General :: Native 3G Videocall Dialer?

Mar 12, 2012

I'm trying to find a way to make 3g videcall, not the ip ones like gtalk or skype, but the native UMTS videcall, like Galaxy S Duos.

General :: Native 3G videocall dialer?

General :: Native SIP Dialer In Android 4.3

Aug 4, 2013

I have a Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250) and a Galaxy S4 Google Edition (GT-I9505G). Both unlocked and rooted.

With JB 4.2.2, the native SIP dialer has always worked very well and I could place and receive calls (using my own Asterisk PBX server) without problems.

With the new JB 4.3 OTAs now, whenever I place or receive a call, the incoming audio is perfect but the outgoing voice sounds terrible: choppy and noisy to a point where the people on the other side can hardly understand what I'm saying.

I flashed both units back to JB 4.2.2 and the problem went away, no matter the configuration or the apps installed. Conversely, I can always replicate the problem with JB 4.3, clean setup, no additional apps or services.

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General :: Lost Native Dialer And Contacts App After Upgrading To 4.0.3?

Jul 3, 2012

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note GTN7000 Android Phone with Vodafone Connection in Mumbai.

I upgraded to 4.0.3 last Saturday after which the Phone and Contacts Icon at the Bottom disappeared.

I can't add it from App Menu too as it seems the application itself has been removed somehow.

I don't see them in the list of Application installed in ALL Tab.

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Android :: Google Voice & Native Phone Dialer Control

Oct 4, 2010

how google voice application is taking control of the default phone native dialer? Is it using the public android API? I saw how google voice display a bubble at top and mask the dialed out number in the native dialer. We need to do something like this in our application but I can't find nothing about how to do it. Please google guys give me a tip about if it's native code or public api.

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Android :: Control Native Interface After Pressing Dialer Button?

Nov 14, 2010

I'm working on an android app and I'm stuck. Here's the scenario that I have: The user picks a contact to call The user presses the dialer button to call that contact Android's native dial screen pops up i.e. Dialing Contact screen Here's what I want to do: after pressing the dialer button, is there any way for my app to control what pops up after pressing the dialer button?

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Android :: Return To Application When Back Key Is Pressed From Native Dialer?

Nov 4, 2010

This is what I'm trying to support. Can this be done?

a) User is an Activity A in my app. b) The user is taken to the native dialer when he chooses a particular action in my Activity c) User presses the back key d) Taken to homescreen

Is there a way I can change it, so the back key press returns him to my app, instead of native homescreen?

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Android :: Make A List View Like Favorite Tab On Native Dialer In Droid

Feb 16, 2010

I am making an android application that shows a list with users, I would like to add the image,name,status,and a button in every row of the list, just like in the androids 1.6 native caller-> favorites tab.Until know I have managed to add the image and name using an ListActivity but when I try to add the button the list becomes unselected.So I have 2 questions, first is the list mentioned above listviews or listactivities? also is this possible using listActivity? and second, what is the difference of the above mentioned classes?

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Motorola Droid :: Delete Stock Dialer App If Install And Download Dialer One?

May 27, 2010

Can I delete the stock dialer app if I install and download Dialer One?

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Android :: Want To Replace Dialer App By Another Dialer App?

Feb 10, 2009

We want to disable the default dialer application and install our own dialer application on phone. We want to know how we can disable the default dialer so that it doesn't listen for missed calls, incoming calls and also it doesn't gets launched by other application for making calls instead our application gets launched. Only our dialer application should be listening on it. We want to use same format as existing content URIs supported by default dialer in our own dialer application. Is this possible? If yes then how we can achieve it? We don't want to delete the call log application code or we don't want to remove it from build. We want to have default dialer in device. Our dialer application will be installed later may be by downloading from Internet by end user.

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General :: Unable To See New Dialer After Upgrading To 4.4.2

May 3, 2014

This morning I upgraded my note2 to 4.4.2 however I am unable to see new dialer in my fone

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General :: CM10.2 - Using New Android 4.3 Dialer App

Aug 15, 2013

If the cm10.2 is using the new android 4.3 dialer app? or the cm10.1?

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General :: How To Disable Voice Dialer

Nov 26, 2013

I have a BlueAnt Endure headset connected to my XPZ. Randomly my phone will dial someone from my phone book. I have just realised that it is because I keep the headset in my pocket (when not in use) and if I accidentally lean on it and subsequently press the command button twice within a few seconds it will enable the 'Voice Dialer'. It will then interpret any noise or voice into random numbers or sometimes a phonebook name.

I have called BlueAnt and they tell me that I cannot disable the 'Voice Dialer' command within the unit.

Is there a way to disable this action on the phone? Is this a SONY or an Android thing?

Do I need to install a custom ROM to disable this function?

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General :: Getting Stock ICS Dialer On Sense ICS ROM

Jul 11, 2012

how much work would go into getting the stock pics phone and dialer to work on my HTC hero s with the leaked sense 3.6 update. I'm currently running my own concoction in which everything is stock ics except for the dialer.

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General :: Shortcut Directly To Dialer Pad?

Feb 6, 2014

I would like to setup a shortcut that when I press the icon it goes directly to the phones dialer pad. I had a shortcut on my nexus 5 but cant remember how it was setup.

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General :: Unable To Set Default Dialer?

Feb 19, 2014

I can not set a default dialer. I tried different rom including stock. I have a nexus fourth .And everywhere, always when I click on the notification of a missed call or sms the number should be. So I get the window at you select the application you want to run. I'll give that a Exdialer and always the same with me when the next event will again offer either select an application in which I want to go. Other app are set as default fine. Problem is only the dialer.

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General :: Restore 4.3 Dialer To Kitkat?

Nov 16, 2013

I prefer the 4.3 dialer to the new 4.4 dialer in kitkat. I tried removing google dialer and replacing it with a copy of 4.3's dialer from my nandroid. It sort of worked. The dialer launches and works as you'd expect. However as soon as you press send to make a call, the dialer screen disappears. The call is placed successfully but you can't end it, see the keypad, or speaker options. The in call screen basically disappears. You can still get to call history but none of the call screen options are visible.

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General :: Native ICS Browser App?

Oct 4, 2012

I wonder where can I download the APK of the native ICS browser ?

Cose I need to access some websites that requires certificates and only native ICS browser can read certificates stored on my phone/tablet...

I've tryed Chrome, Dolphin, Opera, Firefox and no one has SSL Certificate support to access on website...

Only native ICS browser ask me which certificate I want to use from thoose stored on my phone/tablet...

So I need the native ICS browser and want to install it on JB devices such as Nexus 7 !

Or maybe there are some tricks to use SSL certificate with others browser on JB ?

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General :: Disable Stock HTC Sense Dialer?

Oct 29, 2012

I have an HTC Rezound. But this issue goes deeper than just the Rezound or even Sense phones.

I installed a dialer app that I *LOVE* is faster and more usable than sense, and even themeable. It works perfectly. The problem is that for incoming called, Sense keeps rearing it's fugly head and forcing me to use it.

I have tried disabling various processes and that damn app still comes up on incoming calls. How to make the fugly Sense dialer go away for good without having to root? I do have ICS installed.


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General :: No Voicemail After Installing Dialer And Visual App

Dec 27, 2013

I installed RocketDial and AT&T Visual Voicemail. I had to change my voicemail password when setting up the AT&T visual voicemail app since I had forgotten it. I can leave a voicemail but new voicemail never appears in the AT&T app or on when I dial the VM thru RocketDial.

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General :: Dialer Integration To Google Maps?

Jul 26, 2012

I am looking for any mod/rom/app which integrate dialer with google maps/navigation.

Android phone is almost perfect device for me but there is one huge problem with navigation when driving and someone call you then dialer covers whole screen when pickup the call.

So far I have found that only htc navigation works well with dialer but unfortunately the only navi app is best for me is Google Navigation. So the question is...

Does exist any application or mod which activating that feature on android phone.

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General :: Deleted Stock Dialer-no Service

Nov 19, 2012

My freind rooted his US Cellular LG Genesis with Gingerbreak. He got exdialer so he thought he can delete the stock dialer, but since he did that the phone has no.service... He has no backup for that stock dialer or a nandroid, and the phone is on stock 2.2.2, so looking for lg stock dialer apk from 2.2.2.

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General :: Phone Dialer Startup Delay

Apr 11, 2012

I turn back on my phone, I have to wait a few minutes before placing a phone call. just wondering if it's my phone, CM7 bug, or just an Android limitation?

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General :: Way To Kill Dialer Task So That It Won't Restart

Jan 3, 2013

So now I fully optimized my galaxy mini, and I have cyanogenmod 7 mebitek slim, I did everything to optimize it, installed V6, overclock 825 Mhz, killed every unnecessary task, even killed launcher by THIS way, have 230 MB free RAM of 279(true free about 205 MB) and now in RAM when I play a game there is just android system task and dialer task, and I was wondering, is there a way to kill dialer, because when I kill it with Task Killer ProMax Mini and select root kill, it kills dialer, but it auto-restart all the time...

So, is there a way to kill it without after killing auto-restart?

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General :: No Sound Or Dialer After Custom S4 Root?

Jan 27, 2014

I recently rooted my phone using odin, and flashed a custom rom. I thought I did a backup of my original hardware but can't seem to get back to it. When using the custom rom, everything works except for sound or any apps that require sound, that includes the phone dialer so I can't recieve or make calls. I tried flashing new roms, I even unrooted and installed the stock s4 bell canada rom. When the phone reboots, it'll say kernel is not seandroid enforcing, and from what I understand, that means that maybe my phone is still rooted? Currently, i'm back to my stock s4 rom, but sound and phone still doesn't work.

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General :: Stock Dialer Converted To User App?

Nov 6, 2013

I have a Galaxy S3 i747 that I recently rooted. I use TWRP, ROM Toolbox Pro, and have a backup of everything. While in App Manager, I accidentally sent my stock dialer to user apps. I see the icon in my app drawer so I know its not uninstalled. But I cannot get to it in ROM Toolbox under user apps to switch it back. Since then I cannot connect to the network as expected. I flashed CM 10.2 to see if that would solve my has not. I can receive incoming calls and SMS but cannot call out. I was also unable to flash Gapps.

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General :: Restore Dialer And Contacts Stock App?

Feb 8, 2014

I was erasing some stuff with titanium backup and I delete intentionally the people app, because I didn't want my phone list on the google account; however deleting people app has broken somehow the dialer too and now I can't use it anymore.

I tryed to delete totally the stock dialer and installing a new one downloaded from google play store but it still doesn't work (I couldn't see while calling).

I tryed to download and use the .apk files from kitkat but none of them works.

My phone is a Moto G and it's rooted.

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General :: Android 4.2.1 / Dialer Not Working Properly

Jan 28, 2014

I am using XOLO Q3000, having Jelly Bean (4.2.1) on it. My Dialer is not working as it use to be in my XOLO Q800 (Jelly Bean 4.1). Dialer have following issues:Dialer doesn't show alphabetic keypad i.e. can't swipe to qwerty keypad Dialer doesn't act smartly i.e. when we type in the numbers it doesn't bring the relevant matches If saved number is come in different format then dialer doesn't show contact details.

e.g. - Suppose I have saved ABCD contact with 1234567890 number. If incoming number come as an 01234567890 then respective contact name is not shown on dialer screen. Same issue persist while dialing the number.

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General :: Phone Dialer Is Blocking Screen

Aug 7, 2012

I have a chinese Iphone copy (MT6573 processor, android 2.2) with a laucher that mimics IOS.

I'm having a problem with the phone dialer. Always when I originate a call, the dialer blocks the screen, what makes impossible to finish the call. The dialer app image is on screen but when I press the button to finish the call or the back button, screen just go black. When I press again, it returns to the dialer screen, but if I press buttons again, the screen is cleared again. The dialer just releases the screen when my interlocutor finishes the call or telco operator finishes the voice mail.

I installed GO Dialer EX and Espier Launcher, but the problem persist.

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General :: Dialer With Swipe Gestures Other Than Exdialer?

Apr 7, 2012

I am in love with the swipe gesture that exdialer has, that is swipe left for sms swipe right for call. But there are a lack of themes for exdialer and also it lacks contacts export and import, ability to set specific ringtone for one contact, etc. So what I wanna know is there any other dialer with the swipe gestures? Or is there anyway to bring it to the MIUI dialer?

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General :: Native Sync With ITunes?

Mar 24, 2012

I am currently using Easy Phone Tunes to sync music from my iTunes Library. It works fine, but I am wondering if there is a way that iTunes can be tricked into thinking my Android phone is an iPod or something and start syncing. No 3rd-party programs required.

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