Android :: Market Developer Console Bugs IS NOT WORKING Properly

May 21, 2010

Data there are inconsistent!. On dashboard I have TWO new bugs. Going down I see one NEW and one OLD. When I click on NEW link I see one OLD only. When I go down I see bug marked as OLD. More info for Android Market developers: application:, Exception class java.lang.NullPointerException Source method WorldClockWidget.onReceive()

Android :: Market Developer Console Bugs IS NOT WORKING properly

Android :: Market Developer Console Bugs Feature

May 20, 2010

The new bugs feature is a great move forward to empower devs and users both, kudos Google.

However, the reports don't tell me which version of my app the report is from, which is critical for me to properly triage.

Is there any feedback channel to Google other than this group we could use to get this feature added?

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Android :: Can't Mark Errors As Old In Market Developer Console

Jun 25, 2010

in the developer console, I have a couple of errors, which although fixed in the code and marked old in the console, still show up on the front page. And I highly suspect that this is affecting the rank of my apps. This is obviously a bug in the developer console:

1. at the developer console homepage it says (in bold face): Errors (2)

2. when I click on "Errors", it shows: Freezes Crashes 1 new 1 new 0 reports 0 reports 1 old 3 old 2 reports 7 reports

3. When I click on "1 New" in the "Freezes" column, it displays: Old ANR keyDispatchingTimedOut 2 reports 0 reports/week

Also, one of my apps, TapeMachine, has 4.5 stars, 973 downloads, and 83% active installs. For certain keyword searches in the market it has been the first result for many weeks. And since these (bogus) errors are here, it has lost its rank falling under many applications with lower ratings. A similar issue happened with the free version, which has 4 stars and about 20k downloads.Is there a workaround or a fix for this situation?

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Android :: Developer Console Page Of Market Not Work On Chromium Browser

Jun 3, 2010

The "Developer Console" page of Android market not work on Chromium browser. Some hyperlink item on this page are un-clickable, such as "Upload Upgrade", "Replace this image", and "add language". However it's work correctly on Fire-Fox browser. I don't know how to report this issue to Chromium developing team, please help me to report this issue.

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Android :: Android Developer Console And The Market

Feb 15, 2009

The Android Developer Console doesn't allow me to unpublish my previously published applications. I thought it may be a browser/ javascript issue, but I tried several browsers with no luck.In addition, the applications I've published that are not free do not show up on the Market.

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Android :: Apps Are Not Visible In My Developer Console

Nov 24, 2010

As of November 24 some of my apps are not visible in my developer console.Does anyone have any idea why? they have all been there every other day.

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Android :: User Comments Available In Developer Console

Jun 30, 2010

I just noticed a new link in the developer console for comments.When clicked, it shows the comments the users have posted. No way to answer them but at least you can see them outside the device.

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Android :: Developer Console Stopped Updating?

Jan 7, 2010

My "total" and "active install" numbers in Developer Console have not been changing for more than 36 hours, for all 5 apps that I publish. Has anyone seen the same thing? The ranking of my apps haven't been dropping yet (touch wood) so maybe just I am getting a stale view of the numbers?

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Android :: Developer Console Error Report

Jul 5, 2010

I posted a free app and I've got a couple users who posted a comment saying that the app force closes in google's feedback. It's got a few hundred downloads in the day it's been up with an 84% retention rate. Google's error report in the developer's console says it has 0 errors. I've never had an app that reported any errors in the console. Does it actually work or am I getting fake reports of force closes? I'm a bit suspicious competitors might be posting the comments, but I don't have any way to confirm that the error reporting google provides does actually work.

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Android :: Duplicated Permissions In Developer Console

Oct 11, 2009

In my app's page, it shows:


Is this being show to users when they install the app? What could it be?

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Android :: Developer Console Not Showing Number Of Apps

May 31, 2010

I had published an app and in two days the number of downloads were update normally. But since wednesday the numbers are the same, and I know that maaaany people had download the app.

If there is anyone here that works in google, the app name is "World DroidCup".

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Android :: Info & Samples Related To Developer Console Changes

Nov 19, 2010

What is a feature graphic? Could anyone provide an example? Is it required (the console doesn't seem to require it). Also, are "alpha channels allowed in the high resolution icon? Many icons have transparent backgrounds. If you don't allow alpha channels in PNG icons, what should we set the background to?

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Android :: Downloads & Active Installs Numbers Frozen On Developer Console?

May 31, 2010

For at least 5 days now the number of downloads and active installs have remained the same, surprisingly since it was changing day by day. I still see through my server that new people are registering, so definitely the counters are broken or the numbers dont get refreshed. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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Android :: How Is Active Installs Count / Percentage In Android Developer Console Calculated?

Feb 5, 2010

The Android Market Developer Console shows two numbers for your submitted application; "total" and "active installs".What exactly does the "active installs" number mean?Is it affected by application upgrades? Does that yield a "total" of 1000 because the APK was downloaded 1000 times but an "Active Installs" of 500 (50%) because, in the end, only 500 people are running the app? Does an upgrade get counted as an uninstall followed by an install?

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Android :: Console Log Not Working In 2.1 Emulator

Apr 28, 2010

I am running one web application in android emulator browser in one java script file. I am trying to output some string as console.log("android");
But I didn't got this log using adb logcat even I tried to start adb logcat firstly and then turn the app. But didn't got log message which I used in console.log. Is there any way so I can get my log message.

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Android :: New High Resolution Icon Field In The Market Console

Nov 17, 2010

I have noticed that there's a new high-res icon field in the market console. Does anyone know what that's for? I have tested this new field, and I can tell for sure that it was ignored when rendering the android market icon. Maybe that it will get used after a market upgrade... Furthermore, I have had problems with the market icon. After various tests, I have realized that it is always the mdpi icon, scaled to some random size (51px, etc..), even if there's a hdpi icon, and whatever device I used. But I see some icons which seem to be pixel-sharp. Is this just an illusion or is there a trick?

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Android :: Cannot Get To My Application In Market As A Developer

Oct 31, 2010

Something really strange happened today and I could really use some help figuring it out. I believe its related to Google's SSO infrastructure, and I don't really know how to contact Google to get my application rescued.

I have a google apps account I used to create the application, its claytantor at sightlyinc dot com not a account but its a Google Apps account, so I used it to upload and distribute my application. Today when I was using blogger my account said "do you want to use claytantor at sightlyinc dot com or claytantor at sightlyinc dot com for this account?" what kind of choice is that they are both the same? Well my guess is that somehow I chose the one that locks me out of my Android Market account because when I went to try to upload a new version of my app it thinks I don't have an Android Market account.

Paying the extra 20 bucks wouldn't bug me but there is a version of my software out there that I cant access or manage now, and that *really* bothers me. If I create a new account I will have two versions of mys software floating around the new one and the old one that has been stranded! I cant live with that.

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Android :: Market And Developer Frustration

Mar 10, 2009

I've developed for a bunch of platforms and I'm starting to get a bit frustrated with Android/Google. It seems like you didn't quite think things through for developers.

1) There's no way to dialog on ratings. Even in a stupid web blog the author is allowed to comment in a discussion. Ratings should be more like discussions. Lots of sites do this well, there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

2) There's no way to remove the ratings from dumb shills for other products who trash your product.

3) There's no way to see ratings that are declared as Spam. I'd like to see what's getting marked as Spam in case it's the same shills pushing their own products marking good reviews as Spam.

4) The score includes all those dumb shills so the star score is consistently low and the product will always languish.

5) We still don't have .33 for our phones. I can't mark something as Spam yet nor even see what's for sale on Market. This should have been ready when it rolled to users. Or at least tell us WHEN it will be ready. This 'coming soon' stuff doesn't do much fo rme.

6) All google lookups for doc go to the old doc site. Can't you at least upgrade your references in search to go to the new doc?

7) There's no way to post an update for a non-free product! Wtf is that? That's ok if you're producing the typical dumb iPhone flash game but for a real product?

8) There's still a huge black hole in the dev for bluetooth, as well as a bunch of missing documentation for more kernel-related stuff.

9) The web interface for market is miserable. Why can't we see all the apps there? Why don't we have the same set of controls we do from the phone along with a discussion/blog for ratings.

10) Adding a more serious set of rich-text info (with maybe a picture or two) as a hyperlink from market would be easy and really great for developers. 325 plaintext characters doesn't do much for anyone.

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Android :: Using Word In Market Developer Name

Mar 11, 2009

Is it against Google's rules to use the word "Android" in a developer name?I'm leaning towards no.While it is the name of the OS, Google didn't invent the word. For example, could I make my developer name "bobTheAndroid"?(I'm asking before I make my developer account so I don't somehow lose my $25)

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HTC Incredible :: Console - Commands Like 'cat' 'mv' 'rm' Are Not Working

Jun 22, 2010

Just wanted to start a quick FAQ for those users who havn't had a chance to toy around with the Linux console which is what the Android OS is based off of.

1. Commands like 'cat' 'mv' 'rm' are not working, why?

Chances are that these commands currently dont reside on your path, which is common when you start the phone in recovery mode. To remedy this, enter the following in your console


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Android :: How To Search Market Based On Two Word Developer Name?

Jun 22, 2010

(Question also posted here: )
recommends searching for apps by Developer Name using the URL: market://search?q=pub:
I can't get this to work for two word names. For instance, if I want to search for all of Google's apps on the Market, I would search for 'Google Inc.' since if you look at Google Earth, Google Sky Map, etc. those are all published by 'Google Inc.'

I've tried the following:
(equivalent of: Google+Inc.)
(equivalent of: Google Inc.)
market://search?q=pub:Google Inc.
(equivalent of: Google Inc.)
(equivalent of: Google+Inc.)
but none work.

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Android :: Ways That Allows Developer To Leave Reply To Comments In Market?

Jul 20, 2010

I have a free app that has 64% of ratings at 5 starts, but still has 9% of ratings at only 1 start, some of them even said that my app is an "useless garbage", so I think maybe I need to leave a reply to those users to explain something or answer their questions. So are there any ways that we could do such thing?

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Android :: Developer Control Of Android Market Server License Settings

Aug 9, 2010

I was looking for per-application control over retry until and other license settings from the developer console. This appears not to be available. Do I implement a more lenient ServerManagedPolicy by twiddling with these settings and associated preferences in ProcessServerRequest? My app operates fine in airplane mode, and I can anticipate it being used for extended periods of time where internet connectivity is unavailable.

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Android :: Updated Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement?

Apr 24, 2009

I'm sorry I know this is slightly off-topic, but since there is no group about the market... When I'm logging in to the Market console, I'm asked to agree with the "updated Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement".Is there any info/announcement anywhere highlighting and explaining the differences with the previous agreement?

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Android :: Emulator Not Working Properly

Aug 1, 2009

My little apps used to run fine in eclipse and on the android emulator.Then for some reason they stopped working. Now, no new apps or changes will appear on the phone.I have followed the instructions on the FAQ but it doesn't change. Now also if I want to change some code and then re-run it by pressing play, it says: emulator: ERROR: the user data image is used by another emulator.

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Android :: CoPilot Not Working Properly

May 8, 2010

Started on the missus iphone that it stopped sayiing 'Welcome to CoPilot' when you started the app (even though it is switched to on in the settings), also none of the directions are audible yet the button clicks are fine. Sent a support request to ALK a week ago... no reply. Today fired up CoPilot on my HTC Desire and exactly the same thing has happened throughly pissed off.?

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Android :: DateFormat Of AM/PM Is Not Working Properly With 2.0

Mar 8, 2010

I have worked on android 1.5 and 2.0.

Currently i am doing Migration of Applications available in 1.5 to android 2.0.

During the work time i have come up with one issue as follow:

The DateFormat of android is not returning the value in CAPITAL Letters for AM/PM in 2.0 where as in 1.5 it is doing absolutely fine.

Example :::


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Android :: Catch 22 Re Android Market Developer Agreement

Nov 5, 2010

This is not a programming question per se but a question that may be relevant to all future Android developers.I am in the market for an Android developer phone. I can buy it used on eBay, or I can buy it new on the Android Market.All nice and dandy but in order what the Android market has to offer, I have to first register, which requires signing the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement.Well, I know that many developers signed that agreement and stayed alive, but before signing anything I prefer to read what I am about to sign. Unfortunately, certain information that is needed to be understood in order to sign the agreement can be accessed only after you sign the agreement.For example, how do I know which are the "authorized payment processors" mentioned in clause 1.2?Also, it sounds strange to me that in order to just see what developer phones are available (and their specs) I first have to register and pay the $25 registration fee. It will take at least 6 months before I will be ready to place anything on the Android market, so why should I register now?

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Android :: C2DM Properly Working On Emulator

Aug 20, 2010

I looked all over the web and in this group for a solution but I don't seem to have any luck. I'm probably not the only developer that needs to try C2DM on the emulator so a solution to this could be quite useful. First of all let me say that I'm running the latest Google APIs 8 rev 2 as AVD which should have all the necessary magic to allow me to run C2DM (it even has all the market components to run the LVL). I tried both Chrome to Phone and Jumpnote and it was impossible to make the C2DM service work. - Chrome to Phone fails when trying to connect from the Android app running on the emulator with a "Error: Unable to connect". On the Chrome to Phone site they recommend that Talk should be tried first and that the Market should be available (none of these come in the emulator image and I'm not sure if I should even try to install them on the emulator). - Jumpnote does not synchronize automatically and gives me an error: "Error calling remote note sync RPC" (when I do a manual sync I can see the docs being synchronized but looks like C2DM, which enables the auto sync, is broken). I also heard a comment that maybe port forwarding via adb could be necessary (but I'm really not sure this makes any sense).

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Android :: OnTouch Not Working Properly / HTC Magic

Dec 2, 2009

I'm trying to develop a touch control, but I'm getting some problems with the onTouch method. Basically, only the event ACTION_DOWN is working. The others seems to be in trouble.My application has a LinearLayout, containing a VideoView.I have a HTC Magic updated to 1.6.

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