HTC Hero :: Physical Buttons Got Slightly In (Like Sinking)

Dec 8, 2009

I've noticed the Home and Menu buttons are slightly in further than the other buttons, possibly indicative of that prolonged use could affect their stability. I've only had this phone since yesterday and haven't used it too much but I'm worried about this already The Home button particularly, in which I use the most, is sinking

HTC Hero :: Physical Buttons Got Slightly In (Like Sinking)

Motorola Droid : Bottom Buttons Are Slightly Purple

Nov 10, 2009

I just bought two (2) droids for my fiance and I and I noticed that my droid has slightly purple bottom buttons when they light up while my fiance's lights up white.Is there an option to change the bottom light's color? or does my phone have a manufacturer defect?

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HTC :: Need Physical Buttons To Use Snesoid For Incredible?

Jun 7, 2010

I read somewhere online that you need physical buttons to use SNesoid or Nesoid. Is this true? Has anyone run it on the incredible?

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Samsung I7500 :: Physical Buttons Not Working

Oct 14, 2009

I've had my phone for a while now but a few days ago some of the physical buttons stopped working. I'm not sure why but the home, call pick up, and camera buttons now no longer function. I'd have assumed this was a physical fault immediately, however when the screen is darkened (power save?) if I press any of the "failed" buttons then it will light up again! I'd be interested in knowing whether there are any diagnostic tools available for this also. Failing anything else I'll be phoning O2 to get phone replaced! I've updated to II4 via the NPS update and they are still broken.

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Motorola Droid X :: How Are Physical Buttons On Front

Jul 11, 2010

How are the physical buttons on the front. I think they look a little cheap and cheesy? Maybe I'm wrong. Are the solid? Feel strong?

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General :: Change Songs Using Physical Buttons

Mar 19, 2012

I know CM can do this, but the volume keys are quite uncomfortable in my xperia phone. My phone has 3 front physical buttons and I would love to do something like this:

Is it possible?

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Motorola Droid X :: Physical Buttons / Hard To Handle?

Jul 23, 2010

How do you guys like the physical buttons vs. the soft buttons (glass) on other phones? I've got an Incredible that I really like, but I'm having two issues that I'm not liking. Call quality and battery life. I looked at the Droid X and really didn't like the physical buttons. How many of you were disappointed by the physical buttons but have found them to be OK after using them?

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Motorola Droid X :: Physical Buttons Seems To Be Flimsy Or Loose?

Jul 22, 2010

Is it just me or do the bottom 4 physical buttons on the droid x and the camera button feel flimsy, cheap, or loose?

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Motorola Droid X :: Phone Awesome Except For Physical Buttons

Jul 17, 2010

So far so great with the new Droid X!! I have not had any of the lag problems or battery life issues that I have seen posted. My X is fast and smooth, I love it so far. Having said that, I can see a potential problem with the physical buttons on the device. When I first started using the X, the buttons were tight and had a crisp feel when pressed.

Now after 1 day of use, the" back" button is getting loose and is not nearly as crisp as it was. I don't think it will last much longer. I wish there was a way to back out of a screen or app via a screen button as opposed to the physical one. If anyone knows a way to avoid using the physical button to go back a web screen, please let me know. Other than that, this thing rules.

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General :: Jelly Bean On Phones With Physical Buttons

Jul 11, 2012

On devices with onscreen keys, the key layout goes Back, Home (long press for Google now), MultitaskOn devices with physical keys, as we well know, whe have back, home, and menu (sometimes with search, long pressed to voice search) in a pretty unpredictable order.But how would you activate Google now on devices with these keys? Long pressing home is multitask.... so is multitask moved out a different key (long press menu?) Or does Google now move?

The most logical choice would be assigning it to long press search (replacing voice search) but a lot of phones *coughgalaxysphonescough* don't HAVE the search button...

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Motorola Droid X :: Any Way To Set Side Physical Buttons For Music Controls

Sep 9, 2010

Is there a way to set the physical buttons on the side and front to do things when the screen is off like go to the next song or volume up? It would be great for when I am listening to music that way I don;t always have to turn the screen on and unlock just to turn the volume up or down.

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Samsung Captivate :: Prefer Soft Out Physical Keys / Buttons?

Nov 4, 2010

I hate soft keys. They're hard to see. It's hard to know whether I pressed them. I often press them accidentally. They add absolutely nothing to the phone. In short, soft keys suck.

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HTC Desire :: How To Turn Off Light Behind Physical Buttons When Watching Video?

May 18, 2010

I watch quite a few .mp4's on my Desire, and I'll really like to turn off the the backlight behind the physical buttons if possible, not so much to aid battery life but for the factor they are a bit annoying if you're watching something in the dark. Is this possible? My device isn't rooted.

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HTC Eris :: Physical Buttons - How To Disable Slide Unlock To Answer Phone?

Oct 9, 2010

I am currently using xtrROM 4.2 and like many - am SICK of pocket answering my Eris. (I know this happens regardless of rooting). Is there a way of completely disabling the slide unlock to answer the phone? Using the Green to answer, Red to deny works perfectly well. I want it like an "olden-days" dumb phone. Is it at all possible to modify/flash the ROM to render the screen inactive for this? Most threads point to unlocker apps, but I'm trying to avoid them.

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Motorola Droid X :: Physical Buttons Not Light Up And Random Shut Downs

Jul 15, 2010

My buttons won't light up when I'm in a dark environment. My screen is currently on auto brightness. I don't think its lowering the brightness one bit when it's dark.

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HTC Hero :: Phone Keeps Going Off _ Battery Slightly Loose - Fix This?

Sep 16, 2010

My phone has started going off for no apparent reason recently and opening the case shows that the battery is slightly loose, so i push the battery back in and can turn it on again?

Anybody else had this, any suggested solution? I've had it for 8/9 months without a problem like this before these past few days.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Is Keypad Area Supposed To Be Slightly Raised?

Oct 31, 2009

I've had my Hero for over 2 weeks and just recently noticed that the top of the silver keypad area at the bottom of the phone is slightly raised from the level of the glass. I don't remember it being that way but maybe I just didn't notice it until now. For some reason I thought it was flush (even) with the glass before. When I run my finger over it and onto the glass I can tell it (the silver keyboard area) is slightly raised.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Power Button Sinking?

Jun 21, 2010

Anybody else power button slowly sinking? I've had the phone for 2.5 weeks and the power button feel is a lot worse then before. It's slowly falling in and flushing with the opening.Probably will take it back and swap for a new one.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Hero's Physical Specs Going To Make EVO?

Apr 14, 2010

EVO doubles Hero's processor, internal memory and RAM. I'm wondering how exactly that will translate into daily usage. Mayhaps I should post on the Nexus board since that runs a snapdragon but I'm sure there are people here who have handled both.I'm going to use a few apps I use as an example: Astro File Manager: running the app manager can take 20-30 seconds to fully 'load the packages' to backup/install/uninstall/etc.More Icons Widget: populating the apps list takes 20-30 seconds. aTrackDog: populating the apps list can take 45-60 seconds.

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General :: Ramos W30 Slightly Bricked

Feb 22, 2013

Well I tried to create my own ROM. when the tablet boots, the back light comes on and that is all I get. When I press the on/off button the back light goes on and off. Another thing I noticed is that when I connect to the PC I can see the SD card and the External SD card mounted as MTS Device.

When I reset the tablet via the little hole on the top (next to the sound buttons) it just seems to switch off and then on again. I tried to switch the device off and try resetting (holding ON button + Volume UP + Volume DOWN) to get to CWM but I can't get into CWM. The back light just comes on.

I also tried to see if I could access the device via the ADB shell, but there is no device found. Which is weird as why does Windows see the device. I am not sure how to proceed. I also noticed that Windows (In device manager) sees the device as a Ramos W30HD and has an exclamation mark next to it?

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HTC Hero :: Does Web Browser On Hero Have Little Zoom In / Out Buttons

Jul 26, 2009

Does the web browser on the Hero have the little zoom in/out buttons like other Android phones? Is there anything like this? The reason I ask is that multitouch, while very cool, doesn't look very practical when you're using the phone with one hand as that only really leaves the thumb free for key pressed and screen touches.

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HTC Incredible :: Need Cdma Desire With A Slightly Better Camera

Apr 8, 2010

Looks like from the specs it's a cdma desire with a slightly better camera. No 8gb ROM not even the 1gb ROM space of the evo 4g. Even the ram is the same.

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HTC Magic :: Typing Messenger Slightly Laggy?

Jun 30, 2009

Firstly, I have an HTC Magic, so no hardware keyboard for me, only soft. I've found that typing can often be quite laggy. It depends on the application in which I'm typing, but Messenger can be quite laggy, especially in landscape, but is no where near as bad as ChompSMS was. On the other hand, Opera beats the default browser hands down (indeed, I think typing in Opera is the smoothest around!) - the default browser's typing is simply terrible when the page loaded has quite a few images and data. Now, I understand why this could be the case (limited ram, etc) but obviously, as a consumer or user, that doesn't make my experience any better.

The other day I reset my phone to factory defaults (gotta love gmail sync up!) and installed only the following apps:

Barcode scanner
Postcode Navigator
TTS Service
Useful Switchers

And it still seems pretty laggy. I regularly purge my browser cache and delete all my messenger threads. Is there anything else I'm missing? I love the phone, but this is becomming a bit of an issue for me, and the fact that so many others praise it makes me think there might be something wrong with my phone and/or setup, rather than it being a universal problem.

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Motorola Droid : Screen Slightly Off Center

Nov 29, 2009

Today I was resizing a picture and noticed the screen on my droid is slightly uncentered.asically there's a slightly wider black border on the left and bottom of the screen.Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this on their droid.And if I just made you notice that yours is off center also I apologize.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Video Playback - Slightly Jittery

Jul 8, 2010

Just bought my Galaxy S. Although it is a great phone, the video playback is slightly jittery. Doesnt matter if I view a hd video over all share, youtube video or a playback of a video captured off the phone. It looks slow, and the sound seems out of sync with the video.

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Samsung I7500 :: Got Slightly Loose Camera Button?

Sep 22, 2009

Anyone got a slightly loose camera button? Mine rocks slightly top to bottom if you press on it at the edge. Works fine though, it's just a little annoying

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Samsung EPIC 4G : Does Your Screen Wobble Slightly With Keyboard Out

Sep 1, 2010

I was just wondering if anyone's screen has a slight wobble with the keyboard extended out? Mine does, if everyone's is like that I'll just get over it, but it doesn't seem like it should have any give at all.

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Samsung Captivate : Slightly Better Battery Listed At Amazon

Aug 18, 2010

Just spotted this on Amazon: Amzer 1600 mAh Lithium Ion Standrad Battery for Samsung Captivate i897 and Samsung Vibrant T959: Cell Phones. I'm honestly happy enough with the existing battery -- I have to try REALLY hard to kill it in a day -- but every extra mAh helps, right? Too bad this one is only 100mAh better than stock. Doesn't really seem worth $50 to me. But maybe, since this is listed as their "Standard" battery, they've got an extended one coming down the pipeline. I'd spend $50 for 2000mAh, easy.

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HTC EVO 4G : Vertical Dull Lines (slightly Yellow) When Looking At Screen

Jun 7, 2010

Has anyone noticed a series of vertical dull lines (slightly yellow) when looking at the screen on an all white background with the backlight high?

Is this normal for a capacitive touch screen ? I've tried searching multiple forums and had no luck finding an answer. Edit - This is my first touchscreen device, so I'm really not sure about what is going on in there!

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Samsung Vibrant :: Accelerometer Pulls Slightly To Left / Calibrate - Fix?

Aug 31, 2010

Mine pulls slightly to the left. not enough to make me exchange my phone but enough to annoy me and make me paranoid.

Any way to calibrate or fix?

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