General :: Remove Menu Padding / Spacing In ICS?

Jul 20, 2013

I just moved to ICS, and I'm doing some modding in it.

There's one thing I don't like and that is the spacing/padding on the left and right side in some (most) menus.

how to remove this?

Let me illustrate with a mockup:

The left is how it is, and the right is how I'd like it.

It is ofcourse also very noticeable in the Settings menu:

General :: Remove menu padding / spacing in ICS?

Android :: Want To Remove Extra Bottom Padding On Widgets?

Sep 2, 2010

As you can see in the link below there is an extra padding (around 2mm) below the EditText field. I can't seem to remove this padding in anyway. This occurs with other widgets as well (like Buttons). It looks like Android is default adding this extra padding to all elements.

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Android :: Custom Title Bar Without Padding / Remove Grey Borders?

Apr 19, 2010

So I am using the techniques in this thread to use a custom background for my titlebar. Unfortunately the framework places my layout inside a FrameLayout (title_container) which has padding as seen below.

Is there anyway to remove the Grey borders? The frame layout is defined in, so accessing the frame by ID would be fragile.

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General :: How To Remove Widgets From Menu

Mar 7, 2012

how to remove widgets from the home screen,.With the new Google Play, and some other "necessary" apps I have, my widget menu is now flooded with widgets of apps I know I will never use -- is there a way to remove them so that my list is more succinct?

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General :: How To Remove And Add Options To CM7 Power Menu

May 2, 2012

I'm looking to remove and add some options to the CM7 power menu.

I've been building CM7 from original source so which files control what's displayed in the power menu? There are just so many files it's going to take a very long time to work out which ones I need to modify.

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General :: Launcher / Desktop Closer Spacing Icons?

May 7, 2013

Jelly Bean takes too much room in spacing. I'd like the top 2 widgets to be closer, allowing more folders icons on desktop. Is this possible without reverting to a new Launcher?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Remove Items From The Share Menu

Jul 14, 2010

How to Remove Items from the Share Menu?

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HTC Desire :: Remove Icons From Menu

May 18, 2010

does anybody know if there is a way to remove/delete icon from the menu (not home screen). I dont use them all and would like to remove some. Also is there a way to rearrange them?

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Android :: Remove Screen Lock Like The MENU Key Do?

May 27, 2009

The lock screen is also a java class called this class,it captures the event of MENU key, so if the screen is locked,we can click the MENU key to remove the lock. The qustion of mine is that How Can I remove the lock like MENU key do??Is that possible? (I know KeyguardManager and KeyguardManager.KeyguardLock,but this is not the right way,I want to remove,not to hide!).

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HTC Desire :: How To Remove Superuser Permission App From Menu?

Oct 8, 2010

I did rooted my Desire few weeks ago, after i did apply 2.2 update, now i believe my HTC is unrooted again, which i am happy with.This question probably been asked 100 times, but still cant find answer to it -how to remove Superuser permission app from menu without rooting phone again?

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HTC Droid Eris :: How To Remove Shortcuts From Program Menu?

Feb 20, 2010

So I got Eris yesterday and I have not put the thing down. Been scanning QR codes and messing around with it. Now the all programs menu, is there anyway to remove shortcuts from that menu?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Edit Drop Down Menu's - Way To Remove?

Oct 14, 2009

I buried this in another thread. When I got to my photo album and select the "Share" option. My listing starts off with FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK, FLICKR, GMAIL, etc...

I only have one Facebook app installed. Is there a way to remove one of them?

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Android :: Remove An Array Item From A Context Menu?

Aug 27, 2010

I have a ListView and would like to remove a row item when the user long clicks on selects Remove from the context menu.


How can I get a reference to the row number that was clicked, so I can remove that index from my array?

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Motorola Droid :: Remove Extended Menu Tab On Home Screen?

Nov 19, 2009

Im not a big fan of that little tab that opens up the extended menu with icons. i rather just use all 3 home screens for my icons and get rid of that tab.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Remove System Icons From Menu On Phone?

Oct 8, 2010

How can remove system icons from menu on Vibrant?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Remove / Delete Games At Menu - Program For It?

Jul 22, 2010

How to remove or delete games at menu there. is that wanna any program or?

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KitKat 4.4 :: Samsung GALAXY Note II (GT N7100) - How To Remove 3dots Menu

Jan 1, 2014

I using unofficial CM11. And i want to remove 3dots menu. How can i do this? Settings -> System -> Navigation Bar and any 3dots settings are not added yet.

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Android :: Spacing Between Two LinearLayouts With XML?

Jan 28, 2009

At the moment I'm using the following layout.

Module one and two get added in code. Now I'd like to have a 10px spacing between the two modules. I have tried to set "layout_topMargin" to the parent LinearLayout but it doesn't work. In addition I have tried to set this parameter to the LinearLayout modules. But well it doesn't work. It always looks like this: (the two modules are surrounded by a border)

Do I really have to put a dummy (spacer) view between the two LinearLayouts or is there another possibility?

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Android :: Add Spacing In RelativeLayout?

May 6, 2010

I have a Relative Layout.
Which has 2 buttons, side by side and it is right-aligned.

So this is my layout xml file. My question is there are no spacing between the right-most button and the right border of the RelativeLayout and between the 2 buttons. How can I add that? I play with android:paddingRight, but nothing helps. code...

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Android :: How To Get Rid Of Extra Spacing In LinearLayout

Oct 6, 2010

I've built a widget that uses a LinearLayout and I've put two TextViews in the layout.
The gravity of the layout is "top".

The problem is that I get a space between the two TextViews and I can't get rid of it.


As you can see I tried putting padding 0 and verticalSpacing 0 but I still get a space between them.

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Android :: Spacing Between CheckBox And Text

Oct 27, 2010

Is there an easy way to add padding between the checkbox in a CheckBox control, and the associated text?

I cannot just add leading spaces, because my label is multi-line.

As-is, the text is way too close to the checkbox:

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Android :: Add Spacing To Tab Widget In Droid?

Nov 11, 2010

I'd like to add extra spacing on the sides and between tabs on the tab widget, but padding and margins dont seem to make any difference. I also played with setting the divider, tab strip left and right drawables, which didn't seem to make any difference either.

Trying to make the tabs look like this:

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Android :: Remove Input Method From Android's TextView Context Menu?

Oct 28, 2010

I have a context menu on a TextView representing a user name in my app. When the context menu appears I want to have certain options such as "View Statistics" etc. The context menu is appearing fine and everything is working great except it's adding "Input method" to the context menu and I do not want it there. It's irrelevant to what the context menu is there for and there is not text entry. How can I remove this item from the context menu? I've tried removing item 0 in the context menu and adding android:editable="false" to the XML file to no avail.

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Android :: Swype / Automatic Spacing After Period?

Oct 16, 2010

I am very impressed with Swype and just amazed that it is able to correctly guess what I am trying to type most of the time. But I have a question. What is the correct way to add a period? It seems that when i first started using it, if I used a period it would automatically add a space and capitalize the next word. But it doesn't do that now. I get no space or capitalization and have to add the space manually.

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Android :: How To Set Letter Spacing For EditText / TextView?

Sep 22, 2010

I want to set letter-spacing(Character Spacing) myself for an EditText.I searched on web and couln't find anything good.

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Android :: Reduce Spacing Between Elements In LinearLayout?

Mar 5, 2009

How do I reduce the spacing between the elements in a linear layout? I tried to set the padding to 0 as well as the vertical spacing but that didnt seem to help. I want the textview and the imageview to be flush together with no space between them. The following is my XML layout file but I dont acheive what I want with it. code...

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HTC Desire HD :: Swype Not Auto Spacing / Solution For This?

Nov 10, 2010

i have been reading a heap of old posts trying to get up to speed on Android so if a few of my posts seem vague, please excuse them as android is still very new to me. Love the site and so far I have found a heap of good info.

I have done a search on this site and a few others in the hope of finding out a problem I have with SWYPE on my DHD.

I have auto spacing selected but when typing a sms using SWYPE, no spaces are automatically placed in between words. However when I use the SWYPE keyboard for entering in a calendar entry, spaces are automatically defaulted between words.

The version i am using is (has English language) and there appears to be a red circle on the space button for the message SWYPE keyboard but the red circle is not present on keyboard when I am entering in a calendar item.

I have uninstalled SWYPE and re-installed, but the issue is still present. Any ideas?

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Motorola Droid X :: Stop Dolalr Sign Spacing?

Sep 22, 2010

I have noticed this problem for quite some time with android. When I am writing a message for example : The price is $350 android automatically makes the sentence format as: The price is$ 350.... then I have to go back and space the $ sign away from the previous letter and then delete the space between the $ sign and the following number. How can I fix this as this is a HUGE annoyance?

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Android :: How To Reduce Font Size / Vertical Spacing In AlertDialog?

Apr 3, 2010

I've used an Alert Dialog builder to display 6 items my user can choose from. Unfortunately for just a few pixels missing, it displays only half of the last item and adds a scrollbar. Beside, centering of the dialog is awkward, there is a 20px padding at the top but only 2px at the bottom. I was wondering if there is a way to reduce font size or vertical spacing in the Alert Dialog builder programatically.

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Motorola Droid :: Excessive Home Screen Icon Spacing

Nov 17, 2009

Is it me or the 2.0 icon spacing on home screens are a bit far apart. there has to be a way to tweak that.

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