HTC Eris :: I Rooted My Phone Is Slower

Aug 8, 2010

About a week ago I rooted my phone. Mind you, I didn't have HUGE lag issues like most before I rooted. Just the minor complaints that most had.I'm currently running Plain Jane v2 with a2sd and OC. I'm clocking at 710/528, yet my phone is laggier than ever. I'm at my wits end trying to get this phone to work at a substantial speed before I go off to college. At some points my phone seems really super-snappy, but those moments are short lived.Linpack averages that my MFLOPS is about 0.96 at all times. I read that the standard for the eris is 3.0, and I'm unsure why my phone is running this slow.Does someone know some tricks, or a rom that may help my phone out? I'm dying to just have something to make my phone usable. Thanks a ton.

HTC Eris :: I rooted my phone is slower

Sprint HTC Hero :: Rooted-Remove Bloatware - Seems Slower

Nov 12, 2009

My hero definitely seems slower for some reason after rooting and removing some of the common sprint apps (footprints, nascar, stocks, etc). I didn't remove anything critical.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Swype Line Traces Much Slower After Factory Reset?

Jul 7, 2010

I've been using swype on 1.5 and then again on 2.1 OTA. I've always updated to the newest version and I recently did a factory data reset on my eris because I couldn't get messaging threads to delete. After factory reset, I downloaded swype from on the eris and installed the latest version. For some reason when I use swype the blue guide line is a lot slower than it used to be to catch up to where i swipe my finger. It also has trouble when I circle on a letter to indicate that I want to use that letter twice in a word. That never works now. I tried going into the keyboard calibration settings and resetting the calibration to factory settings. I looked in the swype settings as well. I haven't made any changes them so I'm wonder why the line tracing and understanding what I'm swiping is not even close to as responsive as before.

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HTC Eris :: Way To Get App On Rooted Phone

May 23, 2010

Is there a way to get the app on my rooted eris?

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HTC Eris :: How To Urn On OTA Update For Rooted Phone?

May 9, 2010

Now that I have rooted and done the 2.1 update 2 days later Verison plans to update the phone. my question is is there a way to urn on the OTA update for the rooted Eris? If not then I am sure there will be an updated ROM that covers all the OTA stuff, but I was just wondering if there was a way to turn on OTA.

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HTC Eris :: Use Irc Chat On Rooted Phone?

Mar 24, 2010

I'm not sure if client is the right term, but what program are you using on your rooted phone to use irc chat? I've tried a couple but cant get any to work.

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HTC Eris :: OTA Update On Rooted Phone

Aug 23, 2010

Got my phone rooted with Unrevoked3.I have not applied -s off. I have not updated the radio, flashed ROM, or changed kernel- just running stock.I have installed some root only apps and removed City ID, Twitter, and Peep.So what should I do if the expected OTA update comes through?Can I apply the update on a rooted phone? I believe from what I have read that I would have to unroot and revert to stock in the box.Do I want to apply the update?If I apply the update with -s on will I permanently lose root?(I have too much faith in the droid community and xda-dev to really believe this would be more than a temporary problem)

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HTC Eris :: How To Check To See If Phone Is Rooted

Sep 1, 2010

I was having trackball issues on my Eris AGAIN. I called verizon for the second time to get a second replacement phone for the same issue. They are sending me an Incredible!

Now, before I send my Eris in, I just want to be absolutely sure there is nothing on my phone that indicates that it was rooted. Does anyone know what all they check? What can I check on it? Under settings, network, the operator name is unknown. Is that the same for stock phones? Or when I unrooted it, could that have cleared that out?

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HTC Eris :: Must Have Apps When Rooted On Phone?

Jul 16, 2010

What are some must have apps for when your rooted on the Eris?

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HTC Eris :: How To Confirm Phone Is Successfully Rooted?

Apr 8, 2010

I'm a bit of a wanna be geek here so forgive me if this is obvious. I just followed the sticky instructions for going from 1.5 to 2.1 root on the Eris. I'm not confident that I did it correctly though. I am wondering if by accident I just simply upgraded my operating system to 2.1 instead. Is there any way I can tell by looking at the "about phone" information if my phone was for sure successfully rooted or not?

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HTC Eris : Can Phone With HBOOT Version 1.46 Be Rooted?

Jun 15, 2010

Just a quick question. Can an Eris with HBOOT version 1.46 be rooted? I know v1.47 can, but I couldn't find another mention of 1.46 (and search won't allow that search term).

This is for my fiancee's phone that I bought her back in November. She is willing to swap Eris's with me since both mine and the replacement I just got are v1.49.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Best Wi-Fi Tethering App For Rooted Phone?

Mar 16, 2010

Now that we have root, I'm starting to look for a good app that will allow me to have my phone setup as a wireless hotspot.

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HTC Incredible :: After ROOT / Phone Seems Slower

Oct 28, 2010

I have a rooted dinc with a Innocell 3500mAh Extended Life Battery.Other than the battery and being rooted (removed some stock apps and added wireless tether),its still stock (ie. ROM, Kernel, etc.).I don't talk, text, or browse the web much, but I do stream Pandora ALL DAY at work.Usually about 7-8 hours non stop Ever since I rooted, it seems like it runs a little slower (ie. scrolling through home screens, exiting apps, sometimes it hangs or lags, etc. The snapdragon processor just isn't "snappy" (pun intended) as it formerly was.I was thinking about doing a Factory data reset ? or do I need to unroot, then reroot again?

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General :: RAM Usage - Phone Become Slower?

May 10, 2013

i always listen about the ram used in android is different than windows..

My first question is, why RAM is like 90% used, the phone become slower??? My second question is, Why 99% of apps are always started with phone, when enter in Applications section, and see Running apps, you see millions of apps, or when you enter like, Calculator or Torch or another app details it appears Stop.. WHEN I STARTED IT?

Im now user of Galaxy S Duos, when i have Motorola Atrix using a custom rom named "Neutrino" my ram, after flash it was 80~90 and here in Galaxy S Duos is 390~500 and the max is 685mb so so, than when press clean RAM, it closes a certain number of processes but only 50mb ram max it decreases... Why?

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HTC Eris :: Android Market Broken On Rooted Phone

Jul 12, 2010

So I rooted both mine and my wife's phone to Ivan's 1.0 (2.1 with OC). Her Market works totally fine. It's fast and loads everything and all tabs are there. Mine was sort of working at first, now it's completely come to a halt. The "top paid" tab is missing (when does finally load), most of the time it just gets stuck on "loading". I've tried clearing cache, doing a factory reset, reflashing the ROM, using the market fix (that puts the "top paid" tab back, but doesn't fix the slowless). It's just seriously broken.

Again, I've flashed the exact same ROM on mine and my wife's Eris, and hers works totally fine. I've searched for this issue on google and it seems this is a common problem, but no one has found a solution that works for me. I've tried them all, and none of them work. If I would have known rooting was going to break something so basic I possibly wouldn't have done it.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Is USB Tethering An Option With A Rooted Phone?

Aug 21, 2010

Used PdaNet in the past under the free trial without much problem, was told not to upgrade to avoid the blocking of https and to do backup with astro to save that feature.. switched to a different phone for awhile and just came back to the eris still had pdanet installed but had removed from pc and had to reinstall there.. I can log into alot of site with user/pass but not yahoo or ebay (the two I need most) When I re-installed on pc it also reinstalled on phone. Did this mess things up? WHen I go into astro the only options now are to uninstall or browse file.. Is there any way to get back to where I was? Is USB tethering an option with a rooted phone?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Rooted Phone Freezing On Start Up / What To Do?

Aug 21, 2010

I just recently rooted my eris things were working great.
i installed launcher pro, rebooted phone and it appears to be frozen on the skateboard screen (never happened in the past) what can i do?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Phone Charge Slower

Aug 3, 2010

I just purchased a silicon skin case cover for my htc hero and I charged my phone and it seems like it's taking longer to charge I don't know maybe I'm seeing things.

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HTC Incredible :: Linpack Screenshots Phone Slower Than N1

Jun 5, 2010

So I will be getting my Incredible in on Monday. However, after seeing the Linpack screenshots for the MotoDroid at 2.2 I am wondering if the Incredible really is all that fast. I mean how come the Incredible is slower than the N1 if it has the same hardware? I know the difference is small but I just don't understand that. Also, how do they get the Shadow/Xtreme specs before it is released? Those specs are amazing, maybe I should have waited. Here is a link to the screenshots: Post Your Motorola Droid Froyo Quadrant Scores! | Droid Life: A Motorola Droid Blog. EDIT: The reason I am wondering about the 2.2 specs is because ours should be comparable to the Nexus One. How could the MotoDroid be so much faster than the N1? I'm not looking to bash any phone, I am just confused as to how this works out.

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HTC Eris :: Short Battery Life On Newly Rooted Phone

Nov 22, 2010

This is the first time I've rooted a phone, and i picked the Kaos Froyo V38 as the rom, but I've noticed since i did all of this my battery has been far far worse than what it was un-rooted. Today, for example i had my phone off the charger and on vibrate (with gps, mobile network off) and i was down to under 15% in under 5 hours. This is so much worse. Is it because i'm now running 2.2? What can i do to help this besides wiping the battery data (in the recovery menu)? I'm not really good with all of this yet, so some suggestions would be wonderful.

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HTC Eris :: How To Install JIT On Stock / Rooted Phone Without Installing Custom ROM

Oct 4, 2010

Is it possible to install JIT on a stock/rooted Eris without installing a custom ROM? If so... how?

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Motorola Droid X :: Rebooting Continued Randomly And Phone Got Generally Slower

Jul 14, 2010

Here is my rebooting information:

Had a droid for 7 months and it was wonderful. Rebooting started one day after a few weeks of things getting slower, particularly messaging.

Rebooting continued randomly and the phone got generally slower, including internet speed.

Verizon sent replacement. Same rebooting.
Did a factory reset and didn't install any apps. Same rebooting.
Verizon sent another replacement. Same.
Removed SD card, same. Got new battery, same.

Verizon sent Eris. Used a different gmail account. Still rebooting.

My guess is that I'm getting refurbished phones with the same hardware issue that eventually developed in my new phone.

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General :: Rooted Apps Aren't Working With Rooted Phone?

Jan 24, 2014

I have a rooted mytouch 4g slide phone that seems to work fine but when I try to use certain apps that require root (for example "extended power menu") it doesn't work. here is a quick video : [URL]

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Motorola Droid :: Moto Droid Rooted Or Eris Rooted

May 11, 2010

Currently I have an Eris with v3 Leak meaning I can't root. But my wife loves my phone so I plan on giving her mine and either getting another eris and rooting or a Moto Droid and rooting. I've been trying to read up on the Droid and the different ROMS available and have some questions.First I want to make a few things clear:

1. This IS NOT a phone comparison.

2. The Incredilble IS NOT an option since it can't be rooted and I don't want to spend $200 on it.

3. I'm looking for WELL INFORMED OPINIONS, if you don't have one keep moving there is nothing to see here.

To be fair I've obviously done a lot more reading on the Eris which is why I'm looking for well informed opinions from Droid owners that way I can make a well informed decision.

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HTC Eris :: Rooted Eris To Cricket?

Sep 17, 2010

I'm looking to get a Droid Eris on Ebay, and I've found one that is already rooted. Will I have problems taking it to Cricket? I don't have a Cricket account yet. I looked at this thread and it said something about having to be on Cricket first or something like that.
Eris FULLY on Cricket (Root Req'd). Can anyone tell me or point me to the steps I would need to go through to active on Cricket if I get the already rooted phone? Will I be ok to just take it in to any Cricket store?

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HTC Eris :: Froyo On Rooted Eris

Sep 4, 2010

I've seen videos on youtube where someone has rooted an eris and put froyo 2.2 on the phone. The question I have is if you can root the eris if its already been upgraded to 2.1 and if you can how in depth is it. Where would you go to get the program and is it as easy as the videos up for rooting with 2.1 from 1.5.

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HTC Eris :: Rooted And Flashed

Oct 21, 2010

I have rooted and flashed my droid, installed some root only apps (screenshot apps) now what do i do?

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HTC Eris :: Just Rooted - And Flashed Xtr 3.0.3.

Aug 25, 2010

1. When I open the app drawer and select the Calendar, it open just fine. The moment I "touch" a particular day and try to open that, I get a force close. Anybody else had this happen?

2. How do I change the Lock Screen wallpaper? When I flashed the ROM, the lockscreen inherited my default desktop wallpaper from when I was non-rooted. Like in Sense, I'd like to have a different wallpaper for my desktop vs my lockscreen. Can this be done?

3. I loaded the Droid X keyboard apk file. I takes fine and works after I install it, but once I reboot, I'm back to the base keyboard. Any thoughts on that one?

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HTC Eris :: Rooted - 3G Turning On

May 9, 2010

I woke up this morning and noticed that my 3G was off - so I go into menu to turn it back on and it says "Turning on" so I sit there and watch it for like 5 minutes, still turning on, so I decided to leave it alone for a few hours. Still "turning on". By the way, at this point in time I was running the rooted leak #3 that jcase posted. So here are the steps I've taken to get this issue resolved, all to no avail:

1) reboot - when it booted back up, still said "turning on..."
2) factory data/dalvik clear - same. after setup, still "turning on..."
3) restore to previous NAND backup from a few days ago - still "turning on..."
4) factory data/dalvik wipe and flash new ROM (Ivan's 1.0 OC ROM) - same thing.. after setup, still "turning on..."
5) *228 program - phone rebooted with the 3G symbol showing, but no data connection could be found by any apps, including the browser. shortly after that, the 3G icon disappeared and we're back to "turning on..."
6) update PRL - same as above
7) flash Alltel/VZW Hybrid PRL - same as above
8) Turn on Airplane Mode - 3G went from "turning off..." to "off", but as soon as I took out of of Airplane mode, it went back to "turning off"
9) Battery pull - same thing.. rebooted, still "turning off..."

So now, I'm sitting here with Ivan's new 1.0 ROM but no data. Every now and then, the 3G icon will show up and in the settings, it tells me that mobile network is on, but the icon never shows that it's receiving data, only sending. Then the icon goes away and it's back to "turning on...". By the way, my radio is

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HTC Eris :: Leaked 2.1 Vs Rooted 2.1

Mar 16, 2010

I'm thinking about updating to 2.1 this weekend just don't know what one to go with so I created this thread to post pro's and con's of either or.

For example
Running 2.1 leaked



How long you've been running it

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