General :: How To Root Galaxy Young GT-S6310

Nov 2, 2013

root my galaxy young. iknow how to root galaxy s1 with odin and pit file CF-Root-XX_OXA_JVT-v4.3-CWM3RFS is there any cf root for galaxy young?? and then i just put it on pda in odin and will root the phone.

General :: how to root galaxy young GT-S6310

General :: S6310 - Galaxy Young Simlock Unlock / Cannot Open This Path

Dec 24, 2013

I would unlock simlock on my Galaxy Young s6310.

Earlier on Galaxy mini/mini2 I used the method ../bml5 but in this Galaxy The Terminal Emulator displaying "cannot open this path"

If there is any way to remove simlock.

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General :: CWM For Galaxy Young S6312?

Oct 20, 2013

I want to install ClockWorkMod on my samsung galaxy young s6312, stock android 4.1.2 jellybean, rooted. I tried rom manager but it says cwm doesn't support my device. I need a method to flash cwm on my device.

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General :: How To Flash ROM Galaxy Young

Jan 10, 2014

how to flash ROM? I want change my stock ROM to CM7

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General :: Galaxy Young S6312 Stock Recovery?

May 9, 2014

upload the stock recovery tar.md5 file of GT s6312?

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General :: Samsung Galaxy Young GT S6312 - How To Boot

Aug 26, 2013

I Have Rooted My Device And Installed ChianFire 3D And Device Have Restart And Not Booting Ihave Reset User Data In Factory Mode [Home+Vol Up+Power] But This Not Work

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General :: Samsung Galaxy Young Pro G70 - How To Install Kernels From Start

May 11, 2013

I would like to know how to install kernels from the start and step by step. and if it affects the operation and information each i have the samsung galaxy yp-g70 (player 5) whith phisic boton

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General :: How To Install CWM In Samsung Galaxy Young Duos GT-S6312

Dec 17, 2013

How to install CWM in my GT-S6312 How to the CWM file for my GT-S6312. how to i cwm with nandroid And when i go in recovery mod than select the update from sd they says to me

E:unknown volume for path [/sdcard]

How to install cwm in Samsung Galaxy Young Duos GT-S6312

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General :: Internet Connection Error / Galaxy Young Duos GT-S6312

Aug 23, 2013

I have windows95 pc and an android device(samsung galaxy young duos gt-s6312) but i can't connect internet in pc by using the phone!

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General :: Samsung Galaxy Young Duos S6312 - How To Include CWM Recovery In Kitchen Built ROM

Sep 2, 2013

I did some changes in my phone's ROM via Dsixda's kitchen.

I want to include the CWM recovery in the ROM.

I have the .img file for the CWMR.

How do I add the recovery in the ROM, so I dont have to install it separately everytime?

Also what are the changes that have to be made in the 'updater script'?

I have Samsung Galaxy Young Duos S6312. Stock, rooted, deodexed ROM. 4.1.2 JB

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General :: SGY S6310 - Recovery Stuck?

Oct 23, 2013

i have Samsung Galaxy Young S6310 rooted with CWM and orig kernel. Today i entered in recovery mode with Quick Boot app show some CWM recovery features to my friend and when i select ''reboot system now'' it show Samsung logo and CWM was back. Every time. Simple i cant start my phone. I can only enter to Recovery and Download mode. I search some posts, where peoples have same problem. Somebody said that I need to flash original recovery, i have it, but my USB debugging is off and Odin have trouble find my device. I have installed drivers on pc. Last thing - i havent got backup, so i am here.

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General :: Samsung GT-S6310 Swap Internal To External Memory?

Nov 8, 2013

i own a Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6310, and i'm too disperate with my internal memory... i have tryed many methods:

1. Editing Vold.Fstab file, but it's impossible because it will not show internal Mount Point.

2. Searched on Play Store and downloaded "External 2 Internal" app and i have installed it, then i have swapped memory, but internal and external shows same values...

3. Downloaded "Link2SD" app and i have created a Ext2 partition on my SD Card... but nothing (shows my memory is emulated)...

I will increase my internal memory because i must download games...

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General :: Samsung S6310n Young Bootloader Disabled?

Jun 14, 2013

I just bought an s6310n young. And when i try to get it into recovery mode or download mode it wont show the android robot i just get the samsung screen and after awhile it turns black and reboots. I updated to version 4.1.2.. So my question is is it possible to enable the bootloader i see you can do it on s9000i. Can this process be done on this phone too?

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General :: How To Root Galaxy S3

Nov 9, 2012

How do I Root my Galaxy S3? Also I feel like my S3 is too simple. How can I advance it?

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General :: How To Root Galaxy S II

Apr 7, 2012

I really want to get pure ics on my galaxy s II. Currently i'm on 2.3.4 gingerbread, unrooted.

I have asked a few questions about how to root my phone, and found a pretty straight forward tutorial, that users on xda have said is great to follow:


Rooting the phone appears to be pretty straight forward using the above tutorial, but finding the correct rom is what im not so sure about.

Users on xda have told me to use:


The only problem is, how do i know which one to use, i gather its going to be the 4.0.3 roms, but there are so many varients for different countries, which one is for me?

Does it matter which one i choose? Is there differences between them?

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General :: How To Re-root Samsung Galaxy S4

Jun 26, 2013

I originally rooted my S4 using the ODIN3 v3.07 and CF-Auto-Root-jflte-jfltexx-gti9505.tar.md5 method.

I then unrooted, using the settings to fully unroot in SuperSU app, to try and get an official update (which obviously didn't work).

I can't seem to re-root using the same method, probably because ODIN flash is still on my phone.

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General :: Galaxy S3 I535 - Getting Rid Of Root

Oct 3, 2012

I have a galaxy s3 i535 on verizon wireless. I am currently rooted and have CWM and a backup of CyanogenMod10 (jellybean). I am currently on stock ICS my phone shipped with. My question is how to i get rid of CWM and my root. I want to be ready for JB OTA. Also, does my bootloader need to be locked when i accept OTA updates? I want my phone back to just like it came when i took it out of the box.


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General :: Does Z4root Root Galaxy Tab 7.7

Apr 7, 2012

I have the galaxy tab 7 7 with Honeycomb. I would like to know if the z4root root the galaxy tab 7.7?

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General :: Root And Recovery On HDC Galaxy S4 EX

Oct 3, 2013

I have recently purchased two HDC Galaxy S4 EX phones which have the MTK6589T 1.5GHz CPU and 2GB RAM/32GB ROM.I have been trying to get a CWM Recovery installed on it as well as rooting it but so far I have had no luck at all.

Firstly, I tried using MTK Droid Tools to modify a dump of my ROM and uploaded the recovery back to the phone using this procedure: URL....I did this by dumping the ROM off phone 1 (which I was avoiding starting up until I had a stock ROM backup) while I was playing around with phone 2. Phone 2 was booting into recovery mode by holding VolumeUp + Power and booting into a chinese factory mode by holding VolumeDown + Power. The recovery mode was very basic and did not have CWM.

I dumped the ROM from phone 1 with SP tools, created a modified recovery image with MTK Droid Tools and downloaded that to phone 2. I could not load either recovery mode or factory mode any more. No matter what key combination I tried the phone would just boot normally. I flashed back the unmodified recovery image and had the exact same problem. It wasn't until some time later I tried booting phone 1 and found it did not boot into recovery mode at all either . Unfortunately I only dumped the ROM from phone 1 and not phone 2 so I don't have a copy of the recovery image that seemed to boot ok on phone 2

So anyway, I have tried flashing a whole heap of recovery images from all sorts of HDC S4 sources but I have never been able to boot into any form of recovery mode with any of them. They ALWAYS just boot normally using either volume up or volume down. I'm not sure if that is because all of the images are for the 1.2GHz CPU instead of the 1.5GHz CPU.

The second problem is that I cannot root this phone at all.I have tried the motochopper exploit which seems to be the only root option I have found for these phones (there are lots of options but they all appear to be the same tool).When I run that root tool it copies the pwn, su and busybox to the phone fine but whenever it runs the pwn script it just comes up saying "Failure" without any explanation why.The same thing happens when I try to use the root option with MTK Droid Tools.So I'm at quite a loss right now, I can't get a CWM recovery image working and I can't get root....

I've tried flashing some of the HDC S4 ROMs but so far none of them have booted (I'm guessing because it is the MTK6589T model?).The only option I have had is to flash back my original ROM dump.

Is there any way to alter a recovery image to change the boot keys it uses?Are the boot keys even defined in the recovery image? is it maybe something else like the preloader or boot image I should be trying to change?I can't wait to start customizing my own ROM for this phone...

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General :: How To Root Galaxy S3 (GT - I9300T)

May 22, 2014

I use framaroot but it is giving error #6 and only aragorn method is listed to root it without pc

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General :: How To Root Galaxy Advance

Jan 21, 2013

root galaxy s I9070 version XXLK2 advance.Anywhere I can find a link to this version...

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General :: How To Root Galaxy S4 SGH - M919V

Nov 22, 2013

I want to know how to root a galaxy s4 code SGH-M919V

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General :: How To Root Galaxy SII GT-I9100G

Jun 16, 2012

how to root GT-I9100G with below spec.

Build Info: Thu Dec 22 14:58:59 KST 2011
Model: GT-I9100G
Android: 2.3.6
Baseband version: I9100GDKL3
Kernal version:
se.infra@SEI-43 #2

Had tried SuperOneClick2.3.3 and DooMLoRD_v4 but both fail.

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General :: How To Root Samsung Galaxy S2

Feb 10, 2012

My Samsung Galaxy 2 Info:

Model No: GT-I9100
Android Version: 2.3.4
Baseband Version: I9100XXKI1
Kernal Version: #2

Basically,only just got it, been very anxious around rooting my phone so finally built the courage to eventually do it.

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General :: How To Root Galaxy Fit Running CM 10.1

May 22, 2013

The procedure below is the same?


The specs of my phone are:

Galaxy Fit S5670
CM 10.1 By Erikcas

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General :: How To Root Galaxy 5 (GT-I5500)

Mar 22, 2012

I tried to root Galaxy 5 (GT-I5500) which runs Android 2.2 and it just looks impossible. Programs I tried to use are Super One Click, z4root and Universal Androot.

Problem with SOC is that it stops responding after 2 messages appear:

Killing ADB Server...
Starting ADB Server... daemon not running. Starting it on port 5
After this it stops working... (Have the drivers for the phone and ADB stuff installed!)

The problem with z4root is that after "Acquiring root shell" my phone vibrates and just kicks me out from the program with no messages/warnings.

Universal Androot (1.6.2 b5) Says it's unable to root and that's it.

It seems that this phone has some kind of protection because I saw many other people unlocking this phone with all 3 programs I mentioned.

I got this phone from VIP SRB and I heard that if you buy a phone with contract like I did, they will somehow lock it to make it almost impossible to root. How to crack that protection that this phone has (If it has one) and how do I finally root it.

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General :: How To Root Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300T)

May 22, 2014

I use framaroot but it is giving error #6 and only aragorn method is to root it without pc. GT-I9300T

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General :: How To Root Samsung Galaxy Y V2.3.6

Jan 25, 2013

I'm new to android. and thinking to root my Samsung galaxy y 2.3.6. so when I'm searching over internet there are so many files, then where can I find reliable one that is 100% compatible for sgy. does every file differs from other? and what are the precautions to avoid bricking?does one click method works fine? I don't like to have any custom Rom but just simply want to root my phone.

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General :: How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4

Jan 30, 2014

i have a galaxy s4 GT-I9505 and i want to root it. I never done a root in my life so i don't know how to made it. I would like to install this one S4 Google Edition - 4.4.2.

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General :: Double Root Galaxy Tab 8.9?

Nov 15, 2012

I think I have double rooted my Galaxy Tab 8.9 - but my tiny technical mind is thinking they have probably cancelled eachother out... or probably the second root did not work because the first root file was still present? in any case it is not allowing me to remove bloatware / Superuser App appears to be not granted root access so my rootin tootin first dive into tablet hacking has gone awry!

I have a UK Galaxy Tab 32Gb 3G (GT-P7300). I tried installing two separate root zip files via the standard recovery mode, one of which (my first attempt) should have been flashed/installed in CWM recovery - but wasn't. I then did factory reset, and tried the standard root advice as given on the top of teh XDA Developers GT 8.9 thread.

I have tried backing up to an old back up via KIES, and also a regular factory reset, but neither seem to get me back to square one (i.e the Superuser app is still installed in both cases)....

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