General :: IPhone Clone (Android 2.3.5) Blinking Apple Logo?

Jan 12, 2013

I have this problem with my iphone 4s clone (like these two: Replika iPhone 4S MTK6573 Android 2.3' - Root Etme and MTK6573 Android 2.3.5 Fake iPhone 4S'in Orijinal ROM Yede─čini Almak in youtube). I installed an app, the iphone clone locker. Then I open it, it worked for few minutes but when press the home button, it asks me if what i'm going to use, that app or the default one. I click the default(accidentally). But it suddenly shuts down! and wont work til now.

whenever i press the power button to open it, i have this logo. But it keeps on flashing only. It only blinking until it runs out of battery.I haven't rooted it before that happened. I did everything. Holding the power button+home. Taking out the battery. But no luck. Still see the blinking logo.I don't what happened, did i bricked my phone? Or it just crashed?

General :: IPhone clone (Android 2.3.5) blinking apple logo?

General :: S4 MTK6589 Clone - Boot Animation Logo

Oct 20, 2013

I was trying to update my s4 clone, but missed click using something called mcm or something and it restore my cellphone to factory data, and know i dont have boot animation logo, i tried to use many programs like boot animation logo changer, rom toolbox but nothing works.

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General :: LG Logo And Blinking Keys Optimus Net P690

Feb 13, 2012

I was adjusting my processor using cpu master when suddenly a blue screen appeared saying "crash! RAMDUMP" .... then my keys began blinking.

i tried to flash it to recovery but its stuck with the LG logo and blinking keys,,,,

but the emergency mode is working though i tried it several times with kdz updater its still has no change..

is my phone bricked?

any other solution besides going back again to service center?

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General :: Gooapple Stuck In Apple Boot Logo

May 13, 2013

My friend's gooapple phone stuck in apple logo. It just charges when i connect to PC noting else.Is there a way to recover this by flashing the any rom via flash tool? is it possible.

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General :: No Image With Clone Iphone 5?

Mar 14, 2014

found a copy for iPhone 5 c

model is : unavalible

problema: not view any image

try to test 75 roms and the problem persist

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General :: Thunderbird I5 LTE Iphone Clone RTL?

Jan 31, 2013

I got the Thunderbird I5 and having issue with right to left (hebrew)

it has Operating System: Android 2.3.6 OS

Processor: MTK6575 2.0GHz(CPU+GPU)
IOS skin

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General :: ALPS IPhone 5 Clone (MT65xx) - How To Install Play Store

Jun 4, 2013

I have bought an ALPS iPhone 5 clone from China. It's an excellent clone phone with pretty good specs.

My problem is trying to install the Google Play Store. I have spent hours and hours researching but cannot find the answer anywhere.

Of course I have tried downloading the play store.apk and installing it, which appears to work and installs find but stops when I launch it.

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Android : Need Calendar App Like Apple Iphone One

Jul 1, 2010

I know this is probably painful to the readers eyes. but does anyone know of a calendar application which is like the Apple Iphone one? it has a great feature where you see if a day has an event via a dot, if you select/highlight this day, then in the margin at the bottom of the screen you see a scrollable list of the days events. I like this as I don't, have to switch from day view to month view, or click each day in turn to see upcoming events. I really don't want to have to learn the SDK to write my own, so here's hoping...

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Android : Apple Fanboy Ceiling - Opinion About Use Of Iphone?

Jun 18, 2010

Disclaimer: I am not trying to start a flame war, I'm just having a bad day and need to rant. If the mods decide this should be locked or removed, I understand.

I am currently the only Android user in my office of about 100 people. I am surrounded by BBs and iPhones. The BB users are okay, but the iPhone users can be extremely trying! (I am the in-house graphic designer, and I use WINDOWS! I am so sick of people looking at me aghast and saying "You don't use a Mac?" when they see my set-up. that's another story though)

I am fortunate enough to get to demo Android units from Rogers Wireless to write reviews on my blog, so in addition to my personal Magic, I get to bring in cool new Android phones to show off. (So far the X10 and Acer Liquid E).

One of my co-workers is looking to get a new phone, so I've been showing him Android. Of course, one of the nosy iPhoneys decided to butt in with "NO, you should get an iPhone! I love my iPhone, it's amazing!" (Yes the exclamation marks were there when he said it).

I replied that Android was just as good as iPhone. The co-worker who is looking for a new phone said "but iPhone is easier to use."

I asked why he thought that, and he replied (gesturing to the iPhone co-worker) "well, that's what they say."

The iPhoney just keeps ranting about how much he LOVES his iPhone. When I suggested he might like to try Android to see if he might like it, he declared "I already love my iPhone, why would I want to try anything else?"

It's so frustrating. It's not the iPhone I dislike, it's the hordes of brainwashed zombies who parrot the marketing of Mr. Jobs, and muddy the whole issue.

I want Android to do well, but it's such a struggle dealing with the Fanboy variable.

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HTC EVO 4G : IPhone Vs Apple - Ingenuity?

Jun 4, 2010

Let me preface this by saying that up until about 9 months ago, I loved my iPhone 3G. Every software update, however, the phone became increasingly slow and frustrating to use. My contract with AT&T was due to expire early September, and I was looking for a new phone to replace it. Unlike many other people that I know, I have had very little trouble with AT&T (their overly high prices notwithstanding), but Apple's general stance on personal freedom and openness I have a serious problem with.

Without boring everyone with the mundane details of how I decided on the Evo, suffice it to say that I am now a (very) proud owner of one as of 8:45am this morning.

After only using the Evo for a few hours, saying I am blown away is an understatement; not only with the Evo's hardware, but with Sense UI and Android in general. From the dedicated menu and back buttons, to notifications, to wireless updates...there is just so much forethought put into every aspect, that it's hard to not be impressed.

After picking my iPhone back up (as I said, after only a few hours), the entire UI and overall software design in general seems so incredibly archaic. This would be understandable, given that it's a 3G (and now over 2 years old), but the sad fact of the matter is that new Apple hardware is running this same software -- even the 'praised' iPad!!

I can say nothing other than "how embarrassing" for Apple, and I really mean that. Android isn't just slightly better, or an "alternative"; it's what Apple should have been striving to do -- be creative and innovative. A quaint little grid of icons, an awful "notification" system, and an overall lack of compatibility (Flash?) are just more nails in the coffin for Apple.

After reading reviews on the Evo and Android in general over the past month or two, I feel very mislead by all of the reviewers (in iPhone vs Droid comparisons) that completely failed to mention this very obvious fact. The idea that anyone would ever buy an iPad (with the same awful software) after experiencing what Android is capable of makes me nauseous.

Needless to say, I absolutely love my Evo thus far. The question for my iPhone now becomes: "Will it blend?"

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HTC Incredible :: Can't Send MMS From Phone To Iphone / Is It Droid Apple Problem?

Oct 9, 2010

I can receive mms from the iphone 3g,3gs, 4g, from all iphones. But I cannot send mms to any of the iphones. Is it me or is it a Droid apple problem?

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HTC Droid Eris : Mac Apple Tether Eris As A Modem For An Mac Apple Laptop?

Dec 11, 2009

Anyone find a way to use their Eris as a modem for an Mac Apple laptop?

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General :: Clone Tablet Android Image

Feb 11, 2013

Is there a way to clone a Tablet to an image, and then load that image to multiple tablets?The Tablets would all me the same model of course, if this was a computer i would use a program like clonezilla. Also The tablets are a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and do not have micro sd card slots. Can not use WiFi to create or restore clone/image with a cloud service(connection is poor and unreliable). Device can not be rooted.

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General :: Android 4.1.1 - Get Root On Clone Device?

Jan 26, 2013

So finally I managed to get root on my clone device . managed to do it with a patched recovery TWRP.

got fully root on the device now an no missing imei

if u have such a device contact me an i can get u the ported recovery

an after install off the recovery u can install the root

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General :: Secure Android Phone Clone?

Sep 2, 2012

App that tunnels my text and whatsapp message to another android device.

Like this scenario:

3G --> message ( whatsapp or text ) --> android device 1 ( proxy ) --> encrypted -->WIFI ( internet ) --> Android device 2

This way i can send and receive messages trough another android device that acts as an secure message proxy.

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General :: Group Texts With IPhone And Non-iPhone Users?

Oct 30, 2013

When a group message is sent between my co-workers, who are all iphone users, and myself (Note 3), one person in the exchange does not receive the text. This is not the common iMessage issue that was plaguing me when I made the switch from Apple to Android. This is specifically affecting one iphone user. When I send her a text individually it is not a problem. The other iPhone users don't have a problem receiving or sending to me.

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General :: How To Stream Netflix From Android To Apple TV

Dec 29, 2013

Is there an android app that would allow an android phone to stream Netflix on my television via Apple TV? I have researched iMediashare and double twist however none of these allow Netflix streaming via Apple TV.

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General :: Downloading And Using Apple App In Android Device?

Aug 21, 2013

I want to download an apple app in my android device because it is from a magazine that doesn't have an android app, only apple. How ca I do it? Is there any software that can turn or emulate my android tablet into an ipad?

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General :: Unrootable MTK6575 S3 Clone

May 20, 2013

i have an MTK6575 phone that seems to be unrootable.

the phone is a samsung galixy s3 clone from china it is made by the company ALPS and is using an s880 board with an MTK6575 chip running android version 4.3.0 version name such a ics or jb is unknown.

you can find a full detailed report on the phone here : my s3 close detailes

ok so far on this phone i have tried

- superoneclick
- oneclickroot
- MTKtools
- root tool
- CWM Recovery
- Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry

notes to remember is that using superoneclick it dose say the phone is all ready rooted ! but i have installed super user and it has no effect and there are no root permissions on the phone.

wen using the recovery options i get the following error ( invalid OTA package ) this phone is using the stock 3E recovery.

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General :: Clone I9500 Bricked?

Nov 1, 2013

I have a clone I9500. It has been bricked while I was trying to install a new rom

how shall I fix it. it has a MT6572 but recognizes as a MT65XX

some softwares says its a MT6589 AND SOME says MT6572

when I start up I keeps rebooting or gets stuck on the screen and I can acces the Boot manager
this is how is the boot manager:


it says alps.

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General :: How To Flash Clone S3 Mini

Jan 18, 2014

I got problems with my S3 mini cloneI want to flash a image with swedish language.. this android doesnt have it..GT-I81904.1.2.

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General :: How To Root Clone S4 I9500

Jul 6, 2013

i have clone s4 and i wanted to root it.

-phone= Vissko V95(s4 clone)
-model = gt-i9500
-android 4.2.9
-baseband = MOLY.WR8.W1248.MD.MP.V6, 2013/05/08 11:19
-kernel = 3.4.5-447903 se.infra@sep-92 #1 sat jun 1 11:01:52 cst 2013
-build number = JDQ39.i9500ZSUAMDF
custom build version = i9868.i9868.02.02.A.A-V02.8-0531

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General :: Can Disable Blinking Cursor

Dec 11, 2013

I am looking to take advantage of the GRAM/self panel refresh/command mode panel on devices like the G2 and N5, but I need to find a way to disable the blinking cursor in text input fields.

I thought this would be a keyboard feature at first, but from what I'm reading, it's baked into the Android OS. Is there a hack(with root) or something that I can do to remove this function all together from my phone(the N5 with 4.4.2)?

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General :: Nexus Galaxy - Clone NFC Card

Aug 23, 2012

I want to use my phone as access card (that my phone recognizes with nfc), is there a way to copy that card and mirror it with my phone? My phone is a galaxy nexus


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General :: How To Install Kitkat 4.4 On Note 3 (Clone)

Jun 2, 2014

i have a clone note 3 and i want to upgarde to 4.4.i dont know where to begin.i installed kies 3 but it doesnt recognize my device

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General :: Making Apple Optimized Headset Mic Work On Android?

Aug 15, 2011

I just got my pair of UE600vi earbuds with a mic and in-line controller.

Everything works as expected (so no volume control), but what I didn't expect was that the built-in mic doesn't seem to work properly. When the cable is plugged in properly I get audio in a call, but the person on the other side of the line says he can't hear anything.. However, if I take the plug out a bit so that one black ring is out of the plug the mic seems to work,(probably because the mic is disabled and it uses the phone mic..) but I only get audio to one earbud.

I contacted Logitech which said that they can do nothing and that it's Android's problem.. However some people say that they've had no problems with apple-optimized headsets apart from the volume buttons.

Desire Z with Virtuous Unity v1.31

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General :: Red Blinking Status Bar When Call Is Active

Jan 8, 2013

When an call is active, the status bar gets green if you don't have the call application open. Is it possible to use NinjaMorph to change this with a .gif or something so it's blinking red?

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General :: HTC Sensation - Screen Blinking (CM10 / Rom 4.2.1)

May 27, 2013

I have installed CM10 4.2.1 ROM on HTC sensation, But after some time, the screen starts blinking, and only stops if i restart the phone.

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General :: Chinese Clone S3 - WiFi Mac Address Keeps Changing

Jun 4, 2013

I got myself a Chinese clone of a galaxy S3 (alps 7102), it has Android's Jelly Bean 4.1.1 operating system on it.

It keeps on changing its wi-fi mac address on reboot which I guess I could put up with, I have seen other posts with similar problems on varying phones and have tried to fix it, as per the methods described for them, but I cant seem to get a fix that works, for my phone I am not very familiar with the android operating system but have some experience with linux.

The phone doesn't seem to have a bootloader as I have tried to boot the phones bootloader with the adb command "adb reboot- bootloader" from my pc but it just boots as usual, I have done a factory reset to the phone as per the instructions from the ebayer that I bought the phone from but that didn't fix it (as you might have guessed) but it did reset the phones serial number to 0123456789ABCDEF which I have no idea why that happened but has added to the issues that I would like to be fixed.

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General :: Galaxy S4 Clone (MTK 6589) Not Booting After Restart

Nov 3, 2013

I' ve got some S4 clone phones and one of them suddenly after a restart couldn't boot. Neither my PC recognizes it as a device. I changed it the battery with other which were fully charged but nothing. I tried to boot in recovery mode or download mode and nothing. The phone is dead.

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