General :: Horizontal And Vertical Scrolling Launcher?

Nov 11, 2012

Is there any launcher that you can scroll the home screens both vertically and horizontally? Not 3-d but 2-d, like a 4x4 grid of homescreens.

General :: Horizontal and vertical scrolling launcher?


Android :: Vertical And Horizontal Scrolling Together

Jul 7, 2009

is it possible to have both Scrollbars together. My Application is too big for just one of them. I tried it with a ScrollView in a HorizontalScrollView Layout, but it supports only vertical or horizontal scrolling at the same time and not crosswise. It would be nice to have a scrolling just like in the Browser of Android. Is this possible?

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Android :: Horizontal And Vertical Scrolling On Screen

Dec 14, 2009

Is it possible to put a scrollView(vertical scroll view) inside HorizontalScrollview, so that, I want my screen to scroll both horizontally and vertically.

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Android :: Make 2dimension Image Gallery With Both Horizontal And Vertical Scrolling?

Sep 20, 2010

I'm new to Android and I want to make an image gallery where each column is a category, and users can scroll both vertically and horizontally. I found a useful post about how to display list of images here. I'm wondering if it's possible to nest lists of image inside of a gallery view?

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Recognize Vertical Swiping And Vertical Scrolling In Gridview

Apr 14, 2014

I have a Gridview, include hundred of items (thumbnail images). I set a multi-select mode, in this mode, user just need to swipe his finger to start selecting multiple items (this case, gridview can not be scrolled). And in a normal touch, Gridview still can vertically scroll for user to see other thumbnails and continue selecting.

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Android :: Get Horizontal And Vertical Events?

Feb 16, 2009

I have two splash screens for my android app one for horizontal and second for vertical and also have two xml layout file like h_splash.xml and second is v_splash. and i want to show these file like this in my code if(horizontal or event which for horizontal ) { setContentView(R.layout.h_splash) }

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Android :: Scrollview Vertical And Horizontal

Jan 11, 2010

I'm really tired looking for a solution for Scrollview vertical and horizontal. I read that the any view/layout implements this feature in the framework but i need something like this. I need to define a layout within other, the child layout must implement scrolling vertical/horizontal for moving. Initially implemented a code that move the layout pixel by pixel, but i think that is not the right way. I tried with ScrollView and HorizontalScrollView but any ones work like i want, because only implement vertical or horizontal scrolling.

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Android :: Set ProgressBar To Be Vertical Bar Instead Of Horizontal?

Oct 13, 2010

I am trying to use a ProgressBar as a metering like display. I thought it was going to be an easy task and thought that ProgressBar had a property to set to be vertical, but I'm not seeing anything. Additionally I'd like to be able to show ruler like indicator along the side of the bar to clearly indicate the current level.

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Android :: Horizontal - Vertical Finger Swipe

Jun 22, 2009

How do you detect a horizontal or vertical finger swipe?

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Android :: Mage Does Not Scroll Vertical Or Horizontal

Mar 2, 2010

i am adding scaling image (size 800 x 800) to Scroll layout but this image does not scroll vertical or horizontal.

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Android :: Camera Display Horizontal / Should Be Vertical

Jun 9, 2010

I'm using a Nexus One and the Camera displays horizontal when it should be vertical and vice versa. I've no idea what's wrong. The code works fine on a HTC tattoo.

class Preview extends SurfaceView implements SurfaceHolder.Callback {
SurfaceHolder mHolder; Camera mCamera; Preview(Context context) { super(context);
// Install a SurfaceHolder.Callback so we get notified when
//the // underlying surface is created and destroyed.
mHolder = getHolder(); mHolder.addCallback(this);
} public void surfaceCreated(SurfaceHolder holder) {
// The Surface has been created, acquire the camera and tell
//it where // to draw. mCamera =; try {
mCamera.setPreviewDisplay(holder); } catch (IOException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block e.printStackTrace();
} } public void surfaceDestroyed(SurfaceHolder holder) {
// Surface will be destroyed when we return, so stop the
//preview. // Because the CameraDevice object is not a shared resource,
//it's very // important to release it when the activity is paused.
mCamera.stopPreview(); mCamera = null; }

public void surfaceChanged(SurfaceHolder holder, int format, int
w, int h) { // Now that the size is known, set up the camera parameters
//and begin // the preview.
Camera.Parameters parameters = mCamera.getParameters();
parameters.setPreviewSize(800, 480);
mCamera.setParameters(parameters); mCamera.startPreview();

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Android :: How To Configure App To Work Horizontal / Vertical?

Jan 16, 2010

Is it possible to configure all layouts of an Android app to support BOTH landscape and portrait mode so that the app will work both when phone is held vertically and horizontally. From my brief reading, it seems not. Am I right?

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Android :: Switch View From Horizontal To Vertical?

Apr 2, 2009

How can I change the Android view from horizontal to Vertical by force? Can the view switch dynamicly?

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Android :: Vertical And Horizontal Scroller For EditText

May 25, 2009

how I can add a horizontal and vertical scrollbar for an EditText? I need it to be done through java code and not through xml.

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Android :: Crash On Rotation - Horizontal To Vertical

Feb 10, 2010

I'm playing around with android, and I'm creating a simple twitter app to test what I've learned so far. But I've run into a problem that I don't understand. I created a thread to fetch the tweets, no problems there, but then added a ProgressDialog to show when that thread was running. Doing so caused a very unusual behavior. If the user rotates from Vertical orientation, to horizontal orientation, program behaves as expected, no problems, but if he then rotates back, the program crashes saying a window leaked.

The problem only happens on a horizontal to vertical layout switch. I know of the issues of if you try to rotate while the dialog box is running, but I've made sure that the dialog box has finished running and dismissed before rotating and it will still crash. Heres my code:

package com.onesmartpuppy.puppytweet;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import com.github.droidfu.widgets.WebImageView;
import winterwell.jtwitter.Twitter;
import winterwell.jtwitter.Twitter.Status;
import android.content.Context;...............

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Android :: Excel Like Vertical And Horizontal Headers

Apr 7, 2010

It means, that it has vertical headers (fixed horizontally), which can be scrolled vertically, and horizontal headers (fixed vertically), which can be scrolled horizontally. The contents should be scrollable both vertically and horizontally. To make it clear, I tried to 'draw' here...........

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Android :: Horizontal And Vertical Scrollbar With Tablelayout?

Nov 15, 2010

how to add both scrollbar. First of all i clear to all. I added both scroll bar in tablelayout but main problem is i m using dynamic data for filling tablerow. So, if there is only one record so horizontal scroll view top after the data. but i want to show horizontal in bottom and also show vertical.

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General :: Galaxy S5 - NOVA Launcher Vertical Bar On Home Screen

May 2, 2014

I am using NOVA launcher on my Galaxy S-5. I have just two home screens set in the app. I see this vertical bar with 4 sections on far right when I am on the 2nd page of the home screen. I see the same bar on left hand side of the screen when I am on the 1st page of home screen. How can I remove this?

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Android :: How To Restart Application? (Changing From Horizontal To Vertical)

Jul 9, 2010

I would like to restart my application, just like when you change from horizontal to vertical. Something like finish, but I don't want to exit the program.

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Android :: Detect Current Screen Vertical Or Horizontal?

Jun 3, 2009

I need to set different content view after rotating device screen. Is there any method to detect the direction of current screen is vertical or horizontal?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Keyboard From Vertical To Horizontal Slow / Fix It

Nov 13, 2009

Is it just me or is the qwerty Keyboard, going from vertical to horizontal is very very slow. I'm like sitting there waiting forever for it to change, and by that time i forgot what i was going to write.

is there a fix or for that matter a quick button you can press to switch it?

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Android :: Layout Weight Is Inconsistent For Horizontal And Vertical Orientation

Apr 8, 2009

I have played around a bit with the xml files for creating layouts and can't explain the behaviour of layout_weight when using it in a LinearLayout that has orientation="vertical"

When creating a layout that is horizontal everything follows the documentation, that a child would get more space if it's has the highest value.

But the following code for vertical orientation, give more space to the item with lowest weight.


And the question is: Is this a bug or just a feature that maybe need more documentation?

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Android :: Turning Keyboard To Horizontal While Holding Phone Vertical

Aug 11, 2010

Is is possible for me to have a keypad style keyboard when I hold the phone vertical and then switch to the qwerty keyboard when I turn it to the horizontal? If so, how do I do it? I just find that the qwerty is a bit too small for my fingers when it's squashed up in portrait mode.

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Android :: Scrollable (horizontal And Vertical) ImageView With Buttons Overlayed

Aug 9, 2010

I want to implement an activity where the only thing you see is a big image, which can be scrolled horizontally and vertically.On Top of that image I want to display buttons, that can be clicked and trigger certain actions (like creating an intent to start a new activity). First I was thinking about a ScrollView, that has a FrameLayout as a child. The FrameLayout could have the image as a background and can have the buttons as childs. Because I know the position of my buttons exactly I could place them with absolute coordinates. Here is my first code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


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Android :: Change Vertical Horizontal Rate - Circle Becomes Ellipse

Oct 31, 2010

I want horizontal-vertical rate unchanged. How can ı Do this?? my picture is rate is 320x70. for example, in my phone(samsung galaxy-s GT-I9000) it looks like 320x100. originally I have a circle but it look ellipse... ı have to fix it, but how can ı do?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LinearLayout android:background="@drawable/main"
android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent"
android:orientation="vertical" xmlns:android="">
<LinearLayout android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent"
android:orientation="vertical" android:layout_weight="5"></LinearLayout>.........................

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HTC Hero :: Touchscreen - Screen Takes Right Horizontal Position Of My Finger - Not The Vertical

Feb 8, 2010

I have got one big problem with the touch input of my Hero. The screen is too sensitive. I can navigate on the screen while my finger is about 5 cm away from it. I can choose what I want, but the screen takes the right horizontal position of my finger, but not the vertical. Anything I want to take, the screen takes the one on the bottom of the screen. The same when I want to write a message or something like this. I choose the "W" or "E", but the screen takes the "X" or "C". If the display goes on Standby and I wake it again, everything is good for a few seconds, but than the same mistake comes again. I already tried to wipe and install a new MCR, but nothing helps. I think, but I am not sure, that I have that problem after I have installed the htc keyboard on android 2.1, as I tried it for a few hours.

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Android :: Scrollable Area Like In Robo Defense Game (both Horizontal And Vertical)

Aug 13, 2009

I'm trying to implement something very similar in my application, but looks like it's impossible to do this with standard components. I read several topics about such scrolling feature in the group, but all the topics ends with suggestion to write your own scroll view. I wonder did somebody implement such scroll view already? Or can somebody provide a brief how-to on this particular feature. I think any information on this would be very appreciated by many members of the group.

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General :: No Scrolling Option For Next Launcher?

Sep 3, 2013

Is there that option? I like all the other features but I can't find that option... If not tho I'm going back to Add Launcher.

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General :: Launcher With Vertically Scrolling Screens

Oct 24, 2012

Are there any launcher out there that have a vertical scrolling screen so I can put all my widgets on one screen then just scroll up and down that one screen? I know Espier Launcher can do it, but the problem with that one is that I can not resize widgets.

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Android :: Slideit - Horizontal Word Suggestions Compared To Vertical Weird Choice Of Swype

Mar 24, 2010

Trying slideit and love the horizontal word suggestions compared to vertical weird choice of swype but:

1) do I really have to hit shift then question mark or exclamation mark each time to punctuate?

2) if I write a word, then put in a numerical, there is no space

3) if I want to go back and as a letter to am already formed word, there is always a space put in automatically, impossible to change a word like dog into dogs, comes out like dog s

4) contacts not in slide it dictionary

Very possible its my inexperience, live swype, hate the venice distracting word suggestion

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