General :: VPN Server On Android Device?

Oct 1, 2012

I'm looking to run a VPN server on my Android device so that I can set up a virtual network adapter on my PC to connect to the same network as my Android's wifi. I've seen plenty of Android VPN clients, but no server software.

Is there any software out there to run a VPN server on an android device?

I've heard OpenSSH runs an L2/L3 VPN, but I everything I can find on getting OpenSSH running on Android is all about ftp, and they usually wind up running an alternative. Is there a release of OpenSSH I can use on android for the purpose stated?

General :: VPN Server on Android Device?

General :: Host Minecraft Server On Android Device?

Oct 29, 2011

is there any way hosting a minecraft server from an android device?.

Found a video. http:[url]...

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General :: Razr M Google Calendar Sync Overwrites Blank Fields On Device From Server

Nov 20, 2012

I'm encountering a strange behavior when syncing my Google calendar to the standard calendar app on my Droid Razr M (running Android 4.1.1). Almost everything works fine, including syncing events, deleting events, etc. However, if I have an event that has been synced already (i.e. the event is visible both on the phone and on a PC browser), and if that event has a text field (like "Location" or "Description") that has some text in it, then if I completely delete the text on the phone's version of the event, the text reappears after just a few seconds; clearly the event on the server is copying itself back onto the event on the phone. If I delete the text on the PC, then the text gets properly deleted on the phone also.

Note that everything other than completely deleting a text field on the phone works fine. e.g., I can alter (but not delete) the text on the phone and then the PC gets the correct update.

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Android :: Use Mobile Device CPU Or Server CPU

Mar 20, 2010

I am planning to design and write an application which displays all possible restaurants/malls etc around the mobile device.For this, do I send the GPS info to the server and let server do the processing and return the list of all possible restaurants/malls or let the mobile device itself process, find and list that. Please advise. I don't want the mobile device to get any slower.

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General :: Stream Home Server Media To Device When Away From Home?

Jan 5, 2014

I have terrabytes of movies on my always on server that I would like to have access to over the internet. I have TV shows, home movies, and ripped movies that I want to be able to view when not at home. Free would be nice, but easy would be best. I don't want to have to setup dynamicDNS or anything complex if possible. I am shocked that this is not something easily possible today. Or maybe it is but I am not searching for it the right way.

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Android :: To Find A List Of Connected Server In Device?

Jun 30, 2010

Programmability i want monitor IP ever connected to my Adnroid device. My initial thought is i can write a background service which will run tcpdump command and forward its output to inputStream. By putting any regular expression i can retrieve list of connected IP to my device.I think that would be bulky to continually run command like tcpdump.

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Android :: Streaming Sensor Data From Device To A Server

Feb 16, 2010

I would like to continuously send/stream sensor data (GPS, acceleration, etc.) from a device to a server. What would be the best technology to do this? Is it possible to use RTSP? What else would you recommend me to use?

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Android : How To Handle Of Server Requests / Device Rotations?

Nov 21, 2010

I read a lot about handling rotation in android applications, but I still have so many questions and need to much to understand. Let me explain my problem or implementation, that I'm using now in my application. If an activity will be opened, a get request will be sent to server. This request will be executed in a Thread (new Thread(...)) and if request was completed, activity's ui will be refreshed. But what should I do, if the user rotate his device?

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Android :: Sending Data To Server When Device Connected To Internet

Feb 18, 2010

My app needs to send some data to a server when the device is connected. I have been reading about native Android Broadcast actions. I was willing to find a way to use one as gmail does when the device connects to the Internet. (The "loading" icon on the top while it syncs mails) Is it ACTION_SYNC what I am looking for? If not, how does gmail knows when the device connects to internet?

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Android :: How To Connect To A Tomcat Server Through Browser In An Virtual Device?

Jun 29, 2010

How to connect to a tomcat server through the browser in an android virtual device? Usually,After we start tomcat server, when we say "http://localhost:8080" tomcat server can be seen in browsers like Firefox etc.. But i am not getting it in an AVD Browser. .Is there a way to connect to tomcat on local machine?

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Motorola Droid :: Keep POP3 Email On Device After Deleteing From Server?

Nov 19, 2009

I have two pop3 email accounts set up on the Driod and I'm wondering if there is a way to set it so the last 30 days or so of emails are saved on the droid, even after dowloading them at home and deleting them from the server?Right now, the droid only shows email that is still sitting on the server. On the BB i had, it used to download a copy of all pop3 email to the device and the copy would stay there unless i manually deleted in on the BB.

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Samsung : How Do I Setup To Exchange Server Emails On This Device On Fascinate

Nov 30, 2010

I recently purchased the Samsung fascinate which runs android 2.1 (eria) and found online before i bought it that the phone could support 2 exchange server emails. i have set up my first email through the setup and selected exchange as the server. now the problem arises, when i go into link up my other exchange email account i enter in the info then click automatic setup, it brings me to manual setup automatically everytime and wont allow me to select exchange as the server. it only gives me the options of imap and pop3, neither of these thus far will work and link my second email, i called my it dept and got the port numbers and all that when entering them into the imap and pop3 setup but it will not work. is there anyway around this or how do i setup to exchange server emails on this device.

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Android :: Best Approach To Send Data From Server To Android Device

Jan 16, 2010

I am developing an Android app that needs to communicate bi-directionally with a server. By that, I mean either the server or the device can send a message at any time, with an arbitrary amount of time in between messages. Sending data from the device to the server is a common and I think well understood task, but I'm not as sure what the best approach is to go in the opposite direction from the server to the device.

I think having the device periodically poll the server may be a bad idea due to latency and the drain on the battery, but I'd be willing to consider this option. My plan at the moment is to send text messages from the server via an email-to-SMS bridge, and to have my app run a service to receive and handle these messages.

The question I have is if there are any best practices for this scenario, and if using text messages has some downsides that I have failed to consider. For the sake of this question, I want to assume that users have an unlimited text data plan, so paying per text won't be an issue.

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General :: App To Use Android Device As Media Controller For IOS Device

Feb 28, 2014

Basically I have an old iPod touch 2g on iOS 4.x and a Nexus 5.

I want to use my iPod as my media player but I'd like to be able to control music from my Nexus (only basic controls).

Is there an app on either device that allows this? I know tsk skipping can be done by some Bluetooth headphones so I'm hoping there's a way to make iOS accept command from my Nexus

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Android :: How To Connect Mysql Server On External Server In J2me Application

Sep 29, 2010

I have a hosting account at godaddy ruinning Linux. Is has MySQL. I am creating a J2ME application that runs on android and I was wondering if there is any simpler way to connect from j2me application to my MySQL server?
Is it required to install anything at my server? which I cannot do because of the shared account. Any way to just open the connection, update some data in the MySQL from j2me application?

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General :: How To Get Stock Rom Of Device To Install On Different Device

May 28, 2013

I have 3 Galaxy Player 5 ( YP-G70 with 3 capacitive buttons ), only one of the actually have a working rom that i flashed a while ago.

The other two have a different rom that only have the back and menu button working ( the home button doesn't respond )

Is there a way for me to take the Rom and kernel off the working galaxy player so i can install it into the other two ?

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General :: Android Torrent Server

Apr 22, 2013

I've been searching for a solution to put together an Android based torrent server. I've been using uTorrent on my Nexus 4 and it's a great little machine for that, but of course 16GB is a bit small for storage. I was looking at solutions like the ODroid to have a super low power system that could run 24/7.

I know that running torrents off an external USB drive is a good way to burn the drive out with all the accessing for seeding, etc... would there be able software solutions that would download torrents, seed them and when that quota is met move the files over to an external drive? Or would there be any way of connecting a drive via eSATA or something that would make the drive less susceptible to burning out?

I suppose I could just run an android device with a large microSD card and then manually move the files over.

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General :: How To Hide Android ID To Websites / Server

Apr 20, 2012

how to change Android's behavior to identify itself against websites or the Exchange server? I don't want to let anybody on the server side know, what device I do have/ to let my Android phone look like e.g. an Microsoft device to the exchange server ?

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General :: Remote Desktop Server For Android ICS?

May 16, 2012

remote desktop server for android ICS

I read on some old threads that for old android OS there was some app like webkey, that allow to control the android phone / tablet remotely via 3g

Some other app for ICS?

(i wonder if ICS has some remote desktop server built in in the OS, like windows, but i suppose it hasn't)

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General :: Control PC Using Android Without Server Software?

Sep 6, 2012

I've messed with many different apps on my Android phone that, in conjunction with a server app, allow me to control my PC with my phone. I'm curious though if there is a hardware solution that does the same thing and doesn't require any server software to be installed on the PC?

Here's my idea. A dongle that's plugged into your PC and is recognized as a generic HID device. The dongle then connects to your phone via BT. Then using an app on the phone, you can now use your phone as a keyboard, mouse, or PowerPoint controller.

This would be great for times when you don't have admin rights on the PC needing controlled and wouldn't be able to install a piece of software, but you can at least hook up a mouse or keyboard and they work. I have to do a lot of PowerPoint presentations at school and would love to just simply pop a dongle into the PC and almost immediately be able to start controlling the presentation from my phone.

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General :: Accessing Workplace Exchange Server Via Android

Jan 28, 2012

My workplace currently does not support the Android platform, and thus I cannot access the Microsoft Exchange server/Activesync from my phone.

Have any apps been developed that would possibly disguise my phone as an iPhone, or something similar, so I can receive e-mail via mobile? iOS is currently the only mobile platform they support, so that'd most likely be the easiest work-around.

I know someone who works in the data center, and he showed me the script they run every week to check if anything other than iPhones have accessed the server, which they then have the option to boot/wipe memory as needed.

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General :: Can't Connect To Server On Android Emulator From Host Machine

Mar 9, 2013

I wrote simple server on android with NDK, which will work on port 8888 on android emulator, but i can't connect to it from my client on the host machine.

I added <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/> in manifest.

I tried to make redirection with telnet:

telnet localhost 5554
redir add tcp:6666:8888

Here code of server:

#include <string.h>
#include <jni.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <arpa/inet.h>
#include <unistd.h>


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Android :: Appbrain 500 - Error Server Error The Server Encountered An Error And Could Not Complete Your Request

May 5, 2010

Using appbrain on my PC seems to work fine when I'm not logged in. When I do log in and try to click on an app I get this error message:

"Error: Server Error The server encountered an error and could not complete your request. If the problem persists, please report your problem and mention this error message and the query that caused it."

Anyone else have this issue when using Appbrain on their pc?

Well, It looks like I solved the problem. I just deleted my account and created it again and it's fixed (for now).

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General :: VPN With Mac 10.8 OS X Server?

Jun 21, 2013

I have a Mac mini running OS X 10.8.2 with the OS X Server 2.2.1 from the app store, and I have set up the VPN using L2TP in the interface. I have tested this VPN connection using a Macbook, which works, but I can't figure out how to get Android's built-in VPN to work.

Current set-up:

I have opened ports 500, 1701, 1723, and 4500 on my router.

I am using a dynamic DNS from [URL], we'll say [URL]

I have set a "Shared Secret", we'll say 1234567890

I have set up an account for my android phone on the server, let's say the user name is "nexus" and the password is "google" On the Macbook, I simply use the DNS, the secret, and credentials that I have set up on the server, and it connects.

On my Android device (Nexus 4 4.2.2) I am using the following settings:

Name: Mac Server
Type: L2TP/IPSec PSK
Server address:
LT2TP secret: (not used)
IPSec identifier: (not used)
IPSec pre-shared key: 1234567890

When I try to connect using these settings, it prompts for the username and password, so I enter "nexus" and "google". It sits there saying "Connecting..." for maybe 30 seconds and then it just goes back to "Disconnected" with no error or other message. I have also tried putting the "Shared Secret" in the L2TP secret field, but with the same result.

Is the built-in Android VPN simply incompatible with OS X Server's VPN? Or have I misconfigured something?

Note: I would strongly prefer to continue using L2TP, and not the less-secure PPTP VPN

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General :: Can't Download APK File From Server

Aug 29, 2012

I downloaded my APK file to my web site, [URL].... and it says page cannot be displayed. I want to beta test the app with some people before going to the Android market, anyway I can fix this?

The name is correct and I can see the file with my FTP software after I uploaded it.

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General :: Use Proxy Server For All Apps?

Aug 23, 2012

how to use proxy server for all apps?

port: 8080
http server:

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General :: Domain Server Login

Jan 26, 2012

Using Android 4 is there a native way to log onto a windows domain server. If not can it be done using the Android API?

I have a Transformer Prime running Andriod 4 (ICS). I also have the B4A basic android compiler if I need to write my own code. I really new to Android programming but have been writing Windows based software for many years.

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General :: Remote Shutdown Without Server

Mar 19, 2012

I work in the IT department of a college and i am looking for an app that I can enter an ip address/host name and remotely shutdown/restart a computer. I know there are apps out there that do it but all I've come across are ones that require a program to be installed on the system ahead of time.

basically I am looking for an app that acts just like matcode's remote shutdown program.I've tried searching but but the results are too flooded with programs that require software to be setup ahead of time.I am rebooting windows 7 computers and have an atrix 4g phone

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General :: Mount FTP Server As Directory?

Nov 19, 2012

Is it possible to mount a remote FTP server as a local directory on Android?

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General :: How To Configure VOIP Server

Oct 29, 2012

How to configure VOIP server on my android phone?

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