HTC Incredible :: Maximum Charge Rate

Aug 16, 2010

The wall charger that came with it puts out 1A.Does anyone know if that is the max output that a charger can have?Sorry if this is answered elsewhere i saw a lot of discussion on the topic but not a definitive answer.

HTC Incredible :: Maximum charge rate

Android :: Maximum Refresh Rate Of Widget

Oct 17, 2010

I know that the default is 30 minutes, however I am looking at making a game in a widget.This would require millisecond responses.... has anyone messed with the AlarmClock Timing that is described to use instead to achieve this? does it work well?I haven't finished the Software Arc for the project yet because I see a lot of complaints about this on the net, so need to know if this is feasable before I go for the adventure... but the game would consist of a large widget size of one screen... many areas to click on and interact with and multiple textured animations

Looks like I can draw to a canvas and then pop it up to the bitmap to do this... but that still confuses me a bit.but I am struggling with the concepts of this code having an ID for the canvas and how to use that so I have not been able to test this code(I am a experienced c/c++/c#/dx/opengl coder first time with android and java)

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Motorola Droid :: Maximum Time For Full Charge

Nov 11, 2009

How long have you needed to charge your Droid?I've been doing most of mine from he cradle (attached to my computer but unmounted) and it's taken about 3 hours each time.Three hours!Anyone else having the same problem?Would it be a lot faster if I just plugged it in directly?

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HTC Incredible :: Browser Maximum Windows

May 30, 2010

Is the any way to adjust the stock browser to open more than 4 windows at once? If not, will rooting give us that ability?

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HTC Incredible :: Overclocking / Maximum Limit

Apr 13, 2010

I know that the incredible will be underclocked to 788mhz for 1ghz, but is it possible to overclock it? I mean, will someone probably make it possible? I would love OCing that baby to 1-1.2!

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HTC Incredible :: Maximum External Memory

Jul 24, 2010

I was wondering if anybody happens to know what is the max external memory can be put into the Incredible?

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HTC Incredible :: SetCPU Only Maximum 528 And Won't Go Higher / Fix This?

Jul 20, 2010

Just installed setCPU and it wont go over 528max at all?? now it is stuck at 528khz any way how to fix that? the scaling slider bar is all the way to the right, still at 528.

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HTC Incredible :: Maximum Battery Life After Charging Full

May 6, 2010

Sorry for another battery thread, but I was interested to see how much time everyone was getting from a 100% charge to the phone dying. I've been monitoring battery with the ap BatteryLeft. At 100%, it is saying my battery gets 17.5 hours which seems pretty bad. What about everyone else? I've seen threads in terms of %, but hours would really be more helpful.

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HTC Incredible :: Correct Size For Maximum Screen Realistate On Phone?

May 8, 2010

Just wondering if that is the correct size for maximum screen realistate on the incredible? When using doubletwist, it imported them at 320x480 or something and all of my pics are just way too small.

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HTC Incredible :: Unplug And Re-plug Phone While Charging - Rain Dance - To Get Maximum

May 30, 2010

Eloquence says this is called the "Rain Dance":

So, I'm supposed to charge to 100%, then unplug, then re-plug and charge some more?

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HTC Incredible :: Charge Before 1st Use?

Jun 18, 2010

Why is my little status light already green? It's only been 2 hours out of the box, & I have been good & not turned it on...but the light is green!

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HTC Incredible :: First Battery Charge

Apr 25, 2010

So when I get my DI on Tuesday should I charge it completly prior to turning it on and setting it up? If so around how long does this take?

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HTC Incredible :: Do You Bump Charge?

Aug 24, 2010

do you charge, then tun off the phone and charge til green? Or do you charge, turn off and charge til green, unplug and plug back in, and repeat? I've tried both and honestly I think it may last longer with the charge, turn off and charge and then stop.does repeatedly bumping it to green 3, 4 or even 5 time hurt the battery?

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HTC Incredible :: Not Turning On Or Charge

May 25, 2010

I try to wait until my phone tells me my battery is low to charge.When I went to bed last night, my phone still had 1/2 the battery life left so I did not bother to plug it in.When I got up and went to use my phone,it had shut off during the night.Like any normal person I tried to charge it- no luck.The phone would not charge and would not turn on.I removed the battery and replaced it.Luckily it turned back on and I still had 1/3 of my battery life left.Has anyone else had this issue?It has randomly rebooted, but I've never encountered this before where the phone just shut down completely into a hard lock.Anyone else? What did you do?Did you have it replaced?

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HTC Incredible :: How To Charge Phone?

Jul 7, 2010

So, when you guys put your phone on the charger do you charge it for a long time like overnight or just for a few hours in the morning or during the day until the green light comes on? Also, when you are charging it do you just put it to sleep and have it charge that way, or do you do a full power off and charge it that way?

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HTC Incredible :: Recharging After Charge

Sep 12, 2010

If you turn phone off and fully charge till green led then unplug wait few seconds plug in again amber led it will top off the charge green led ! I have no issues with battery life before trying this so i am not sure why this happens but a couple of other forums have reported the helps?

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HTC Incredible :: Charge Speed / USB Vs. A/C

Jul 21, 2010

For those who don't know, USB charging is a lot slower than A/C (wall outlet) charging.This thread goes into it well.Wall A/C charge vs USB computer charge seems to have a dramatic difference in charging times.That said: anyone know a way to up the amps from a USB port? I'm especially interested for this in my car, where I have a USB port from my audio system, and would really like to charge my Incredible while I use it as a GPS.Any tips for this? I know "get a car adapter" is an easy solution, but I'd prefer avoid that if possible.

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HTC Incredible :: Kernel That Allows To Charge Like Before 2.2?

Sep 10, 2010

Is there a Kernel that allows us to charge like before 2.2? I tested the Inc with an ammeter on stock 2.2 and on SR 3.0 RC2 and both charge at only half the current we used to on 2.1. That is unacceptable and the reason a lot of people can't keep their phones charged while using GPS anymore. Surely there's a fix so far?

On a side note, any good kernel recommendations or a list where I can peruse our options and their features. Still running whatever kernel comes with SR 3.0 RC2.

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Motorola Droid X :: Safe To Charge Using Mini Usb Charge Source?

Jul 19, 2010

This has been an issue that's been bugging me the last few days now. The stock wall charger that came with my Droid X is the 5PN5504A, which has an output rating of 5.1V, 850mA. My understanding is that the mini-USB interface is an industry standard for power delivery to portable devices, which I take to mean that any charge source should work (wall charger, desktop PC, laptop) as long it has uses an USB interface. So any USB-->miniUSB cable can be used to charge any mini-usb device, regardless of power source, right?

I already have several other mini-usb devices, such as bluetooth headsets, which all came with their own wall chargers. However, I checked these chargers, and they all have different outputs: 5V @ 200mA, 5V @ 150mA, 5V @ 550mA. Because the default Droid X cable was so short, I was tempted to use these other chargers. I plugged in the 5V@150mA charger to my Droid X, and found that the phone does not show it's charging (the lighting bolt isn't there, there's no animation on the battery indicator). So then I switched to the 5V@550mA charger, and it DOES charge....................

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HTC Incredible :: Keeps Rebooting After Charge The Battery

Apr 29, 2010

I let my battery run down and then while charging I tried to turn the phone back on but it kept going from the white HTC screen to the black VZW screen and back. I tried a battery pull but it continued to do it, even while plugged in. I did another battery pull and now it is charging.

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HTC Incredible :: Taking Too Long To Charge?

Nov 7, 2010

I know a lot of people have been experiencing 4-5 hour time periods for charging the phone. If you want to cut that down to 2 hours or possibly less, just follow my fix steps!
1. Plug phone in
2. Turn Phone Off
3. Wait 5 seconds
4. Turn Phone On
Voila! But i still do the turning the phone off to get the full charge thing. Hope this helps you all!

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HTC Incredible :: Is Ok To Charge Phone Longer?

Jul 26, 2010

I know that you are supposed to initially let your phone charge for 8 hours, but is it a problem if you charge it longer? I should be getting mine tonight, and plan on plugging it in when i get it but just want to make sure it won't harm the battery to leave it plugged in overnight for longer than 8 hours.

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HTC Incredible :: USB Charge Phone From PC Adapter?

Jul 2, 2010

Like an ipod, or does it have to be hooked to the ac adapter?

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HTC Incredible :: Latest With The Bump Charge

Nov 12, 2010

BTW mods, im not looking for support, just to discuss the issue and see if i can be brought to speed

Today i unplugged with my 3500 in the phone, checked emails for about 22 seconds and it dropped to 92%

turned phone off and plugged back in until green, and streamed Pandora while checking emails for about 15min before it even moved off of 100%

Just wondering, whats the latest word on this issue? Is it hardware? software?

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HTC Incredible :: 2.2 Did Not Fix Battery Charge Issue

Jul 29, 2010

I was hoping HTC would have fixed the charging issue with our Dinc but it looks like it still needs to be bump charged or what ever method you use.

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HTC Incredible :: Can Tether Via USB / Not Charge Phone?

Nov 14, 2010

My laptop's battery drained even faster because it was charging the DInc. Prefer USB tethering for the speed (was getting 2.3 Mb/s yesterday) - seem to recall bluetooth tethering is slower, no?

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HTC Incredible :: Phone Overheating / Does Not Charge?

May 30, 2010

I was using my DI as a GPS today, in a mount on the windshield, and had it plugged in the whole time. It was about 90 degrees outside and I had the AC blasting in my car as I drove along the highway.....I noticed after a while that the bolt in the battery display was missing, meaning it wasn't getting charged, and that at the same time the notification LED was alternating between orange and green. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't charging anymore, but after I changed the vent in my car from forward to indirect (there is a vent that shoots air upward right below the mount, coincidentally) it cooled down and started charging again.

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HTC Incredible :: How Long To Charge Battery?

May 2, 2010

My replacement Inc will be here on Tuesday. What is the recommended amount of time to charge the battery the first time? When I was talking to Tech Support when my first Inc was having problems he told me it was best to charge a full 24 hours the first time. I don't know if I can wait 24 hours after receiving my Inc before checking it out!

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HTC Incredible :: What's Initial Charge Time?

May 5, 2010

FedeX just delivered the Inc (ordered on-line Sunday night) an hour ago and I plugged it in to charge. Can't wait to use it - how long does the initial charge take?

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HTC Incredible :: 2.2 Froyo Battery Charge

Aug 31, 2010

Has anyone noticed that it's taking a very long time to charge your battery on the updated 2.2 OS? It usually took me about 2 - 2.5 hours for a full charge. My first charge since the update is taking 4+ hours and counting and still not at 100%.

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