Samsung Moment : Need An Alarm / Timer / Stopwatch Combo App

Aug 30, 2010

My wife has a Hero and I like the fact that touching the HTC Sense clock brings up the alarm, timer and stopwatch selections. Is there a similar app in the Market which I could use with my Beautiful Widgets clock? The UI in the Hero is awesome, so willing to pay for a similar app in the market.

Samsung Moment : Need an alarm / timer / stopwatch combo app

General :: Notification Bar Stopwatch / Timer?

Aug 3, 2012

When I'm running a timer or stopwatch there's no easy way to tell how much time you have left without returning to the app. Thought a cool feature would be to have a small notification on the status bar, always visible like the clock, that you could quickly glance at to check how its going.

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Motorola : Need App That Is Close To Clock - Timer - Stopwatch?

Jul 19, 2010

I've been a long time Blackberry user. Finally decided to jump ship to a Droid Incredible. Ordered on 6/4, received on 7/1. Then the Droid X was announced. Had vzw send me a Droid X to swap out for the Incredible. I got the Droid X last Friday and still have the Inc too.

There's plenty of things about the Inc that weren't perfect. Now that I've used the Droid X I totally have to appreciate how much development HTC puts into their Sense interface and Apps. The ones like the Desk Clock/Alarm/Timer/Stopwatch are far better than what is found on the X.

I know that their beautiful apps are also the main reason that they won't have froyo out for a while for their devices.

Does anyone know of any app that is close to the Clock / Timer / Stopwatch app that HTC made for the Incredible. I don't see to be able to find any apps that are even close to as well designed. I really like how the dials can be spun to set the timer and then they spin to count down when started.

I have great hope for the Droid X and the android platform. I have no trouble paying for well designed and functional apps.

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HTC Incredible :: Get Original Phone Alarm , Clock And Stopwatch App That Comes With Sense?

Nov 14, 2010

Anyone know where I can get the original Htc alarm/clock/stopwatch app that comes w/ sense?

I rooted/rom'd to virt and have somehow lost the app. So I can't set an alarm on my phone LoL. Just want the original back & would rather not have to reflash my phone if possible.

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Motorola Droid X :: Alarm And Timer App

Jul 23, 2010

I know that a lot of you have been having issues with this app. I thought that I'd try to make some suggestions that could or could not solve things.

- Make sure that you press the "Turn on alarm" check box at the very top of an alarm. I've missed it once before (my first time) and thought it was on because I pressed "Done" and even though it said that it was set for "6 hours and 53 minutes from now", it wasn't activated.

- Turn on "Vibrate" and have it rest on a wooden surface, like a night stand for example.

- Have "Repeat" set to the day that you want it on, even if its just for that day. This has helped some people.

- Have the "Backup alarm" on just in case.

- Have the volume turned all the way up. This definitely wakes me up every time because it can get really loud, especially when you're sleepy.

- Instead of playing one of the stock alarm ringtones, play an MP3 file. Play a song that can get loud, but I recommend to turn on "Volume" (which increases the volume gradually) so it doesn't startle you.

- Make sure that the speaker on the back isn't at risk of any muffling by fabric.

- Turn your phone over on its front to completely expose the speaker.

Go ahead and try a test alarm with all of these in mind (like set it to go off in 2 minutes) and see how it works out. I've made my mistakes by accidentally leaving it on a T-shirt (which definitely muffled the sound), forgetting to turn up the volume loud enough, and by forgetting to actually press "Turn on alarm" (as previously stated). If any of those suggestions do not work out for you, then you're on your own with a 3rd party app.

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General :: How To Set Android Timer To Vibrate Or Alarm Through Headphones

Nov 5, 2013

I'm using the timer in a quiet environment and I would either like to have one of the following

The timer to vibrate when the alarm sound is completely silent. I set the timer and turn off the screen but theres no vibration AND no sound so I don't know when the time is up.
The timer to play the alarm through the headphones. No matter what, all the alarms play through the speaker.

Is there a timer app or alarm app can do these? I'm using cm 10.2 on an AT&T Galaxy S3.

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Motorola Droid X :: Countdown Timer Alarm Volume Low / Is This Normal?

Jul 30, 2010

Is the alarm on the installed countdown timer really really low on everyone else's phone? I use the same style ringer for my alarm clock and timer. The clock is fine, but the timer alarm is so low it can barely be heard at the highest setting, 7. Is this normal?

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Samsung Moment :: Alarm Clock Sometimes Not Work

Jan 18, 2010

I got my moment about one month. I noticed the alarm clock sometime worked, sometime not. Especially set up run time over 5 or 6 hours. If it passed the setup time, the alarm clock didn't run, but the setup time still showed on the locked screen (before you unlock your phone). It should show the next run time, not the last run time. I use advanced task killer to kill everything before I go to bed. Is that related?

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Samsung Moment :: Alarm Notification Disappears / Stop Them To Do So?

Jan 14, 2010

Another question. Has anyone randomly seen their lock screen and alarm notification disappear?

It seems to happen when I get new notifications. I can see it happen maybe 50% of the time when i get a text, but have seen it other times just disappear when going into email or something. I can always get it back just by opening the alarm program i'm using.

I have seen this happen with the stock moment alarm and gentle alarm. Klaxon will disappear for a moment and re-appear at times when others would have probably disappeared.

For txt i'm using the application the moment came with. using gmail and moxier. not too much notification add-ons minus that except craigsnotifica.

any thoughts? i talked with the developer for gentle alarm and he couldn't reproduce it...

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Samsung Moment : Can't Snooze / Dismiss Alarm Clock

Sep 24, 2010

I've had my rooted moment (radioactive froyo w launcherpro) for about a week now and I am having serious problems with the alarm. Specifically, the snooze/dismiss box isn't popping up, or perhaps the screen isn't waking up at all. It happens almost every morning. frequently when I am staying at my partners house and waking up in the wee hours the thing will go off, I bolt up and am swiping, pressing side buttons (they were set to dismiss in alarm settings), trying to smother the whole phone with my hands, etc. More than once I've had to do a battery pull in desperation as she yells at me that people are trying to sleep. The alarm pops up as normal if I do a test alarm set a minute in the future. Unfortunately it is a quite difficult to remember what exactly happens to me at any given 6am. Is it possible I'm not having this problem in my tests bc the alarm is still loaded in ram? What's the deal here? I need a working alarm.

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Samsung Moment : Better Alarm Clock - Choice To Add A More Quieter Sound

Nov 16, 2009

I've used the default alarm clock that comes stock with the phone. Since I only need the alarm clock for weekday reminders, I'd prefer that the pone just vibrates or allows me to choose a more soothing "alarm" tone.

The only tones available for this alarm clock are extremely annoying and loud "alarms" that are not suitable in the classroom. (No, I am not a college student, but rather a principal at a private school.)

There are many ways to make the stock alarm clock work, but I can't find any of these settings.

I'd like to change the stock alarm clock program to simply vibrate with no alarm noise.
I'd like the choice to add a more quieter alarm sound, or lower the sound of the alarm ringer.
I'd like to change the functions of the buttons on the side of the phone--default settings are to snooze the alarm I guess? By the time I get the phone out of my pocket, one of the side keys are pressed, dooming to another annoying sound in exactly 10 minutes.

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Samsung Epic 4G :: How To Reboot Phone Via Key Combo?

Sep 14, 2010

I may just be losing it, but is there a way to reboot the Epic via key combo? i.e. to reboot the i Phone you just continue to hold power, to reboot a blackberry you do crtl + right caps + delete...but there doesn't seem to be any way to reboot the epic and it is really, really annoying. Been having this bug that Tasker is causing and I need to reboot the phone every morning, and I need to do it once I get away from my home wifi, so when I walk out of the building I have to keep fiddling with the on and off buttons while walking...long story short I would really like an easier way of doing a quick and easy reboot that doesn't require extra steps to turn the phone back on once I've turned it off.

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Motorola Droid :: Best Stopwatch App From AppMarket?

Nov 9, 2009

Any recommendations for Best Stopwatch App from AppMarket?

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Android :: Looking For A Stopwatch Widget Of Size 2x2

Jan 13, 2010

It seems so simple: I need a stopwatch widget, size 2x2. Just need it to be able to start and stop, laptimes would be a nice to have but no requirement. I don't need it to be very high resolution, seconds would be good enough (for my application, even minutes would suffice!). Any tips?

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Android :: Multiple Time Setting Stopwatch App

Dec 28, 2009

I was wondering if anyone has come across a stop watch app that would let you set multiple time / countdowns. For example 60 seconds then 15 seconds then back to 60 seconds etc. This would be very useful for working out.

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Motorola Droid : Several Alarm Clocks - If Snooze Alarm 1 - Alarm 2/3 Never Goes Off

Mar 9, 2010

I tried several alarm clocks on my droid, and they all seem to have a problem. if I set alarms for 6:30, 6:41, and 6:52 am. Each with a different sound. If i snooze alarm 1, alarm 2/3 never goes off. i thought all 3 would be seperate, but it seems only 1 can be active at a time. unless im doing something wrong. this happens on the default alarm clock and, better alarm clock.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: No Separate Phone Lock Timer

Sep 6, 2010

What a brilliant piece of technology the 'Galaxy s' is. All the technology & design imaginable to make the phone slick. Except not quite because designers all too often forget the ABC of ergonomics which are at least as important to design as the high tech aspects of the device. Instead the Galaxy designers have managed to create something almost as irritating as the Iphone which I sold on Ebay within a week of owning & went back my N95. Within 1 minute of getting my Galaxy out of the box & starting it up I found my blood pressure rising as I found myself having to swipe the virtuel unlock key every 15 seconds.

I'm thinking I don't believe it. They are whiz kids at high tech yet they seem unable to design simple things. There's no option to adjust the auto phone lock time ! The only work round is to set a longer screen timeout which then hammers the battery ! On my Nokia N95 there are separate options for auto keypad lock time & also for screen timeout. Unbelievable that Samsung don't give the option to set these two things on the Galaxy independent of one another! Does anyone know an app to set auto screen lock time

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Samsung Captivate :: Install Profile Timer / Cannot Exit Silent Mode

Oct 8, 2010

I have a Captivate I was running with out of the box software. I installed a profile timer to control sound (mainly because of the "fully charged" notification going off of a night). Since I installed it, I have not been able to get my phone out of Silent Mode. If I long-press power to get the Phone Options menu and Silent Mode is enabled, then I disable it, I get the Silent Mode icon in the notification bar and Silent Mode in Settings is checked, but shows as "Off" in Phone Options. If I turn off Silent Mode in Settings, then it shows as off in Settings, but "On" in Phone Options.

Because of this, the phone is always silent. I did a hard reset, but that did not straighten it out. I've also tried a couple of different widgets to force it to ring or vibrate, but I'd like to actually get the problem resolved. I even did the upgrade to Froyo 2.2 to see if that would fix it, assuming a whole new firmware would straighten it out. It worked until I restarted the phone, but then went back to the out of sync Silent Mode settings.Does anyone have any suggestions?Thanks, Mark

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Samsung Moment :: Swap Gently Used HTC SPRINT HERO For SAMSUNG MOMENT

Feb 9, 2010

Here I am with 2 HTC Hero phones, with only one on an active account. I would love to try out the Samsung Moment, but don't have the $$ to just go out and buy one.My hero comes with all it had when new, plus I have an extra battery for it I will add to the deal. This hero has only been used for about a week, and while using it, it "lived" in my Blackberry Tour holster to give it maximum protection. There are no scratches or rub marks on it, never been dropped and I have reset it to Factory Specs via the SECURITY MENU and the ESN is clear and ready to be activated on your SPRINT account.Please email me at if you are interested. Maybe we can work out a swap.Now for the additional 1 to 2 feet of snow that is forecast for this afternoon and tomorrow, on top of the 2.5 feet still on the ground.

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Samsung Moment :: Calling Samsung Moment Data Lockup

Aug 27, 2010

Recently on Sprint's Moment forum a member by the name Mkeng5 has been posting pretty vocal complaints about the Samsung Moment. Not only does he claim the Moment is defective, but he goes a step further and even cites Samsung's own Warranty Policy.

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Samsung Moment :: Is Samsung Moment Capable Of Multi - Touch?

Oct 21, 2009

I currently own a Palm Pre and I'm ready to ditch it for an Android device. Don't get me wrong, webOS is clean and has a lot of potential, but for now...lacking would be a good (albeit understated) word to describe it. I want to jump the Pre ship for the Samsung Moment, but one thing I keep reading about the Moment is bothering me - everyone says it doesn't have multi-touch. However, I recently read that multi-touch is something Android doesn't yet support. This knowledge was previously unbeknownst to me since I haven't used an Android device since the G1 first launched. Since the Moment uses a standard Android build, the OS wouldn't allow multi-touch even if the phone were capable of it. So my question is: Does anyone know whether or not the Moment is capable of multi-touch? If it's simple a shortcoming of Android, I can deal with it since I know Android 2.0 should finally support it.

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Samsung Moment :: Browser For The Moment Which Can Open Https Secure Websites

Jan 13, 2010

I am trying to open a secure website (https) and the Moment stock browser balks. Will another browser work or is this a limitation on the phone?

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Samsung Moment :: Moment Intermittently Won't Respond / Wake Up When Receiving A Call

Jan 26, 2010

I've already done the update but both pre and post update, my Moment intermittently won't respond when getting a call. The call comes in, I hear the ringtone but no matter what buttons I press, the phone won't respond. I have to wait until voicemail kicks in or the call has ended.

I called Sprint technical support and they're going to send a new (I hope it's new) phone. I hate to set up the phone for the third time. Is there a fix or should I just bite the bullet and get the new? phone? Has anyone had this problem?

What experiences have you had with replacement phones from Sprint?

Should I be worried about getting a lemon phone?

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Samsung Moment : Does Setcpu Speed Up Moment / Use For Downclocking To Save Battery

Aug 7, 2010

Does setcpu speed up the Moment at all or is its only real use for downclocking to save battery?

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Samsung Moment : Black Friday Deal On Moment $79.99 For New, $99.99 For Current Customers ??

Nov 24, 2009

Gizmodo has a Black Friday list and just added the Moment at a big discount. About the 12th deal listed under Cell phones. It's supposedly offered from Wirefly. Come on and join us the more the merrier. I got mine from BB @ $99.

Black Friday Deals: The Only List You Need - Black Friday - Gizmodo

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Samsung Moment :: Way To Use Upgrade To Acquire Moment Without Commiting To Data Plan?

Dec 13, 2009

I currently have a voice plan, with sprint, for my dying LG Musik and my father's Palm Centro and am seeking to replace my Musik with a Samsung Moment. I have an upgrade available on my account, however I don't want to get locked into a data plan, since I rarely spend any time away from Wifi.

Does anyone know if there is a way for me to use my upgrade to aquire the Moment without commiting to the data plan?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Battery Life / Bad Rom / Kernal Combo?

Sep 23, 2010

I am getting some serious battery drain with Fresh 3.2 and netarchy-toastmod cfs ( i have also used the stable 4.1.8) and I am getting serious drain. Here is a screen shot from today. Unplugged phone around 7:30 and by the time I took the screen cap at 8:30 i was down 25%!! I used the phone to RDP to my house for maybe 3 mins (using pocket cloud app).I also played 1 youtube clip ( katy perry on sesame street XD~~ 1.:30 mins long) Thats all I have done so far. Do you guys think I should try a different combination? I pretty much have everything turned off on the phone. No GPS, sync i think every 4 hours. Using launcher pro, and beautiful widgets.

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Samsung Moment :: Set Up New Moment Any Way To Mark All As Read Or Fix Count On Gmail?

Dec 6, 2009

set up the wifes new moment her gmail still says 109 unread I went intp gmail on the pc and marked all as read then refreshed on the phone, no luck, tried going to manage apps and clearing all gmail and refreshing, still no luck short of one by one deleting all 109 any way to fix the count?

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Samsung Moment :: How To Make Moment A Wireless Tether For Internee?

Dec 8, 2009

So i had a hard decision to make when buying a new phone. It was between the HTC Hero and the Samsung Moment. After about 2 weeks I finally made the jump. A lot of the apps are on the I phone and I touch which is pretty cool. But can anyone tell me if it is possible to maybe change the phone kinda like jail breaking? Is there anyway of making the Moment a wireless tether for internee?

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Samsung Moment :: Number One Complaint / Voice Capabilities Of Moment

Nov 9, 2009

Most every other "issue" to this phone has been a non-issue for me to this point.However, the one feature Samsung really screwed us on is the voice capabilities of the phone.I think they are tied to the Nuance system and therefore unusable by other apps like google voice search and where.I hope samsung or sprint writes a live search app for this phone.I bought the phone with the expectations of this phone being capable of voice commands without being limited by nuance.

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