General :: GMail Not Being Pushed To Phone?

Sep 25, 2012

About a week ago, I ceased receiving my Gmail messages automatically. If I go into Gmail and do a manual refresh, the messages will show up. I have a DINC2running stock Gingerbread. The only change I made about the time this happened was the installation of GO Launcher, which I've subsequently removed. I've done a battery pull as well as a data cache clean up, all to no avail.

General :: GMail not being pushed to phone?

HTC Incredible :: Gmail Not Getting Pushed To Phone

May 9, 2010

For some reason my Gmail isn't getting pushed to my phone anymore - it's acting like it's polling or set to manual refresh. I didn't change any settings that I remember. The only thing that changed was an update to the Quick Settings app.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Not Getting Gmail Pushed To Phone / How To Fix?

Mar 10, 2010

I have 2.1 and have had it since the Rom was patched about a week ago. For the past 2 days I haven't been getting my gmail. Has this happened to anybody else? If I manually refresh both of my gmail accounts I have set up, then my emails appear.

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HTC Incredible :: How To Setup Phone Mail App / Widget To Have Gmail Pushed To It?

May 22, 2010

Is there a way to set up the HTC Mail app/widget to have gmail pushed to it?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Gmail Is No Longer Pushed Instantly

Aug 3, 2010

I did the official update today. I didn't mess with the one over the weekend.I use the gmail app for email. Emails are not being pushed instantly as they always have. Did a battery pull, and checked the sync settings, and they are all set to sync as they should be.

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Samsung Epic 4G : Gmail Isn't Getting Pushed Anymore

Nov 4, 2010

My Gmail isn't getting pushed anymore. It worked fine up until yesterday, now I will only get my gmail on my phone if I got to the gmail app and hit refresh. Anyone else having similar issues? Any fixes?

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HTC EVO 4G : Gmail - Better Battery Life Of Having Emails Pushed

Jul 5, 2010

I'm a new EVO owner that came from the Palm Pre. On the Pre, I had the option to "receive email as they come" or to have the mail application check for mail every x minutes. Why do I not have an option like that with the EVO? The only option that I can find re: checking email is to set it up to check for new email every x minutes or manually (click refresh). I'd love to have the emails come immediately (and I want the better battery life of having emails pushed).

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HTC Incredible :: Emails Not Pushed To Phone

May 4, 2010

I am having issues with my Gmail push feature. I opted for the Gmail app instead of the HTC mail app. The only issue is my emails aren't being pushed to my phone. When I go into the Gmail app and click on accounts & check the settings it has Auto Sync checked and also the correct Gmail account. When I go to settings>Accounts & Sync> Auto Sync is checked there as well along with my Gmail account. I have sent numerous test emails from my work PC to my personal Gmail account but the emails aren't popping up as new notifications or even in the Gmail app until I actually open the Gmail app several minutes later. What is going on here? I thought Gmail was supposed to be a true "Push" mail client that worked on the Incredible.

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HTC Incredible : Way To Get Update Pushed To My Phone?

May 26, 2010

well when the OTA was sent out earlier this month for some reason it would not allow me to download it so i pushed download later. Well I still have not received it and everyone i know has gotten it. I was wondering if anyone knows a way to get the update pushed to my phone?

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General :: New Galaxy S4 Deleting All Gmail Contacts Synced In Phone And In Gmail

May 22, 2013

why my S4 is deleting all my contacts from it. I have my contacts synced with my gmail contacts and this has been the case for years. I had a Samsung Infuse before this and have never had a problem. I've had the S4 for about 3 weeks now and this hasn't happened until yesterday. And since yesterday it has happened 3x's. At first I thought it was a Trulia app (realestate app) that I was using to try to call some realtors. I'm not sure if it was a coincidence but the first 2 times I was on the app and my contacts disappeared. How I recovered them was through the contacts recovery feature on Gmail. I would be SOL if I were out and needed to call someone on my contacts list immediately and without access to my laptop.

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General :: Android Not Recognizing Files Pushed Over ADB

Jun 9, 2013

I have a very weird problem regarding adb and Android. I am developing a little script to synchronize a folder's content with another one on the handset using PHP-CLI and ADB. I have no problem with using ADB over PHP but Android has a problem with files pushed via ADB.

Let's say my script found a local folder that is not on the device, to be more accurate, a music folder:

adb push /Volumes/Data/Music/Example.mp3 /sdcard/Music/Example.mp3

The file is successfully pushed BUT is neither recognized by Google Play Music nor by Android File Transfer for Mac. But I see the file via

adb shell ls /sdcard/Music/

and also see it in every file manager I have on my phone.

Why is that and how can I get over it?

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General :: Xperia S - FC Using Keyboard When Pushed To System

Aug 3, 2013

I have an xperia S running rooted stock 4.1.2 jellybean, and I'd like to install a keyboard from the playstore as a system application. The keyboard works fine when installed from the playstore, but when I push it to system (and set the permissions properly) it just force closes and does not work at all.

I've pushed various other apps from the playstore into system and they have worked without fault. Is there something finicky with installing keyboards from the playstore as system applications?

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General :: Still Getting Ads Pushed To Notification Even After Deleting Airpush Apps?

Mar 17, 2013

I am still getting ads pushed to my notification bar even after I deleted all the apps which are using Airpush. How is this possible?

I've tried several Airpush detector apps including 'Airpush Finder' (which found that 2 GoSMS themes had Airpush, so I deleted them). Now there is 0 apps detected using Airpush...however I am still getting ads in my notification bar. The latest one was something like, "40% OFF SALE FOR 100th...Redefine your phone with this 3D Launcher..."

I suspect its coming from the new version of Go Launcher EX which I recently updated, but I have no way to verify it since nothing is being detected. Could it also be some bit of code left on my phone from the previous airpush apps which I deleted? I don't know where its coming from.

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General :: How To Get Rid Of Gmail App From Phone

Nov 21, 2012

So I want to remove the G mail app from my phone or at least not use it. This is more of a privacy issue. I want to use a full featured app like K-9 where I can set a master password so users that I lend my phone to momentarily dont start going into my inbox and other folders.

So is there a way to totally remove the gmail app. If not will just removing my account info from the gmail app (if possible) also unsync me from the other Google services connected to my phone?

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HTC Incredible : Gmail Messages Should Appear On Phone Without Having To Refresh Or Manually Sync Gmail App

May 14, 2010

im not an expert on how push email works, but my understanding is that gmail messages should appear on my phone without me having to refresh or manually sync the gmail app. for a reason unknown to me, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesnt. at night, i shut down wifi and the mobile network to conserve battery and start up the mobile network when i leave for work in the morning. i get notification of new yahoo email, thru the htc widget, almost instantaneously, yet gmail doesnt come thru until i manually sync the gmail app. then during the course of the day, sometimes gmail messages get pushed right thru and other times not at all until i manually sync the app. meanwhile my yahoo mail comes thru flawlessly.

considering gmail is supposed to push and the htc widget does not, this is the opposite of what i expect. as far as settings, i have auto sync enabled for both the device and for the gmail app. while i always assume user error until proven otherwise, in this instance i think i have all the correct settings, which makes sense considering sometimes gmail does get pushed. its just erratic and unpredictable. anybody got any ideas what's going on here?

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Android :: Gmail Won't Send 1MB Photo From My Phone / It Freezes Gmail

Sep 8, 2010

I've got a Sprint Hero and when I try to send a 1MB photo, it basically freezes up my Gmail on my smartphone. Is that normal? I've tried to do it a few times, but it just says "sending" for longer than 10 minutes. It even sort of crashes my phone by hogging all the data and not letting me surf the internet or sync with Remember the Milk and other data reliant apps.I hate this Sprint Hero, by the way (unrooted, running OS 2.1). It's a genuine POS.It's so laggy (takes literally 10 F'n seconds to call someone after I dial the number).I've honestly almost smashed it on the ground twice it's so laggy.When I'm in a hurry, I can't stand it's lagginess.It's amazing to me this phone was released to the public with such an egregious lag time on almost everything I do (most noticeably the phone, which is simple compared to other apps).

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General :: Can't Find Gmail App On Phone

Mar 18, 2012

i need to find gmail.apk in my phone. i read that its located in system/app. but its not there. im using root explorer and i cant find it anywhere. im running absolution 3.7 on my htc inspire. where it is located?

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Nexus :: Gmail On Phone Not Matching Gmail Online

Aug 18, 2010

I noticed last night that the messages on Gmail on my phone weren't matching that of online, evening after forcing another sync. It's basically missing one conversation of (12) emails.I then checked using a desktop client and also installed K-9 on the phone and they both matched what was on Gmail online complete with the missing conversation. However, Gmail on my phone is missing the whole conversation, but has everything else. Any idea's why it'll just miss this one conversation? When I complete a search in Gmail on the phone for content from the conversation, it finds it, but it's just not in my Inbox?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Out Of Stock - Pushed Out From Market

Aug 2, 2010

You know, it just doesn't seem right. In two days it'll be two months since the evo has been released and people are still having a hard time finding the phone due to supply issues? I'm starting to believe that there was a recall or a halt put on the evo due to manufacturer defects. Two months is ample time to get this phone pushed out into the market.

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General :: How To Move Contacts From Phone To Gmail

Jun 19, 2011

So I was smart enough to add all my contacts in Gmail first and then just have it sync to my phone. No problem. But now I have added phone numbers of people as I got them on the phone, but they don't show up in my Contacts on Gmail. How do I get them there?

how do I tell if the contacts are saved on Gmail, the phone, or the SIM card?

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General :: Save Attachment To Phone - Gmail

Feb 28, 2012

I have android HTC device without memory card.When i try to download a file (.apk) from gmail account. I get "the attachment could not be downloaded because the sd card is missing" message.I want to download and install the .apk file.

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Motorola Droid :: How To Keep Root With OTA Being Pushed Out?

Aug 12, 2010

Now that I have rooted, how do I keep it with the OTA being pushed out. Will/can Verizon do a force install?

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Samsung Vibrant :: 2.2 Pushed Back Again

Oct 11, 2010

I know no body wants another thread about 2.2 but I just thought i'd share with you what Talk Android has posted. Samsung UK has announced that 2.2 for Galaxy S will be delayed again.This is really pathetic, they should just tell us it's not coming so we don't wait and dump this device for something that actually works and runs the latest OS.

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General :: Change To New Gmail Account In Existing Phone

Dec 18, 2013

I just created a gmail account/profile and i wanted to use this new account in my existing Samsung S4 which i have login with another gmail account.I manage to remove the old account ID and login with the new ID, all sync was done. BUT i found that some of my existing contact is without name but having the phone number and i am not sure if there is any missing contacts?

Then I retry to login with the old ID and the contacts details came back to normal with one or two without the names.

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General :: Android Phone Text Show Up In Gmail Somehow?

Feb 15, 2014

I'd like to be able to text with people from my computer (which is a new Macbook retina).

Is there a way to direct texts to my google/gmail account? That way, I don't have to keep glancing at my phone when on the computer at work.

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General :: Deleting Contacts And Emails On Phone Without Getting Rid Of Them On GMAIL

Nov 17, 2009

When I set my phone up it loaded every singe contact from my GMAIL contacts onto my phone. I don't necessarily want all of these clogging up my phone, but when I go to delete them from my phone they also get deleted from my contact list in GMAIL. Also the same with emails. If I delete them on my phone, they get removed from GMAIL inbox.

My old blackberry would give the an option of "delete from phone" or "delete from phone AND gmail".

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General :: Xperia P - Track Phone Gmail Account?

Apr 8, 2013

I recently (6/04/13) lost My Xperia P .

The question is ,My gmail account is logged in along with my facebook account on the phone ,I have not installed any antivirus(as i keep puttin new roms into them) ,I Got a call from my friend who said that the I am anline on the gmail,But i was not infront of any comp or so,it hit me that my phone had the account ,even my fb account was online.So i called my number and i realised that ,the person who stole it had taken the sim off. While i was reading about Android Lost app ,I came aross "Google Latitude", that said somethin about track a phones gmail account ..

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LG Ally :: Warning Update Being Pushed - Read

Sep 17, 2010

There is a new update being pushed over the air to the Ally, the update fixes root so do not update if you want to keep velocity and/or root access!!!

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Motorola Droid X :: Way To Get Yahoo Mail Pushed?

Oct 26, 2010

My wife loves her yahoo mail for some reason. She has her Gmail forward to her yahoo mail without keeping a copy in gmail. Now when I send her email, it takes up to 10 minutes before she receives it. I set yahoo mail up through settings>accounts>yahoo mail. She isn't using a yahoo mail app. Is there a way to get instant notification of yahoo mail without forwarding it?

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Motorola Droid X : Need To Get Back To 2.3.15 Ota Pushed Out By Verizon

Sep 28, 2010

ok to be honest i am selling my x but i need to get back to 2.3.15 ota pushed out by verizon. theres an sbf but it takes you to 2.3.13..

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