Motorola Droid X :: Ninja Morph - Replace Image In Framework

Nov 15, 2010

maybe im having a brain fart and cant remember a step im missing. I'm trying to replace an image in the framework. I have the new image I want on my sd card in a folder called "theme" and it is a .png image. I go into ninjamorph, newproject>system>framework>framework-res.apk>res>drawable-hdpi>scroll to the image I want to replace and select it. it says select the image you want to replace it with and sends me to my sd card I go to my theme folder, and theres no images there... the .png doesnt show up. I have also tried putting it in my galley, root of the sd card, several places. and none of them show up... I ont get it... did I miss a step somewhere?

Ive done it before but its been a while so maybe im forgetting something? (oh and to add to the confusion, three other .png images I have in there do show up, just not the ones im trying to swap.) only difference I can see between the .png's im trying to use and .png images that do show up, it that the ones that show up are ".png" and the ones that are not showing up are ".PNG" I dont see why caps would make a difference, and I cant seem to get them to not be caps...

Motorola Droid X :: Ninja Morph - replace image in framework

LG Ally :: Theming Your Own Apk / Use Ninja Morph To Browse

Oct 11, 2010

You'll need
1. Ninjamorph from the market.
2. GIMP 2.0 (or other photo editor)

How To
1.Use ninja morph to browse (New Project) through system/app on your phone
2.Find (parsay) Yourfile.apk, and click on it.
3.After its done exit ninja morph and plug in your phone to the computer browse your sd to AndroidThemes and copy workspace to you desktop
4. Open (choice) photo editor and go through the image files changing them however you want.
5. Copy workspace from computer back into the AndroidThemes and overwrite.
6. Go to ninja morph and choose finish project (it will make a back up of the original.)

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Motorola Droid :: Replace Motorola Boot Logo With Your Own Image

Feb 23, 2010

This is to change the motorola logo that you see when you boot your phone to a custom image. This is separate from the boot animation seen afterwards.Tools/files you will need:
1) RSD Lite
2) droid sbf
3) SBFCodec
4) Photoshop (or paint, or whatever drawing program)
5) Hex editor (frhed is free and very easy to use)
NOTE: I do not use sbf-recall because it complains about needing version 1.3, so I use SBFCodec instead.Steps:
1) Run SBFCodec and open up the sbf file. This will extract all the smg files and header files.
2) Using photoshop, create an image that is 480 pixels wide and 182 pixels tall. Each color should be assigned 8 bits (1 byte), or in paint, just make a 24 bit bmp file. Mirror the image, making the left become the right, and the right becoming the left. Save as a bmp file (photoshop method).
3) Using a hex editor, open up your image and erase the first 54 bytes of data. (and possibly the last 2 bytes of data if you used photoshop. the number of bytes remaining should be exactly 262,080) With the remaining data, reverse the bytes. (using frhed, the option is in the edit menu->Reverse bytes)
4) Using a hex editor, open up the CG42.smg file created in step 1 and erase all data except the last 64 bytes of data (these 64 bytes of data should be FF's in the file). Then paste in the remaining data from step 3 to the beginning of the file and save. Your final file should be exactly 262,144 bytes large.
5) Go back to the SBFCodec window and save (this creates the sbf) the sbf file and name it whatever you want. i.e. boot.sbf
6) Using RSD Lite, flash this sbf to your phone. It may take 5-10 minutes for the flashing to complete. (after the 10 minutes, it might say "failed", just click on the show device button once that happens and you'll have succeeded)You now have a stock phone with a custom boot image. Go ahead and root your phone and stuff. Sorry for the difficult instructions, this was the only approach I could think of to edit the boot logo.

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Android :: How To Replace Framework's AP

Dec 30, 2009

I would like to write a standalone screen locked AP of Android to replace the default one( Does anyone know how to replace the default AP of framework? Is it possible to replace framework AP without modify any framework code?

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Motorola Droid :: Terminal Emulator / Get Meta Morph To Work?

Feb 22, 2010

Whenever I try to enter any command into my Terminal Emulator on my Droid it lets me only go so far then automatically enters the command incomplete and says things like "path does not exist" etc. I'm running Bugless Beast v1.1 with the Dark ROM patch. I'm also trying to get meta morph to work but when I run the checks it says there isn't enough space on /system and to make sure busy box is installed.

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Motorola Droid :: Updated But Still Have Ninja

Mar 31, 2010

so i did the force update from the top sticky. i am definitely updated to the official rom

firmware - 2.1 update 1
build - ese81

i still have the ninja, but no root. what happened? i tried factory reset, but he's still there. any ideas on what i should do? i want to make sure i'm squeaky clean with the new rom.

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Motorola Droid X :: Get Rid Of SuperUser App Icon Ninja?

Sep 23, 2010

I have to bring my DX to verizon for something and I cant get rid of the Superuser Ninja I used easyroot to root my phone, I have titainium backup and busybox. I need my phone to show NO TRACES of being rooted.

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Motorola Droid :: ROM For Rooted Devices And Ninja Blur

Sep 4, 2010

Is there a ROM for rooted devices that gives the Droid 1 users "Ninja" Blur like the Droid X has?

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Android :: How Can I Replace Compass Image Of Location Overlay?

Aug 24, 2010

I want to use my image to replace the Compass image of MyLocationOverlay, how can i implement?

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Motorola Droid :: Framework-res.apk Won't Apply

May 28, 2010

whenever i try to apply the framework-res.apk in metamorph it just gets stuck for up to 30 minutes before i just stop it. I have tried on 3 different themes and none of them work. Why is this?

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Motorola Droid : How To Change Framework-res / Launcher?

Jun 10, 2010

Ok, so I've made changes to the status bar and other items, re-zipped the folder, placed it on the sd card and used the following command to update the file using terminal emulator..

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Motorola Droid X :: Revolution Themes - No Dock Only Getting Framework

Oct 11, 2010

I am rooted without ROM the only thing I have its 928DroidBlackGlassX-DroidX-OTA2315-DeOdexEERR-THEME, but when I install any other theme I don't get the dock, like when I install the fabulous revolution, I only get the framework. I don't get the dock, why?

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Motorola Droid X :: 10% Battery In Themed Framework Apks?

Nov 1, 2010

Why did I do this? Well, I wanted to use Fightspit's circular battery icons. The DX's icons only change every 20% which is kind of useless for the icon set I wanted. It's easy to swap out icons (via 7zip) but adding icons creates a lot of problems. This forced me to come up with a workaround. Here's the process in case anyone else has been trying to do this.


Whats needed:
The themed framework-res.apk file
Extract framework-res.apk from any themed zip file
Or adb pull it from your THEMED phones system/framework directory

Stock framework-res.apk file
Extract this from TBHs deodexed 2.3.15 leak
Or adb pull from your STOCK phone

Batter and charging icons
I use 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 battery icons since the DX only reports battery readings in 10% increments.
I have 20 charging pngs. You can have more or less but youll have to modify some XMLs (see below) to get them to work.
You can use UOT Kitchen to generate battery icons. There are, also, other icons floating around on XDA. Just be careful to use HDPI compatible types.

The attached decompiled XML files (these go in the DECOMPILED drawable-hdpi folder along with the batter icons). Edit these if you add or remove pngs.

7zip or Winrar (I prefer the former for modding .apk files)

Working knowledge of DOS (optional) or patience

Stock framework-res.apk prep
Extract ApkManager (you can put this anywhere. I have it on c: to make things easier in DOS)
Put your STOCK framework-res.apk in the place-apk-here-for-modding folder
Run the script and DECOMPILE (Option 9) the apk. The decompile folder will be in the projects folder.
Delete the STOCK framework-res.apk from the place-apk-here-for-modding folder
Move the DECOMPILED framework-res.apk folder from projects into the main ApkManager folder. This will be your repository of stock files that you will need later

Themed framework-res.apk prep
At this point you should have NOTHING in your modding folder AND project folders
Put your THEMED framework-res.apk in the modding folder
From the ApkManager root folder, DELETE the log text file
Run the script and DECOMPILE (Option 9) the themed apk.
After the decompile is done, close the script and open up the newly created log.txt file
In the log youll see some .9.png errors in /res/drawable-hdpi folder. These are files that were not decompiled properly because some required information (9patch) was missing. Each of those 9.png files will be decompiled (wrongly) and then renamed to .png. Therefore for every SINGLE 9.png error file, there will be one USELESS .png file. NOTE: If you try to recompile with these broken 9patches, the resultant apk WILL cause you to bootloop.

Lets pause here for a bit:
All the 9.png files listed in the error log, as stated before, are BROKEN. The decompile script aapt (apktool) decompiles these broken 9.png files, makes a copy of said files, and renames the copies as *.png.
So, there are, actually, two broken files (one 9.png and one .png) for every error in the log. You have to delete BOTH of these files and replace them with healthy files from the stock framework we decompiled earlier. If you skipped that, go back up and do it. The awesome thing is that there are hundreds of healthy 9.pngs and even more .png files in your THEMED framework decompiled folder. Locating each of this files (sometimes 30 x 2) is a pain. My workaround is to use good ol DOS. You dont have to do the next few steps with DOS but you have to reach the same end.

Enter the dra¦ er decompiled framework-res folder in /projects.
Copy/mark the error 9.pngs into MS Word (or whatever you use). Keep Word and DOS open till were done with this part.
Using find and replace do the following:
Copy everything before the 9.png file and find/replace that with del.
Copy everything after .png and find/replace it with NOTHING (dont type nothing)

The outcome should be:
del first_example.9.png
del second_example.9.png
and should contain all the broken .9.png files

In DOS, cd to decoded frameworks folders drawable-hdpi folder
Copy and paste the contents of the Word file into DOS to delete all the broken 9.png files.
Go back to MS Word and find/replace .9.png with .png

The outcome should be:
del first_example.png
del second_example.png
and should contain all the broken, renamed .png files.

If you didnt close the DOS window, just copy and paste the modified contents of your Word folder into DOS to delete all the broken .png files. If you closed the DOS window, shame on you :P. Youll have to open DOS again and navigate back to the decoded frameworks drawable-hdpi folder first.
You should have removed both the BROKEN .9.png and .png files from the decompiled frameworks drawable-hdpi folder
Head back to MS Word one last time and edit the files to look like this

copy first_example.9.png c:APKManagerprojectsframework-res.apk
copy second_example.9.png c:APKManagerprojectsframework-res.apk
The c:... will vary depending on where you put your APKManager folder. If you put it somewhere else, copy the location from your address bar.

Head back to DOS and cd to your STOCK folders drawable-hdpi folder.
Copy the contents from MS Word into DOS and this will copy the healthy .9.png files to your THEMED decoded frameworks drawable-hdpi folder.
You can close MS Word and DOS at this point.
Replacing the battery icons and xml files.
Navigate to your THEMED decompiled frameworks drawable-hdpi folder.
Paste your new battery icons into this folder (overwriting all the existing ones). The files to look for are stat_sys_battery_X.png and stat_sys_battery_charge_animX.png
You should also replace ic_lock_idle_charging and ic_lock_idle_low_battery (I use the fully charged and the battery unknown pngs respectively)
Replace the xml files with your modified ones. The files to replace are stat_sys_battery.xml and stat_sys_battery_charge.xml.

Rebuilding your framework-res.apk
At this point you should have your THEMED framework-res.apk in the modding folder and your THEMED, decompiled framework-res.apk folder in the project folder (with your new png and xml files.)
Go back to the APK Manager main folder and run the script.
Compile the apk (Option 11)
You will be asked if this is a system apk. Choose YES.
You will be asked if you want to copy all unmodified files from the oringal apk. You can choose NO.
Sign the APK (Option 12).
Go into the modding folder, you will find a signedframework-res.apk
Open (DONT EXTRACT) signedframework-res.apk with 7zip or Winrar.
Open (again, DONT EXTRACT) the themed framework-res.apk (also in the modding folder) with 7zip or Winrar
Delete, from within 7zip, the META-INF directory and AndroidManifest.xml file from signedframework-res.apk
Copy, inside 7zip, META-INF and AndroidManifest.xml from your original themed framework-res to signedframework-res.apk Dont unzip anything.
Still in 7zip, navigate to /res/drawable-hdpi in both the original, themed framework-res.apk and signedframework-res.apk. Delete everything BUT the new (stat_sys_battery stat_sys_battery_charge) xmls and battery and charging .pngs from signedframework-res.apk. If you used my files, there will be only 40 items left.
Finally, copy (still in 7zip) everything BUT stat_sys_battery.xml, stat_sys_battery_charge.xml, and the battery and charging .pngs from the themed framework-res.apks drawable-hdpi folder to signedframework-res.apks drawable-hdpi folder.
Your modified framework-res.apk is ready to be pushed to your phone.

Putting the files on your phone.
Either push signedframework-res.apk to your phone via adb or
Create an for use with clockwork recovery. You can also take the themes zip file and replace the framework-res.apk as well. (I like this). Or you can just make one if you like.
Reboot your phone if you used adb and welcome to 10% heaven.

Im hoping our themers will incorporate the 10% hack into their themes. For them its only a matter of replacing the (2) xml files before compiling the theme.

Ill try to answer any questions as best I can.
Also, please donate to the DEVs (not me!) if you can. This little task took me almost a week (after work and no SSF4 for me ) to figure out. Imagine how much work is required to bring ApeX, RubiX, ZapX etc¦

Grab the Apex rEVO and NexTheme mods and files at:
REVOlution theme with 10% Circle Battery MOD and NexTheme 10% Circle Battery Mod.

Decompiled XML files

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Motorola Droid X : How To Upload Stock Services.jar / Framework-res.apk?

Sep 21, 2010

If anyone can upload the stock services.jar and stock framework-res.apk from their 2.1 Droid X (it's in the /system/framework folder), I will be forever in your debt. I (stupidly) overwrote mine when installing a theme and now I can't update to 2.2 with my modified files. I know I can flash the .sbf, but I am trying to avoid that.

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Motorola Droid :: Constant Force Closes After Editing Framework-res.apk

Jul 15, 2010

I am running Pete's virgin deodexed FRF84B, with Chevy's LV 1.0 Ghz kernel.

I edited .png files in framework-res.apk; the sdcard preparing icon and also the usb connected icon.

I used this method:

Use terminal, since ADB doesn't work.
cp system/framework/framework-res.apk /sdcard

(edit files on your computer opening the framework as an archive using 7zip. put the file on the sd card)

assuming that you aren't in SU anymore..

cp /sdcard/framework-res.apk system/framework
chmod 644 system/framework/framework-res.apk

(found here: Best way to edit/mod "framework-res.apk" in FROYO? - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum)

They are not the .9 png files, and the icons changed without problem, but immediately after a reboot almost every program on my phone is force closing.

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Motorola Droid :: BEST Way To Replace Icons?

Jun 14, 2010

I've been doing a LOT of trying different ROMs and themes, and want to get in to a bit of designing myself.The actual icon designing I can do. What I need to know is the best way to implement it.I'm referring to the icons for specific apps (i.e. Market, Gmail, etc.). I was thinking I could open the .apk and replace the files that way, but that would mean an update for the app would un-do my work, right?I know there are apps out there that replace the launcher that allow you to change icons, but from what I remember, they are normally buggy. Has this changed? So, what is everyone's opinion on the BEST way to replace icons?

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Motorola Droid :: Replace 16g With 32g Sdcard?

Dec 7, 2009

love the space of the 16g, but i want a 32g card is that possible? whats the biggest the droid can hold?

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Motorola Droid : Way To Replace TTS Voice?

Jun 26, 2010

Is it at all possible to replace the TTS voice (Ex. the voice used in Navigation)?

Of course, I'm rooted and running custom roms, if that makes a difference.

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Motorola Droid X :: Potential To Replace The IPod

Jun 24, 2010

I'm hoping this would be the first smartphone capabe of replacing my iPod touch permanently.

I've used the Storm and Incredible. Both phones just aren't as good as the iPod.

Some questions about this though...

Is it possible to sync an Android phone with iTunes on a Mac?

Is there an equalizer setting on the phone?

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Motorola Droid 2 :: Way To Replace Voice Dialer With Something Better?

Aug 23, 2010

I have just gotten this phone and am very aggravated by the Voice Dialer. I use a blutooth headset, and use that because I work outside and my hands are usually sweaty or wet. The issue is that it's awful. It hardly ever hears me correctly, and without any warning it calls the wrong person! Very annoying at 7 in the morning, or 10 at night when you start dialing random people.I tried a different method, saying "open contacts" and it still dials random people.The Google Voice App understands me perfectly when I use it for texting or email. Why can't this Voice Dialer?Is there a way to replace the Voice Dialer with something better?Or is there a way to force it to confirm who I want to call?

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Motorola Droid :: How To Replace Shortcuts On Bottom Row?

Jul 4, 2010

I tried to place my shortcuts on 2.2 but I was having a major problem placing them on the bottom row. Without the thing turning into a trash can, almost every time I tried to place one there, it would vanish. I literally had to have it 2 pixels under the above row or it wouldn't take. Does anyone else have this problem with 2.2 roms?

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Motorola Droid X :: How Long Does It Take To Replace Defective DX?

Aug 24, 2010

Hey guys I am in the process of replacing my current Droid X with a better Droid X. I am wondering, how long will it take for Motorola to replace my Droid X as of today? Reason: Small Band Screen Flickering DX

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Motorola Droid X :: Possible To Replace System Font

Sep 30, 2010

I don't really know much about this but I have the leaked 2.2 update, rooted, Droid X and I would like to know if it's possible to change the system font (Droid Sans) with a different one, and/or the consequences of doing so. Something leads me to believe it's not possible/easy to do because I haven't seen too much of this but if it is possible, a link to a tutorial would be much appreciated. Although a confirmation of the possibility of this would also be nice!

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Motorola Droid :: Cracked Screen - Replace

Jul 28, 2010

I have the original Droid. I take very good care of it, but I needed to have the phone with me while I was at the gym last night and it fell out of my pocket and the screen cracked. It still works but the screen obviously needs to be replaced. I weep quietly every time I take the phone out of my pocket now to use it.

However, I have the Best Buy Geek Squad Blacktie Protection plan on the phone - the one for $10/mo. I am getting conflicting information as to whether they are going to take my phone and replace the glass or if they are just going to supply me with a new phone. I'll know more when I take it in for service.

My issue is this, I am rooted running a custom Froyo 2.2 ROM. Should I unroot and dial back to 2.1 before I return the phone or should I just bring it in? Has anyone had any experience with this one way or the other?

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Motorola Droid :: Replace App Tray/drawer To 2.1

Oct 13, 2010

Is there a way to switch the app tray from a button you press to open the drawer, back to the slide like in 2.1 and earlier?

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Motorola Droid :: How To Replace Network Name In A Theme

Sep 23, 2010

I am currently trying to build a custom theme for myself (I may share if it turns out the way I hope it does) and noticed that a lot of the themes are changing the Network name from Verizon to *insert whatever change is made here*.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make that change. I have looked through build.prop and have browsed the other files in the root area and cannot figure out where that change is made.

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Motorola Droid :: Partial Touch Screen Failure - Replace The Droid

Aug 12, 2010

So my beloved Droid is finally starting to show her age. Part of the touch screen has failed on the very right side of the screen as can be seen here:

The phone is still fully functional other than this and appears to be one of the better units out there (runs perfectly stably with 1.2ghz ulv kernels, gets great battery life and has a bubbly keyboard).

Having this portion of the touch screen go out does cause a few major problems though:

-Search hardware button no longer works
-Can't use notification blind in landscape view
-Can't hit backspace on portrait on-screen keyboard
-Many software buttons (like the ones in maps) can't be used in portrait

I have already visited my local VZW store and was assured they have replacement Droid 1s in stock.

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Motorola Droid :: Music Player To Replace Native App

Nov 25, 2009

what is a good music player app to that has a STOP button? Hate the native app on the Droid

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Motorola Droid : Looking To Replace BB Curve / X Vs Fascinate For Streaming?

Sep 26, 2010

I am looking to replace my BB curve soon and have been debating for weeks on the Incredible, Droid X, and now the Fascinate. One concern of mine is the ability to stream live video (flash) from sites like atdhe.

I watch a lot of hockey and the ability to stream from a site like that would be excellent. I have been hearing mixed stuff about the video quality streaming wise from the X, and I know the Fascinate has the better GPU, so do you think that would make it the better option for streaming flash video (when it gets 2.2)?

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Motorola Droid :: Droid Lost On Motorcycle - Smashed By Car- Replace

Aug 21, 2010

Took a ride on my motorcycle last night with Droid in clip on case on my pocket. Drove about 1 1/2 miles when I realized it had fallen out of its holder. I back tracked and found nothing. Then my wife and I took my truck and went along the same route-nothing. Then (at this point mainly worrying about all the data in it if someone had picked it up) I walked with a flashlight the whole route while looking off the side of the road-still nothing. This morning I decided to take my bicycle and give it another try. About 1 mile from my house I spotted the rubber protector that surrounds the screen still near the edge of the road. I got off the bike and found the main section in a hedge so I have the battery and sim card. About 30 ft further I found the screen folded over and crushed. So I guess the battery and card might be ok but the rest is trashed. This one is insured by Asurion with an $89. deductible. (I ran over my previous Droid with my riding mower just this last May and I had to pay full price for a new one as it was not insured). I started a claim online with Asurion and the Droids are on backorder according to the site. I did this last night and reported it lost and possibly then stolen. Now at least I have the pieces.Does anyone think I might have a chance to get it replaced at the Verizon store?

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