General :: Videoplayer 4.0.3 ASUS Prime - Cannot Play All Media Files

Mar 21, 2012

I have the problem that the default videoplayer in my ASUS Prime wont play all mediafiles, i have a 7" galaxy tab with 2.3.3 and a 10.1" galaxy tab 2.3.5 and the default player in thoose ones play all files.

videoplayer.apk i tryed to take the one from my 7" and install on the Prime but it dident work. I haven't found any other media app that i found as good as the default one?

General :: Videoplayer 4.0.3 ASUS Prime - Cannot play all media files

General :: Asus Transformer Prime Widget?

Jan 26, 2012

I saw an "exclusive " transformer prime widget. It is setup like the windows phone plates, except it is a cluster of apps.

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General :: Asus Transformer Prime TF201 Touch Screen Settings

Jan 31, 2012

Where the config settings, calibration data etc for asus transformer prime touch screen (and touch pad as well) are saved? I know for files in /system/usr/idc/atmel_maxtouch.idc for example. What exactly do those numbers in the atmel_maxtouch.idc mean. I can imagine what some numbers mean but not all...

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Media :: Media Player Not Play Downloaded MP3 Files?

Oct 23, 2010

My application gets playlist from a XML file, requests URL of mp3 file from server, downloads and plays it. It was able to download mp3 file but unable to play it. When I used emulator with Android 2.1, it was displayed in LogCat:


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Media : Way To Get MKV Files To Play?

Jan 8, 2010

Anyone get MKV files to play yet? I have done web searches and forum searches, but have come up pretty dry so far.

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General :: Asus Padfone - Lots Of Tracker TMP Files On SDCard Root

Aug 21, 2012

something is creating lots of tracker-*.tmp files on my SDcard root. How can i prevent it or what is causing it? please see the screenshot

Asus padfone, Stock WW system (4.0.3)

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Media :: Which Player Will Play .mov Files?

Jul 15, 2010

As the headline say:How can I play .mov files on my HTC Desire?

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HTC Hero :: Media Player To Play .flv Files Without Having To Convert To .mp4 / .3gp?

Apr 18, 2010

Anyone know of a media player that will play .flv files without having to convert to .mp4 or .3gp ?

Seems strange that youtube streams fine, but you can't play the downloaded files in the default media player.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Can't Play Dixv And Avi Files On Phone / Need Free (important) Media Players

Jun 18, 2010

I'm loving my x10 but am peaved that I can't play dixv and avi files on it are there any decent FREE (important) media players that I can use?

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General :: Air Play Media Player

Feb 8, 2014

I'm looking for an app or combination of apps where I can find a link to a movie online, stream it on my phone then using air play push it onto my tv. They only released the sony screen mirroring app to a couple of sony xperia phones so I cant use that. I dont want to have to download the movie first either.

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Media :: Find A Media Player To Play Streaming Videos On Andro?

Sep 1, 2010

Does anyone know where to find a media player that would allow you to play streaming videos on Android Browser?

I want to know if you can play streaming videos on your web browser on your android os phone.

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General :: Play WMA Files On Phone?

Mar 28, 2012

how can i play .wma sound files on my phone?

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General :: HTC One X - Some FLAC Files Won't Play

Feb 28, 2013

I have an HTC One X with Jellybean software. It plays most FLAC files but occasionally I download an album and it won't play on my Android phone although these same files play perfectly with VLC on my computer. Is there any player that I can install on my phone that will play all types of FLAC files?

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General :: Transformer Prime Root?

May 24, 2012

It's worth it to root the Transformer Prime? If so, do all the peripherals on the keyboard dock from your knowledge? Is it possible to overclock the stock ROM when only rooted? I would like to only overclock and possibly use CM9 but if the peripherals on the dock nor tablet(hdmi) don't work.

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Media :: No Media Player Will Play Music In Order As CD

Jul 7, 2010

I guess no one cares to listen to their favorite music in the order the artist intended? we now listen to timeless classic Opera in whatever order? makes no difference? Classic Rock albums out of order? Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon"?

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General :: How To Play Audio Files Via Radio

Feb 25, 2012

Is it possible to play audio via radio on android.i.e setting some frequency ex 88mhz..and we can play through fm recievers(similar to bluetooth audio) in cars.

My friend showoffs using this feature in nokia N8..and i own a galaxy note..

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General :: Phone Won't Play WMA Sound Files?

Mar 28, 2012

why cant i play wma sound files on my phone? i'm trying to play .wma audiobooks. i dont get it! how can i enable my phone to play wma files? can i install a codex for this?

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General :: Cannot Reinstall Nova Launcher Prime?

May 30, 2014

I am running SlimKat. I had to reset my phone to factory defaults, and now I cannot reinstall Nova Launcher Prime, which I paid for and installed before I restarted the phone.

When I open Nova Settings, and tap "Nova Launcher Prime", then the "Play Store" button, there is no option to buy or install, only an "X" where those buttons would be. When I tap that, the "Install" button appears, but once I tap that and the "continue" button on the blank app permissions popup, nothing happens - I just see the "X" button again. Yet Nova Launcher prime is still not installed.

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General :: Stream Amazon Prime HD Videos?

Feb 1, 2013

Is there some workaround to allow streaming of Amazon Prime HD videos from [url]....?

I can stream Amazon Prime movies in SD with no problems at all, but when I try to stream any HD content, I get a window popup with the message:

'You can not playback this HD movie via the website. HD movie playback is limited to Kindle Fire HD, Xbox 360, PS3, Roku, TIVO or other Amazon Instant Video HD Compatible devices. Would you like to watch the Standard Definition version instead?'

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General :: Sync Music With Mediamonkey On Prime (ICS)

Feb 23, 2012

I am starting to use my Asus Prime (with Android 4.0.3) to listen to music, and for that I am trying to use and sync it with my PC music library, as I always did with my other player (Samsung P3), but I face some difficulties.

Global context : So, the source is my PC, on which I have all my music in FLAC (ripped all my CD some time ago).

I have Mediamonkey gold, updated latest version. When I plug my prime, two devices (MTP) are detected :

#1- Prime internal storage
#2- Prime MicroSD

I want to put all my music on #2, in a /Music folder, and convert it in ogg on the fly during the sync. To do so, I create a playlist in MM, and in the Sync properties of #2, I set the conversion choice, choose the playlist, and set the directory to use.

- first, when I launch the sync, no matter if I have already music from a previous sync or not, it started re-writing ALL the music files on the prime (even if there are only 2 or 3 new files in the source playlist). As I sync more than 1000 music, this takes hours...
- then, for some reason I can't tell, it seems the sync is stopped at some point, because not all the music are then on the prime...only ~25%. As I launch the sync during the night (because it is very long), I don't see it happen. When I arrive in the morning, MM seems OK, the prime as well. Once I had a MM message telling that it could not write a few files (but only around 50... not 500...) and it does not tell why....

So you see my issues...
-It takes for ages because it does not seem to see the deltas in the playlist...
-It stops at some point, so I don't have all the music I wish...

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General :: Capture Media Files From Browser

May 31, 2013

My goal was to find an android app similar to PC Internet Download Manager.I have found some good apps that can capture and download streaming media files from the browser.Some of them require Adobe Flash Player. These apps can download flv, mp3, mp4, etcThe apps in this list has their own integrated browser to be able to capture media files while streaming.

Here is the list:

-Media Grabber - Good but has little features.
-AVD Download Video Downloader - Great but can't capture every files.
-Flash Browser - It's in public beta, so it won't work for all devices, mine included.
-Vget - It can only download flash videos and not stream.

Are there any other similar apps that you know? Plugins? Other methods to download streaming files?

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General :: Play Windows Media Player Embedded In Webpage?

Jun 5, 2013

I need to embed windows media player in a web page and show streaming video from my server with a url. I have WMP on my phone and the video streams through it fine. Is there any way to embed this now in a web page? It does not play. Do I need a special plugin or what?

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General :: Make PS3 Or TV Recognize And Play Media From Phone Over WiFi

Dec 24, 2012

My PS3 and my smart tv pickup my windows computer over wifi enabling me to show pictures music and videos on it. Im assuming this is a windows feature that allows it to show up like that. Is there any type of app that can fake the tv I to thinking my phone is a wi dows media?

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General :: How To Play 720p / 1080p Media With Subtitles Through MHL Properly

Nov 5, 2012

I own a Galaxy Note and got a MHL cable for watching movies on my Sony Bravia.

I'm having some problems for playing it nicelly.

With hardware decoding:

Only the stock samsung "Video Player" is able to play at TV resolution with the subtitles. The problem is that it seems to have an annoying bug that makes the subtitles stuck. After someone ends talking, the last sub don't vanish/disappear, it keeps there on the screen until the next speech. It's discussed at another older thread but no one was able to provide solution at that time.

With Software decoding:

I can get the subs with a third party player (like MX Player), but it doesn't stream the video to the TV directly, like the stock video player does. What I get is a rescaled screen, like when not playing a video, just browsing Android, and as such, not only it's not playing 720p/1080p video, but also, I get black areas because the phone aspect ratio doesn't match the TV aspect ratio.

As can be seen in the mentioned thread, there was a "stuck subtitle" problem with another Samsung device. Is this a bug with all Samsung devices?

Is there an alternative player that can play videos with hardware decoding and also display subtitles? So it can take all my TV screen.

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Media :: Music Player Can't Find All Files / Need Doesn't Use Native Index Of Files?

Apr 4, 2010

I have a Samsung Galaxy I7500 using android 1.5. I extended my phone with a 16GB microSD. I copied a big music collection (around 800 files) into a folder on this SD. Now the problem is that the music player can't find all the files.

I know that there are several threads about android not finding music. The answers are usually that the library hasn't yet been updated or that the ID3 tags are not correct.
I have checked both.

Btw. I can play the files using ASTRO.

In my opinion it seems as if android can't build up a library with too many entries. If I rename the files or put them into different folders, songs disappear and reappear quite randomly.

Do you have any solutions? Is there a music player which doesn't use the native music players index of files?

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General :: Where Play Music App Files Stored When Pin For On Device

Dec 4, 2012

I have pined them and they are local it says, but cannot find the files, do you know where they are stored. I read on other post that it is in Internal, but when looked there it is empty

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General :: How To Play Files On TV From External HDD Connected To TF101

Nov 15, 2012

i have a question regarding playing files on TV via wifi which are located on an external HD, which is connected to TF101. In other words, i have toshiba external drive 500 gb, tf101, samsung ace 2 phone, samsung tv and skifta program. The idea is, connect external drive to tf101, initiate skifta in tf101 and in ace 2 phone and by using phone initiate a movie on TV which is located in external drive? And here I come into a problem, i can play movies on TV that are on my phone, and those that are in TF101, but with skifta my ace 2 does not list movies that are on external drive which is connected to TF101 If i use only TF101 and skifta, i also can play on TV only those files, that are on TF101 but those which are on external HDD are not listed.

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General :: What Video Player For Android Can Play MKV Files

Apr 10, 2014

What video player for Android can I download for free that can play mkv files?

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General :: What Sound Files Is Android Allowed To Play

Mar 28, 2012

What sound files is android allowed to play?

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General :: Can't Access BlinkFeed Through Nova Launcher Prime

May 20, 2014

moving along, I went and got myself an HTC One M8 and I'm absolutely loving it. My problem lies within accessing BlinkFeed through Nova Launcher Prime. The internet generally outlines the creation of a shortcut through Nova's Activities and applying it to either the home button or through gestures but MY problem comes when I enter into Nova Activities, scroll down to the list of HTC icons and "HTC Sense" is not listed. I've searched on both the default (BlinkFeed) launcher as well as Nova. "HTC Blinkfeed" is an option, but when I try to long press on any of the listed icons my "permission is denied".

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