HTC EVO 4G :: Touch Buttons - Constantly Triggering

Jun 4, 2010

Way too sensitive, constantly triggering them. I'd like to see an app that puts in like a 2ms (or adjustable) delay before they respond. With "hard" buttons you actually have to press them (like my MyTouch 3G), with these if you so much as fast 6" from them they trigger.

HTC EVO 4G :: touch buttons - constantly triggering

Android :: Triggering Swipe And Touch Events On Mobile Web App - IPhone

Jul 21, 2010

Wondering here if there is a way I could trigger an event, so that any library listening for these events (e.g. jQTouch, Sencha touch, iUI, ... ).

If I could extend or use jQuery for such task e.g. $(...).trigger('event') that would be great to know.

Usage example:

I need to debug a few web apps by simulating multi touch with my mouse. This seems a little complicated, so if I could trigger the multi-touch events using Javascript I could therefore test the app more efficiently.

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Samsung Captivate :: Touch Sensitive Buttons

Jul 17, 2010

Has anyone figured out how to adjust the touch sensitive buttons backlight settings?

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HTC Incredible :: Touch Sensitive Buttons Do Not Light Up Sometimes

May 8, 2010

This seems to be an issue that I may have just noticed. Sometimes when I turn on my phone the touch sensitive buttons do not light up. They may eventually light up but it would take a while. Also sometimes they light up immediately with no problem. Is anyone else having this same issue?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Way To Make Touch Buttons On Bottom Less Sensitive?

Jul 10, 2010

Anyone know any way to make the touch buttons on the bottom less sensitive? Gees, I can't touch the phone without opening the Quick Search. It's not just the button, it's the entire right bottom corner of the phone which activates this. Any utility, tape, hack or anything else to disable this button?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Phone Touch Buttons Don't Light Up / Seeting To Fix This?

Jul 8, 2010

I just picked up my white EVO today. I just noticed my capacitive touch buttons don't light up, though they do function. This makes the phone impossible to use in the dark. Is this a setting somewhere I can fix?

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Samsung Epic 4G :: Keep Touch-Sensitive Buttons ALIVE

Nov 10, 2010

I got pretty good guessing the touch buttons one they time out, but still annoying as I did miss sometimes.Well just now, I decided to do something about it.A real quick poke through the phone revealed a very easy fix.The path is here.Settings[Sound & Display[Keyboard timeout[Same as Screen timeout my screen timeout is 1 min.As we all know, and I verified this. The keyboard backlight only turns on when the slider is open. Now the touch-sensitive buttons will infact stay lit as long as you would need them, while the screen is on .Life just got a little easier B)

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Samsung EPIC 4G :: Buttons Barely Respond To Touch

Sep 5, 2010

I like many of you have been waiting for months to get my hands on the epic. However when I bought one, the battery life was insanely unusable even after 4-5 days. So I finally returned it for a new on. Well find out over the next few days how the battery performs. But the new one has capacitive buttons that barely respond to touch. Particularly the home key and menu key. I've read of a bunch of people having similar problems. Are we just a few unlucky people who happen to be on the forums, or is Samsung having serious Quality control issues here?

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Android :: Snesoid Multi-touch Only Reads Two Buttons At Once

May 30, 2010

I snagged SNESoid and was playing Chrono Trigger. Everything going great until One part of the game requires me to press L+R and then hit A. I can't seem to make this happen, since multi-touch only reads two buttons at once. I'm on an Incredible, any ideas?

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Samsung Fascinate :: Bottom Touch Buttons Not Working

Nov 1, 2010

Once a day my phone freezes to the point that the bottom buttons are non-responsive. The only fix is to reboot.Any ideas? There's no pattern - it can happen as I'm actively using the phone or as I start to use it after it's been idle for an hour.

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General :: Note 2 - Touch Buttons Late Response

Apr 23, 2014

I have a note 2, and the touch buttons next to the menu button responds late somtimes, or it wont work at all sometimes. What could be the prob?

Normally it works fine, and my ram are under half when it happens so it is not ram. Also everything else works even tho the touch buttons don't.

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Motorola Droid :: Browser Multi Touch And Zoom Buttons

Feb 5, 2010

I finally installed bugless beast 7.4 and really like it. I like the multi touch in all the applications but I found that I miss having the zoom buttons in the browser. I like the multi touch for fine zoom control but I like just hitting the zoom button and it automatically fits the text to the screen. Does anyone know of a way to have both? I know you can double tap the screen but I find I like the button better.

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HTC Desire :: Touch Screen Buttons Occasionally Stop Working

Jul 21, 2010

Sometimes the three touch screen tabs at the bottom of the screen ,just stop working ,i can move between home screens and all other touch screen icons work,but not the three at the bottom,then suddenly they will respond Anyone else had this?,i have not installed any apps for a while so i dont think it is an app causing it.

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Samsung Captivate :: Touch Buttons On Replacement Aren't As Yellow Colored

Aug 30, 2010

I was kind of bothered by the dim piss colored lights on my old one. They are almost as white and bright as the touch buttons that were on my old droid incStill wish the time out on them could be longer.

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General :: Galaxy S2 Touch Screen Isn't Working - Bottom Buttons Responsive?

Jul 10, 2013

My galaxy s2's screen has occasionally stopped responding, the os was still running and everything so it wasnt frozen, my touch screen just simply stopped working. Only way to fix it was to hit the back of the phone and do a battery reset. This issue started poping up more and more, and now it won't respond.

Model: GT-I9100M

No custom roms/kernels have ever been installed, has always run off the stock. Never been dropped or had water on it (I took very good care of it).

The nav bar at the bottom (back/search/options/menue) and hardware buttons all work. Everything above the screen no longer works.

What iv done: I've reset the phone, did a bettery pull for the night, fully charged it, looked at the board and checked all the connections (all good). Would flashing a custom rom/kernel be something to try next? Why would the bottom nav bar work but no the rest of the screen? Could it be locked somehow? If it is.. how would I unlock it?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Touch Screen And Buttons Become Unresponsive For Period For Short Bursts

Jul 18, 2010

Anyone have issues where the touch screen and the buttons become unresponsive for a period for short bursts. I think my phone has had it. I tried restoring it to see if certain apps maybe causing it but that is not the issue. Restored still same problem. it happens about every 5 minutes.

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Android :: Intent Object Not Triggering Filter

Jun 25, 2010

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding how Intents and intent-filters work, but it seems to me that this should be a strait-forward case. However it's not working. Here is the Intent I'm sending:
Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW);
And here is the intent-filter:
<activity android:name=".events.EventView">
<action android:name="android.intent.action.VIEW" />
<data android:mimeType="" />

And finally, the error I'm receiving:
android.content.ActivityNotFoundException: No Activity found to handle Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW }

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Android :: Way Of Learn What Triggering Apps To Launch?

Jul 3, 2010

I've noticed that no apps are running according to Task Killer. I do NOTHING on my phone and look at Task Killer again and see that several applications are NOW running in the background. Is there anyway of learning what is triggering them to launch ?

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Android :: Triggering LocationListener's Event Manually

Nov 9, 2010

Is there a way to manually trigger the code inside a LocationListener's onLocationChanged method? It should receive a Location object with the last known location, I guess.

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Android : How To Change A Spinner Value Without Triggering SetOnItemSelectedListener?

Nov 11, 2010

I have a spinner and its adapter. I have a customized the list and an the spinner view.

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General :: Applications Are Triggering Notification Sounds?

Jun 3, 2013

I have a rogue app that is playing a notification sound every time I place my HTC One X into the car dock. It's only just started happening and I've removed any news apps that I've recently installed but it still happens. It's there an app written or is able to that can show which apps trigger sounds so u can hunt down the cause?

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Android :: Triggering An Application On A Special Gesture / Event?

Aug 31, 2009

The App I'm trying to work on requires that when a special combination of keys are pressed ( irrespective of the keypad being locked ) a service / app is triggered.

How can I achieve this? My app's whole idea hinges on this particular part to work.

I am not here to take a "no" for an answer. If you are going to tell me that its not possible, atleast include an explanation as to why its not possible.

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Sprint HTC Hero : VM Triggering On Hospital Reminder Calls

Aug 8, 2010

My doctor's office has an appointment computer that calls with appointment reminders. When one picks up, it plays a message and asks you to press a number if one can accept responsibility for the appointment. If you don't pick up, it's supposed to try again later.

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Android :: Triggering OnCreate With A Non-null Bundle (or OnRestoreInstanceState) From The Emulator

Feb 16, 2010

I've recently done quite a bit of work on saving instance state and restoring using parcelables for custom data structures. My problem is that I don't know how to test this functionality on the emulator. I can trigger calls to onPause and onStop for my activity (if I navigate out of it) but never onDestroy. So, whenever my app starts up, it starts with a null bundle. I've never had onCreate with a non-null bundle and I've never had onRestoreInstanceState getting called. how I can test the restore state functionality from the emulator?

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General :: Find Exact Process / Service That Is Triggering Wakelock?

Mar 20, 2013

I'm getting beat down with GTALK_ASYNC_CONN wakelocks while on my work's AP.... the specific WL is :gtalk_async_conn something everyone has been complaining about recently, and I never saw it until recently (now that I got up to 4.1.2 a short time ago.

Is there a way to determine exactly who is generating that WL? It's not related to GTALK, as the WL name incorrectly leads us to believe, but it must be google, and I only see it fire when the Wi-Fi is connected and in use. It's non-existent when I'm on Mobile. It comes and goes, sometimes chugging wake time like its cheap beer, othertimes it's dormant, and I haven't been able to figure out who is using it based on the context of when it occurs.

There HAS to be a log or something somewhere that says process X is responsible.

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Android :: Placing Buttons - Place Four Buttons Near Top - Left - Bottom - Right Edge Of The Screen

Jul 29, 2009

I am not able to find out the perfect layout(viewgroup) to place four buttons as shown in the attached image. Basically, i want to place four buttons near the top/left/bottom/right edge of the screen. AbsoluteLayout helped, but it is deprecated (It is also better to avoid AbsoluteLayout as it is not very flexible for orientation changes)

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Android : Way To Increase Timeout For Touch-select Vs Touch-scroll?

Nov 9, 2009

Is there a way to make highlighting of a row in a listview delayed if the user is simply scrolling the list with their finger? To clarify, when the user puts their finger down to scroll, the intersected row (if any) gets highlighted for a short moment, before it realizes the user is just trying to scroll (then the highlight turns off). It seems like the timeout is too short - iPhone has the same behavior, just seems that the timeout is longer to discern between a real row- select-touch, and just a scroll-touch. Any way to tweak this? You can see the behavior in any of the system apps that have lists..

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Desire : Screen Touch Calibration / Multi Touch Points The Htc Has?

Oct 21, 2010

Is there such a thing for the HTC desire? also, is there a app that lets you see how many multi touch points the htc desire has? i saw some youtube vids where that have this app and they put as many fingers as they can on the screen and scribble around.

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General :: Multi-Touch IR Overlay Only Allows One Touch With Android Box

Oct 25, 2013

I purchased the IR overlay from here [URL] I got it working with my mk808b by using an idc fiile, however, it only allows one touch point which means no zoom. On the computer it is multitouch.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Tired Of Carrying My Touch Pro And An Ipod Touch

Jun 14, 2010

I'm really struggling between the EVO and the iphone 4.My HTC Touch Pro looked shiny when I bought it a year and a half ago, and now it feels obsolete. I can barely use it for more that texting/phone, far less than the device promised. In the time I've had it, there was one update which mostly just fixed bugs. And in my other pocket I have a first generation ipod touch that feels superior in every way, except the phone part.I have no confidence in HTC's ability to support it's products and improve them over time, Apple does do this, my ipod touch is better than when I bought it four years ago. But the EVO runs android and it looks like that is something that is going to develop over time.Will the device be able to rely on android in that way? I'm already seeing people suggest that HTC will lag behind android updates because they'll fail to update their android skins in a timely manner.Can the EVO run on just android if that UI experience turns out to be better than what HTC can offer?

My other primary concern is itunes syncing. I have dozens of 'smart playlists' that I've pretty carefully designed to change and improve with my listening habits, and all of my podcasts sync through itunes. Also, I've been using 'itunes U' to listen to full courses and my itunes is set up so that every time I sync my finished lectures are replaced with the next in the series.... So, I'm sure many of you have seen the EVO "tutorial" showing you how to load music onto the device, literally just dumping files onto the devices hard drive, that is effing laughable. Is there a reasonable way to sync and listen to music on the EVO?

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