General :: M865 Wipes Itself Out Randomly?

Nov 17, 2012

My wife has the ascend 2. just recently it started randomly trying to do a firmware update, will get stuck on the white splash screen ( not fastboot ).

it will be fully charged and not turn on. its a pain to be honest. i have to put cwm and custom roms on it every other hour.....sometimes it sticks for about a utterly lost...

General :: m865 wipes itself out randomly?

HTC Incredible :: Installing Roms And Doing Data Wipes?

Sep 23, 2010

I just rooted my phone and I'm not in the know with how to install roms, however most of the rom sites indicate how to install. Most of the roms I've visited recommend doing a data wipe and a cache wipe. Is this something I have to do every time I want to install a rom? I just did a factory reset for the 2.2 OTA and, quite frankly, it was a pain in the butt to get my phone back to how I had it.So, am I going to have to do a factory reset every time i want to try a rom?

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HTC Incredible :: Factory Wipes & Backup / Restores

Aug 29, 2010

I'm dyin' for 2.2 but don't want to mess with RUU or root or anything like that so I'm going to wait for the OTA ... but want to be ready to do a factory wipe if needed after the update. I have:

- all my contacts in Google
- Astro File Manager & app backups
- Backups of my pics (not many)

My plan:

- Wait for OTA
- Do a factory reset
- Reconfigure network etc.
- Import Google contacts
- Reinstall Astro & restore apps (will it 'see' the existing backups?)
- Rebuild stuff


- What about home screens? Is there any way to back them up?
- What about the phone settings? Gonna be a PITA to remember everything I've tweaked to this point.

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General :: Photo Flashes Randomly Between Screens?

Jun 2, 2013

I have even since deleted it, but sometimes when I'm switching screens, it randomly flashes on the screen for a micro second.

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General :: Galaxy S2 Turns Off Randomly - Won't Turn On

Jan 6, 2014

My Galaxy S2 (Android 4.1.2, phone not rooted) has started turning itself off, even when plugged in and fully charged. To restart the phone I first have to remove and reinsert the battery.

This has happened to me with several batteries, one aftermarket and one new supposedly OEM (with hologram "ORIGINAL" sticker and s/n).

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General :: Google Play Randomly Locks Up?

Mar 31, 2012

Google Play randomly locks up my SGS2 running CyanogenMod 7:

Nothing else gives this problem on my phone, and my phone also had this same problem with the old Google Market App.

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General :: Galaxy Note Keeps Randomly Turning Off

Oct 19, 2012

My screen will go blank, like it went to sleep but what actually happened was it just simply shut off! I installed two logcat applications, but I don't know jack about reading logs I want to know what causes these shutdowns The latest ones happened between 6:32-6:33AM and 6:54-6:55AM (it's 7:26AM now, my time).

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General :: Galaxy S4 Randomly Turns Itself Off And Goes Into Bootloop

Oct 16, 2013

I got the phone from 3 UK on a contract in July, so phone's pretty new and not rooted or anything.

Yesterday the phone started turning itself off at random times quite a lot.

Battery could have been over 60%, at 30%, it was never with the same charge that it would happen, also never when doing the same thing on the phone.

Usually when it's about to turn itself off, I lose signal completely, then the screen just goes black.

When I try to turn it back on, it usually dies again at the 3 logo or even at the Samsung one and I have to try and turn it back on again. Sometimes I had to pull the battery out and connect it to the charger to make it boot up ok.

After a couple of times it did that, it started going into a bootloop when attempting to turn it back on again after the random shutdown. Phone wasn't hot either.

It had happened a few days before but just once not this many times in one single day.

I removed the microSD card, since it makes the phone think the device has been modified and won't let me update, but the microSD works fine in my old Samsung smartphone and even with that removed, phone still turned itself off and then went into a bootloop.

I think it might be the battery. Last time I was using the phone unplugged yesterday night, the battery went down to 33% charge in less than an hour and phone turned itself off. After managing to make it boot up again and connecting it to the charger, it was saying 60% charge. I doubt it could have gone up to 60% being plugged in just for a minute or so.

So, I can certainly take it back to the store and have them fix it or buy a new battery and see if it solves the problem.

Is it likely to be the battery that's malfunctioning?

Lots of people on the Internet seem to have this problem and a few mention a swollen battery. They replaced the battery and phone was fine after. Mine seems ok, but I can't be sure.

I don't understand why I seem to lose signal completely just before it switches itself off... it doesn't do it all the times, but a lot of the times yes.
I have other phones on 3 and they didn't lose signal completely and anyway in my house coverage has always been excellent.

I forgot to mention that once, while trying to restart the phone, I got this message, more or less: "Installing custom OS can damage your system or applications. Choose volume up to continue...". My phone's not rooted and I haven't installed any custom ROM!

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General :: Galaxy Note Keeps Randomly Shutting Off

Oct 19, 2012

My screen will go blank, like it went to sleep but what actually happened was it just simply shut off! I installed two logcat applications, but I don't know jack about reading logs I want to know what causes these shutdowns The latest ones happened between 6:32-6:33AM and 6:54-6:55AM (it's 7:26AM now, my time).

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General :: Galaxy S4 - Music Randomly Pauses After Few Minutes

Feb 14, 2014

I'm using the Samsung's default music playing app on my Sprint Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 and I have motion turned off and music auto off turned off and for some reason while playing music through my headphones or just the phone speaker the music randomly pauses after a few minutes I turned that stuff on and off again to make sure and it still does it and I can have my phone in any position and it will do it

How do I fix it so it stops randomly pausing during song

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General :: Galaxy S Blaze Randomly Could Not Detect Sim Card

Mar 26, 2013

Today my phone (Galaxy S Blaze) randomly could not detect my sim card. I checked it to see if it had moved out of place and I restarted the phone but to no fix. I know that the sim card is working because I tried it in a friend's Galaxy S 4G and it worked fine. I tried to hold the sim against the contacts to see if it wasn't making contact but it still didn't work.

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General :: Task Manager Randomly Stops Working?

Apr 19, 2013

I'm using the Note 2 with Cleanrom 4.7.0 and Nova prime. I've searched the forums but can't find a solution. My task manager randomly stops working (press and hold home) at least once a day. I will get haptic feedback when the home button is long pressed but nothing will come up. Sometimes I'll long press the home button and the task manager will show up for a split second and then disappear. A restart usually fixes the problem but it's getting annoying as this happens a couple times a day.

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General :: Samsung Galaxy S - All Messages Randomly Delete?

May 3, 2013

I went to send a text message today, and all of my conversations had been cleared. This has happened once before about a year ago and I eventually gave up trying to restore my messages. How to prevent it? I'm thinking the message database is somehow getting corrupted which is why it's clearing out all of my conversations?

I'm running 2.3.3 - my phone was rooted at some point but I'm guessing after an OS update I lost that capability. This happened before the OS update and now after.

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General :: SiriusXM And IHeartRadio Randomly Stops Working

Oct 23, 2012

For the last few days when my Razr Maxx screen goes to sleep my radio apps seem to lose connection and stop working. The apps don't close but the sound stops. If I reopen the app the sound will restart. If I don't allow the screen to go to sleep the apps work flawlessly.

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General :: Android Malware Randomly Downloading Files

Dec 14, 2013

My mother has an Asus Transformer, and she's had it for awhile, but she doesn't use it for much other than getting e-mails or video chats. I turned it on today and it suddenly downloaded a bunch of files. Mahjong.exe, Bubble_Hit_brch.exe, 7-superfoods-to-boost-your-immunity.pdf, etc. Small files, less than 1MB per file. There were about a dozen files in her downloads folder, a few of which had "-1" after it so it had downloaded some of them twice now.

I've Googled the filenames, Google "downloading files at random", "downloading unwanted files", etc., etc. I installed three different virus scanners and they found nothing. I believe her when she says she doesn't download anything or install anything.

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General :: Rooted Droid X2 - Randomly Lose Notifications

Jul 8, 2012

I have a rooted droid x2 an I randomly lose notifications. I also can't play audio or video files until I get a phone call or reboot the phone. What is the problem? Would autokiller memory optimizer cause this?

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General :: Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 Crashing Randomly

Aug 10, 2011

My X8 is continuously crashing *randomly*. I clocked it a few times and it ran from one hour to four or less than five minutes and restarts. I have FroyoBread on my X8.

Things I already did-

1.I thought it was a virus so uninstalled most apps and removed SD card. Using xRecovery I even deleted cache and local files (includeing data reset).

2.Got rid of FroyoBread and flashed X8 ROM back onto the device. Same problem.

3.Got rid of Memory Card.

4.Reflashed. Installed FroyoBread again. Checked settings. This time, it started crashing once I tried to connect to the Internet.

5.Checked the forums already, people have similar problems, but no solutions.

Note: My phone ISN'T getting stuck at the load screen.
My phone IS ROOTED.
I DID try UNROOTING. The problem still persists.

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General :: Google Play Music On Nexus 4 Stops Randomly

Dec 5, 2013

A song can be playing then just stop. I have to hit the Play button again. It can continue for quite a while across multiple songs, or just stop again in 15 seconds, or 30 seconds, or 5 minutes, or ... Again and again. Needless to say, I want to throw it across the room when this happens right in the middle of an intense set of reps at the gym.

I'm not streaming, the music is loaded onto my phone. It happens at random points on random songs - the same song can play fine all the way through today, and not tomorrow. I'm using corded earbuds, but I don't think it's hardware as I've been sitting in a single position not moving (mid-strertch) with the phone on a separate, stable platform and it's just ... stopped. I've rebooted. I've removed and reinstalled Play Music.

I'm running a Nexus 4/KitKat on Telus. But from what I've googles, this problem isn't unique to the Nexus - but no one has found a solution.

Had this problem before loading Kit Kat but it seemed to have "mostly" gone away then come back again with KitKat. "Typically", but not always, music plays for a while but then once it stops the first time it just keeps it up.

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General :: Droid Bionic - Phone Randomly Playing Commercial Through Speakers?

Oct 31, 2012

My phone just randomly started playing a "commercial"? for some McAfee Deep something product, talking about phone secrutiy and stealth attacks and how attacks now start at the kernel level? There was no video playing, I was on my home screen while the sound was coming out.

I started closing apps 1 by 1 to see if it would stop. First I thought it was pulse, so closed it first, then Google Chrome and nothing. I ended up closing all of my apps and it was still playing!

At the end I heard the "Intel inside" sound.

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General :: Google Play Music Not In Active Apps - Errors Pop Up Randomly

Jul 12, 2012

I don't even use google play music, but whenver I start my device or restart it, I get annoying pop up errors telling me "unfortunately google play music has stopped working", I have never even started Google play music and it's not in my active applications. If I do open it, it always freezes and crashes. My phone is unrooted so I can't do anything about it, and the errors keep popping up randomly.

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General :: Power On Phone From Sleep Mode - Randomly Receiving Notification

Feb 3, 2014

Sometimes when i power on my phone (from sleep mode), i get this notification. How to block or remove this thing?

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General :: Audio During Video Hangout Randomly Switches From Rear To Handset Speaker

Jan 23, 2014

During a video hangout, the audio randomly switches from "speakerphone" mode to handset mode. The video itself is fine. The other person's audio will get really quiet because it's coming from the handset speaker, and they will complain that they can't hear me anymore.

After this happens, I can manually hit the speaker button and choose the option to use the Speaker rather than Handset mode, and the problem fixes itself. However, the fix usually lasts less than a couple minutes. Within 1-3 minutes it will change back to handset mode. This happens even if the phone is sitting down on the table during the hangout and I'm not interacting with it and there's no chance for me to inadvertently press a button or cover up the proximity sensor.

I'm using an EVO LTE with a stock ROM w/ root if matters.

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HTC EVO 4G :: GPS Randomly Activating?

Aug 10, 2010

I leave 3G on all the time by choice? I want to be able to use navigation, access current weather etc without having to turn it on and off. Plus I had read GPS can remain on and but wotn actually go active unless it used/needed. Well now?..every once in a while I see that the GPS is active in the notification bar and I am not doing anything that should trigger that. When I drag it down, it is gone. It looked today as though GPS came on when Google was syncing?? Why would that happen?

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Nexus :: Keeps Randomly Rebooting

May 14, 2010

I just got my Nexus One like an hour ago and it keeps randomly rebooting.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Phone Randomly Keeps Going Out Of 4g Mode?

Aug 1, 2010

i tried searching online and in the forum for this before posting. Anyways, I live right outside of the DC area and have full 4g coverage. Recently, when i turn 4g on it says that I have full 4g signal for about 30 seconds...then the 4g mode will shutoff then go back to normal 3g ...any ideas why this is happening anyone i haven't rooted my phone or don't anything special besides install normal applications!

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HTC EVO 4G :: Phone Randomly Resetting

Jun 9, 2010

This started this morning. My phone randomly started resetting. At first I thought this was an issue with it coincidently soft rebooting while in my pants pocket. However I've had it sitting on my desk and it's randomly reset twice now with in a span of about 2o minutes.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Phone Randomly Restarts?

Jun 13, 2010

however I am not new to Android or cell phones. I am a former Sprint rep and technician and was my store's advocate for the Hero so I have quite a bit of knowledge as it stands. However the past 2 or 3 days my Evo has randomly restarted without any notice or any reason. I was sitting in my room watching TV last night when my phone restarted 3 separate times within a 35 minute span. Nothing was running, it wasn't charging, I haven't rooted yet, 4g bluetooth and wifi were all off.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Applications Turn On Randomly

Jun 10, 2010

Apps like map, internet, spring navigation, voice dial turn on randomly. I know its bad to use app killer but when these things are on they kill my battery and I have no choice but to use it.
Also a random question, how much does ur battery drain when ur using the internet?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Randomly Screen Will Become Unresponsive

Jul 27, 2010

I have yet another problem now occurring with my Evo randomly my screen will become unresponsive it will pretty much be the lock screen without the time and date bar just my background and notification bar at top and nothing works at all the only way to fix it is by taking the battery out and putting it back in.. i have no idea what is causing it, but it seems to happen randomly today it happened about four times throughout the day. thankfully im getting a new one in a week or two because of the usb port randomly breaking

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Nexus : Programs End Randomly - Before And After The 2/2 OTA

Feb 3, 2010

All programs on my phone recently seem to want to randomly end from time to time. All apps seem to be experiencing this issue, IE stock apps (SMS, Browser) and a variety of apps from the market. It's happened before and after the 2/2 OTA, and obviously a restart did not fix this issue.

This doesn't seem to discriminate if other apps are running. I've had this happen on the SMS app with the stock KB, shortly after a restart without anything else running.

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