Samsung I7500 :: Recommend An Offline Navigation Application

Sep 26, 2009

It's great having GPS, but it is also frustrating to not to be able to use it without an internet connection. I'm looking for an application that can be used offline, or that can cache Google Maps, or something. Suggestions?

Samsung i7500 :: Recommend An Offline Navigation Application

Samsung I7500 :: Google Calendar Offline?

Mar 24, 2010

Is there a version of Google Calendar for my Galaxy so I can set up a purely OFFLINE calendar (using the default calendar). I have version 1.5 on my phone

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Samsung Vibrant :: Recommend Good Music Application / Widget?

Sep 13, 2010

Can anyone recommend me a good music application, preferably with a widget?

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Samsung I7500 :: Sygic Navigation / How Is It Compared To Copilot

Dec 1, 2009

I heard that Sygic is very good turn by turn navigation for Android, anyone running it? How is it compared to Copilot?

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Customized Android GPS Solution With Offline Maps And Navigation

May 8, 2012

I am working to develop a customized business concept to call a taxi. Where customers request a Taxi on smart phone app. Taxi drivers will have an Android GPS pre-loaded with maps to work off line. The Taxi driver is guided to the customer using voice navigation (for safety).

* Where to find the latest maps to be used for Andriod GPS off-line.
* Which software to use for voice navigation off-line.
* Which software to use for off-line navigation directions from point A to point B.

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General :: Offline GPS Navigation With Voice Routing In Pedestrian Mode

May 14, 2012

Any app for GPS navigation which has voice routing possible in pedestrian mode? I sometimes need to go to some destination in a part of the city which is not familiar for me.

However, the navigations I tried, have voice routing only in car mode, so it has to take in account things like driving directions etc. which the pedestrian does not have to respect and thus the track is much shorter.

It would be nice if I, for example, just could get off the bus, switch my GPS on, select destination, activate the voice routing and put my phone in a pocket and let the navigation voice guide me to the target place. It would be more comfortable as I sometimes see the map very poorly and also have to keep an eye on other pedestrians, cars etc.

Currently tried Sygic and it does not have this.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Anyone Recommend Task Manager Application?

Jun 12, 2010

I am totally new to the android thing and the evo is my first ever droid based phone. I installed something called advanced task manager from the marketplace however I am finding several threads on how its not a good thing for the phone. I have no idea if its good or bad, but I do know that what shows up in the task manager list of running apps is way different than what shows up in the phones running task list - menu/settings/applications/running services. What shows up in task manager is a bunch of stuff that running services don't show. So whats the scoop? To have or not to have?

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Samsung I7500 :: Application To Connect Internet?

Jul 25, 2010

Is there any application or means of connecting to the wifi internet by having a dynamic ip address but change the gateway and port no. to be connected to? I can access the internet through a particular gateway and port no. only. If there is someway i can do this, it will be really helpful. I stay in a hostel where we have wifi access, but i need to specify these specific address to access internet.

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Samsung I7500 :: Application To Add Alternative Contacts

Mar 20, 2010

I can't seem to import contacts from my sim card all in one go. I can only see options to import one at a time (from my sim card that is). Is there an alternative, useful app for this or an alternative contacts app other than the default one that came with my Galaxy?

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Samsung I7500 :: Application Don't Work On Galaxy

Dec 8, 2009

new super application google goggles Google Goggles v1.0 Application for Android | Tools and other new(or updated) interensting applications don�t work on Galaxy because requires os 1.6(donut)

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Android :: Offline Navigation Software For Android?

Jan 18, 2010

Offline maps. The maps should be stored on the device/memory card so no Internet-connection is required There should be some way to interact with the application "through code"; sending route requests, getting current location perhaps, bringing app to foreground/background, etc. An API so it can be controlled from another application. No monthly fees, The only one I found so far to match the above is Sygic Navigation. However, I havent yet been able to communication with the app even though they say that it can be done. Still investigating that...

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Samsung I7500 :: Data On Demand Application Allow To Save Battery

Oct 10, 2010

Ever since I got unlimited data plan my battery life reduced by 60%. Before I would charge my phone once in 3-4 days, with 3g on all the time I could barely go through one day.
"Data On Demand allows you to save battery by turning off your (2G/3G-) data connection manually or automatically if your device goes to standby-mode (display turns black)."
The best features of this prog is that when u put it on auto mode it will only disable 3G when ur phone goes to standby mode thus saving u a lot of battery.

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Develop Application As Offline

Oct 3, 2012

I'm currently developing a music application, which scans an user music library and tries to find similarities with near music libraries using lastfm apis.

I put the process of scanning library and building a database with the similar artists in a background service that wakes up when the user turns the internet on. The objective is to only use network in this process.

With the database updated, I only need a way of passing information between different devices and it's important to me that this is a offline process (I think it's one of the valuable assets of my application).

the only offline connection between devices I know is Bluetooth.However, as you know, this technology is kind of deprecated and it's not always reliable, principally because you can only communicate in short distances.

Do you have a hint of doing this in other ways? I thought about socket connections, but for that you need to have a network connection. I also thought about creating this connection using ad-hoc networks programatically, but that I don't know if it is possible (at least, not in earlu versions of the android OS).

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Samsung : Galaxy S Cons / What Cases Do You Recommend

Aug 1, 2010

I can gladly say that I will be joining the Android platform in a couple days when I get my Samsung Galaxy S, however I'd like to know fr om YOU, experienced SGS users, what are the cons on this phone. Also what cases do you recommend? I am planning on getting a full body invisishield from ZAGG? Your opinion is also welcome!

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Samsung Moment :: Recommend Sports Armband For Running?

Mar 20, 2010

Anyone used a sports armband with their Moment? There are, of course, dozens made for the iPhone, but I wonder how well those would work with the moment. Some are likely rather generic, but then others are probably custom-fit to the iPhone.

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Make Offline Map Application In Android Using Eclipse?

May 22, 2012

how it is possible to make offline map application in Android using eclipse or any IDE.

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Samsung I7500 :: How To Debug On The Samsung Galaxy I7500 Android Phone

Jan 21, 2010

How to Debug on the Samsung Galaxy I7500 Android Phone


When i followed the above steps system tried to install driver and then prompt following error.

Refence link

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Samsung I7500 :: Samsung I7500 - Low Middle Or High-end Android Smartphone

Jan 23, 2010

The Samsung i7500 Galaxy is, except the support from Samsung itself, a great Android smartphone with a very good (the best?) price for value. It's with 11,9mm the second slimmest Android phone after Nexus One with 11,5mm (right?) and has unlike the HTC phones a flash light and build in storage of 8GB. On most sites the Galaxy is (one of) the cheapest Android phones, I wonder if it's because Samsung is cheaper or HTC/Motorola more expensive by itself?

I personally would compare the i7500 with the HTC Hero, although in my opinion the i7500 still has a much better price for value.

Is it even possible to define if and which Android phone is a low, middle, or high-end smartphone?
Sure, it also depends for what purposes you bought and use your phone, but I still wonder were the i7500 would be if 1=low and 10=high end Android phone, and if there even is a number 10? I also think that the D-Pad is a big plus and not a minus in comparison to the scroll ball from HTC.

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Android :: Offline Dictionary Application With 5000 Words - Database?

Mar 3, 2010

I want to write an dictionary application for Android. I want it offline with at least 5000 words. My questions are:

What should I use to store my words, I mean is it a good idea to create an ArrayList, hashmap etc? If not then why and what do you propose? The more important thing for me this this how to create a database to store the words which will be at least 5000 I want the apps to work fast and work offline no need of network.

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How Do Application Display Offline Google Maps After Press Button

Sep 23, 2013

I want to do application which display something as here URL.... after press button. All should work offline so maps should be save in file. So I want to select fragment map and create route and this save.And next assign event to button click action which display this map. Is the possible to do?

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Samsung I7500 :: Samsung Galaxy I7500 Update Firmware

Jun 18, 2010

there I am new to this. I would like to find out some information in regards to and update for the samsung galaxy I7500.I live in Australia and it seems the phone cant be updated. Is this true. I have tried on many times to plug my phone into my computer via pc studio.

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Samsung I7500 :: Install New Android Build On Samsung I7500

Nov 25, 2010

I want upgrade my samsung i7500 device to android 1.6 (new build).

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Samsung I7500 :: Factory Reset Screw Up Galaxy I7500

Apr 4, 2010

I accidentally put my phone in another language, and in the process reset factory settings. Now, my phone wont connect to the internet. WTF?! What did I do!? My SIM card was in when I did this.

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Samsung I7500 : Adding "Work Mail" Application To ROM

Mar 9, 2010

I just got a GT-I7500 and am coming from an HTC Sapphire. I was able to root the I7500 after following instructions scattered all around the net and am running on 1.6.

There is an application I use called "work mail" which comes on the HTC Roms which is basically an exchange server application allowing me to check and send email on an exchange server.

I tried to installed the mail.apk from the sapphire roms I use and after enabling non-market applications to be installed, I tried to run the installer but it would fail saying "Work Email could not be installed on this phone".

Anyone know of any way to integrate the "work mail" application into a ROM? Or of any way to get this installed on the i7500?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Live Wallpapers On I7500?

Nov 1, 2010

Does GAOSP Froyo support live wallpapers for i7500? If yes, can you recommend some that seem to run fine without (major) slowdown? I would suspect that the CPU is too slow to run most live wallpapers, but there might be some neat ones that are good to go?

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Samsung I7500 :: Android 1.6 On Samsung Galaxy I7500

Jul 15, 2010

i7500 does 1.6 work on this model if so where can i get?

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Samsung I7500 :: Confused Between I5700 & I7500

Mar 18, 2010

Sorry if this thread seems inconsequential but I have been rendering myselves sleepless nights over the past couple of days ( and nights ) due to my inability to choose between the above two said android phones. I like the i5700 for its zippy 800 MHz processor and that its got the 2.1 update. I like the i7500 for its 5 MP camera and flash + a larger screen to play with I would have gone in for the i7500 but have been hearing about Samsung deciding against not updating it to version 2.1 which can off course be done taking the un-official channel. Moreover the 528 Mhz processor is certainly lagging.

But still I see people in here Going after the i7500 .... Adding to it there is more threads and discussions going around on the i7500 as compared to the i5700. Am I missing something in the i7500 or is it just that i am a stupid newbie ... I have gone through many many pages of information on this thread before posting this query.

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Android :: Offline GPS Maps For Samsung Galaxy S

Oct 11, 2010

I am a newbie to Android operating systems, I own a Samsung Galaxy-S (i9000) and am from India. Its widely known as Samsung Vibrand, abroad.Is there any offline maps for "India" available for this mobile?The mobile has GPS device inbuilt in it.

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Android :: Navigation Application Tutorial

Apr 5, 2010

I would like to make an navigation application, but I don't want to use an openSource, because I want my to be payable. I have some question, what would be great if you can give me some answers or tips where can I check them :

- If I set my Target marker on the map How can the application know what is the way ? Why not set the route across buildings, park,etc... how are the other navigation application knows where are the streets, corners ? So How can link the graph nodes to corners and How can the graph ways to be streets ?

- I would like to use OpenStreetMaps or Google Maps for the mapping. Are these know the Traffic rules ? For example One Way streets ?

I'm looking for a tutorial witch may teach about navigation?

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Android :: Make A Navigation Bar At Top Of Application?

Feb 2, 2010

How can i make a Navigation Bar at the top of my application? I would like something like the top bar in the photo:
link text

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