General :: How To Edit Launcher Pro Menu

Jul 22, 2012

How to edit launcher pro menu layout.... i mean changing the options in it..

General :: How to edit launcher pro menu

HTC Incredible :: ADW Launcher / Launcher Pro Installed / Not In Apps Menu?

Sep 1, 2010

I have ADW launcher & Launcher pro installed but i can't seem to find them in the apps menu. If i push home it used to show all three launchers( adw,LP & sense) but now my home button only shows my scenes.

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General :: How To Disable Menu In GO Launcher EX

Dec 23, 2013

I accidentally ticked the box do not show this message when I have the choice to choose if I wanted this menu or not each time I click on settings.Just wondering how I can disable it now ? URL.....

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General :: How To Hide Apps From Menu That Are In Launcher

Apr 5, 2014

When I navigate the menu, it's because I want to access apps that are not in my launcher.

Is there some app out there that makes the apps that you have in your launcher disappear from the menu?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Edit Drop Down Menu's - Way To Remove?

Oct 14, 2009

I buried this in another thread. When I got to my photo album and select the "Share" option. My listing starts off with FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK, FLICKR, GMAIL, etc...

I only have one Facebook app installed. Is there a way to remove one of them?

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Android :: Eclipse Plugin Missing Options Menu To Edit XML's

Jun 18, 2010

I have looked everywhere for the answer to this question, but cannot find anything on it.

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General :: Any Launcher Besides GO Launcher That Allows Custom Arrangement Of Apps In Folder

Mar 1, 2014

Have similar threads >(URL>...)I am looking for an alternative to GO launcher.I have not upgraded my GO launcher since 3.11 due to bloatware.I would like to ask is there any launcher that allows custom sorting of apps inside the folder?For e.g i have created a folder called Games in the app drawer and would like to custom the games sort them instead alphabetical order.

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Android :: Android - Can't Find Launcher Icon In Menu When Exit Application

Oct 31, 2010

I use a file browser to locate the APK, it installs successful and I can run it OK (when clicking "run" after install completes) However, if I then exit the application, I'm unable to see a launcher for it on my apps menu (where I would expect it, like other apps I've created) At the moment, every time I want to run the app, I first have to re-install it so I can access it, surely there must be a better way?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<manifest xmlns:android=""
<application android:icon="@drawable/globe" android:label="@string/app_name"

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Android :: Edit Text - I Dont Want To Edit Before $ Symbol

Oct 26, 2010

In editText I set text as $ . I dont want to edit before $ symbol . i.e edit text doesnt want take any value before $ . ex: $adfdfd correctad$dsdff wrong .like this . how to restrict this one .

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Motorola Milestone :: Launcher Pro Beta Not My Default Launcher

Jun 24, 2010

I just updated my launcher pro beta.. it is now version 18..according to settings now when i press home it just goes to my original launcher and doesn't even prompt me as to what i want my default to be.i have a milestone and i'm rooted! but help. i hate the stock launcher!

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Android :: Launcher - Does Not Show Displayed Activity Log For Launcher

Aug 21, 2009

when I click on launcher it does not show displayed activity log for launcher, it shows it way before during boot up stage. why is this happening?

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General :: How To Edit A ROM

Jan 29, 2012

i can edit an existing rom for the Samsung Infuse 4g such as the stock rom and replace stock apps. I want to just edit some of the system/apps like the stock launcher, stock messaging app, etc and replace them with different ones that i already have downloaded. I don't want to edit any of the really deep/internal stuff just the stock applications that are loaded on the phone.

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General :: How To Edit APK Name

Jul 14, 2012

if I want to edit tha name of any apk .( sure I dont mean the file name ) ,, I mean .. the name that show up when you install it for example : .. there is a CAM Mod .. and I dont want to flash it from recovery ( cuz if I do that ,, it will be the only app for camera ) .. and I dont want that .. but when you install it as APK .. you will get the 2 apps and you are free which one you want to use.

BUT .. if the app is named ( Camera ) .. you cant install it .. cuz there is already an app with that name ..

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General :: GS2SR - Trying To Edit APK

Nov 16, 2011

Just bought a GS2SR and installed a keyboard app to replace the android keyboard however i LOATHE the keypress sound (sounds like an old typewriter). I really like the galaxy s2 keyboard sounds so here's what i've done to solve the issue so far..

-downloaded stock GS2 rom and extracted the .ogg sound files for the keyboard click
-converted .ogg files to .wav(same format as files i am replacing inside the .apk) and renamed them to the EXACT name of the .wav files i am replacing inside the .apk
-download the keyboard .apk and open in winRAR (didn't change file extention)
-inside the .apk i located directory containing the .wav files and deleted them
-from the desktop i dragged the new .wav files into winRAR and dropped them in the original directory
-close winRAR
-resign .apk
-plug phone in and view on PC as mass storage mode.
-click and drag newly edited and signed .apk into the downloads folder on phone
-unplug phone
-install .apk on phone

So the installation went fine. I go into messaging and the keyboard shows up and works perfectly. only problem is i have no keyboard sounds! why aren't my new .wav files playing when i press a key?

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General :: Edit APK With WinRAR Possible?

Jun 11, 2013

I was searching for a tool to edit an apk file and i found Apk Tool on xda but i think it's not, that much easy to work with this program. (for a n00b, like me.. ). I managed to open and edit te file with winRAR, but is this program also capable of proper compiling the app again, ready to use?

I tried it and it worked well i think, but is this possible with any app or other kinds of changes?

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General :: How To Edit SMS Messages On PC

Mar 1, 2012

are there any PC programs out there that let you edit exported SMS messages?

I'm currently using GOSMS PRO, I'm able to backup my messages in either .dat or .xml format. I also use SMS Backup & Restore and it also backs up to .xml format.

I can open the .xml file in a text editor and can edit the message contents from there, but the date format doesn't make sense to me so I was wondering if there's an editor that's GUI friendly?

I also know about apps like Fake Text or SMS Faker etc, but I wanna edit the messages on PC as it's a lot easier and faster.

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General :: Edit Apk Files

Aug 17, 2012

I have apk file how can i edit it? I need to reprogram it.

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General :: How To Edit Kernel Name In Rom

Sep 11, 2012

I have a kernel in my phone and I want to change its name. How to do it


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General :: How To Edit Lib Files

May 23, 2012

how i can edit lib files such as

I mean how can I decompile it and recompile again? So do i have to "decompile" it at all?

Am I right that i can use eclipse for it? But how to do it?

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General :: Can't Edit XML Files

Jan 31, 2013

i have big problem when i opening *.XML file in notepad, notepad++ or Wordpad ;( i have this problem with android xml. i used different XML on different roms and problem is the same ;( and i changed fonts and it dont work. in notepad++ in wordpad

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General :: How To Edit MMI Code

Dec 6, 2013

I have mobile from Korean , and it have one problem in MMI code , when i press ( *101# ) and dial it was closed directly

So i need to know the file responsible for the problem , and i think its java file. My device is rooted.

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General :: How To Edit App Name In Android

May 2, 2013

How to edit app name in android?


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General :: How To Edit PNG Files

Oct 20, 2013

edit some of the .png files(signal icons) in the drawable hdpi folder of system UI.apk after editing in photoshop some black shades exists....

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General :: How To Edit Binaries

Feb 18, 2012

how can I edit binaries? I mean how can I edit binaries like vold,wiperinterface in bin folder? Is it possible? If yes then how and if no then why?

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General :: How To Edit XML Files

Jan 1, 2011

Im just trying to tweak something. Every text editor I've used, including so-called "xml editors", have failed to properly display the contents of any of the android xml files. What will be used to view and edit Android xml?

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General :: How To Edit CWM Recovery Key Value

Sep 22, 2012

I have one question For my Optimus Q2 (LG-LU6500) It's CDMA Rev.A way of Korea Android Phone.

What I got news for you one through a Google translator is writing (이런 망할 구글 발번역) So differently than I intended and can be passed.

Optimus Q2 is have CWM-Based Recovery.But Outflow ICS is public(Open), and the kernel has been updated.

So I Rebuild CWM-Based Recovery With CM Source But I Don't Know "How to Edit CWM Recovery Key Value" A current key value as follows:

Menu : Up
Home : Down
Back : Back
Power : None

I features were selected through a QWERTY enterprise

I Want Change Key value

menu : down
Home : select
Back : back
Search : Chagne Mount Point

What can i do? I don't know what file editing...

====Same Contents====

한국인 분들도 좀 도와주세요...ㅠㅠ
옵큐투에 CWM ICS용 포팅하고 있는데, 어떤 파일을 수정해야 키값을 수정 할수 있을까요...
CM소스로 빌드하고 있습니다.

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Android :: Custom Option Menu To Arrange Four Menu Items At The One Line?

Apr 30, 2010

standard four option menus displays 2 by 2. but i want to know that How to arrange 4 by 1. I just want to custom option menu like that. You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Android Developers" group. To post to this group, send email to To unsubscribe from this group, send email to For more options

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Android :: Contributing Menu Item To The Contact List Context Menu

May 23, 2010

I want a user to be able to long press a contact and be offered a menu item of my own that can run an activity of my own. You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Android Developers" group. To post to this group, send email to To unsubscribe from this group, send email to For more options

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HTC EVO 4G :: Installed Launcher - Back To HTC Sense Launcher

Jun 27, 2010

I downloaded Launcher Pro a few days ago and am loving it. As most of you know that after downloading it, pressing the home button gives you the option of which home screen launcher that you want to..well.. launch..either HTC Sense or Launcher Pro. Well this morning I picked Launcher Pro, but accidently clicked the "don't ask me this again" box before that, so now I'm stuck on Launcher Pro and can't get back to my, or any, HTC Sense launcher. I've gone all through my settings and can't figure it out. I'd like to either get back to my old HTC Sense home screen, get to the DEFAULT HTC Sense homescreen, or get back to being able to have the option to pick which one I want to launch.

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Android :: Launcher Pro Forgets It The Default Launcher

Jul 20, 2010

I've been using LP for about a week (it's great BTW!) and this just started to happen so it could have something to do with the latest update. I've set LP at the default launcher and everything works great. However, if I ever long press the "home" button, go to an application, then press "home" again I get the popup asking me which launcher I want to use. I check the "set as default" box then select LP and everything is good again. It all works until I long press home the next time, then the remembered default is gone and I get the prompt again. I've tried rebooting, clearing defaults, etc.

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