Samsung Fascinate :: Swipe Right And Swipe Left To Brighten And Dim The Screen

Sep 16, 2010

Update: According to posters below it doesn't work on their fascinate. You can control the screen brightness, by swiping right or left, up where the notification bar is. if it doesn't work, try turning off power saving mode. settings>sound and display>power saving mode uncheck

Samsung Fascinate :: Swipe right and swipe left to brighten and dim the screen

Android :: HTC - Keep Background Stable As Swipe Left And Right On Home Screen

Jul 28, 2010

I have the HTC Dream, and I was wondering if there is any way to keep the background stable as I swipe left and right on my home screen, instead of the image stretching over all three screens and panning as I swipe.

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KitKat 4.4 :: Create Gesture Like IOS To Swipe From Left Side Of Screen?

Mar 5, 2014

Is it possible to create a gesture like iOS to swipe from the left side of the screen and pull it to the right to go back a page like on something like chrome?

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Android :: Handle Right To Left Swipe Gestures?

Nov 9, 2010

I want my app to recognize when a user swipes from right to left on the phone screen.

How to do this?

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General :: App To Swipe From Left (bottom) To Go Homescreen

Jan 22, 2014

What app can let me Swipe from left (bottom) to go homescreen. I've use swipeback from Xposed but i want to go home (like press home buttom) not just go back.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Swipe Screen To Answer Calls

Aug 17, 2010

Swiping the screen to unlock and to answer calls makes this phone a two hander- which is annoying. Sure in the car with handsfree no problem but even walking having to use both hands is irritating. Is there an alternative?

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Samsung Captivate :: Swipe Lock Screen And It Freezes For A Second - Noticing A Lot Of Lag?

Sep 5, 2010

I am a big fan of Android and the Captivate. I've been addicted since day one.

That said, I'm noticing a lot of lag for a "high end" phone with such high specs. I have two news widgets, one weather, and a live wallpaper, and that's it. But I notice sometimes I push the power button and nothing happens for a while. I swipe the lock screen and it freezes for a second. Things take time to happen on this phone. I'm not even running my favorite launcher (Launcher Pro) because when I run it, the wallpaper would freeze for a few seconds at certain times.

When I remove the the widgets and use a static wallpaper, things vastly improve. But then it's as plain and boring as an iPhone!

The widgets I'm running: Battery Indicator, Weather Bug, Engadget, News Buzz.

The wallpaper is the galaxy live wallpaper that comes with the phone.

I mean I customize the phone with a couple of widgets and a live wallpaper and I try to show it to someone, and instead of awing and shocking them with its brilliance, it turns into a crappy PowerPoint slideshow.

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Motorola Droid X : Back Button - Swipe Left To Right On Maybe The Top Bar It Goes Back

Jul 19, 2010

I'm finding that I'm using the back button A LOT whether browsing the web or just navigating the OS. It kind of sucks because the buttons on the droid x are well, really small, and sometimes hard to press because they are so narrow and flimsy feeling. And depending on how you are holding the phone, it could be a good bit of distance for your thumb to travel or I'm finding myself having to reposition the phone in my hands just to reach the back button, which you seem to need very frequently.

Anyone know of any kind of back 'swipe' implementation ? Like some software you can install that makes it if you swipe left to right on maybe the top bar it goes back?

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General :: Creating Swipe Screen?

Nov 17, 2012

I've been looking up everywhere as to how to make apps, but everything i see is too complicated and i don't understand it. What i want to do is create a simple app that has a bunch of pages that you swipe to get to the next page, each page will just be a picture with a single button on it that links to some text. How would i go about doing this? (i have no programming experience)

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Motorola Droid :: Swipe Right Option Screen Not Working

Nov 29, 2009

As you know, when you boot up the droid, you get the option to swipe right and put the phone on "silent". However, once you set up your phone with a security pattern, the first screen to come up is the pattern screen, and then you no longer get the swipe right option screen. Is the only way then to go into sound settings and put the phone on silent the "long way"? Any way to get the silent swipe right screen to come up AFTER the pattern unlock screen?

Also, has anyone noticed that around the entire rectangle glass screen, there's a tiny groove on all 4 sides, which is starting to collect dust particles? I'm getting dust particles in these "tiny grooves" along the edges of the screen before you hit the metal. Yes, I do carry the Droid in a holster, and I'm pretty OCD about my equipment, so it isn't ME.

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Android :: Android Swipe To Left Or Right?

Aug 12, 2010

How can I detect in a ListView that someone swiped to the left or the right?

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HTC Desire :: Have Switch Lock Screen Using Lockbot To Side Swipe

May 23, 2010

I kept rejecting phone calls whilst pulling the desire from my pocket, so I have switch the lock screen using lockbot to a side swipe instead, this is working very well.However, now when i receive a call it jumps straight to an answer or decline screen which is just as easy to reject by mistake.Does anyone know a solution this problem? I suppose what im looking for is to have to unlock the phone before answering the call.

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KitKat 4.4 :: S4 - Swipe Text Message Notification On Lock Screen To Open?

May 15, 2014

Is there a way to swipe a text message notification on the lock screen to open that message like you could do in Jelly Bean? My messages show up, but when I swipe them, the lock screen slides over to a second page. I tried playing around with some of the lock screen settings, but couldn't figure anything out. Am I missing something completely obvious, or is this somehow not possible to do?

Brand new S4 received yesterday, stock OTA 4.4.2 pushed by Verizon about 5 minutes after my phone was activated.

After playing a bit more, I found that if I swipe to the second lock screen page, then back, if I tap on the message notification it will open, but tapping before that yields nothing.

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Samsung Galaxy S : Way To Get Swipe Working With Phone?

Sep 15, 2010

had the phone for 2 weeks now no problems, last night my battery was drained fully so i charged it fully. now swipe isnt working. when i press the swipe button (the option button at the bottom left) it freezes and force closes. tried rebooting and no luck. i can see the blue line when i swipe but no letters pop up
whats goin on?

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Samsung Fascinate :: Battery Already On Half - Screen Off - Phone Left In Standby Mode

Oct 2, 2010

The screen is off, with the phone left in standby mode. Is it normal for it to die that fast.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Disable Initial Swipe Lock Screen And Replace With Pattern Lock?

Nov 29, 2009

Is there anyway to disable the initial swipe lock screen and replace with the pattern lock? Seems silly to have a double lock.....the pattern seems much better to me.

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HTC EVO 4G : Need Notification Bar Brightness Swipe App

Sep 1, 2010

I am looking for a app that will be able to add Notification Bar Brightness Swiping as featured on the Samsung Galaxy-S line, to my Evo. I have done a little bit of searching but nothing has turned up yet.

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General :: Does Swipe Use More Battery

Feb 24, 2013

I am just wondering if swipe keyboard uses battery? My phone came with it already. I am running android 2.3.6

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HTC Incredible :: Answer Button Rather Than Swipe

Aug 27, 2010

I am so sick of having my phone ring while it is in my pocket and then when I go to take it out of my pocket to check and see who it is it ends up answering the call because it swipes down.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Swipe To Unlock Phone Sometimes Unresponsive

Jul 10, 2010

So its only when the phone is ringing. The swipe to get it out of the locked mode can be so unresponsive that I miss the phone call. Is there a calibration for the screen?

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Android :: Increase The Swipe More Sensitive

Apr 21, 2010

I need to increase the swipe more sensitive. how to change any idea....

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Android : Way To Use A Gallery To Swipe Between Views?

Jul 15, 2010

I am following the Android Gallery tutorial ( but instead of simple images I'd like to be able to horizontally move to a complete new screen, e.g. a LinearLayout. The idea is a kind of tabbing behaviour but the user can swipe though the screens. I created a gallery, created a GalleryAdapter that extends from BaseAdapter and in the getItem() method I try to return the complex view..

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KitKat 4.4 :: Gmail Swipe To Delete

Nov 6, 2013

I just got my Nexus 5 on KitKat and all is going great except the Gmail app.

On my last phone which was running 4.2.2 I was able to swipe to delete conversations from inside the app and I could delete messages from the notifications bar. I have gone through every setting and I cannot figure out/ remember how to turn this back on. Is the option still available in KitKat?

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Jelly Bean :: How To Use Swipe With Kii Keyboard

Feb 19, 2014

I have downloaded Kii keyboard because Swype does not work anymore.I have a HTC Evo 3d.

But how do i use the swipe function with Kii ? Do i have to turn something on?

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General :: Swipe To Delete Function?

Nov 20, 2012

When I set my new phone up, it automatically asked what functions I wanted associated with certain swipes.. ie... swipe from right to left to delete, left to right to mark unread, etc... well, I accidentally set it backwards to what I'm used to and can't figure out how to change it back! I've been accidentally deleting things I don't want to delete... how can I change what the swipes do?

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General :: How To Flash Darkside Swipe

Mar 31, 2012

im obviously new here because im asking this question but I want to how to flash darkside swipe and what is the process the same for ROM too?

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General :: Swipe To Remove Notifications

Jul 9, 2012

Is there a way to add swipe to remove notifications feature on froyo based roms?I know froyo is totally outdated now but there might be very few who may be still using it like me..

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Android :: Horizontal - Vertical Finger Swipe

Jun 22, 2009

How do you detect a horizontal or vertical finger swipe?

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Motorola Droid :: Swipe To Answer Messed Up

Aug 23, 2010

Why is my phone doing this: Swipe to answer messed up

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Nexus :: Swipe To Answer Phone - Alternatives

Jan 27, 2010

The one complaint I have about the Nexus One is the difficulty in swiping to answer a call. There have been similar complaints about the Droid. (See this thread: Problem swiping to answer Droid phone calls .) Is there a solution for the Nexus One? When the phone is ringing, I just want to press the top button to answer. Can this be programmed? I don't have Bluetooth headset yet, but I assume I can at least answer from that when I have it on. Is that right?

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