General :: Streaming 1080p Over WiFi

Aug 12, 2012

Device 1) Samsung Galaxy S3, Quad Core A9, Mali 400
Device 2) iPad 3, Dual Core A9, PowerVR 4 core

Networking: Dual band router (situated 1 metre away), gigabit server plugged into gigabit switch

(I can stream 1080p on my PC and Macbook Pro fine (due to stronger CPU's vs ARM design?))

Both mobile devices can stream 720p fine

I get issues when trying to stream 1080p. Obviously the Galaxy S3 only has a 720p screen anyway, but I still wanted to see if it was possible

I have tried multiple programs on both devices. At 1080p, the iPad can only stream the audio. No picture. The Galaxy S3 is able to stream both audio and video, although the video is choppy

What is the bottleneck here? Is it due to poor software? Or are the ARM A9 CPU's too weak for this kind of thing? I know they can play local 1080p content perfectly fine, but there seems to be issues with network content.

General :: Streaming 1080p over WiFi

General :: Streaming Music Over WiFi To NAS

May 27, 2013

How can I stream the music from my phone to my NAS Synology ?

My TV is compatible with DLNA and like an bluetooth receiver I want to stream the sound of my android phone to my home cinema.

IMediaShare is fine but I can't play spotify/soundclound music from my phone to my home cinema. :|

BubbleUPnP with the BubbleUPnP server maybe ?

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General :: Streaming Music Via WiFi?

Apr 27, 2014

How do I do this? My phone has not enough space so I'd like to stream music from my pc to my note 2 via WiFi

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General :: 1080p Webcam App?

Nov 15, 2013

App to use on an Android phone to use it like a webcam with quality?I had a Nokia N8 (Symbian), and I had two apps that made the N8 a 720p@30fps webcam

But now I have a S4 4G (I9505) and after some days searching and testing apps, I still didn't found any app that could go higher than 720x480 and all of them get horrible FPS (like less than 15).It can be by wireless or USB, both work for me, I just want it to be at least 720p@30fps...

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General :: Video Streaming From Android Phone Camera To PC Via USB Or WiFi

Apr 28, 2012

Is it possible to stream the video from an Android phones camera to a pc via usb or wifi in effect to give you a zoomable HD web cam? Of course to capture that video feed.

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General :: LG P760 - How To Use 720p / 1080p On YouTube App

Apr 6, 2014

I want to 1080p or 720p watch youtube videos in my android devices. And while was in 3g network . I searched but, i not find. My device: LG P760.

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General :: HTC DESIRE X 1080p Video Playback?

Jun 19, 2013

Desire x with stock rom doesn't support 1080p video there any option by changing the rom or kernel will support 1080p playback...

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General :: How To Resize Lockscreen Mod To WVGA From 720p / 1080p

Feb 16, 2013

i want to resize this lockscreen mod to wvga from 720p /1080p,


How do i do it?

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General :: MT6589 With 1080p Screen - 3D Game Lags?

Aug 11, 2013

so I got this phone, mediatek MT6589 1,2ghz with 1080x1920 resolution display, GPU powerVR SGX544 (those are what it says on the spec)

when playing 2D games, there are no lags, stutterings, i got smooth animations and responsive controls.

but when trying to play 3D based games, i only got like 5-10 fps, even for low end games like asphalt 6, riptide 1, minion rush, etc.

some 3D games have the option to lower textures, effects, shaders, but some don't.What I'm trying to ask is :

- Can we tweak, modify build.prop to trick those games (that do not have quality settings in options) to load low quality graphics? If we can, which line?

- I tried to install "resolution changer lite" from the playstore, looks like when I change resolution to 1024x600, every games run smooth without lag. But this resolution changing really messed up my homescreen, icons, menus, even hardware buttons don't work.

FYI: for reference this device's antutu score is 12000+, 2d score= 600, 3d score = 2100

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General :: How To Play 1080p Videos On Canvas 2 (a110) Rooted

Feb 24, 2013

how to play 1080p videos on canvas 2 [a110]rooted

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General :: How To Play 720p / 1080p Media With Subtitles Through MHL Properly

Nov 5, 2012

I own a Galaxy Note and got a MHL cable for watching movies on my Sony Bravia.

I'm having some problems for playing it nicelly.

With hardware decoding:

Only the stock samsung "Video Player" is able to play at TV resolution with the subtitles. The problem is that it seems to have an annoying bug that makes the subtitles stuck. After someone ends talking, the last sub don't vanish/disappear, it keeps there on the screen until the next speech. It's discussed at another older thread but no one was able to provide solution at that time.

With Software decoding:

I can get the subs with a third party player (like MX Player), but it doesn't stream the video to the TV directly, like the stock video player does. What I get is a rescaled screen, like when not playing a video, just browsing Android, and as such, not only it's not playing 720p/1080p video, but also, I get black areas because the phone aspect ratio doesn't match the TV aspect ratio.

As can be seen in the mentioned thread, there was a "stuck subtitle" problem with another Samsung device. Is this a bug with all Samsung devices?

Is there an alternative player that can play videos with hardware decoding and also display subtitles? So it can take all my TV screen.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Bad Streaming Over Wifi After Froyo Update

Aug 4, 2010

Prior to the Froyo update, if I had anything above 10% WiFi reception, I could watch videos over WiFi. It would be more or less uninterrupted.

Since the Froyo update, I virtually cannot watch streaming video over WiFi. When I do, it plays, but it halts every few seconds and may halt for long periods. Fortunately, 3G seems less flaky since the update.

But WiFi on Froyo on my device has gone from good to essentially unusable, at least for streaming video.

My only complaints about WiFi prior to the update were lack of support 802.11n (which I've been trying to verify may have been fixed in the last 2.1 update) and the fact that my laptop could use WiFi farther away from the router in my house than my EVO could.

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HTC Desire :: App For Streaming Movies With Wifi?

Apr 27, 2010

Installed 'Movies' but when I'm connected to my wifi I can't stream the movie clips, without wifi it's fine. Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and what they needed to configure on the router to make it work

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Android :: Media Streaming Over Wifi

Oct 25, 2010

I have a Samsung galaxy s and want to Stream video files from my computer. Why wud I wanna stream to a small screen but when people on are on my computer I like to be on my phone and maybe watch an episode of something. I dnt know uf the galaxy has something native on it already. If not is there any app that can stream over wifi with a variety of formats such as avi and mkv

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Android :: WiFi Or OTA Connection For Streaming Content?

Aug 22, 2009

When making a connection for streaming content, what is the algorithm for when to use a WiFi connection and when to use an OTA connection? Can you modify that algorithm? Can you specify what type of connection to make?

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HTC Incredible :: Streaming Movies And Music On Wifi From PC To Phone

Aug 22, 2010

Is there a way to stream movies and music on wifi from my PC to my phone while in my house?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Connected To WiFi But Streaming Through Mobile Internet

Jun 18, 2010

This month orange gave me a bill for 30 pounds extra as I used 1.5 gigs on my x10
after talking to orange on the phone for a long time, They were very help full, unlike Sony Ericsson, it turns out that while at home when my phone says its connected to WiFi, and is usually as I have tested by turning of data 3G and things on the hand set. It is still using 3G and streaming through the mobile internet.

Orange tell me its a problem with the handset and they have had a few people with the same problem. Orange kindly didn't charge me for my data use and told me to ring Sony who were very unhelpful and just claimed it isn't the hand set. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if any thing can be done. I now try to always have the 3G off but not sure if that is going to help.

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General :: Media Streaming Over LAN

Dec 26, 2012

I have a rooted Nexus 7 on 4.2.1 and (I think it happened since the last update to 4.2.1) have a total impossibility of playing ANY media files over my local network... Whether it's a movie or even an MP3, every single one of my players tell me "sorry this video cannot be played". I can see the file on EF explorer (tried also with a bunch of other explorers, same problem), I can copy it onto my tablet over wifi, but impossible to play the damn file directly like I used to 2 or 3 weeks ago...

I bought a Kobo Arc for my girlfriend (on ICS) and it has no problem streaming anything instantly, even 720p 6gb movies... but when I get my Nexus 7 , nope can't do it anymore

I've tried tons of players (MX, BS, Dice, VLC...etc), tons of files explorers, looked through the file explorers settings...etc etc, but nothing that could get me my media streaming over wifi again...

It's not a huge issue or anything, but it's rather annoying to have to transfer every single media file on the tablet before actually being able to watch/listen to it..

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General :: FTP Music Streaming?

Jun 8, 2013

any Android music players that stream from FTP? The only ones I know are Dice Player and ES File Explorer. The former has no playlist capabilities whatsoever, while the latter's playback capabilities are fairly restricted and clunky.

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General :: Streaming AVI / H264 From PC To Android?

Feb 3, 2012

I have recently bought a Tablet with Android 2.2 OS and I want to stream my 1000+ movies compressed with divix and h264. All have the AVI file extension. They are shared on my home network. My goal is to be able to stream these files to to my tablet. After searching most the day for which app to use I have come to the conclusion that there are many different way to accomplish this, some good, some bad.

I loaded Skifta on my PC and tablet and can now see the files but it says It cant play the file. Best way to accomplish this as google turns up 20 ways from sunday to stream AVI but which is best. I do like the fact that Skifta can access ones videos even away from home in a wireless hotspots. I was also looking at VLC but don't want to purchase something that won't work.

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General :: Streaming Video On Tablet?

Oct 10, 2012

A friend has been trying to watch a streaming religious program on her android 2.3 tablet. I thought maybe she needs flash. Google Play store says the newest version is incompatible so I found version on iapktop. Downloaded it to pc and transferred it via usb to tablet. It asks if I want to install and appears to be installing for about 20 seconds and then orange triangle with exclamation point and "Application not installed". Watcanadoo?

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General :: Streaming Video On Smartphone

Mar 19, 2014

Which of the following hardware components is used to stream a video over the internet on a smartphone?

- Modem / Radio

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General :: Android To Wii Video Streaming?

Jan 16, 2012

How to get videos from android to the wii (hacked of course). I have tried to just plug in a usb cord in the back like I do for my psp but every time I go into an app for watching movies it wont show my phone. I know I can just take the sd card out but its a real pain to take the back off my phone and the case I have on it too.

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General :: Android App For Picture Streaming

Apr 28, 2012

Is there any Android app that you can stream pictures from your PC? A similar app for IOS is called BlinQ, used to be CinQ that you install on your pc that runs a server so your device can connect to it and view pictures stored.

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General :: Radio FM (no Streaming) Via Bluetooth

Apr 19, 2013

Is it possible to listen to FM radio bringing some mobiles (eg S3) using bluetooth headset? I know it takes physical headphone cable antenna to do. I have no problem to plug some wire if that is necessary.But I want to listen to the radio (not streaming with apps like tunein) via bluetooth.

With the application of native MP3 music player on my S3 I have a choice if I want to output to the external speaker or Bluetooth. How hard is it to do something similar to the radio? Is there no cooked ROM to do it?

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General :: Streaming Android Games To PC?

Nov 11, 2012

I am now wondering whether it will be possible for me to stream an Android Game to my PC from my phone?

The thing is, that my PC is not so good in terms of gaming specs, so, I am unable to play good quality games on it..
But! My phone - HTC One X, on the other hand is quite good. (Few titles on Android are really enjoyable!)

So, can I, without using any DLNA, HDMI cable (Reason - My PC Sucks) stream the game?

I just want to use my PC Monitor as a larger screen. I dont want Keyboard, Mouse Controls...

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General :: Wireless Streaming Of Screen?

Feb 4, 2013

I can stream my diffrent android devices to my tv using dlna or allshare.But what I am looking for is to stream my galaxy tab screen to the TV.

Any application on my tab that transformed my screen to a dlna stream. Or a wireless HDMI connection of some sort.

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General :: Streaming From Server To Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?

May 30, 2013

I am checking this out on behalf of a friend. He has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet. He also has a Linux based server at home which he has his photos and films stored on. Is there a way for him to access these files from his tablet. Can he stream the films from the server to the tablet? Does he need to download an app for this?

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General :: Android Browser Not Streaming Video Like IOS

Dec 5, 2013

the Android Browser is not streaming the video, it forces it to download it first to play it in the Android Player or some other video app I have on the phone (The Daily Motion website won't even play videos, it shut plays audio). On my old iPhone, I would touch a video and it would stream through the browser, Chrome, Dolphin, Safari, etc. But with Android, it always wants me to download or try to play through an app which doesn't work or it just doesn't work. I have tried, Dolphin, Boat, Chrome, Opera, Baidu... none of them just play the video with problems. I didn't have this issue with iPhone, and it's kinda upsetting that I have such powerful hardware (Galaxy Note 3) and stuff just doesn't work like it should.I thought it was just my phone, but i tried it on my friend's HTC One and got the same results, so it must be an Android issue.

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General :: Auto Switch From AUX To BT While Streaming Music

Jul 12, 2012

Until recently, I had a BB Storm2. When I would stream Pandora (via the aux port and headphone jack) while driving and received a call, Pandora would pause and the call would be routed to my Jawbone BT.

Now I have an S3 (and loving it!) with ICS. Although Pandora will pause, the audio seems to remain routed through the aux headset and not to the BT headset.

I can hear the call ring notification via the BT headset, but once the call is answered, there is no apparent BT functionality.

I've tried to search through the settings for phone, BlueTooth and Pandora and have found nothing that seems to work.

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