General :: Port Android 2.2 To 2.3 Devices?

May 14, 2012

Is it possible to Port an Android 2.2 ROM to a Device that was delivered with Android 2.3 Gingerbread?

General :: Port Android 2.2 to 2.3 Devices?

General :: How To Port CM9 To Gingerbread Devices

Jul 11, 2012

How does CM9 get ported to phones that dont have a CM9 BASE to begin with? Such as the Samsung Galaxy W. How do they do that.? Because to my knowledge, you must port a ROM with the same firmware as your Base.

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General :: How To Port JB ROM In ICS For MTK6577 Devices

Feb 10, 2013

How to port JB rom to MTK6577 ICS Device.......

My device is Micromax A90s, which are similar to micromax A110 and A110 have more then 2-3 Jelly Bean ROM but we dont have any Jelly Bean ROM so i have to port it, but dont know about porting methods

I already make Custom ROM for my device but don't know about porting. Can I able to port A110 JB ROM in to my Devices.....??

A90s specifications
MTK6577 1 GHz Processor
512 MB RAM
Super Amoled 4.3' HDPI (480x800) Resolution which are only things not matched to A110..........

How to port JB ROM in A90s

Cuz A110 QHD and A90s is HDPI so m able to port it........or not...........?? Or I have one more similar device rom which are same screen resolution and camera and all other things but its hardware is different cuz its Qualcomm MSM7627a Device but screen resolution are same HDPI, so can i able to port that ROM in my A90s ........??

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General :: How To Easily Port ICS Or JB To Devices

Oct 27, 2012

I'm a mac. I've tried using the AOSP guide and using the correct commands... The terminal prompt is here.

I'm on 10.8.2, have 10.5, 10.7, 10.8 SDK(s) installed... I'm porting to a MID7012, which should do it.

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General :: How To Port CyanogenMod To New Devices

Sep 23, 2011

I was thinking about trying to port CyanogenMod to Lg Optimus Chic E720. I'd like to know if there's any tutorial about this, or at least a few tips for start the development. How to start? Supposing i've already downloaded the sources. Is CWM required? Because at the moment I've only got AmonRa style recovery by drellisdee

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General :: How To Port XHDPI Roms To HDPI Devices

Aug 6, 2013

how to port xhdpi roms to hdpi devices? what other steps do we have to take ? im trying to port paranoid android 3.69 to xperia u basing cm 10.1

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General :: How To Transfer TEXT MESSAGES From WP8.1 Devices To Android Devices

May 14, 2014

How To Transfer TEXT MESSAGES from WP8.1 devices to Android Devices ??And also the contacts!!

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General :: Two Separate Google Play Accounts For Two Different Devices And One Gmail Account For Both Devices

Oct 2, 2013

Can I have two separate google play accounts for two different devices & keep one gmail account for both devices?

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Android :: Can Not See Devices On Adb Devices / DDMS / How To Fix?

Nov 1, 2009

I am developing my am on mac (10.5.8), on eclipse and SDK 1.6 and a Vodafone HTC Magic Everything was working ok up to a few days ago. I can not see my device on adb devices. I also got a Sony Xperia and I can not see it on the list either. I upgraded the phone software (the HTC) to 1.6 a few days ago. Maybe that is what caused the change, but I could not be sure.

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General :: Android Port For Set Top Box?

Nov 18, 2011

developing Android port for our high definition IP set top box. We are working to port Android 2.3.4 on an IP STB.

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General :: Take IOS App And Port It To Android?

Sep 20, 2012

Look at this xfinity app http:[url]...

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General :: Diablo Port For Android?

May 4, 2010

Is it possible to make a port of diablo 1 or 2 for android? If so, has it been done already?

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General :: How To Port From Android 2.1 To Higher (CM 7 / 2.2)

Sep 14, 2012

How to port from android2.1 to higher(cm7,2.2) for locked boot loader mobile (flipout) ?

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General :: How To Port 2D PC Games To Android

Mar 30, 2014

I want to port "Desperados Wanted Dead or Alive" and "Robin Hood the Legend of Sherwood" (two of my all time fav pc games) to Android. I used to spend so much time playing these games when I was a lil kid. Amazing games. Dont understand why they havent yet been ported to Android. I reckon they would sell a few millions on the GPlay if the pricing was right. (Profit guaranteed) I would definitely buy them if they were available on the GPlay. Anyway since they are not and probably never will, I am trying to find out how to port these games to android. Since they both are 2D point and click games they would be perfect to play on the android platform and also much easier to port to android than 3D pc games.

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General :: JPCSP Port To Android?

Oct 25, 2010

For those of you that don't know JPCSP is a Java based Sony PlayStation Portable emulator for Windows and Linux. The source code can be found here [URL]

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General :: Linux Game Port To Android

Jul 15, 2013

This is examples of windows game being ported to linux and open pandora.

Jedi Knight: Outcast


Jedi Knight: Academy


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General :: How To Port App From Android 4.1.2 And Make It Work On 4.2.2

Feb 20, 2014

Is that possible to port an app from android 4.1.2 and make it work on 4.2.2 ( Keyboard app ) ? and if it is possible how can i do that ?

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General :: Port Android To A Specific Device?

Oct 28, 2013

I have a tablet that made in China,I couldn't find any ROMs for it. How can I port android to this device ?

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General :: Roku 3 ARM Cortex - A9 Android Port?

Mar 6, 2013

The Roku 3 specs list it as having a Broadcom ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor. Does that mean that it now possible to port Android over to the Roku 3 box?

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General :: Port Over Windows OS And WebOS To Android?

Oct 19, 2012

Is it possible to port over Windows OS and WebOS to android?

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General :: Can't Fix Bootloop On Android 4.3 Port For Nexus 4

Jun 28, 2013

After I saw the leaked Android 4.3 ROM I messed around with the ROM Files to port it to my N4.

But currently I'm hanging in an Bootloop (I didn't expected something else to be honest)I made a logcat but don't know what exactly goes wrong and what I need to change.

I attached the logcat

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General :: Open Source - Holo Port To Android 1.x And 2.x

Mar 13, 2012

Here is my contribution to Android and the Open source..

I just wanted to share my Holo Theme port to Android 1.X and 2.X. This port is fully compatible with ActionBarSherlock and should be really easy to install.

Circle me: [URL] ......

Market (Google Play) link: [URL] ......

For me on Github: [URL] ......

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General :: Port Silver Light Web Application Into Android App?

Apr 24, 2013

Is it possible to port a silver light web application into an android app? How would one go about doing this?

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General :: Guest Mode Port Of LG G2 For Any Android Mobile

Oct 29, 2013

Why there is no port for the guest mode for our android devices ? And if there is any way to port it to any android device or for SGS4 ?

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General :: Android Devices Management

Aug 28, 2012

In my company we are starting one project that will (among other) include e.g. 50+ android mobile devices on the field..So I need to find windows 7 desktop software for managing all of this devices at one place...

To have statuses, check location, lock apps, wipe etc - all regular stuff when administrating device..Is there such software??

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General :: Hacking MIC And GPS Devices On Android

Jun 6, 2012

I would like to hack in to two andorid devices, mic and the GPS device. With the mic I want to get the back ground noise. Measure the intensity of sound for ex - lets say frequency or some dB value (which ever is supported). With GPS obviously the location cordinates.

On the android platform it will be easy to do this as an application. However I want to pass this data to the to achieve that? a user space daemon polling the above sensors constantly(then agian how to write to the kernel space..), or can I get these values in the kernel space itself? (ex- as a bite stream from the device driver).

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General :: Possible To Use Windows On Android Devices?

Jan 24, 2013

Can we use Windows os wp7/8 on android devices?? Just read somewhere that its possible.. Any info?? Xperia Neo V

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General :: Connect 2 Or More Android Devices Together To Each Other Using USB OTG

Sep 6, 2012

I was wondering if it would be possible to connect 2 or more android devices together to each other using USB otg. I have tried stick mount and it does not work. Galaxy Nexus

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General :: How To Port Modules On Non-native Android Device (Beagleboard XM)

Jan 14, 2013

Currently I'm trying to port several modules on a non-native android device (Beagleboard XM). I'm syncing my sources from rowboat. However, I came across this problem which had me stuck for more than a week. How do I compile modules into a .ko file? Whenever I try to compile the modules, it would be listed as .o, e.g. for a wireless driver I am working on, i would get RT2800USB.o instead of RT2800USB.ko that I need.

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General :: Two Android Devices On Same WiFi Network?

Nov 3, 2013

I have two android devices at home, a HTC One S and a Nexus 7(2012). The problem is that when I am using one or another occasionally the wi-fi will simply stop working. I'm still getting full signal in the notification bar, but either Chrome or whatever app that is using the wi-fi will stop retrieving data and eventually time-out or stay on buffering.

I have tried some things including changing the channel my wi-fi is set to from Auto to 6 and Mixed B/N/G mode to N only, but nothing seems to fix this problem except for one thing; turning the wi-fi off on one of these devices. The connections seem perfectly stable when I do this.

I also have a laptop in the house, my girlfriend comes over with her iphone, and I have an ipad from work that I occasionally bring home (I'm a teacher) and none of these devices ever have any issues, it's only the two android devices.

It's almost as it they are sharing the same wi-fi train track and only one can ride it at a time.

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