General :: CWM For Galaxy Young S6312?

Oct 20, 2013

I want to install ClockWorkMod on my samsung galaxy young s6312, stock android 4.1.2 jellybean, rooted. I tried rom manager but it says cwm doesn't support my device. I need a method to flash cwm on my device.

General :: CWM for galaxy young s6312?

General :: Galaxy Young S6312 Stock Recovery?

May 9, 2014

upload the stock recovery tar.md5 file of GT s6312?

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General :: Samsung Galaxy Young GT S6312 - How To Boot

Aug 26, 2013

I Have Rooted My Device And Installed ChianFire 3D And Device Have Restart And Not Booting Ihave Reset User Data In Factory Mode [Home+Vol Up+Power] But This Not Work

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General :: How To Install CWM In Samsung Galaxy Young Duos GT-S6312

Dec 17, 2013

How to install CWM in my GT-S6312 How to the CWM file for my GT-S6312. how to i cwm with nandroid And when i go in recovery mod than select the update from sd they says to me

E:unknown volume for path [/sdcard]

How to install cwm in Samsung Galaxy Young Duos GT-S6312

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General :: Internet Connection Error / Galaxy Young Duos GT-S6312

Aug 23, 2013

I have windows95 pc and an android device(samsung galaxy young duos gt-s6312) but i can't connect internet in pc by using the phone!

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General :: Samsung Galaxy Young Duos S6312 - How To Include CWM Recovery In Kitchen Built ROM

Sep 2, 2013

I did some changes in my phone's ROM via Dsixda's kitchen.

I want to include the CWM recovery in the ROM.

I have the .img file for the CWMR.

How do I add the recovery in the ROM, so I dont have to install it separately everytime?

Also what are the changes that have to be made in the 'updater script'?

I have Samsung Galaxy Young Duos S6312. Stock, rooted, deodexed ROM. 4.1.2 JB

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General :: How To Flash ROM Galaxy Young

Jan 10, 2014

how to flash ROM? I want change my stock ROM to CM7

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General :: How To Root Galaxy Young GT-S6310

Nov 2, 2013

root my galaxy young. iknow how to root galaxy s1 with odin and pit file CF-Root-XX_OXA_JVT-v4.3-CWM3RFS is there any cf root for galaxy young?? and then i just put it on pda in odin and will root the phone.

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General :: Galaxy S6312 - Phone Hangs Much More After Rooting?

Oct 6, 2013

I have a samsung galaxy young s6312. My phone has stock android 4.1.2 jellybean. I rooted it with framaroot using gandalf exploit. Its been 2 days since I rooted my phone, and it has freezes four times in these two days. By freezing, I mean that when I am playing a game, it suddenly stops responding and the screen goes black. I have to take the battery out and reinsert it. This never happened to me with my non rooted phone.

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General :: Moving Games To Ext SD Card - Samsung Galaxy S6312

Jun 3, 2013

I have a rooted phone (using framaroot) and i tried to move my installed apps and games to my ext sd card (san disk class4 8gb) using link2sd app but it always failed and give an insuffient memory error.. GT-S6312

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General :: Root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S6312 Without Voiding Warranty

Dec 24, 2013

Basically i just got my hand on this device and the last thing i want to do is to void my device's warranty. hence i need a way to root my phone without voiding it's warranty.

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General :: Samsung Galaxy Young Pro G70 - How To Install Kernels From Start

May 11, 2013

I would like to know how to install kernels from the start and step by step. and if it affects the operation and information each i have the samsung galaxy yp-g70 (player 5) whith phisic boton

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General :: Installing CWM On Samsung Galaxy S6312 / Stock Android 4.1.2 Rooted

Oct 9, 2013

I want to install cwm on my samsung galaxy young s6312, stock android 4.1.2, rooted. I want to know that if I install cwm using rom manager, have I got the risk of bricking my phone????

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General :: S6310 - Galaxy Young Simlock Unlock / Cannot Open This Path

Dec 24, 2013

I would unlock simlock on my Galaxy Young s6310.

Earlier on Galaxy mini/mini2 I used the method ../bml5 but in this Galaxy The Terminal Emulator displaying "cannot open this path"

If there is any way to remove simlock.

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General :: Samsung S6310n Young Bootloader Disabled?

Jun 14, 2013

I just bought an s6310n young. And when i try to get it into recovery mode or download mode it wont show the android robot i just get the samsung screen and after awhile it turns black and reboots. I updated to version 4.1.2.. So my question is is it possible to enable the bootloader i see you can do it on s9000i. Can this process be done on this phone too?

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General :: Galaxy GTI 8150 (Galaxy W) - How To Flash Original Rom Back

Feb 24, 2013

i,m rooting my galaxy GTI 8150 (Galaxy W) and i,m use custom rom cyanogen mod, and i want ask u to flash original rom back to my phone...? i,m try using odin to flash it..but some error say: <ID:0/007> Can't open the serial(COM) port.> they cant flash it...why...? and how to fix it..?

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General :: Galaxy S4 Not Recognized Through USB (Mac)

Aug 26, 2013

When i plug my phone into my mac at work, the computer doesn't recognize the phone and the phone doesn't recognize that it's been plugged into a computer. it starts charging but no alert about being plugged in by usb, and i can't gain access to options like choosing ptp or mtp. on the mac, android file transfer just says "no device found" as if nothing were plugged in.

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General :: DVD Movies To Galaxy S4?

Feb 27, 2014

put dvd movies(movies i currently own) onto a S4?

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General :: Galaxy S1 - Cannot Get Any Display

Jul 16, 2011

I purchased a galaxy s1 on ebay. Probably first mistake as it was "near new". It worked for a little while then started to do weird things, like having the display upside down, different colours in the screen display and not being able to turn on etc. I fiddled around and probably stuffed things up.

I have tried the three button set up system and have have used Kies to update drivers etc.

Now I have a black screen but I hear the start up sounds and the buttons on the bottom light up. No matter what method I try I cannot get the samsung symbol and start up display. I cannot flash because I cannot get any display.

I have purchased a usb jig and am awaiting delivery.Are there other operating systems that I can install. If so, what and how would I go about it.

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General :: Galaxy S4 Has No More Memory?

Mar 16, 2014

Seems I used up all my memory in the Galaxy s4 to the point where I can't receive e-mails and I can't even open up pictures. I have a lot of videos and pictures.

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General :: Best SD Card For Galaxy S4?

Jul 19, 2013

just got a galaxy s4 phone a week ago! The thing is I have my music on the phone and it is taking up a lot of space plus I love to take lots of photos. I would like to get a 64gb sd card what is the best brand? and I would perfer to get it on amazon. I see that samaung has one and sandisk I am guessing it is better to go with samsung sd card?

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General :: Galaxy S4 Comma Key Is Gone

Apr 7, 2014

so ive been using my Galaxy S4 standard keyboard when im texting, and i use the comma key (to the left of the space bar) quite regularly. the other day i held the key and some icons popped up for settings and other icons... well i clicked on the cog (which represents settings) and now i cant get the comma back on that key. so whenever i want to use a comma, i have to switch the keyboard to the page of punctuation and select comma which takes way more time than necessary. get the comma back on that convenient key?

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General :: Galaxy S2 Got Wet And Now Won't Turn On

May 2, 2014

I was holding my phone and wanted to wash my hands, so I placed my Samsung S2 next to the sink (I was pretty dumb, I should've put it inside my pocket instead. ) , and while washing my hands, the water jumped and hit my phone and my phone was about to die (1% Battery) and it died at the same time.

But my phone went to Factory Mode, you know that things like, "Factory Mode" and stuff "Don't turn off", so I didn't turn it off and waited, after that, the phone died. I tried turning it on and didn't work and so I thought, "Why am I testing it when it died?", so I tried to charge it, the phone went to the "Samsung Galaxy" thingy like the very first thing to see when you just turned it on, but then after a while, it died again, then it does it again, just repeating. I tried using a USB cable and it did the same.

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General :: Galaxy S3 - GPS Tracking

Feb 21, 2013

I am an outdoors person who really depends on GPS tracking. The only app I have tried is Google's "My Tracks". Although it has potential and some cool features like working with Google Earth. The app itself has been very unreliable. Tracking way off coarse, back tracking traces that never happened. Stats that are insane...

I really hope it is the app and not a inadequate GPS system built into the Galaxy s3.I know there are many other GPS trail apps available.

I have tried using an app called "Gpsfix". I did not notice any change.

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General :: Can't Get Own DVD Onto Galaxy S3 With Handbrake

Dec 2, 2013

I want to put the DVD movies I own onto my Samsung phone and I Google and many people said Handbrake is very good. So I tried but the result is not satisfactory. I don't know what the problem is, but every time i scan the DVD, handbrake just quit with no reason.

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General :: How To Unroot Galaxy S 4G

May 11, 2012

How Unroot Samsung galaxy s 4g

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General :: Rooting Galaxy Tab 7.7?

Nov 12, 2012

rooting the Samsung Galaxy 7.7? I really like the tablet but I know it could be sooo much better! I have never rooted any of my other devices but I think I am willing to take the leap on this one if it's possible.

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General :: CM9 V4.0.4 ROM For Galaxy I5500?

Oct 1, 2012

needed CM9 4.0.4 ROM FOR i5500..mad manager link is dead.

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General :: Galaxy S 4G Keeps Turning Off

Mar 3, 2014

I recently started using a galaxy s 4g. Well, it worked perfectly until i plugged it into the charger. Every time i connect my charger the phone shuts off but when i disconnect the charger it turns back on and works perfectly fine.

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General :: How To Root Galaxy S3

Nov 9, 2012

How do I Root my Galaxy S3? Also I feel like my S3 is too simple. How can I advance it?

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