General :: Android 4.0.3 HTC ONE V - Hard Reboot / Crash During Calling?

Jun 5, 2012

When calling, roughly 3 out of 10 calls my phone just spontaneously reboots. It does no matter if I get called or if I am calling. It usually happens straight after a connection is established but in rare cases it also happens during the call. It had this since the beginning when I even did not install 1 app yet.

Other then the calling issue the phone is working flawlessly. I am running the stock Android 4.0.3 HTC ONE V (which I recently rooted, but the problem exists already before the rooting)

Below are the logs for one such crash

System log during call and crash reboot (at around 17:33):

06-01 02:59:14.756 W/webview ( 9435): at
06-01 02:59:16.738 W/ResourceType( 6913): getEntry failing because entryIndex 280 is beyond type entryCount 164

General :: Android 4.0.3 HTC ONE V - Hard reboot / crash during calling?

General :: Can't Connect To Camera After App Crash Without Reboot

Dec 12, 2013

I am running a CM11 nightly of KitKat 4.4.1 on a VZW Note II, however I have had this issue with other devices, carriers, Android versions, etc. so I have always assumed it is just the way Android works.

Basically if an app that is currently using the camera (Camera app, barcode scanner, etc) crashes or hangs and gets force-closed, opening any camera app after that seems to always give me either a "can't connect to camera" error or a black screen instead of the viewfinder. In these cases, a simple reboot fixes the issue and I can use the camera again, but this is inconvenient for two reasons:

1. A reboot on my phone takes 45-60 seconds, by which time whatever I wanted a picture of is usually gone or changed.

2. Rebooting means that any apps that don't save the data constantly but run in the background are restarted and I lose the progress. Mainly I am referring to Chrome incognito tabs, but also apps that don't save in-progress data such as puzzle games or video players.

With my limited knowledge of Linux and my slightly less limited knowledge of operating systems in general, I know that sometimes a temporary lock file is Created to prevent other apps/programs from modifying or accessing a file or program until the lock is released. Does that kind of situation apply here, such as a camera lock file being created when camera access is started and then not able to be released if the app crashes.? Also, if that does apply, would manually deleting the lock file or creating a script that does it for me when it is run allow access to the camera again without rebooting? And if that doesn't apply, is there any way to regain camera access without rebooting when this occurs?

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General :: Every Reboot Is A Hard Reset?

Mar 21, 2013

I have an lg c800 -- mytouch q by lg

I rooted it yesterday and removed all the bloat. I also installed several root only apps to optimize the phone. It ran smoother than even right out of the box.

So, I figured it be a good idea to backup the rom, and maybe later try cyanogenmod... So I installed Rom Manager by clockworkmod

It said i needed to install clockwork recovery rom. I went in there but it said my device was unsupported (only like 12 were) so I backed out, and stupidly hit TWRP listed under "Recovery Already Installed". (thinking that meant what options I had to SETUP a recovery/backup)

I hit backup rom. almost instantly the phone restarted. After the bios, but before android it went to a screen with a box, and an arrow pointing from the inside of the box to the little android man. Then went to the regular android boot screen. It does this every reboot now. The SuperSU is still there, whenever Rom Manager (which I have to reinstall each reboot) asks for root access I get that dialog box, so it hasn't actually hard reset the phone I don't think. But all the user data, contacts, apps, wifi passwords, google id "(to access Play) get wiped out.

I understand what I did wrong. I think I understand what its doing (booting to the factory rom as it was, and I can't set it to stop doing it each reboot)

what I had previously, among other things, I had a bunch of tasker profiles and notes that will be time consuming to replace.

EDIT: SuperSU is now listed among the factory installed apps. This is unchanged each reboot.

Question: If I unroot the phone what that invalidate Rom Managers ability to run before android boots?

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Android :: App Causing Crash/reboot Cycle

May 20, 2010

So I have 2 reports now of my app causing a crash/reboot cycle the user can't always break from. I cannot reproduce this on my phone, and I am wondering what might be causing something like this? Would running out of memory or something cause this? Because I can't reproduce it, I can't look at the logs or anything.

Has anyone experiences anything similar? For reference, my app runs a foreground service which utilizes the AlarmManager. It starts automatically on boot_completed (which is probably why the cycle happens). One of the users who reported this, said it only happened when they plugged their phone into a PC.

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Android :: Retrieve Logcat Before Crash (reboot) On Real Device

Jul 29, 2010

I am developing an application and during my testing on a real device I have found that it will crash and cause the phone to reboot (worrying I know)Is there any way I retrieve the logcat from before the phone rebooted as the logcat seems to reset when the phone boots up.

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Motorola Droid X :: Difference Between A Soft And Hard Reboot?

Jul 21, 2010

Whats the difference between a soft and hard reboot?

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Android :: Crash In After Calling Images.Media.insertImage

Feb 23, 2009

I'm running android sdk v1.1-r1 testing with a T-Mobile G1 device HT841GZ04082. I have a jpg on the sdcard that I want to add to the photo viewer. I do this quite simply with the test code...

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General :: Android 2.2 Market And Gmail Crash On Start?

Dec 30, 2012

2.2 tablet running wifi used to work perfectly with my gmail account. Gave it to my daughter and reset to clear my data. Since reset when either market or gmail opened they crash instantly. Gmail on its browser works. Youtube works eg can sign in with daughters gmail account.

Have been fighting this issue for several hours with no joy - removing the sync account and adding it again. Under 2.2 there are no option for any account type other than exchange so the Exchange incoming settings are thusly:

[x] use secure connection
also, checked or unchecked [x] Accept all XXL certificates
Background data is enabled.

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General :: Bricked Android Tablet - No Launcher And SystemUI Crash?

Mar 14, 2014

I have a Matricom .TAB Nero 7" tablet running Android 4.0.1 and I have accidentally bricked it. I tried changing the resolution in build.prop to 130 and the launcher and SystemUI repeatedly crash on boot. I can't open any apps and I can't get into recovery mode. When I use Vol Up + Power it goes to an Android guy on his back with a red triangle with a ! in the middle, but no options to go into recovery mode. Is there any way I can rescue my tablet with my computer or another tablet?

I forgot to mention that using Vol Up + Power on the red triangle screen does nothing at all. I have Android SDK installed on my computer, can I do anything with this? The firmware version is 1.5 and the model number is SoftwinerEvb. The build number is nuclear-evb-eng 4.0.1

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General :: Free Ram 0.0 Bytes Android 4.1.2 - Low Memory Msg For All Apps / Frequent Crash

Sep 1, 2013

I bought iball andi 5li android smart phone a few days back. The configuration of the phone is:

512mb ram
4gb internal
1.2ghz cortex a9 processor
android 4.1.2

Although my device runs almost every app out there (including temple run, subway surfers etc.) but occasionally im facing problems.

Problem occurs after 3-4 days of restarting the phone. When i restart and check the ram usage it says 350 mb (approx) as used and 150mb(approx) as free ram every app runs smoothly but as days pass by gradually the free ram starts decreasing down to 30 mb where all the apps (games and browsers) start crashing with a low memory message. then the conditions get worse after approx 2 hrs free ram is now 0.0 bytes and even the launcher,settings etc crash with a low memory message. The only solution out is to restart the phone.

[used androids before and is quite aware of closing or killing apps but none is working]

Already Tried:
# removing apps from recent list
# stopping apps from Setting>apps>running apps & cached apps as well
# restoring to factory defaults
# used ram freeing apps (no change on ram)

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General :: Crash Sdk Manager W8 Pro X64?

Mar 17, 2013

I tried to download many times adt-bundle with sdk and eclipse but it doesn't work. I installed also jdk 1.7 and i created two environment variables: first, java.exe and the second in platfor-tools. However it doesn't work, when I try opening SDk manager it crash after a second, tried also as administrator.

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General :: App Crash Causes Phone Restart

Jul 22, 2013

I own a Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone (GT-I9100) and have installed NeatROM Lite (build number: XWLSW NeatROM Lite v4.8).

I'm developing apps and each app crash (for example occured NullPointerException) causes to freeze the device and after some minutes maybe to hot reboot (NeatROM splash screen but I don't need to enter my SIM PIN again).Maybe, because sometimes it reboots by itself, but sometimes I need to hard shutdown the device (pressing and holding the power button).

I tried to debug the application, but the only information I could get was that an exception of type RuntimeException occured.When I activate the debugger for the crashing app, the phone will not restart. The crashed app will just close.

I guess that something is wrong with the "app crash" dialog from android. I've never seen this dialog on NeatROM and when it should appear, the described procedure happens.

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General :: Crash Log / Event Viewer App?

Feb 22, 2012

Lately i have been finding my phone has been shutting itself down (or frezzing off) for some reason.

What is causing this (except i know its not dead battery).

Any way to view an event log type thing (similar to what PC Windows has)

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General :: Crash Notifier And Logger?

Jul 8, 2013

Is there an app that notifies me the user about that my jelly bean phone has just crashed, with the exact time and date and is also logging in a database, so I can look it up later? Is there an app like that?

My phone, ever since moving to cyanogenmod 10.1 (considered stable) is rebooting randomly pretty much every day. Sometimes, during the night it might be even doing this without me knowing. I want to calculate a stability index (also for other OS) based on the run time and the crashes (unwanted restarts) that the OS is doing. If the crash frequency goes over a certain threshold, the user can be warned that his OS is unstable and unreliable at the moment and that she should not rely on it.

I want to be able to use encryption again, but cannot if I want to be able to use the alarm clock and depend on it waking me up.

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General :: Android Black Screen After Doing A Hard Reset

Aug 3, 2012

Recently my phone feel so slugish and the mp3's are not playing on any music app. Ive searched through the internet that if i do a hard reset and clean dalvik cache that should fix it. But when i done that something went wrong with my android phone. It boots with no problem but when the boot finishes the screen just go black. I know it is booted cause it vibrates when i press the buttons(haptic feedback) but its just black screen. Im using mt6516 android platform phone. Cherry Mobile Candy to be exact.

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General :: Samsung Galaxy S3 Crash After Update

Feb 23, 2014

I can't open gallery,video,paper artist,photos,music apps.

When i open the camera he dont show to me any that i can use for to make a foto or video.

I can't downlaod nothing from the google play,only from samsumg apps.

The touchWiz Home isin't resposing very ofen.He dont show to me the missed calls. Time to time generarl the phone freez and unfurtianly stop to work like (google search,internet,touchwiz home........).

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General :: ALL APPS Crash On Startup On Polaroid PMID730P

Feb 8, 2014

Just what the title says, literally every single app crashes when the tablet is turned on. Once I finally get through all the error messages, I'm unable to open any apps.

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General :: All Browsers Crash Constantly (except Chrome) - Nexus 7

Mar 27, 2013

To put it short: Dolphin Browser started force closing randomly a few days ago. I couldn't get rid of the problem and tested pretty much every browser available for the Android platform. Opera, Firefox, Boat, xScope, Maxthon and so on, they ALL crash. I don't really like Google Chrome, due to its lack of options (no fullscreen etc.)....

Here is what I did:

- uninstalled and reinstalled Dolphin
- rebooted the tablet
- deleted the app cache (also via "wipe cache partition")
- disabled Google Admob
- executed a full factory reset, installed Dolphin first, still crashing

The problem itself is well documented and affects many OS versions, even more devices and every browser. The only workaround is to disable JavaScript, which of course renders many web pages unusable.

Coming from a Blackberry Playbook with its own fair share of browser related crashes, I'm now utterly frustrated with the situation. The first three weeks with my new Nexus 7 felt absolutely perfect.

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General :: WhatsApp Stuck On Initializing After Crash And Reinstall

Sep 11, 2012

So I had some sort of crash on my HTC Sensation where the phone rebooted, and all my whatsapp messages were gone. Whatsapp automatically backs up your messages every 24 hours, so I reinstalled to enable the backup.

1. After installation, when inputting information (after restoring your messages) and getting into profile info, I am stuck on an "Initializing: Please wait a moment..." box
2. This goes on forever
3. I have force closed, cleared cash, cleared data and tried again with no luck
4. I have uninstalled and reinstalled (and reboot the phone) with no luck
5. I have uninstalled and installed the latest version from the whatsapp website (which has a different file size than the play store one) with no luck
6. I have redone this WITHOUT recovering my messages with no luck (even deleting the back up messages folder)
7. I can actually receive notifications from whatsapp, showing messages from groups / people, though clicking it takes me back to "Initializing"
8. Sometimes I get an "android.process.acore is not responding. Would you like to tell HTC?". This may be a separate issue as it still continues to "Initialize" no matter what I press

I can see 28 messages from notifications, some which are very important and urgent. I am using an unrooted HTC Sensation with ICS

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General :: Google Play Store Constant Crash

Oct 23, 2013

I don't know why google play store wants to crash all of the sudden as it worked fine yesterday and I haven't done anything that would upset it.

-I've checked if the app "downloads" was disabled which is was not.
-I've cleared cache and all that stuff to no avail.
-I've deleted my google account on the phone.
-I've uninstalled play store, rebooted, downloaded the newest apk and installed it

I thought maybe it was the new 4.4.21 update that broke it but after installing an older 4.3.10 and still no fix I don't think that's the issue.I've been doing lots and lots of reboots after several of the above mentioned tries.

I'm using a modded ROM and I'm rooted as well if that's important.I've deleted some stuff in the root folder with X-Plorer as well but that was way before this happened, maybe two weeks ago? I've also got SD Maid installed and am using it rather frequently, maybe it deleted something that was needed in the root folder? BTW, in some apps, a pop up appears with something about that it's unable to communicate with android market. I don't recall I ever had that installed?

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General :: MicroSD CARD Partitioning Causing Crash

Sep 15, 2012

I have used partitions on my old rooted phone where I thought the sd card had crashed because of partitioning it. Now I have removed the partition and I am still getting problems. Then I formatted my whole micro sd card using windows.

Whenever I insert my sd card into windows via my phone, it asks me to format it. Why has micro sd partitioning wrecked my sd card???!!

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General :: How To Add Reboot Option In Android 4.2.1

Apr 13, 2014

Is there any simple method to add Reboot option in android 4.2.1? Dont tell me download app from google play. i Am using Karbonn Titenium S2.

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General :: LG G2 - How Hard Is Rooting

Feb 7, 2014

so jail breaking an iphone is so simple but rooting my lg g2 seems a lot harder to do. Is rooting kind of like jailbreaking? Does it have an app like cydia where you can download programs? Is there any flawless way to root my phone without bricking it? I want to extend my battery even farther on my g2 and i just want to customize it to the max.

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General :: Play Store Crash Notification For Unknown Reason

Mar 24, 2012

I cannot open google play store on my phone. Each time I try to access play store for downloading apps I get a crash notification. Can it be repaired?; is it possible to download the playstation app from another source.


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General :: Prestigio PAP4040 - Camera Crash In Night Mode

Dec 27, 2013

Im using Prestigio PAP4040 with stock android 4.0.4. on it and among other bugs i discovered one pretty nasty. Phone reboots while taking picture using night mode, without LED fash turned on. I dont know why is that so, but i tried everything to see is it the camera app, android system or just phone. So, how to diagnose where the fault is or to solve?

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General :: Galaxy I9500 Sudden Crash Then Restart With 0% Battery

Mar 20, 2014

While using my Galaxy i9500 it crashes and phone automatically restarts with 0% battery percent

I tried this Battery Calibration app but it didn't work It says battery stats file doesn't exist!

I tried installing new rom but now as soon as I turn on the device it works for like 2 minutes in its real charging percent (e.g 60%) then crashes and restarts to 0%

The battery is original and It's not swollen.

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General :: Using Android Tablets / Phones Without Calling Feature

Jul 24, 2013

I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT P5100, and installed CM10.1 quickly. I am just using this for reading and do not want any of those sim card detection or phone feature on my tablet. I want to remove the Emergency call feature also. Basically, I do not want my tablet to detect any GSM network for using the phone feature and also want to remove that Emergency call feature. I want to remove the calling feature from my tablet. I am just using this tablet with WiFi

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General :: APK - Reboot Android In Recovery Without Root?

Sep 30, 2012

Can i develop an app (apk) that reboot android in recovery without root? I have possibility to add to push my apk in /system/app/

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General :: Discovery V5 Hard Reset

Nov 16, 2013

I've forgot my password and i wanna hard reset my device, but when i reboot, i counldn't find "wipe data" or " factory reset".

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General :: Hard Reset For Lava E-tab Z7H?

Sep 22, 2012

i have a lava Etab Z7H. its locked with too many pattern attempts . i tried nearly all combinations to hard reset but none worked . its a android 4.0.3 OS.

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