Samsung Captivate :: AT&T Won't Allow Keeping Unlimited Data Upgrading From IPhone / Fix It?

Jul 18, 2010

I was planning on dumping iPhone and get the captivate. They would not allow the unlimited plan. They said I have to keep the iPhone. Now thats a good reason to dump AT&T and go to Sprint or Verizon.

Any ideas or work arounds so I can keep the unlimited data. Any heavy users on the $25 plan? How is that working out?

Samsung Captivate :: AT&T Won't allow keeping unlimited data upgrading from iPhone / fix it?

Samsung Captivate :: Unlimited Data Plan?

Jul 19, 2010

i need to get some info from you guys. to all who had the unlimited data plan w/ ATT before purchasing this phone, were you all able be grandfathered in to the unlimited data plan or were you forced to take on the new data plan which is limited? ive spoken to several ATT reps and was given mixed information regarding this matter. unfortunately i had to take on the new limited data plan with 2GBs. please give me your comments and insights.

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Samsung Captivate :: Unlimited Data Plan Or 200 MB Limit

Jul 31, 2010

I went to private AT&T dealer to upgrade my phone, contract has been renewed for 2 years, and that guy changed my unlimited data plan (it was $15/mo too) to the 200MB one. He said my previous unlimited data plan was not for smartphones (actually I did not use AT&T branded phone before Captivate, I bought SonyEricsson X1 for my self), if I chose to upgrade the unknown AT&T phone to captivate, they have to change my data plan to the 200MB limit one. Is his explanation true? I want my unlimited data plan.

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Samsung Captivate :: Can't Swap SIM - Or Will Lose Unlimited Data Plan

Aug 17, 2010

From what AT&T tells me I can't swap SIM (with an adapter) back and forth or I will lose my unlimited data plan. Is this true? I find that incredibly annoying if so. I want to be able to use whichever phone I want at any given time.

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Samsung Captivate :: Way To Check Data Usage Like On Iphone

Jul 19, 2010

Is their a way to tell how much data you have used like on the iphone?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Way To Save All Data Before Upgrading And Restore After Upgrading

Jun 20, 2010

I have installed PC Companion but every 2-3 days it announce me a new update for my phone X10mini.Is it possible to know which bugs are fixed in each update before proceeding ?Is there a way to save all data before upgrading and restore after upgrading ? (sms, sounds, accounts, software, note, alert, phonebook etc)

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Samsung Captivate :: Upgrading Paid Programs

Jul 16, 2010

I purchased 360 camera and SoundHound on my Aria. Is there a way of moving those licenses over to the Captivate, or do I have to buy them again? If so, I'm going to be very hesitant to buy more programs and games because what happens if you crash?

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Samsung Galaxy S :: No Data Conection After Upgrading To Android 2.2

Oct 17, 2010

Today i made a upgrade from android 2.1 tot 2.2.After the update everything is working very well except the internet connection.It works very well with WiFi but not the telephone connection.When I turn off the wifi I can't make any connection with the internet.Have someone any solution?

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Samsung Captivate :: Moving From IPhone To Captivate

Jul 15, 2010

I'm planning to purchase a Samsung Captivate this weekend, replacing an original iPhone. I have two questions for the forum: 1) Should I plan to immediately root the phone?, and 2) If so, what is the best process to follow and where do I find the ROMs? (I guess that's actually 3 questions)

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Samsung Captivate :: Review Of Captivate From An IPhone 3GS

Oct 14, 2010

I just got a Captivate on Tuesday and I thought I'd give my initial impressions and review of it. I noticed I couldn't find a lot of information about users going from the iPhone 3GS to the Captivate, and I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation, so what the heck. Here goes:

Why I Switched:
I'm no noobie to the iPhone/iPod touch OS. I was a 1st gen owner of an iPod Touch, and then I bought a 3GS last August. For starters, I was never "disappointed" in my iPhone. Everything worked as advertised: it was relatively quick, very reliable; it basically did whatever I wanted it to do. It was also one of the most polished devices I've worked with. However, being the power user that I am, it got boring. I jailbroke it, and while that was fun, I just wanted something more. Little things like changing my icons, or making my iPhone look different than everyone else's were things Apple didn't want me to do. iTunes was a PITA overall. I want to drag and drop stuff, not sync this and sync that and lose everything else that it overwrites. Quite simply, the phone was just too watered down for my likings. One of my biggest pet peeves about it was the home screen. You have the app icons and your dock. That's all. It was TOO simple.

I've been drooling over these high-end Android phones since mid summer when I realized how much more I could do with an Android phone. Too bad ATT didn't have any of them, that was, until the Captivate. Sure, touchwiz didn't look all that appealing (why on earth would I want to move from an iPhone to an Android, only to be greeted with an iPhone-like interface?), but overall, it still looked quite promising.

First Impressions:
AMOLED. Enough said. It is a gorgeous screen. The colors pop, it's perfect sized, I love it. The build quality was respectable too. It felt solid in my hand. I love the low profile look of it to be honest. Very sleek. After admiring the outsides, I delved into the beauty of Android customization. Finally, I could chose which apps stayed in my Application menu and which went to my homescreen. No more clutter, pure organization to MY tastes. I can put Widgets? This is great! Within 20 minutes of playing with my phone, I called my friend (who kept telling me to dump the iPhone for an Android phone) and said "Why didn't I get this phone earlier?". It was clear, I'd been converted. I knew that this phone was going to satisfy all the hungers that the iPhone had left me with. Needless to say, I've been converted. Goodbye IOS, hello Android

The Switch from IOS to Android:
The switch wasn't perfect though. It took time to get used to the Menu/Options capacitive button. I kept forgetting that I had to press that within each app to see that app's specific settings menus. The keyboard also felt a bit different, but I soon was typing close to the same speed. Also, Android doesn't feel as polished as IOS in some ways. Things are a tad clunkier, less smooth and fancy animations, etc. The browser is very "featureless" compared to Safari also. I miss the tabs style and overall fluidity of Safari. It seems to take 5 clicks to do what I could do in one in Safari. Most noticeable though, what's up with the stock SMS app? IMO, it's garbage. It felt so unpolished and undeveloped. By my second day, I downloaded Handcent SMS and configured that to my likings. That's what I love. I don't like something? Change it. It's Android, you can do that Despite these minor annoyances, I've grown accustomed to the phone in a matter of 2 days.

Last Words:
Am I happy with my decision, despite the road bumps? I certainly am. The phone is an eye-popper. I pulled it out to show my friends and they are like "Oh hey that's pretty coolOMG" as soon as I turn the screen on. I've certainly impressed quite a few people, Droid owners, and even some iPhone owners. There are still some things I prefer about my iPhone, but after using this phone, the pros of it definitely outweigh the cons. There is always room for updates and improvements to fix the minor annoyances.

Within the last two days, I've really fine tuned the phone to my tastes, something the iPhone wouldn't let me do. I've downloaded LauncherPro (which is fantastic), put some new widgets on my screen, downloaded the right apps. It's the little things that count, especially for me.

Change the scroll speed between screens? Check
Change app icons on the dock? Check
Change the amount of docks? Check
Fine tune the look of the phone to your preference? Check

The list goes on and on. It's these little things, along with the big things, of course, that drew me towards the Captivate (Android) and away from the iPhone.

Is the Captivate for you:
Very simple:

Do you want a powerful phone with games and apps that you can customize to nearly any way you want it? Get the Captivate

Are you a power user? Get the Captivate.

Do you want a phone with games and apps, but didn't understand half of the stuff I talked about in the previous sections and don't want to deal with all the technical mumbo jumbo? Get the iPhone.

Last, I thought I'd finish it off with a list of pros and cons if you don't feel like digging through all of the information above. Also, I missed some smaller stuff that I figured I'd just toss on this list.

The AMOLED screen is amazing
Very open (compared to the iPhone)
Camera is very good for a cell phone (video and pictures)
Feels solid in hand
Battery life is close to my 3GS (with a couple of hours of "hard" usage, I'me at 20% by the end of the day)
Customization (getting the hint?)
The notification bar is awesome
Lockscreen (I like the puzzle pieces and music integration)

Some parts feel unpolished compared to the iPhone (browser, SMS)
Touchwiz (it's good for what it is, but it's a bit sluggish and much too iPhone-like)
Facebook (the app is very underdeveloped coming from the iPhone)

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Samsung Captivate :: IPhone 4 Contacts Into The Captivate

Jul 28, 2010

Can anyone explain to me how I get my contacts from the 4 to the Captivate that doesn't involve using Gmail?

I don't care to use Gmail to manage or sync my contacts.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Tmobile Web2go Unlimited Data Works With TMO Vibrant Galaxy-S

Jul 15, 2010

Grandfathered $5.99 T-Zones Data: Discuss All Related Questions Here ONLY

Someone confirmed it there. This would make this the only other Tmobile branded android phone to work with the cheap data plan other than the Behold 2.

For how long who knows, the behold 2 has been going on for years, but tmo, nor anyone really cared about that phone

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Samsung Captivate :: SIM From IPhone To Captivate

Jul 26, 2010

Im getting my Captivate soon, and I currently have the unlimited data with at&t for my iPhone. Can i simply remove my sim card from the iPhone and start using it in the captivate? I dont want to take a chance of them messing up my account and losing my unlimited plan.

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Samsung Captivate :: Captivate Vs Iphone 4

Jul 27, 2010

I am thinking about returning my Captivate for an Iphone 4. I'm having too many issues such as using email, gps, and phone shutting off so I have no alarm in the morning. It also locked up couple times running apps, just blank black screen sometimes, and froze on couple of apps.

I got it for $199 so.. it would be a even swap for the Iphone 4. I really want to keep my Captivate and make it work but I just don't know.

I need your help to make my decision. I have played with both phones so I'm familiar enough to make a decision based on that but I do want to keep the Captivate but I just don't know what would be the right decision. I know it all comes down to IOS (lockdown) vs Android (openness) but if I jailbreak my Iphone then it would be pretty open as well.

If I get enough convincing argument to keep my Captivate then I will but from reading these forums, it seems like this phone has many issues not that Iphone 4 doesn't but I have used my wife's Iphone 4 and it's more stable and doesn't have issues that Captivate has.

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Samsung Captivate :: IPhone 4 Vs Captivate

Jul 30, 2010

Seeing as these are both PHONES I am starting out with the primary aspects of these smartphones.

Reception/Call Quality- As everybody knows the iPhone has a very infamous Deathgrip issue. The bars seem to do just plummet down a little bit when you pick up the phone, but at the same time I found that it wasn't truly that bad. Sadly I found the call quality to be quite weak while talking and I dropped several calls. The Samsung Captivate is not without its flaws in reception. You can look at the screen and see the bars dance... and no not in a good way. This dance is comparable the dance of the Jersey Shore cast, the dance seems to go on forever, but you pray that it stops very soon. Surprisingly, the call quality really never differed, I could have had 1 bar or 4 but the voices sound very clear and good! (Although there have been some phones that have problems with call quality)
~ This round goes to ~ The Captivate

Texting/Keyboard- Another aspect to many phone users out there is texting or anything that really involves the keyboard. The iPhones virtual keyboard is quite responsive, but still, it is only an on screen keyboard so it isn't very impressive. The Captivate has a just as good if not better Android/Samsung keyboard input. The Captivate truly shines though with Swype and voice to text. I find myself getting messages sent MUCH quicker with the Captivate.
~ Yet Again, this round goes to~ The Captivate

Software (Operating System, Speed, Browser)- Well what can I say? The operating system we know as the sweet sweet Eclair is hard to beat, and with Froyo coming out, that is just even better. This truly comes down to personal preference, but the iPhone seems to be more simplistic at first, but also a lot more shallow. If you don't like OS, well you can't do anything, but if you don't like Touchwiz, you have several other options (i.e Launcherpro and Openhome) In a speed test it is a bit of a bitter tie. The Samsung Captivate surely has its share of lag, especially when the phone just turns on and it is warming up. The iPhone seems to not be very laggy, but if you look into it, loading similar apps takes longer on the iPhone. I tried opening Opera on the iPhone and Captivate at the same time and the Captivate seemed to pop up a bit faster. Now the browser, I couldn't find too many problems with either of the stock ones so I looked at Opera for both of them. Loading pages was a LOT faster, and I mean A LOT faster on the Captivate. The Captivate seemed like it was Usain Bolt and the iPhone was a fat kid running after the ice cream man. And also, using other browsers with flash is very cool to have. And last but not least the GPS. Well what can I saw, with all these "fixes" and such, the Captivate GPS just doesn't cut it. When I do get GPS signal it drops pretty quickly, but I do like the fact that I can still see the directions. In the end the iPhone 4 has a more reliable GPS.
~ I really can't give one clear winner except that the Captivate is a bit smoother, but has a lot worse GPS~ Tie

Hardware- Well the Captivate seems to get obliterated in this round. The iPhone gives a nice feel to it, but at the same time I felt myself liking the grip I had on my Captivate. It just seemed more natural to hold, but it seems to go downhill from here. The iPhone has LED Flash which is very useful at times, and although not very useful it has a Front Facing Camera. Well, the Camera front camera is pretty decent, but I find myself NEVER USING IT. The Captivate offers more options, but still, I like to be able to take normal pictures in better quality. The battery life on the Captivate seems to last for about a day with medium use, but the iPhone lasts a bit longer, but hey, the captivate has to power more with that BEAUTIFUL 4.0" Super AMOLed. The iPhones retina display is nice, and seems pretty sharp but it just depends which one you prefer. A smaller screen that is a bit clearer or a brighter more vibrant screen on the Captivate.
~This round goes to~ The iPhone

Yes I know I missed some aspects but, this review was already too long. In the end neither of the phones "suck" they are both very capable and strong phones. The iPhone is a bit more simplistic at the beginning, and it has more apps, and a better camera. It has it's flaws though with reception issues. The Captivate is a really great phone. Android seems to be unbeatable, but that is personal preference. Of course nothing is perfect, the Captivate has its GPS issues and for being an Android phones, its lag. All in all, I would recommend either phone, but I am happy with my Captivate and would give my iPhone back to AT&T if I had to make the choice.

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Samsung Captivate :: Captivate Vs IPhone

Aug 5, 2010

I have/had BOTH the iPhone 4 and Captivate... And I also have an iPod touch. And I just thought to myself... why does the iPhone 4 seem so redundant and honestly... nothing special. I then realized it was EXACTLY the same as my iPod touch. I mean neither made calls, they had the same apps, the only differences were the cameras and the different build quality! So at the end of the day I end up with a device to kill time on road trips and at home, and that is my iPod touch, and I also have a cool device to do basically everything, and that is my Captivate!

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Android :: IPhone 4 Or Samsung Captivate

Jul 22, 2010

I've owned an original iPhone since launch and am now ready to upgrade.

Im considering iPhone 4 or the Captivate. If the iPhone didn't have antenna issues, I would most likely have already made my decision. However this isn't the case so I'm looking at other options (leaving AT&T isn't one of them).

So I just have a few questions regarding Android.

Can you backup apps, settings, contacts (everything) to your Mac or PC like an iPhone can? (I know about doubletwist, but thats just music and movies, right?)

When Android updates come out, can every phone take advantage of it? For example, if I were to buy the captivate, will I for sure be able to upgrade to Android 3.0?

Lastly, what are big features (besides visual customization) that an Android phone has to offer over iPhone?

I'm very on the fence about which phone to purchase. There is the potential antenna issue regarding the iPhone 4, however I've also been hearing the Captivate is having its fair share of problems. Any suggestions?

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Samsung Captivate :: Need Weather App Like IPhone

Aug 16, 2010

Anyone know if there is an app like on the iPhone for weather that will show multiple weather temps for different cities so I can get an idea before I leave?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Unlimited Data 3G / 4G Confirmed?

May 15, 2010

Been searching around the web and there seems to be a Consensus about Unlimited data lately... Android is reporting that they have confirmed that the $10xtra will offer unlimited 3G and 4G.... no just 4G as some may previously reported Those Extra 10 Bucks/Month For HTC EVO 4G Don�t Just Get You All-You-Can-Eat 4G But 3G Too | Android News, Reviews, Applications, Games, Phones, Devices, Tips, Hacks, Videos, Podcasts - Android Police. they pinged a sprint rep and got this response on twitter Twitter / svinge: @AndroidPolice You are cor .. Also PhoneScoop is reporting the same Sprint's WiMax Plans Have No Data Cap (Phone Scoop)I wonder what the implications would be for the HotSpot feature?... If I can get Unlimited tethering and not have to worry about that 5GB LIKE I DO NOW WITH AT&T! . . . then the $30 wouldn't be bad at all

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HTC Incredible :: Get Rid Of Unlimited Data?

Jul 31, 2010

Was there any discussion from verizon about getting rid of unlimited data? july 29th was the date that they were apparently going to do a press release or something, but idk i didn't hear anything. am i missing anything?

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HTC Magic :: Unlimited Data On Vodaphone

May 30, 2009

I am looking to move over to Vodaphone to get an HTC Magic, but I have reservations about their "Unlimited Data" package of 500mb per month. I have never had a mobile internet phone before, but I am looking to use it to its full extent with my next phone. With all the google maps,, Spotify (in the future), Apps and internet, am I going to get anywhere near the 500mb limit? On another point, I think I like the Magic more than the upcoming Samsung I7500.

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Motorola Droid X :: How Much Data Do You Use / Unlimited Plan?

Jul 7, 2010

Is anyone aware if Verizon sticking with the Unlimited plan or will they do the tiered data plan alike AT&T? Will the X upgraders be burdered with this? How much data do you use? What is average data usage?I averaged: 6/01 - 6/07: 602,627 KB. (Got my Incredible on June 1st this is funny to me)5/08 - 5/31: 411, 534 KB. (Storm 2 I guess doesn't have any love)I'm interested to see how my past month panned out when I see the statement.

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Motorola Droid :: About To Go Over 5GB Unlimited Data Plan?

Feb 12, 2010

I can't believe I am using that much bandwidth So, what happens when I go over the 5GB? What is the overage cost?I should turn off notifications

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Android :: Pda Net And Sprint's Unlimited Data Plan

Feb 5, 2010

I'm new to AF, but I've been lurking here for about 2 months. Did my homework and ended up buying the Samsung Moment and Samsung Exclaim for my girlfriend and I with a new Sprint contract. We're both thoroughly pleased with our phones and our plan.But I do have a question that I haven't seen addressed here. I jumped through all the hoops and was finally able to install PdaNet 2.17 on both my computer and phone. I tested it a little after getting it connected and was pretty well pleased with the performance of both the phone and the software. However, I will not be tethering my phone again until I can find out whether or not Sprint will bill me for it.As far as what I can tell from online sources the data plan truly is unlimited and Sprint cannot tell for a fact if my phone is tethered or not, although the bandwidth usage will be significantly higher during tethering sessions. BUT, a friend of mine informed me that Sprint knows when you're tethering and will charge you as if it is a separate line or however they can. All I heard was that it would cost me.I'm sorry for the long post, but I included the details for clarity's sake and as an insight into the kind of posts the AF community can expect from it's friendly neighborhood HampMan. Any input to the subject matter will be greatly appreciated and I thank you all in advance.

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Samsung Captivate :: Phone Can't Find IPhone 4 Mywi / Get It To Work?

Aug 8, 2010

I have the captivate and the iPhone 4. Since I can't find a way that works correctly to tether my 3G from captivate as a hot stop, I'm using my iPhone with mywi which makes my iPhone a wifi hot spot. I'm able to connect iPods computers and other devices to the iPhone 4 hotspot. But the captivate cannot find the wifi network I create
It's WEP with a 10 digit password. Does anyone know why it cannot find the network or how I can get it to work?

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Samsung Vibrant :: Migrating Data From IPhone 3G (4.0.2) To This Phone?

Aug 22, 2010

Anyone know of any Android apps/utilities which will help me migrate all my data from a IPhone 3G with iOS 4.0.2 to a Samsung Vibrant? I just made the switch and I want to migrate my data (contacts, notes, calender and music) from my IPhone to my new Samsung Vibrant. Please, someone tell me this is not as difficult or cumbersome as I think by having to reenter all my data and there is a Android app/utility that can make this easy for me.

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HTC Desire :: O2 Phone Coverage - Unlimited Data Package

Aug 12, 2010

We had a shock at work yesterday when our Orange bill arrived charging me �826.00 for the 1032mb of data I used over my 500mb allowance in the first month of owning a Desire. At the moment we're negotiating with Orange about that, and they're even sending me something approaching an itemised data bill to look at, but in the future I want to get onto a truly unlimited data account to prevent this happening again. Early indications from Orange are that they only do 500mb bolt ons and no more (and it's very hard to actually confirm this on their not too informative website), meaning this issue could easily rear it's ugly head again. If this is the case then I have to consider going elsewhere. Even though we're only in the first month of the contract I'm prepared to completely downgrade my Orange account and keep it running for my wife or something, and to take out a new account with O2 on an unlimited data package (plus I'll have 2 Desires to play with). The only trouble is that in the past (but not in the last 2 or 3 years) I've heard some horror stories about O2's coverage in the West Midlands (I live near to Wolverhampton) and wondered if anybody has local knowledge and can advise whether this has changed in recently.

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Motorola Droid :: Data Plan And Tethering Both Unlimited?

Jun 13, 2010

There's been a lot of talk about this lately, so when I was on the line with a Verizon rep I thought I'd ask. Granted Verizon reps aren't always the most knowledgeable so take this for what it's worth.I asked about the data plan and she confirmed that it's the Air cards that are limited to 5GB. Currently there's no limit for phones. I then asked about tethering. She told me that since the Droid doesn't do tethering there are no limits. I inquired about third party apps that provide tethering and she responded saying that because those apps are not provided by Verizon they are not considered tethering, rather falling under the data category and are therefore unlimited.

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Motorola Droid :: Verizon Unlimited Data Plan

Nov 10, 2009

Was just comparing the two data plans. The T&C is here:About Us Facts-at-a-Glance Acceptable use policy: Acceptable Use Policy They are listing it as "Unlimited Data Usage" plan and with my discount it's $35 a month.3) VOIP is mentioned as an acceptable protocol! This really surprised me.

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HTC Incredible :: Alltel Connect Pack 1 Unlimited Data?

Apr 17, 2010

Hey guys I am a former Alltel customer who was transferred to Verizon. My current plan is awesome and includes the Connect Pack 1 (unlimited data) for $9.99. I am currently using an Alltel HTC Touch Pro and cannot wait for the Incredible. Does anyone know if there is a way to keep my Alltel Connect Pack 1 when I get the Incredible? I would REALLY hate to start paying an extra $20 a month for Verizons data plan and would love your ideas to avoid it.

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