iPhone and my new Evo. Please leave good comments if you like these. Also, youtube search reiththestud if you want to see parts 1-4.

YouTube - HTC Evo 4g iPhone comparison part 5

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HTC EVO 4G : Comparison As A Former IPhone User

Jun 6, 2010

I did a video comparison between my Evo and my first gen iPhone. These are my impressions from being a former iPhone user. Enjoy, and please leave comments as you see necessary.g (My SD card filled up while recording this so it's in two videos)

Let me clarify. This is not meant to be a definitive review or comparison. I am not a professional product reviewer. I'm just a tech enthusiast give you guys my impressions of my Evo versus my iPhone. I'm sure people will notice things that I let out of this, and I've already noticed quite a few things I meant to say but forgot. Please take my videos for what they are, first impressions.

Here's a link to photos I took: Dropbox - Photos - Online backup, file sync and sharing made easy.

YouTube - HTC Evo 4g iPhone comparison part 1

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 : VS IPhone 3G - Simple Reviews And Comparison

Apr 2, 2010

Sony X10 V.S iPhone 3G: simple reviews and comparison

After countless fans waiting for a long time, Sony Ericsson finally introduced its first android smartphone Sony Xperia X10. It is said that the Xperia X10 is perhaps the most promising of Sony Ericsson's confusing crop of modern smartphones, combining attractive hardware with killer specs, Android, and an intriguing custom skin. Does it hold its own against modern competitors like apple IPhone which most people like? And more importantly, can it keep Sony Ericsson from going over the brink? Read on to find out.


The XPERIA X10 measures 119*63*13 mm and weight 135 gm and capable of displaying movies and photos in 262k colors on its high 854*480 resolution 4-inch screen.
the next update at the second part of this year will upgread colors depth to 256 ( rael colors .. like normal pc color depth )

While iPhone measures 115.5*62.1*12.3 mm and weight 135gm in16 million colors on 480*320 pixel resolution and 3.5-inch screen.

Conclusion: There is not much difference between the form factor of the two smartphones except for the fact that Xperia X10 is slightly, but unnoticeably, bigger.


Xperia X10 runs on Google Android 1.6 OS , will be upgreaded to 2.1 this year

while iPhone runs on the proprietary iPhone OS 3.1x.

Connectivity and wireless

Both the phones are quadband and GSM-based. Both the phones boast of 3G, WiFi, EDGE, GPRS and Bluetooth (with A2DP) and both lack infrared port.


Both have ability to optimize web pages to fit the screen and zooming in and out of web pages is a breeze. Both are also slick in checking for or doing stuff. However, unlike Xperia X10 has a Webkit web browser, iPhone comes with Safari browser which doesn't support Flash.

Storage and Memory:

Xperia X10 has 1GB onboard flash memory and microSD card slot (capable of holding up to 16GB, Xperia X10 also ships with 8GB miroSD card).
On the other hand, iPhone comes with 256MB onboard flash memory and a choice of 16GB or 32GB internal storage.

Camera and video recording:

Xperia X10 boasts of a whopping 8.1-megapixel camera with up to 16x digital zoom, image and video stabiliser, auto-focus, touch to focus, face and smile detection, geo-tagging, LED flash and WVGA video recording (@30fps).
On the other hand, iPhone has a 3.15-megapixel camera with auto-focus, tap to focus, VGA video recording (@30fps) and geo-tagging.

Music and Video Player:

Both the smartphones support multiple audio and video playback formats.

The Experia X10's audio player offers a great number of options for filtering content and accessing additional information (via the Infinity button), but lacks equalizer. And it only supports MP3 and AAC formats. While its' video player recognizes MPEG4 videos coded in H.264 only and does not support DivX and Xvid, which is a shame really, since the huge screen is extremely suitable for watching videosAnother, iPhone supports audio formats: AAC, MP3, WAV and video formats: MP4, H.264 and MPEG-4.

Both don't support all of video formats.

Power and Battery:

Xperia X10 is equipped with a Li-Po 1500mAh battery that should be able to provide 8 hours of continuous talk time and keep the handset operational for 425 hours in stand-by on 3G networks.
While iPhone has a built-in Li-Ion battery that ups to 10hours for talk time and 6 hours on Internet use.


Xperia X10 and iPhone have some common features such as

*Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync,
*3.5mm audio jack,
*Digital Compass,
*Google Maps and 3D games.

With Xperia X10, you have access to Android Market and PlayNow arena from where you can download apps, movies, video podcasts, TV shows, music tracks, games etc. It also promises an intuitive UI by introducing signature social media applications like Mediascape and Timescape and also has web feeds, speakerphone, gesture control, flight mode, world clock, and pre-installed useful apps.

On the other hand, iPhone has many cool features including a landscape keyboard for all core apps; an innovative and useful implementation of cut, copy, and paste; push notifications, an improved call log that shows details like the time and length of a call; a spotlight search for searching apps, e-mail, music, and more. It also offers a very useful service called MobileMe, a feature that allows you to remotely track the location of the phone when it goes missing, backup data, wipe data from a lost or stolen phone and restore it in a new one.

As you can clearly see from the comparison chart above, it really drills down to what the end-user wants from his or her phone. If you want a phone with high quality camera, then Xperia X10 is the answer since it boasts of 8.1 megapixels autofocus camera. On the other hand, one clear thing that iPhone has over Xperia X10 is its huge number of apps offering which is a big attraction for most us,BUT we cann't say that iphone has the advantage here because google android is a new os compare with apple ers. But when it comes to sheer hardware power, Xperia X10 comes out as a clear winner. So it really comes down to what you want from your phone and which platform are you more comfortable with.

i didnt talk about multi-toutching because its not confirmed yet in X10

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HTC Incredible : Quick Way To Switch Between Apps?

May 7, 2010

Is there a quick way to switch between apps ? While some programs you just click on the icon again, that doesn't always work. With podkast for example it'll just run the program twice.

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Motorola Droid X :: Droid X Vs IPhone 4 Video Recording Comparison

Jun 25, 2010

BGR has a video comparison up. The Droid X has much better contrast both indoor and outdoor. The iphone has horrible bloom in highlights outdoors Which crushes all detail. I would even go as far to say that the iPhone video is really bad. Not surpisingly, he declares iPhone the winner because it is 30fps and not 24fps. Personally I couldn't see the difference between the two speeds.

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Android : Convince Me To Switch Toward Iphone?

Jul 15, 2010

I have been a smartphone user for years, pretty much since there have been smartphones, I have had one. From Nokia's on Symbian, Palm's, Blackberries, and others.

I got an iPhone 3G when they came out, and now my contract is over, and to be honest I am quite upset with Apple at the moment. Setting all the minor flaws with the iPhone 4 aside, Steve Jobs' pompous responses to people about the issues it has had, have made me feel basically like he thinks anyone who enjoys apple products will eat up any shit he wants to feed them, and I am not one of those people.

As such, being free from a contract with AT&T, I am seriously considering making the switch to Android, the only smartphone platform I have never used. That being said, in terms of what is available right now, the iPhone 4 is still quite the attractive option.

I have two big issues.

One, there are too many Android based phones to choose from, and they come out so rapidly getting locked into a 2 year contract on a phone I know very little about is a bit scary, and choosing one has become damn near impossible.

Two, again on the subject of the 2 year contract, if I switch I will likely land on Verizon, and I will be stuck on Verizon with an Android phone for 2 years, and if I dont like it, or if the iPhone 5,6,7 comes out and I decide I want to go back there, I would have to switch carriers again.

So, basically, sell me on Android before I go buy another iPhone!

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Android :: Switch From IPhone - Application Alternatives?

Mar 16, 2010

Current iphone 3gs user here. I'm thinking about picking up the N1 and selling the iPhone because of my general dislike for all things Apple, however, I tried out the Droid last year for 30 days and went back to my iPhone. I'm wondering if things have changed significantly in the Android world since then. I'm particularly interested in Android alternatives or flavors of the following iPhone applications:

kindle (kindle reader)
audible (audiobooks)
Jaadu RDP (remote desktop) <-- this one is a deal breaker for me
picasa photo application (uploading and administering albums)
OrbI know this existed a few months ago but the implementation was awful. Has it improved?
Copy and Paste

I'd also be interested to know if the copy/paste functionality has improved at all. When I had my Droid, copy and pasting from the body of an email was almost impossible. You needed to hold down one of the tiny droid keyboard buttons and drag your finger across the screen to highlight the text. At that point if you highlighted the wrong text you were S.O.L because it immediately copied the text as soon as you raised your finger from the screen. Please, please, please, tell me this has been improved! I'd love to get away from my iPhone so that I can delete iTunes forever.

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Android : Need Widget To Mimic IPhone Silence Switch

Jul 24, 2010

I'm looking for a widget that will disable all sound (including system sound) and put the device into vibrate mode, similar to how the physical silence toggle works on the iPhone. I've tried the Beautiful Silence and Beautiful Vibrate widgets, but they do not play nice together on my Droid X: When I toggle silence, I cannot toggle vibrate and vice-versa. I then moved on to AudioManager, but that involved too many steps for my liking; I just want a quick button press. I am aware of Quick Profile, but that seems like overkill for what I'm trying to accomplish, though I haven't tried it yet. Currently, I'm using Sound Manager, which does exactly what I want, but as a shortcut and not a widget. This is almost perfect. The problem I'm having is that some times, when I click the shortcut it launches the Sound Manager app instead of it's normal behavior: launch the Sound Manager app, change the sound settings, and close Sound Manger in an instant.

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General :: Switch From IPhone To Nexus 5 - Some Text Unreceived

Jan 9, 2014

I read that many people in my situation can't text/ receive messages with iphone because of the tricky iMessage.

But my friend's iphone 4s cannot receive 20-50% of my texts, could it be a network issue?

My old Iphone 4s' mother board was dead so ofcourse I did not turn off iMessage.

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Size Comparison

Apr 19, 2010

is the screen size of incredible same long/narrow screen as droid (moto)

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General :: Apps Too Small On Screen?

Oct 5, 2012

I just received my new Zopo ZP300+ Android phone with Android 4.0. When I downloaded a flip clock app from the Apps Store at Google Play it arrived on my screen so small I can hardly see it. This did not happen on my previous Androind phone by LG. How do I get the clock to show at the correct size?

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Motorola Droid X :: Comparison Of Battery Life With Incredible?

Jun 23, 2010

Anyone know if the original Motorola Droid's battery life was considered to be decent? I saw that it was compared to it but I don't know how good that is. How is it in comparison to HTC Incredible battery life?

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Motorola Droid : Android Apps Vs IPhone Apps

Nov 16, 2009

I know the "cool kid in school" thing to do is make fun of the iPhone market for having 1,000's of 'Fart apps'

But let's be honest at the end of the day it's really not true, and now coming from being a previous iPhone owner and now a Droid owner i can honestly say, the iPhone app market wins by a TON.

This is just a general QUALITY of apps comparison as well.

NO i'm not switching back... but man do i miss the iPhone apps...

Especially facebook.. and others..

You can REALLY tell the difference between the quality of iPhone apps vs Android,

So why am i starting this thread?.. Well i'm hoping maybe a developer could chime in and enlighten us on why this is...

Things i'm curious about-

Is programming in android worse then in the iPhone OS? is that why apps are WAY less in quality?

And you can't give the excuse that it's because things are new, when the iPhone market came out the apps were quality at day 1, many of them were.

So what's the difference? i guess software...

Well i'm sticking with android even though this exists.. in hopes that maybe future Android OS updates and SDK's will improve this very obvious difference.. right now i'm not impressed at all... the apps are all Slow, and they look horrible.

And for twitter? holy crap... iPhone owners back me up here, but the iPhone twitter apps are lightyears ahead of android twitter apps.

Just take a look at Tweetdeck for iPhone, and compare to to what i guess is the best android twitter app, twidroid?

Compare those and you'll see what i'm talking about.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 : Apps Put To Optimize Photos / Pictures To Small Enough Size?

Jul 26, 2010

Does anyone know of any decent apps put there that can optimize photos / pictures.

Specifically i am looking for something that can compress a photo / picture to a small enough size that it can be emailed / MMS'd.

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Android :: Switch Apps Without Going To Home

Nov 25, 2009

Have the Eris. One of the things I liked about Nokias was you could download an app that would let you pull up a task/application switcher from any application by holding down a key.the Eris pulls up last six opened apps when you hold down home button, but there should be a way to open one of the various task switcher/kiillers and open apps using a similar method.Cant seem to find that in app store. am i missing something?

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HTC Incredible :: Meaning Of Small Triangle In Menu Bar?

Jun 1, 2010

What does a small white triangle above my signal strength bars indicate on my Inc phone status area of the menu bar? I don't get an "R" which I know means roaming nor an "X" which means no signal, but is in the same location.

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HTC Incredible :: Few Small Force Closes Snowballed

Oct 11, 2010

This is a kind of long process of what I went through to kind of get my phone back up and running after a few small force closes snowballed. My phone is up and running now but still not at 100%, any input would be appreciated.

My phone's previous software information was the following. Virtuous Rom 2.6 with King's BFS #5 kernel not overclocked and the Incredible Revolution Theme.

About a week ago I started noticing some random force closes with some of the HTC services (, or something similar). It would force close but never caused me any problems that I would notice. The only new app I had added in about a month was "Angry Birds Lite"

Then yesterday my phone started acting sluggish all of a sudden so I decided a reboot was in order. I used "quick boot" and selected reboot and my phone started to reboot, and then started to boot loop (it would get all the way to the droid eye animation and sit for a minute then try to boot again). I pulled the battery and attempted to let it boot again and it was still stuck in the boot loop. I then booted into recovery and attempted to restore one of my backups with no luck, now it would just get stuck at the first white HTC incredible screen and sit for half an hour if I let it. Next I did a full data/dalvik cache wipe and tried to restore a couple different nandroids with no luck.

My next step was just to re-download Virtuous and start fresh. I was able to get Virtuous to boot but after going through the set up would go into a force close loop with no way out of it, after another few attempts at loading Virtuous and other Sense based roms and having them all fail with the same force close loop, I tried to go to a senseless Rom and was able to get Sky Raider to boot with no issues. But I wanted my phone back the way I had it.

My last resort was to unroot back to stock(S-off still). I downloaded the stock and flashed it to my phone with complete success. Next I needed to root my phone again. I used the UnrEVOked 3.2 and got my phone rooted, but I couldn't boot into recovery. After much trial and error I was able to get recovery to load by flashing Adrynalyne's version of clockwork mod. I then flashed Virtuous 3.1 with the stock kernel onto my phone, and then I was able to flash back to the standard Clockwork mod recovery.

My phone is up and running now fine when it's on. But my issue now is that I can't do anything through rom manager or manually through clockwork mod to my phone without my phone getting stuck in a boot loop or getting stuck at the first HTC incredible screen after booting out of recovery. Even after just making a nandroid backup of my phone (without loading any apps) it will get stuck at the HTC screen. 95% of the time, clearing the dalvik cache will let my phone boot, but if I had loaded any apps they are all erased and just a placeholder is left on the home-screens. Sometimes I need to do a data

I'm using a newly formatted FAT32 sd card since flashing back to stock and rooting again

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HTC Incredible :: When I Send Picture Via SMS It Comes Out So Small / Solution For This?

May 28, 2010

I send a pic via SMS and my wife says she can barely see it. What am I doing wrong on this phone?

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HTC Incredible : Rows Of Small Dots On Screen / Way To Setup

Apr 29, 2010

does anyone notice that there small dots on the front of the screen when you hold in the sunlight and looks like a matte pattern it covers the whole screen. U can only see it when u tilt it up towards the light... anyone else seeing this? It may just be the oled screen not sure tho

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Android :: Apps - Iphone Multiplayer

Aug 12, 2010

I know of Skies of Glory, but how many apps do you guys know of that you can play your iphone friends in. I know there arent many. But i think there are 2 or 3 that you really have to look for but they just arent coming to mind aside from SoG.

Believe it or not, i still have 1 or 2 friends that havent converted to the evo and are still using that old iphone thing. Would love to kill em in words with friends but i know thats not for android (yet).

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General :: Get IPhone-only Apps On Android?

Apr 6, 2012

rooting and stuff and I want to use the Sleep Cycle alarm clock that is available only for iPhones..

using apps already on the market, I've tried a few and most don't match up with the iphone app

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Android :: Free Trial And Payed Apps / How To Switch From

Jul 28, 2010

I have published a free trial application on Android market.

Since there is a protection method now (LVL) I want to upload also the full version of that application. Unfortunantly when I try to upload the full version on the market it tell me that there is just another software with the same package name and to update that package.

When I update that package it doesn't let me choose to switch from free to payed. How can I do it?

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Android :: Apps That Are Compatible With Droid And Iphone?

Apr 21, 2010

I have friends that have iphones and I was wondering if there are any other apps that are compatible with eachother, only one I know of is "bump". I'm not talking about apps that are both available for each, but apps where you can play games with eachother, GPS locators ect.

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