General :: How To Configure VOIP Server

Oct 29, 2012

How to configure VOIP server on my android phone?

General :: How to configure VOIP server

General :: VoIP SMS / Call App?

Oct 2, 2013

Looking for a VoIP SMS/CALL app for android that when sending a SMS will hide the phone number but display only a predefined ID name to the recipient! Is there a app like that?

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General :: How To Configure SDK On Windows 8

Nov 24, 2012

I'm having troubles to configure the path on windows 8 to use ADB on my laptop...

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General :: VoIP Call Without Using Data

Aug 28, 2012

I read somewhere that there is an app which i can use my phone for voip calls without using my data, just by paying.

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General :: How To Configure LG GM750 To Use Android

Nov 18, 2012

how to configure my lg to using android. it is impossible to find android port for my phone.

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General :: Configure PS3 Controller For Fifa 12

Mar 31, 2012

I have paired the PS3 controller to my Android through Sixaxis.

How can I configure it to play Fifa 12 ?

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General :: Stable VOIP Setup For Calls Over 3G?

Sep 29, 2011

I have a Google Voice number local to my area code that forward to my account, which in turn takes the call and sends it to my phone via the SipDroid app. I can make incoming/outgoing calls all day long for free, but have a problem with call quality.

I have linked two voicemail files. I placed a call from SipDroid out to the same number in both cases, but one was done over WiFi and the other over 3G (2-3 bars, average signal). The WiFi one is acceptable, but the 3G one is not. Listen for yourself (For the message, I read one of the opening paragraphs from the US Declaration of Independence, same on both so you can compare accurately.)

Setup: Google Voice number -> -> SipDroid app
Wifi VOIP Voicemail: [URL] ....
3G VOIP Voicemail: [URL] .....

I am wanting to use my Google Voice number for work, as my off-hours support phone, so I do not accrue charges on my personal cell plan (not covered by employer, and they do not provide work mobile phones). So, since I am usually on the go, I will not be connected to WiFi, thus I need a reliable VOIP option that will get acceptable call quality over 3G. There are multiple options out there, and I do not have a problem with a monthly fee, but they all come with caveats. For example, if I got an "Online Number" from Skype, and just forwarded my Google Voice number to that, it would work through the Skype app, no SIP app needed; however, the Skype voicemail cannot be disabled, so I can no longer use the Google Voice app to easily see my support calls/messages from my home screen. I have use the Skype app (or website) to listen to voicemails. Skype would solve my quality problem (based on reviews of other users that use it over 3G), but introduce the new voicemail issue. The setup I have now (GV->pbxes->SipDroid) allows me to use the GV voicemail, but quality is lacking...catch 22. Is there a better more reliable solution out there for VOIP on Android?

There's also the Google Callback app, that I have been trying to avoid at all costs, since it is kind of hotkey, and I tried the GrooVe IP app, but it has a lot of echo for the person I am calling, and no setting change could fix it.

I will be updating my phone from the DroidX (3G only) to the Bionic (4G). If you think that will make a difference, and make all my concerns moot, then just say so, and that's what I'll do.

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General :: Pipo M9 Pro - Can't Configure The Vibration Feature?

Nov 15, 2013

I Bought the PIPO M9 PRO tablet with android 4.2.2 operating system.When I started to work with the device I noticed that I can't configure the vibration feature.Usually you turn on the feature in: setting �sound-vibrate on touch, But in this device the line is missing.Could it be that this device doesn't have this feature at all? Or maybe it's a problem with this version of the operating system?

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General :: Change Skype And Voip App Output Sound

Jun 7, 2012

Any app who can select output sound device ?

Like if we plug a headphone on the jack, let us choose to force audio output to external speaker ?

Actually my problem is that skype and voip app have sounds going throw external speaker and not internal speaker.

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General :: HTC One S / ICS - Configure Stock Browser To Run On Proxy On Demand?

Jun 29, 2012

I've set up my proxy and can access in a couple of clicks on wifi but really need it when mobile. How to configure stock browser to run on a proxy on demand?

I use a vpn fine but the proxy has better performance. I am not rooted and running ics on an HTC One S.

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General :: How To Configure And Deploy Large Scale Android Installation (2.3.3)

Sep 8, 2011

I am about to assist in deploying a large amount of android device. The requirement is, that the devices (700+) need to be charged, configured and provisioned with the relevant applications for the end-users before delivery.

Device info:
Android 2.3.3
Samsung Galaxy SII

This is not windows mobile, so I am unsure if I can code/design a solution to avoid this enormous manual task.

Is it possible to code something for an sd-card that will be automatically triggered on insertion (as on WM)? This would then provision the device etc.

Is it possible to bypass the initial prompts - To my knowledge you will be prompted for entering the info for your google accounts?

do I then need to create 700+ google accounts?

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General :: Configure Eclipse To Use Entire Android Source Base

Aug 18, 2010

How can I configure Eclipse to use the entire Android source code?

I'm working on the file settings.apk using eclipse...but with the editor, for example, I can't import

"android.os.SystemProperties" (error: 'cannot be resolved').

there's a guide to configure eclipse to work on system app??

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General :: Unable To Configure 2 Exchange Accounts In Stock Email Client

Jun 6, 2012

I have a Galaxy Nexus with Stock 4.0.4 ROM and a Transformer Prime also with the stock ASUS firmware (4.0.3), The company where I work has a mail server that supports exchange (Kerio Connect) At that server I have (because I need it that way) 2 different accounts, I need one of those accounts to synchronize everything; contacts, mail, calendar, and the other one to synchronize only calendar appointments.

If I configure the first account everything works just fine. But, when I configure the second account, I start receiving login errors for both accounts every certain time, the apps shows me the option to update my account credentials and when I do it works for the moment but after a while it fails again. If I delete whichever of the two accounts the other works fine.

I have not tested this scenario against other email servers, so I'm not sure if this a problem with my server or if this is an Android problem.

Both accounts are configured as Exchange accounts from Settings menu.

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General :: Phone To Phone Direct VoIP?

Apr 11, 2012

want to do a direct IP to IP VoIP session between the wifes phone and mine.

D2 CM7
Epic 4G CM9

VoIP or Jabber, possbly a ZeroConf deal?

If I really need a server will have a laptop with me. jsut avoiding a jabber server or asterisk.

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Android :: PBX App VOIP

Feb 2, 2010

We use a hosted PBX solution that is VOIP. There is no VOIP andoid app from our provider but there is one for the iPhone.

However, we can call through our PBX by dialing our direct dial number, passcode and dial out - end result is the same, we call clients from our PBX with our company number displayed on caller ID.

The manual process is accomplished as follows.

1 dial our personal direct dial number
2 pause pause
3 enter #
4 pause pause
5 enter our mailbox security code (4-8 numbers)
6 enter #
7 pause
8 enter *
9 pause
10 enter #
11 enter 91 (9 for outside line, 1 for US)
at this point we enter the 7 digit number and are connected

Can someone write an app or is one already written that will simply let us choose a contact to dial and have a popup as done in Google Voice

Call with Google Voice
Call without Google Voice
Call from PBX

I am thinking if you select call from pbx the app would simply dial steps 1-11 above and then enter the contact number to complete the call.

This has to be incredibly easy for guys... it would sure help us outside sales guys from dialing in through our corporate pbx's.

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Android :: Voip App

Mar 2, 2010

Is there an app for this that you dont have to be a smartie to use? There's To much involved in it.

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HTC Hero :: Using 3CX - VOIP

Jul 12, 2010

I downloaded the program from the market and got a sip account from but I can't seem to get it working. It looks like it is registered but when I try to place a call it simply hangs the phone up.

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Android :: VOIP

Sep 4, 2010

I've been on the same phone plan for close to 17 years, same # same carrier etc. It's been a sweet deal for the most part since I'm a light user of phone time.

I pay $10 a month for 'service', I only pay .11 a minute for time talked which normally runs around 100 minutes a month. Average phone bill before getting an android phone was around $25. Well I added text for $5 and now the monthly data plan for $30. Out of the 5gb limit i used .160gb on average per month.

I've had google voice for a while so i turned off texting and now use that number for texting(which works really sweet) other than people complaining that I have a new # to text/call to.

Is there anyway to utilize the data package to use some sort of VOIP calling instead of my per minute charge? Either to reduce or eliminate the per minute charge?

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Voip Android App

Feb 19, 2014

I want to write an android program that connect to the Voip Accounting server, and after customer's verification, customer will be able to enter his/her phone number, after that communication is established. they talk to each other exactly as like as old phone communication.

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Android :: How To Connect Mysql Server On External Server In J2me Application

Sep 29, 2010

I have a hosting account at godaddy ruinning Linux. Is has MySQL. I am creating a J2ME application that runs on android and I was wondering if there is any simpler way to connect from j2me application to my MySQL server?
Is it required to install anything at my server? which I cannot do because of the shared account. Any way to just open the connection, update some data in the MySQL from j2me application?

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Android :: Free Voip Over 3g

Dec 27, 2009

I no there are like a gzillion threads about this not jst on this forum but on others too, but i just can't seem to grasp what their saying. Anyway the point is basically i would like a noob proof tutorial on how to get try voip over 3g. I have tried fring and the test call works but i dont know how to make my own calls. Sipdroid and asip really confuse me and dont seem to work (just get red light) apparently i need something like pbxes which confuses me even more. I do have magicjack but i don't have the proxy for it and as of now dont have my actually magicjack with me so i can never really get it.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Making VOIP Calls?

Jun 16, 2010

I have heard about using SIP with Fring, Sipdroid, Google Voice. Would anyone be willing to give a step by step of how they made VOIP work on this incredible machine.

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HTC Incredible :: School Me On VoIP

Jun 24, 2010

new to smartphones and taking a cruise in a couple months. A guy at work is trying to explain things to me as we run into each other. He says that if i setup a Google Voice # (I have) and get sipgate (I have) and download Fring (I have) i can pair google voice with sipgate, and call my google voice # through Fring (with Sip) over Wifi while on the cruise to make free calls. Is this true? I really havent done anything with Sipgate except set it up in Fring. If so, what do i do in Sipgate to pair with Google Voice? Then how do i use it? Is there another way? Or am i (or was he) way off base?He travels internationally and said he has been doing a lot of research lately.

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Android :: True VOIP App

Feb 4, 2010

I got a mytouch 3g figuring it would handle voip like iphone and wm phones. But to my dismay, it appears there are no true VOIP apps for android that will allow me to call over wifi/3G from Germany.

I have read about sipdroid, truphone, skype lite, iscoot and others, but they all make a local call first, even to members of the same service -totally defeats the purpose. You'd be better off using a calling card!!

Anyway, just wondering if I am missing something. I got an android phone because I wanted to be part of something different, with great potential. I just didn't realize that it would be different in such a disadvantageous way...

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Motorola Droid :: Best VOIP App

Aug 24, 2010

I know that this has been talked about in other threads. But I've looked and they're either old or it really didn't give me what I wanted. And I know there's a lot of knowledge floating around in this room.

I am going to Iraq in less than 3 weeks and want to be able to VOIP using my phone so I'm not connected to my computer. Is there an app that allows this for free or as close as to free as I can get. I have a Rooted Moto Droid.

Bottom line for a worry free, good quality VOIP service, what should I use?

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Android :: VOIP Working

Jan 1, 2010

Do u have idea on Android/VOIP working? share here....

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Android :: VoIP Application

Feb 4, 2010

An application which will allow me to make outgoing calls abroad over a wi-fi connection. Just like Skype on the desktop. Google Voice is not an option for me since I'm outside of US, and Skype doesn't seem to even have VoIP on Android.

What do others recommend using for their VoIP needs? Is there a service that already has an outgoing plan like SkypeOut? And an incoming number like SkypeIn?

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Android :: Internet Sms.txt App Voip

Apr 26, 2010

I am coming over to android, having previously used the iphone.

I used an app on the iphone called skysms, combined with credits i purchased from a company called freecall it allowed me to send cheap (2p) txt msg to places like Australia . I believe i am looking for some type of voip app for sending sms.

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Android :: No VOIP With Skype

Oct 15, 2009

I just bought a HTC Hero yesterday and downloaded the skype application only to find out that android phones do not support VOIP and therefore no free skype-to-skype calls! Will this ever change, or is there a workaround already?

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Android :: Voxofon On G1 - VOIP

Oct 31, 2008

I have been trying to sign up and use Voxofon but I am having some issues.. I have been in contact with Voxofon, is seems that Voxofon can not find the phone number which is a stumbling block for it...

When I check my phone number under Setting -> Status -> Phone number there is no info... does anyone have any info in that field or are they all blank...

Also has anyone been able to use Voxofon in the phone to phone mode?

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